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Archive-name: Working/witness.txt


Archive-title: Witness

 * 2 parts *

One day I was sitting in my office on the 11th floor when I found myself

staring across the way into the building next door.  To my delight I

found myself witnessing something not meant for my eyes.  A secretary

had just entered her bosses office.  She was kind of mousy looking and

wore fairly conservative, plain clothing.  He patted his desk and

wiggled his finger at her, as if motioning her to come over.  She

hesitated briefly then walked up next to where he was sitting.  There

was a brief exchange then she hopped up onto his desk.

He had pulled his chair back so she was sitting directly in front of

him, only slightly elevated.  The next thing I knew, he was reaching up

under her skirt and pulling her cotton undies off.  She looked surprised

but didn't move to resist.  He spread her legs open wide and stuck his

face inbetween them.  I could only imagine what he might be doing.  I

thought that he was probably licking around the outer folds of her

pussy, then slowly tonguing her clit in small, slow circles.  As a look

of ecstasy crossed her face, I thought he must be probing her with his

tongue.  As I imagine what he was doing I slowly slid off my own black

lace undies and started to play with myself.  I couldn't wait to see

what happened next.

I didn't have long to wait...he soon lifted the woman off of his desk

and placed her on the floor, kneeling in front of him.  His chair had

swiveled so I could still see what was happening.  He unzipped his pants

and she pulled them off.  He then started to slide off his boxers and

she finished the job.  He grabbed her head and pushed it down on his

enlarged, hard cock.  Her head bobbed up and down as she took all of him

in her mouth.  His eyes were closed and his head had fallen back as he

concentrated on the sucking her mouth was doing.  By this time I was

starting to drip my own juices onto the chair I was sitting on.  I could

hardly wait until they started fucking, but I wasn't sure how long I was

going to last.

After about 5 minutes of having his cocked licked and sucked on, he said

something and she stopped and moved over to the side of the desk.  She

proceeded to lean over the desk with her legs spread.  He came over to

her and slipped off her skirt.  Then with one swift movement he

penetrated her waiting pussy.  Starting off slow, he thrust in and out. 

As he started to fuck her, I got more serious about my masturbating.  I

started rubbing my clit harder and faster...occasionally reaching down

to lubricate it with some of my juices.  As he sped up, obviously close

to orgasming, I too sped up.  As I saw him suddenly pull out and spurt

his juices all over her ass, my body started to shudder and I came with

such an intensity that I had never felt before.  My toes curled, my

stomach moved into my throat and a long moan escaped from my throat.  I

was too caught up in my own pleasure to bother noticing if the woman had

cum too.


Witness II

	If you remember correctly, the last time I spoke with you I told

you of a scene I witnessed in the office across the way....well, about one

week later I was sitting in my office.  It was around 7:00, I had stayed late

to finish writing a proposal for my boss when I started thinking about what

I had seen the week before.  I started getting real turned on.  There was a

throbbing feeling in the crotch of my pants, something that was demanding to

be take care of.  I figured what the hell....everyone had left the office

by now.  After closing the blinds to my windows, I turned off all the

lights except my bankers lamp on my desk.  I slipped off my dark green

silk pants and wiggled out of the black g-string I was wearing underneath.

After leaning back in my chair, I propped my legs up on the desk.  I closed

my eyes to take myself back in time and reached down to start lightly

rubbing my clit in little circles.  

	I was really starting to get into to it...coming real close to an

orgasm when I heard my door shut and I felt someone staring at me.  I

opened my eyes to see who had intruded on my little session.  To my

surprise, one of the janitors was standing before me...his eyes

practically bulging out of his head, not to mention another part of his

body that was bulging.  For a janitor he wasn't bad looking, it must be a

second job or something.  He was tall, muscular with a good head of hair and

a nice smile.  At first I was a little shocked but then I realized that

I should take advantage of the situation, I could make someone please me

instead of having to do it myself.

	Walking past the poor man, I went to the door and locked it as

to prevent anymore unnecessary intrusions.  He was speechless as I returned

to him and finished undressing myself in front of him.  As my white blouse

and bra fell off I reached up feel my hardening nipples.  I stood before

him completely exposed.  But who wants to be the only naked person, so I

reached out and unbuttoned his dark blue shirt.  His chest had a small patch

of black curly hairs but was relatively bare.  Leaning forward I ran my 

soft hands over his nipples.  He shuddered but still did not utter a word. 

My playful fingers found their way to his belt and pants and they quickly

fell to the floor to join the other clothing.  He was wearing a pair of white

boxers which had formed themselves into a tent.  His erection was straining

to be free.  I thought that I would be kind and let it go wherever it wanted.

	To my delight, his cock was the perfect size, not too large and

not too small.  I thought how nice it would be to lick it and suck it so I

did just that.  Kneeling down, I lightly grabbed his balls in one hand and

started running my tongue up and down his shaft, occasionally doing small

circles around the head.  As each drop of precum appeared, I licked it up. 

Eventually I took all of him into my hot mouth and sucked until I felt him

close to coming.  Only I didn't want him to cum yet so I stopped.  It was

my turn.

	Taking him by the hand, I led him over to my black leather couch.  I

sat down and told him to kneel in front of me.  I soon spread my legs and he

got the picture.  His long moist tongue was soon spelling out the alphabet on

my swollen clit.  It penetrated my juicy interior causing me to moan and arch

my hips.  I wasn't sure how much more I could take so I grabbed his head and

brought it up to my lips.  I wanted to taste myself so I kissed him long and

hard.  At this point I was ready, I wanted his beautiful cock inside me.

	I stood up and had him sit down on the couch.  Then I straddled him

on my knees while facing him and proceeded to place his throbbing member

inside my lubricated pussy.  As I started to move slowly up and down and

around, I let him suck on my hard nipples.  I started to fuck him slowly but

soon increased my speed.  My toes soon started tingling and it traveled up my

spine to reach my head.  Everything around me disappeared, all I could do was

feel the beautiful pain whipping around my body.  As I came down from my

intense orgasm his body started tensing up.  I quickly pulled out and let him

spurt his sperm all over my stomach and thighs.  He let out a deep moan and

his eyes rolled back in his head.

	Since I was done with him I went over and got his clothes and tossed

them to him.  I put mine back on and figured there was no way I was going to

get any work done so I left the office and went home quite satisfied.  He

never did say a word to me but when I came to work the next morning my trash

had been emptied and my office was straightened up.  It was the nicest it had

looked in a long time.


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