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Archive-name: Working/vivian.txt


Archive-title: Vivian

The sun shone brightly as I entered the gate, wondering about the nature

of this house call - would this be an easy policy to sell?

There were two of them, in deck chairs sunbathing in tiny bikinis, both

were stunning...

I Introduced myself, awareness of their semi-nakedness, breasts pushing

the thin fabric of their swimsuits, made it hard for me to concentrate

on the business.

"I'm Julie." said the dark one, with a sexy pout and slight lisp in her voice.

"And I'm Vivian.." This was the blonde one, the one with the loose

bikini panties, there was a wisp of blonde bush showing.

I couldn't help myself and cracked a solid hard-on, their eyes travelled

down to my crotch, they smiled seductively.

"Why don't we get you a cool drink, and get you out of that silly suit?"

said Vivian. "Come on inside and we'll fit you out with a swim suit."

said Julie. All I could do was nod and try tohide the bulge in my

trousers. They walked in front of me and wiggled their asses...

This was going to be a great afternoon.....

....They led me into a large bedroom, the main feature of which

was a huge circular bed covered in black satin and there were

mirrors in the ceiling. By this time my cock was rock hard, the

sight of those two shapely asses gyrating in front of me as they

walked was almost too much.

"Here we are then, if you'd like to get changed there's a

swimsuit in that drawer.." Said Vivian, but her eyes said

something else.

"We'll see you on the patio in a couple of minutes then?" Julie

had that look too. They left, still wiggling. I found the

swimsuit in the drawer, and I found a collection of vibrators in

there too, there must have been ten - all different shapes and

sizes. In a couple of minutes I had stripped to my underpants,

and was in the act of pulling them down, when I sensed that I was

being watched. I called out : "Ok, where are you?" I got a giggle

for a reply, then I spotted the video camera, the lens was set

in the eye of a portrait hanging on the wall. I held the

underpants in front of my now semi hard cock. They came into the

room laughing. Vivian gently took the underpants away from me and

without a word knelt in front of me and took my cock into her

mouth, it jumped into full hardness like a spring being released.

Julie began kissing me all the way down my back. I nearly came

there and then, but they both knew exactly what they were doing.

Vivian suddenly swallowed my throbbing joint right down her

throat, if was hot and smooth and rough at the same time, I began

to thrust. Julie had by now reached the cheeks of my ass she

licked me all around my anus. It was heaven, but I knew if they

didn't stop soon it would be all over, I could feel the hot wet

sensation deep inside my crotch, the come welling up and feeling

as though my balls would burst. Right at that moment they seemed

to know what I was feeling and they stopped, gently pushing me

towards that huge black bed. I laid down.

"Oh no pretty one, it's your turn to suck and kiss.." Vivian lay

with her legs apart, one hand tickling her extended clit, her

nipples were rock hard. Julie laid on the other side, rubbing her

clit too, her tits were firm and full,almost seeming to defy

gravity, her nipples were bright pink and smaller than Vivian's.

I had to get my hands and mouth on all four at once. I reched

over and cupped one full tit of vivian's and at the same time I

clamped my mouth over Julie's right tit, she moaned as I ran my

tongue around the rigid nipple.

"Here!" said Vivian, spreading her legs wide, I could see the

juice glistening on her wet lips. I kissed her stomach, and

worked my way down to that juicy mound. I reached it and flicked

my tongue all over her clit,it tasted salty and sweet, the sweet

tasted of musk. It was beautiful!

I was on my knees, suddenly I felt Julie's head slide between my

legs, then her mouth closed over my balls, tongue flicking all

over, along the twitching shaft of my cock and finally closing

over the end...Heaven!..........................


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