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Archive-name: Working/videoscn.txt

Archive-author: SunHawk Publishers

Archive-title: Video Scenes

              Copyright (c) 1993 by SunHawk Publishers

                        All Rights Reserved

               This manuscript may not be reproduced,

               transmitted, or republished, in whole

               or in part, without the attachment of

               the above copyright notice or written

               permission of SunHawk Publishers.


     The huge teleconferencing room, which the hotel where I

worked used to house international business meetings, had

always had special appeal for me.  It was painted mostly

black, and had soft, grey carpeting.  In the center sat a

long, shiny, black conference table, surrounded by comfortable

chairs.  An array of television screens covered one of its

huge walls, and the screens could be used to display lots of

separate pictures, or to tile many images into one big

picture, like a video billboard.

     What I admired most of all, though, was Nick, the

technician who worked the video booth and kept all the

equipment in working order.  Right after I started working at

the hotel as a desk clerk, I began to peek into the

teleconferencing room now and then, hoping to catch sight of

him.  He wasn't tall, but he was fit and trim, and he moved

with grace, as if his center of gravity was more perfect than

most men's.  He always wore faded jeans which nicely accented

his firm buttocks and strong thighs, and sleeveless t-shirts

which showed off his muscular arms.

     Whenever he glanced up and saw me watching him, he always

smiled shyly and then went back to his work.  Although it made

my skin tingle when he looked at me, I never expected anything

to come of it.  Then, one night after I had just finished a

late shift, I stopped to look in at Nick.

     He was sitting on the edge of the conference table,

staring up at the blank array of screens on the wall.  He

glanced up and caught my gaze.   After a moment he smiled at

me and said, "Hi."

     "Hi," I said, surprised he had spoken at all.

     "Let me show you something."  He beckoned me into the

room with a little tilt of his head, slid off the edge of the

table, and walked over to the corner of the room, where all

the equipment was.  Curious, I stepped into the room and

stopped near the end of the conference table, watched him as

he adjusted a video camera on a tripod.  A grey light suffused

the room.

     I looked up at the wall of screens in surprise.  They

displayed a huge picture of me: two dozen tiled images that

together formed one image of me standing in front of the

conference table.  

     "Wow," I said, staring up at it.  I moved slowly around

the table, dizzied by the movement on the screens as I did so.

     It was then that I heard the conference room door click

shut.  I turned to see Nick standing with his back against it.

     His gaze was seductive. "I've always liked video," he

said.  He smiled a slow smile and rubbed his crotch.  A nice

bulge was appearing there.  I stared, fascinated by the

movement of his hand.  Then he came towards me.

     He reached for me and I found myself eager for his touch. 

I slipped my arms around his trim torso as he put his mouth

over mine and probed with his tongue.  I sucked at it

hungrily, nibbled at his lips, and lost myself in the contact

of his mouth on mine.  Suddenly, I craved the touch of his

naked flesh on mine.  I pulled at his t-shirt, and we parted

long enough for me to strip it off over his head.  His chest

was smooth, powerful, and slightly damp with sweat; his

nipples were tight.  

     I could feel his erection against my pelvis and I ground

myself against him as he stripped off my blouse, then

unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving me

in black stockings and heels.  My firm breasts needed no bra. 

He smiled appreciatively and massaged them both with strong

hands.  I felt the tight pull of excitement between my legs. 

I lowered my mouth to the hard button of one of his nipples

and sucked on it.  He groaned.

     "Look," he said, jerking his head at the screen array.

     I looked up and saw the picture of ourselves, half nude,

towering over us in a twenty-by-twenty video pattern.  I

immediately began to imagine the picture of us making love on

that screen, and hot liquid began to ooze from between my


     He picked me up and lay me down on the table.  I watched

on the screen as he stripped off his jeans and stood over me,

lazily stroking his cock.  He slipped away a moment, adjusted

the camera's view to a closeup of me on the table, and then

climbed up next to me.

     My pussy throbbed as he stripped off my stockings.  He

pulled off his own jeans, and I admired his thick erection and

tight butt.  He stared down at me a moment, his mouth slack

with lust, then roughly spread my thighs and buried his face

between my legs.  His hot tongue probed at my pleasure center,

sending sharp waves of pleasure up through my pelvis and down

my thighs. I groaned and began to watch the screen.  

     My labia grew more sensitive with each stroke of his

tongue.  I felt it probe down inside me like a silken snake. 

As my excitement mounted, I arched my hips and thrashed around

on the table, which was quickly growing slippery with sweat

and sexual juices.  

     I shrieked with each stroke of his tongue, and I realized

there was stereo sound in the room as well.  I could hear my

shrieks from the speakers as well as from my own mouth.  Nick

had turned his body sideways to face the camera, and he rubbed

his hard-on with one hand as he tongued my cunt.  

     When I focused on the enormous view of his red-tipped

erection and his hand pumping on it, and on the sight of my

own helpless thrashings, it drove me to writhe around on the

table even more.  His moans and the sound of his mouth on me

grew louder as he kissed and sucked harder and harder.  The

view of his crotch was so good I could see his hard-on getting

shiny with his fluid.  

     When I couldn't stand it anymore, I reached for his head

and pulled it up towards me.

     He grabbed my legs, pulled them up around his back,

crouched between them, and rammed himself into me.  I groaned

with delight as he panted and thrust.  He watched the screen,

rapt, as he sat on his knees and pumped in and out of me. 

"Oh, baby," he kept saying over and over, "Look at us.  Just

look at us up there."  

     The slight delay in the sound transmission was bizarre

and erotic; it was like having him talking into both of my

ears at once.  I felt as if I were with two men: the one on

the screen and the one on the table with me.

     The sight of our naked bodies towered over us.  Our sweat

shone in the spotlights that were mounted over the table; our

flesh glistened at us from the screen.  His fingers savagely

massaged my thighs as he thrust, then moved down to play with

my clitoris, skillfully stroking and squeezing it with just

the right rhythm.  He worked longer and harder than any man I

had ever been with before, groaning and shaking as he resisted

his climax.

     I sensed myself rising toward the brink, felt the cold

burn of my impending release radiating between my legs, I and

yelled, "I'm going to come.  Don't stop.  I'm going to come!" 

I arched my back, driving him deeper into me, as deep as he

would go, and pressed my hand into my wet crotch, stroking

myself hard and fast.  Spasms shook me.  My own groans

surrounded me, and I heard Nick begin to yell.  

     He shoved his organ into me a final time, fell forward

against me, and then I felt him throb inside me.  Up on the

screen, I saw his body tighten and writhe on top of me as the

strained sounds of his orgasm came to me from all around the


     After our panting subsided, he withdrew from me and

stretched out next to me on the table.  For a few minutes, we

just stroked each other's wet bodies, watched the screen, and

grinned at one another.  

     After a while, he said, "You know, the room is free again

tomorrow night, and I'll be here."

     I told him I would definitely consider it. 


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