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Archive-name: Working/

Archive-author: The Music Man

Archive-title: Tropical Delights


    The two years since my divorce had been filled with loneliness and

depression, and my few attempts at dating had been awkward and unsatisfying.

I had deeply loved my wife, and until she met Paul we'd been very happy

together and enjoyed a good sex life. After the divorce, the few dates that

ended in bed had provided temporary physical relief but left me feeling empty

and emotionally numb. Fortunately, I was able to immerse myself in my work

and managed for the most part to hide my unhappiness. Some of my frustration

seemed to find an outlet in mastering the challenges presented by my job, and

from Monday through Friday I was reasonably content. Weekends were, of course,

a different story.

    The company I work for designs digital audio recording equipment, and we

recently completed a long and arduous project. The company, in an

unusually benevolent mood, decided to reward the design team with a

"conference"/vacation in Tahiti, with the "conference" portion consisting of

an hour per day of informal meetings. This was included to satisfy the

corporate accountants; most of us saw it as an excuse to unwind after a success-

ful and stressful project. Workaholic that I was, I expected a boring week of

swatting insects, drinking too-sweet tropical cocktails,and missing my

work-station/world back home. I was in for a big surprise.

    Upon arrival at the Islander Hotel and checking into my room ( a private

suite...hmmm.... company stocks must be on an upturn...), I went to the bar to

see if they served anything other than the typical coconut-and-sugar fare. I

was delighted to find a goodly assortment of imported beers including some

obscure German darks. Perhaps this week wouldn't be so bad after all....

Ten minutes later I walked out on the patio with my second beer in hand and a

warm fuzz beginning to grow in my head. The sun was just beginning to set, and

it looked like it was actually diving under the sea. I stood and enjoyed the

view for a while, and when I turned to go back inside I was surprised to see

that one of my few female co-workers had also been watching. I couldn't recall 

her name, since she was fairly new to our department and worked on a different

portion of the project than I. I'd seen her in the halls and cafeteria from

time to time but we'd never spoken beyond a few words in passing. Because she

was attractive there was the usual office gossip going around, and what I had

heard of it seemed to indicate that she was unavailable. No ring, no boyfriend

in evidence, but the engineers who had asked for dates had all been gently but

firmly turned away. The office idiots speculated that she was a lesbian (prob-

ably in a vain attempt to soothe their bruised egos), but I had written her

off my prospective date list, such as it was, as being simply "OOML" ( Out Of

My League). It was nice to see an attractive female face and figure so far

from home, but I had no thoughts of getting to know her better. Deciding that

German beer and empty stomach make an unpleasant match, I went inside to eat

dinner and thought no more about her.

    The next morning, after our "meeting", we were free for the day. My

friends were going skin-diving, which didn't interest me that day, so I

decided to explore a bit of the island by myself. I headed inland and quickly

left civilization behind. The terrain became hilly and the vegetation was 

fairly dense; I had thoughts of Gilligan's Island, and I naturally saw myself

in the role of the professor. "Now where's that delicious little Mary Anne?"

I thought with a grin on my face and sweat rolling down my forehead. I was

really beginning to regret not having brought a canteen, and then I heard the

sound of flowing water up ahead. The foliage was very dense now and I had to

crawl on hands and knees to approach the source of the sound. As I crawled I

snagged my shirt on a branch, and when I stopped to free myself I looked ahead

toward the water. I was delighted to see a small waterfall cascading into a 

crystal-clear pool the size of a small swimming pool. Lush ferns all around,

the sound of tropical birds in the trees, a nice rock to dive from... this was

simply Paradise! As I prepared to part the remaining branches and run to the

pool and dive in, clothes and all, a sound caught my ear and I stopped to find

its source. There beyond the rock, lying next to the pool in the briefest of

bikinis, was the same girl I'd seen on the patio the evening before! What a

coincidence! I hesitated, torn between the desire to stare and the feeling

that I was intruding and should leave without disturbing her privacy. For the

moment I simply stared... I was amazed at how good she looked with her long

hair unpinned and that gravity-defying bikini on. Even more striking was the

powerful sense of "rightness" about the setting. She really looked like she'd

been born just for this moment in this exact place. This added to my feeling

of being an intruder, so I resolved to leave. Just as I was turning my

hungering eyes away from her I saw her reach behind her and unfasten the

bikini top, and all my resolve melted in an instant.

    The top fell away as she sat up, and I nearly sighed out loud when I saw

her breasts. It wasn't their size but rather their shape: they were the most

beautiful I'd ever seen. About average size, but full and round with no trace

of sagging. As she moved they swayed gently like I imagined pears on a tree

would in a light breeze. I was sure these would taste better than any pear

I'd ever had! The nipples were light pink and fairly large, and my mouth

literally watered as I stared. I knew I should be a gentleman and leave immed-

iately, but my body didn't seem to get the message. In fact, a certain part of

me showed clear indications of sticking around. It was sticking up more every


    What happened next almost stopped my heart: she reached up and cupped one

of those beauties in her hand... not firmly, as I might have at the moment,

but with an ultra-feminine gentleness that filled me with both lust and

wonder. It looked like she was cuddling a soft, fluffy kitten. It seemed as 

though she was exploring herself for the very first time. She softly caressed

it for a while, and then moistened two fingers in the water and began to rub

the nipple delicately. Her head tilted back and a low sigh escaped her parted

lips. I imagined that it was my tongue rather than her fingers, and I could

almost taste her. At the same time I got a strong sensation that she was

imagining the exact same thing! Well, that was silly... we didn't even know

each other. Still, a nice thought... 

    I watched this for several minutes, unaware that my heart rate and blood

pressure had taken a steep climb. I forgot about the surroundings, my job, my

ex-wife... the whole world was right here before my eyes. I was nearly in a

hypnotic state, though far from relaxed. My mouth hang so far open I probably

would have tripped over my moustache had I attempted to walk. My eyes tracked

every movement of her hands like radar! Suddenly she stood up and turned away,

momentarily breaking the spell. Her hands went to her waist, and I watched her

slowly work her bikini bottom down until it fell at her feet. She didn't turn

around, which was okay with me because I got a long look at her lovely ass.

She was obviously not a nude sunbather because her tan stopped at the waist,

leaving her hips a striking white in contrast to her tanned back and legs.

 I liked the effect of this, and was in no hurry at all for her to turn

around, though I was curious to see if she was a natural blonde. Her hips

were lush, probably too full for a modelling career (for which I was glad!),

and my hands clenched involuntarily in desire to caress this wonderful

treasure. Her legs parted, and I got a glimpse of golden fleece between them.

My erection throbbed painfully and I became aware of the sound of my own heart

beating in my ears. I'd never before been this excited! 

While one hand petted her hips, her other slipped in front, and I realized

she was fingering herself. A loud moan reached my ears, and as she suddenly

turned toward me I shockingly realized that the groan was mine! I froze in

shame and terror as she stared right at me. I didn't know if she could

actually see me through the plants but her reaction showed that she knew she'd

been watched. When she snatched up her towel to cover herself I panicked and

ran, my rapidly-shrinking erection not making my flight any easier.

As I crashed through the thick growth my mind was full of competing thoughts

of disgust with myself, sympathy for her embarassment, and my desire for this

exquisite woman. I hoped against reason that she had been unable to recognize

my face through the branches, and even feared I might lose my job. Then I

realized that she would be reluctant to report the incident, and I hadn't

actually broken any laws. I certainly didn't go there to spy on her! Still,

the knowledge that she would likely consider me a peeping Tom made me sad and

ashamed. Any chance I had of getting to know her was gone as surely as was my


   The employees had dinner together on the patio that evening, and when I

eventually made eye contact with her she quickly averted her eyes and blushed.

Well, that settled the question of her recognizing me. She avoided looking

in my direction for the rest of the evening, so I took the opportunity to

watch her closely. Her innocent face and graceful movements reminded me of a

cat, and this brought on a vivid mental image of her cuddling and petting her

lovely breasts. I discretely "adjusted" myself as my penis began to protest

the tight confinement of my jeans. It obviously had a different sort of

tightness in mind.

As I watched her, I became aware that my interest was transcending lust for

her body. I felt a strong curiousity about the reason for her shyness and

aloofness, especially since I'd seen clear evidence of her passionate nature.

I'm a real cat lover, and had successfully kept custody of our two after the 

divorce. I have always admired their grace and sensuality, and their ability

to act wholly disinterested and unresponsive to my playful overtures even

though their curious minds were racing. And when a cat decides it wants

affection, it casts its dignity aside and makes an absolute floozy of itself!

I wondered what sort of trauma had made her act the way she did, and I had a

brief romantic knight-in-shining-armor fantasy of being the one who soothed

and kissed away her pain and fear. Strange as it may seem, I believe I was

beginning to fall in love with her. This realization filled me with sadness

since I knew what she now thought of me. Was I really guilty of anything? I

didn't intentionally spy on her, I hadn't tried to rape her or anything.....

I just COULDN'T help myself from watching. I knew how weak this argument

sounded, and in despair I went back to my room convinced I'd never speak to

her again. In the shower I remembered her wet fingers on her erect nipple, and

I masturbated myself to orgasm. It didn't take long, and did nothing to

relieve my frustration and guilt.

    Two days later I returned to the pool. I knew she wouldn't be there since

I left while she was still eating breakfast. I carried a towel and suntan

lotion and made sure she saw them when I left. I'm not sure if I was inviting

her or warning her away, but I knew she was aware of my destination. The late-

morning sun was very hot, and I again reached the pool soaked in sweat. This

time there were no distractions, and I dived right in without bothering to

remove my sweaty clothes. The water was cooler than I had expected and very

pleasant after my hot walk. I stood under the waterfall for a while and got a

great massage. "Ahhh...this is truly Paradise! What could possibly feel better

than this?", I asked myself. Memories of my last visit to the pool filled my

mind, and I became sadly aware of exactly what would feel MUCH better than

this. "Not bloody likely!", I muttered. She definitely didn't seem the type to

be attracted to "peeping Toms". The thought filled me with resentment... not

against her but against my own stupidity in not leaving while I still could

have. My mood spoiled, I left the water and decided to take a nap. As the sun

began to dry my clothes my shorts caused an unpleasant itch, so I stripped

naked and lay down on the towel next to the pool. I was asleep within minutes.

    I was awakened by the sound of something moving in the bushes, and my

first drowsy thought was that some large, hungry animal was coming to visit.

My sleep-fogged mind churned out the conclusion that there were probably no

predators of the big-cat type in Tahiti, but I remembered lots of accounts of

sharp-tusked wild pigs. Just as I was about to spring up I heard a tentative

"hello", and the branches parted to reveal the object of my desire. I grabbed

the first thing at hand, my t-shirt, and covered my naked crotch, though not

very thoroughly. I was embarassed about being caught nude, but also very

curious about why she had come when she knew I'd be here. I answered her

greeting as she approached the pool, and then waited to see what she'd say

next. An awkward silence ensued that seemed to last for hours. She finally sat

down on the rock about 5 feet away and stared intently at the pool. The

silence was almost physically painful, so I started to say something glib and

probably stupid. Instead, I heard myself apologizing and asking for her under-

standing and forgiveness. It must have been the right thing to say, because

she visibly relaxed and looked into my face. "My name's Katrina, but please

call me Kitty", she said in a soft voice. " Kitty... now that's appropriate.

I'm Roger, and I'm very glad to finally meet you. Sorry it's been in such a

messy way", I said. I immediately regretted the "appropriate" bit, but she

didn't ask for clarification. "Yes, I knew your name already, Roger"... 

oh, I liked the way my name sounded from her lips! A shiver of pleasure ran up

my spine, and I realized I was indeed falling for her. At the same time I felt

very uncomfortable sitting there with only a t-shirt covering my loins. I'd

have liked to get dressed, but I didn't feel like asking her to turn her head,

and the whole thing seemed sort of silly since I'd seen nearly all of her

the other day.

    The silence resumed, but was pleasant this time. She seemed to be deep in

thought,and I was afraid to ask why. Finally she asked why I thought "Kitty"

was an appropriate name for her, and I told her. I knew I was saying too much

and that I was making my longing for her clearer with every word, but I

couldn't stop. " I'm sorry, I'm getting carried away. I have no right to lay

this on you", I said, sure that I'd scared her off. The thought that she must

have been similarly attracted to me (otherwise she'd not have come to the

pool) never even entered my mind. She said nothing for a long time, and

then chuckled "I thought you looked like a cat lover. Guess I was right".

We laughed together at this and the tension lessened a bit more. Seizing the

moment, I asked her why she seemed so aloof at work. "Oh, that's just a front

I put up to keep the guys away". " Well, it sure has worked, but why do you

want to do that?", I asked. I thought it best not to mention that most of the

guys claimed she was gay. "Ummm...I'd rather not talk about it", she said with

a deep sigh, and then I noticed tears beginning to roll down her cheeks. I

wanted badly to hug her and comfort her, but my t-shirt would have fallen off

and left me exposed. I didn't want to think about sex while she was crying.

"Well, maybe I should tell you; I've had some bad experiences with men...

no, not rape or anything like high school I was sort of plain

looking and shy, and the few boys I dated were only interested in sex. They

never wanted to know me as a person, and the closest they'd get to being

romantic was a few obligatory kisses before getting inside of me. They didn't

care about my pleasure at all, and left me feeling frustrated and used. Then

in college my folks had a bad car wreck; my mother died and my Dad was an

invalid. Between caring for him and my school work I had no time for a social

life. He died soon after I graduated and began working, but the dates I've

had since then haven't been much better than the ones in high school. When men

realize I don't have much experience they seem to think they can forget about

pleasing me and just have their own good time. One guy even laughed at me

afterwards and called me "little miss priss". That really hurt! I guess

men want girls who look and act like Playboy centerfolds. Ordinary women like

me are just temporary stop-overs in their search for Miss Whatever-the-month.

My hips are too big, my bust too small, nose not straight enough.... I just

don't measure up, I guess". At this she resumed crying, and I began to

cry myself. I could feel her pain; my high school years had been hard for

me, and the rejection of me by my wife had punched large holes in my self-

esteem. After a while I looked her in the eye and said "Maybe you just dated

the wrong guys. We're not all like that... I'm certainly not that way". She

returned my gaze for a moment, then looked shyly away and said "No, I didn't

think you would be. That's why I was so glad you came on this trip. I've

watched you for a long time but was always afraid to show any sign of

interest. I haven't had a date in years, and I don't know how to act with men

any more". 

Silence again. My mind raced with the implications of this. She wanted me! And

not just sexually! I could scarcely believe my ears. For the moment I had no

thought of sex; I was caught up in pure romance. Her next question put me back

in sex mode: "When you saw me....ummm...touching myself...were you shocked? I

must have looked so wicked. What did you think of me?". She was unable to look

at me as she said this, and her lip trembled a bit. I considered my answer

for a while; "It was the most beautiful and arousing thing I've ever seen in

my life. You looked so natural, like you belong here. What were you


"About you", she said in a small voice. "I was imagining it was you touching

me. I couldn't believe it when I saw you watching, and now I wish... I wish

you hadn't left". I remembered the sudden impression of my tongue on her hard

nipple and realized she had been thinking and feeling the same thing. A mental

video of the scene began playing in my head, only this time it was indeed me

that was giving her pleasure. A powerful stirring in my groin brought me back

to the present, and I looked down to see my excitement becoming quite visible

beneath the thin t-shirt. She followed my gaze, and gave a soft sigh when she

saw what was happening. "Am I the cause of that?", she asked, a rhetorical

question if ever I heard one. We both stared as if hypnotized as my cock

became fully erect and the head slowly appeared above the t-shirt edge. I in-

stinctively started to cover myself, but she said "No, please... I've never

really seen one in the light, and never this big". Now I'm no John Holmes, so

she was either very naive or a clever flatterer. At any rate, I liked the

sound of it, and I slowly pulled the t-shirt away. Her new-found boldness

encouraged me, too, so I said "Why don't you take a closer look, then?". She

sat down beside me, staring all the more at my rigid pole. "Isn't that uncom-

fortable?", she asked with a smile. "Well, there are ways to make it go away.

They take a little time and effort, but I think I can promise you'll find them

well worth it", I said with only half a smile. I could see her nipples also

becoming erect through the thin material of her bikini, and I imagined that

she was getting a little wet. 

   Her hair was in a ponytail, and I made our first contact by undoing it and

smoothing it out until her hair looked the way it had before. Not wanting to

rush things, I gently turned her away from me and began to massage her neck

and shoulders gently. "Mmmmm...I like that" was all she said, but her sighs

encouraged me to proceed. I lay her face-down on the towel and began to give

her a good backrub, something my ex-wife claimed I was the absolute champ at.

I used a mixture of firm kneading and soft caress, a tactic I knew was highly

effective in relaxing muscles while building sexual tension. Her wonderful

breasts were hidden from view, but I feasted my eyes on her ass, the one she

claimed was too big. My rubbing gradually approached her hips, but I made both

of us wait for that. I'd get almost there and then wander elsewhere. After

a few times of this she began to moan softly and wiggle her rear everytime

my hands approached. Still I waited; we had all day.

"You're a tease!" she breathed, and I answered that I was also teasing myself.

Finally I slid my hands under the bikini bottoms and slowly pulled them down

as she raised her hips to assist me. Her lovely ass was fully exposed to my

eyes and hands. I enjoyed the sight for a moment, and noticed a hint of her

natural scent. My head began to swim as I softly caressed each firm cheek.

No pretense of massage remained as I bent down to kiss the gorgeous globes.

My tongue traced a slow line along the juncture of hip and thigh and she

squirmed. As I neared the cleft she groaned and tried to turn over to give me

better access. "No, no...not yet", I said as I continued my oral caresses. I

worked my way down her inner thigh until it began to tickle, and then reversed

course until I was at the back of her neck. Her hands came around and

unfastened the top, and I took advantage of this by licking my way down

from her shoulder blade to the side of her breast, again preventing her from

turning over. Quite a bit of her breast was accessable though the nipple was

buried in the towel. I licked and kissed what I could reach, and she began

to wiggle her rear with impatience. I responded by laying full-length on top of

her with my hard cock nestled between her cheeks. My hands probed under her

until they found her full breasts, and I alternated between kissing her neck

and nibbling her ear. She really began to squirm and moan at that, and I

enjoyed the friction of her cheeks against my cock. "Better be careful", I

thought to myself. "One slip and I'd be inside her, and it's too soon".

   I rolled over on my back, taking her with me and turning her around to face

me. We had our first kiss as she lay on me, and the feel of her warm tits

rubbing on my chest was the stuff of dreams. I felt my penis slip between her

legs and press into her pubic hair, another dangerous situation. I rubbed my

hard cock against her lips and clit a few times, and was rewarded by a groan

full of expectation. "No, not yet", I said, but it took all my resolve to get

off of her instead of taking her right then. She made a sound of frustration,

but my eager kisses put a stop to that. My hands cupped her breasts as we

kissed, and they felt just as good as I had imagined. I had to taste them now!

I kissed and licked my way down her face and neck, and she groaned loudly

when she saw my destination. Her nipple jutted out so firmly it reminded me of

my turgid cock. I approached it the same way I had her ass, teasing my way 

closer and closer. It became a playful game between close but not

quite tongue covered her entire breast in its rambling but never

reached the tantalizing center. When I finally did take it into my lips she

arched her back with a deep sigh and began to caress the back of my head. I

rolled the firm berry between my lips, lightly caressing it with my tongue.

When I took it gently between my teeth and lightly tugged she cupped her

other breast in her hand and began to pet it too. Not wanting to let it feel

ignored, I kissed and sucked it too while she held it for me. This was one of

the most erotic scenes I could imagine. I looked into her eyes and saw the

same love there that I was feeling for her, and we kissed again, much more

sweetly and tenderly this time.

    My tongue resumed its journey as I slowly worked my way down her body.

She gasped and squirmed when I probed her navel, both because it tickled and

because she knew where I'd go next. When I reached the first few golden hairs

I took them between my teeth and pulled lightly. She giggled at this, but when

I moved a little lower she suddenly tensed. "You don't have to do that", she

said. Her tone of voice made it clear that she was afraid I was going to do

an unpleasant duty. "Oh, but I WANT to! Don't you like it?", I asked as I

grazed a little lower. "I don't know. It's only happened in my dreams", she

sighed. "I'm afraid you'll think it's gross or something". "Far from it", I

answered as I looked at her pussy for the first time. Sparse, downy blonde

bush, with small, coral-pink lips. Like the rest of her, it looked "delicate".

Her womanly scent and the wetness of her lips and surrounding hair was further

proof of her arousal. "You're beautiful", I said, as I worked my tongue down

along the side of her lips, avoiding her clitoris for now. Finally I put my

tongue between her lips directly over her vagina. Slowly I worked my way

upward, tongue flicking back and forth. I ran my hands under her ass and

craddled each full cheek, and as I neared her clit I could feel her muscles

tense in anticipation. She was sighing softly, but as I reached her clit and

began to lightly lap at it she began to moan. "Oh, yessss...that's so good....

even better than I dreamed!". Her hands went again to the back of my head,

pulling me closer to the source of her pleasure. Ever the tease, I left her

clit and descended again to her opening. My fingers spread her lips as I

speared my tongue as deeply as I could. So tight! I didn't know how I was

going to manage getting my cock in, but I was certainly looking forward to

finding out! A finger replaced my tongue as I headed back to her clitoris.

I began to lick her in earnest as my finger slowly stroked her vagina. Her

flow increased, and my cheeks and chin were soon wet with it. She needn't have

worried that I'd find it "gross": she tasted wonderful!

   My tongue went into high gear, and it wasn't long before she showed signs

of approaching orgasm. "Ummm...don't stop...I think I'm going to...yesss...I'm

... ohhh...I've never... ahhh..."; this and other incoherent cries reached my

ears as I urged her closer and closer. I reached up and cupped a breast, and

looked her in the face as she went over the edge. Her expression of delight

and surprise were something to see, making my hard cock pulse in pure lust.

Again she reached for her other breast, this time making a vain attempt to

suck her own nipple as she came. I almost came myself at the sight of her!

Her vagina spasmed firmly around my finger as we rode out her climax together.

I licked and softly kissed her lips as she slowly released the tension in her

back and legs; I knew she'd be too sensitive for me to continue stimulating

her clit. My consideration for her overrode the impulse to bury my straining

penis in her, so I lay next to her and hugged her tightly as she relaxed.

   "That were... fantastic!! I've never come before with anyone

else, only... my fingers. Your tongue felt so good!!", she breathed. "Nobody

else ever cared enough about my pleasure to do anything like that. Thank you

for caring about me". "No, don't thank me; believe me when I say `was my plea-

sure'!", I said, and followed it with a loving kiss. She made a sound in her

throat that almost sounded like a purr. She reached out and tentatively

stroked my cock, which responded with a twitch. "I think it likes you", I

said with a grin and a not-so-subtle hint that she get to know it better.

"Mmmm... and I like it!! But it looks so cold and lonely.", she responded. We

both grinned at that, considering the tropical heat. "Well, where could we

warm it up?", I asked. Her answer was nonverbal as she slowly kissed her way

down my chest. She was more merciful than I, and didn't torment me for long.

Her hand cupped my scrotum as her soft tongue began winding its way up my

shaft. The touch of wet tongue on rigid, almost-achingly hard penis was like

ice and fire, and I waited with held breath as she approached the head. She

licked the ultra-sensitive spot just below the head, and then slowly took me

between her lips. I thought I'd die right then! The sight of her innocent face

engulfing my cock, her lips sliding up and down, and the feel of her velvety

mouth on my glans was more exciting than anything I'd ever known! About 90

seconds of this was all I could take; I had a better place to deposit my load

in mind. I pulled myself slowly from her lips, and she gave me a knowing look

as my penis left her mouth. "I've never done that before, either. Did I do

okay?". She knew full well she did better than okay! "You must be a natural!",

I said as I pulled her to me for a kiss. "No, I think it's because I love

you". It didn't immediately register with me that she'd said that. I was

looking at my wet cock and thinking it was about to get even wetter. When her

words finally hit me they were like a drug. "Did you say you love me?", I

asked in disbelief. "Yes, I do. I know it seems too soon, but I've been

thinking about you for a long time now. I hope I haven't scared you away". She

couldn't look me in the eye, and I realized she was afraid I'd reject her. My

heart swelled with feelings of protectiveness and love, and I hugged and

kissed away all her doubts and fears. A tear of joy rolled down her cheek, and

I licked it away tenderly.

   All this time my cock was poking her in the bellybutton, demanding

attention. "Yeah, love is fine", it seemed to say "but *I* need relief. Now!"

"Poor looks cold again. I have just the place for it", she purred

as she straddled my waist. "This is it!", I thought as she guided my throbbing

penis to her wet entrance. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly settled

down, my cock slipping deliciously into the tightest, smoothest pussy I'd ever

been in. About half-way down she stopped and began slowly to lift off. We both

sighed as my cock came all the way out. "I just wanted to do that again!" she

breathed as she slid back down, this time all the way. I watched her face

contort in pleasure as she began to slowly work me in and out. I couldn't

believe how velvety soft and moist she was! She fit me like the tightest glove

but the friction was smooth and almost liquidy. As she speeded up I realized

I couldn't take much more of this and I regretted that I wouldn't last long

enough for her to come again. It just felt too good to resist! As I felt the

urge to come grow, I was surprised to hear her gasp "Ohhh! I'm gonna come

again!! It's sooooo good!!". I pulled her down so I could suck her nipples,

and as I took one in my mouth she cried out as her climax seized her.

Amazingly, I was able to hold off from coming myself as she rode me while her

vagina clenched and massaged my cock with her orgasmic contractions. Her

back arched so hard I feared she'd break her spine. Finally she slumped

forward in release, kissing me between ragged breaths. She knew I hadn't come,

so she made little grinding motions to keep me "interested" while she caught

her breath. Boy, was I ever interested!

   After a few minutes (which seemed like forever!) I rolled her over on her

back and looked down at her. Most men would probably consider her "cute"

rather than pretty, but to me she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Hair wild, face red, body wet with our sweat... she was adorable! Her woman

scent was much stronger now, and her pussy looked much redder and fuller. I

couldn't resist going down on her again; her clit was even more sensitive now,

and it didn't take long to work her up again. I was going to make her come

again, but she firmly pulled me up, saying "It's your turn now!". I didn't

argue with her; I lifted her legs until her ankles rested on my shoulders and

began to rub the head of my cock against her lips. We both groaned as it

parted her and slid inside. The initial entry always feels so good...I had to

pull out several times just to do it again. I looked down and watched myself

stroke in and out slowly. I was teasing myself this time, trying to prolong

our coupling, though the fire building inside me made it plain that I couldn't

delay much longer. I pulled almost clear out and made shallow strokes, so that

only the head penetrated her. The sight of her lips caressing the head as it

withdrew, as though they were trying to pull it back in again, was like a wet

dream. I slowly ran it all the way in, using my muscle control to make it

twitch inside her. She answered by contracting her pussy around me, and I lost

the will to tease any longer. I began to build up speed and depth until we

could hear the wet, sucking sound of our friction. "I want you to come for me,

to come IN me. Fill me up with it!", she cried. I increased my efforts to do

just that. Her vagina was like a living milking machine, thirsting and drawing

my come. It felt so damn good to be inside her that I wanted it to never end.

End it would, and soon! The pressure built until I felt like a boiler ready to

explode! I knew I'd shoot into her like a firehose, and I wondered briefly

whether she'd be able to feel the come eruption. 

    "Do it, my darling! Come inside me! I want it to flood me! Oh...yes...give

it to me now!". A few more powerful thrusts and she began to come. "Uhhh...

Uhhh...yes...kiss me, darling, while we come! Oh! Oh!". We kissed passionately

as her third climax overtook her. The contractions of her vagina sent me over

the edge, and I buried my cock as deeply as possible in her while the come

exploded out of me like flaming liquid bullets. "Yes, yes!! I feel it! It's so

hot!" she said between kisses. I groaned as each spurt of come burned its way

through my shaft and into her eager pussy. No climax I'd ever had had been so

intense or lasted so long! It felt like every drop of fluid in my entire body

was being emptied into her. Her vagina continued to gently milk my penis, and

I realized she too was still coming. I couldn't believe how good our timing

had been and how long our climaxes were lasting. Our spasms finally stopped

and we sighed together in release and contentment. 

    I was so tired I had to rest my weight on top of her, but she didn't seem

to mind at all. As we rested and regained our breath we exchanged tender

kisses. "That was wonderful! I'm sorry this couldn't have happened sooner. So

much wasted time!", she whispered. I kissed her again and said, "Well, we'll

just have to make up for lost time". "Ummm, yeah...lots of making up!", she

answered with a smile filled with promise. 


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