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Archive-title: Sweet Mouthings

I received this email letter from a VERY special lady...thought I

would share it:


Hello there, my sweet, sexy man:

How would you like it if I climbed under your desk, where nobody could

see me? I could kiss your ankles and your legs, and slowly work my way

up to your thighs, and I could kiss that nice, nice, bulge in your pants,

and then, I could slowly and quietly unzip your pants, and stroke you

against my neck and cheeks.

And then I could very slowly kiss you with little fairy kisses, and with

butterfly kisses, as you type away at your terminal.  And then I could

just tease you a little with the insides of my lips, brushing them lightly

over you, and around you, all the way to the bottom and back again, over

and over and over.....

And then, I could start to give you these little, tiny, licks here there,

very soft at first, and light, just barely touching you, and then I would

kiss you some more, and then I would give you one nice, big, warm lick

from bottom to top, up and over, and down the other side, and then around

and around and around coming back up tothe top again.....

And then I would give you much nicer kisses, and I would bathe you with

my nice soft tongue, and after a bit, I would take you in my mouth, and

hold you there, sucking gently, and caressing you with my tongue.....

And then, I would slide my mouth up and down, slowly at first, savoring

the taste of you, and drinking you in.....and then I would start sliding

my mouth over you a little faster, up and down, twisting my mouth around

you as I moved up and down, up and down, faster, faster, faster......

And then I would caress your thighs with my hands, and tear at them just

slightly with my fingers, and then I would put my arms right around you,

pulling you further into me, kneading your backside with my fingers,

while you typed away, unflinching, and breathing long deep breaths......

And then, to tease you, I would let you go for minute, while I nuzzled

you, and licked you all over your body right under your zipper, I would

take you in my mouth there, first one side and then the other, and then

I would try for both, and I would caress you with my hand, up and down

and around, while my mouth continued to explore, and while my tongue

continued to taste you and to prod and explore.....

And then, I would return my mouth to it's rightful place, and I would

again grab you and pull you into me as far as Icould, and Iwould pull

you inside me with my lips, and hold you there, caressing you with my

tongue again, and we would stay like that, you and me, my mouth moving

up and down, waiting for you to breath that one, last, sudden breath,

and then I would feel the warmth of you swimming down my chin, and

spurting out against my lips.....

And then, you would stop typing, and you would reach down and cover

my hands with yours, and you would hold them tight, and we would just

sit like that for a few minutes.......

I love you...


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