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Archive-name: Working/swim.txt


Archive-title: Swim Supervisor

	I wasn't very happy at the end of my sophomore year in college

when the only job I could get for the summer was the night

supervisor job at the local recreation park and swim club. After

all, $7.00 per hour is not exactly big money when you have a lot

of tuition to pay, but after two weeks on the job I found out that

money isn't everything! 

	My job was to "supervise" the two lifeguards who were on duty

from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. when we closed the pool. After we closed the

pool, I was responsible for making sure everyone left the park by

11 p.m. so I could lock the big gates on my way out. The park was

about seven secluded acres of land tucked in the middle of some 

tall trees about a quarter a mile back from the road. Besides the

pool there were several ballfields, a kid's playground, and a 

picnic area. It wasn't much money, but it was easy, even if it was

kind of spooky late at night with only the security lights dimly

shining as I made my last rounds before locking up for the night.

	I was lucky that the two lifeguards, both girls, were good at

their job. Ann had just completed high school, while Vicki had just

finished her first year of college. They kept everyone in the pool

under control, and they didn't fool around on the job. They were

always attentive and alert, and it was a pleasure to work with 

them. It was also a REAL pleasure to look at them. Ann was very 

cute, but Vicki was a real knockout! A great swimmer, Vicki looked

more like a bathing suit model than a lifeguard, and she could have

gotten a job just about anywhere she applied, but she swam on the

college swim team and enjoyed being around the pool. 

	In mid-June, a real heat wave hit the area and the temperature

hit the 100 mark during the day and stayed in the 80s overnight.

On Friday night we decided to keep the pool open an extra hour to

give the people some relief, so it was well past 11 o'clock when

the last people left the pool and headed for the parking lot. 

	Ann had a brand new car from her folks for graduation, but 

Vicki drove a sporty motorbike, the kind Jim McMahon used to do 

those comercials for on TV. Anyway, as I started locking up the 

pool and turning off the lights, I heard Ann "honk" her horn good-

bye, followed by two little "beeps" from Vicki's motorbike. 

	A few minutes later I was in my car, headed down the long 

driveway towards the gates at the entrance. I had just gotten out

of my car to close the gates, when I heard the "putt-putt" of 

Vicki's motorbike coming up the driveway. 

	"Oh, I'm glad I caught you before you left," Vicki said. "It

was so hot tonight I forgot to get my windbreaker when I left, and

my wallet is in it. Can you let me back into the pool house to get


	I quickly locked my car, and Vicki rode her bike into the 

entrance and waited while I locked the gates to keep any one with

ideas of a late-night swim out. I hopped on the back of her bike,

and we zipped back to the pool house in less than a minute. 

	It didn't take long to unlock the pool house, and in the dim

glare of the security lights Vicki located her jacket while I 

waited at the door. She had just about reached the door when she

stopped and looked back towards the pool. 

	"It's still so hot, I could go for a quick swim to cool off,"

she said. "What do you say?" 

	It had been kind of a hectic day, and as workers, we really

weren't able to enjoy the pool during work hours. "Sure," I said,

"but I can't turn the lights back on. The parks commission will 

probably want me to pay for the electricity if I did," I kidded.

	We trotted out to the pool area, and Vicki quickly kicked off

her sneakers while I pulled my shirt off and started getting my 

shoes off. Vicki was just about to dive into the cool water when

she stopped and gave me a funny smile. "I'm not going to ride home

on my bike in a wet suit," she said as she pulled her suit down 

past her lovely breasts, below her lovely hips and over and off her

lovely legs. "Let's take a skinny dip!" 

	She dove into the water, and I quickly decided to go along 

with the idea. Stripping off my trunks, I dove in and swam after

her. She swam so effortlessly, I couldn't get anywhere near her,

and I was soon exhausted. After five or six minutes in the pool 

I had to grab onto the side of the pool and rest. 

	Just then Vicki swam to within a few feet of me and gracefully

pulled herself out of the pool. "C'mon," she said as she ran off

towards the playground, "give me a push on the swings."	 

	I hopped out of the pool and followed her into the sandy area

where the playground equipment was located. Vicki was sitting on

one of the swings, and I pushed against her bare back as she glided

through the warm air. She was really beautiful looking in the dim

glow of the security lights. When she asked me to slow her down,

I tried to catch her tenderly, but she nearly crashed into me and

my hands ended up grabbing her bodacious tits. I waited for her 

reaction, but I never expected what happened next. 

	"Come around in front," she said. "I want to suck your 


	You can imagine how fast I moved around in front of her! As

she sat on the swing with her legs spread, I stepped up to her. My

prick was exactly the same height as her mouth, and she just pulled

my cock right into her lips and started sucking! She started 

working on my tool so vigorously that I grabbed onto the swing's

chains to keep my balance. Suddenly, Vicki used her feet to start

the swing moving, and before I knew it, we were swinging back and

forth, my cock in her mouth, and me holding on for dear life. 

	While this was a pretty exciting way to have sex, it was 

physically impossible to keep up for long. I finally had to beg her

to stop before I fell, and when she stopped, she jumped off the 

swing and ran towards a set of parallel bars a few yards away. 

	Being very athletic, Vicki had no trouble mounting the 

parallel bars, and when I arrived she was sitting on top, one leg

over each bar, with her cunt in the middle---just as high as my 


	"Now it's your turn to do the eating, sweetheart," she said. 

It's all yours!" 

	Seeing her beautiful pussy right in front of my face was quite

a turn on, especialy after the blow job she gave me. I didn't 

hesitate to bury my face into her bushy twat, sliding my tongue up

and down her slot, finally focusing on her swelling clit. Working

my tongue back and forth over her clit started her juices flowing,

and a few moments later my tongue was probing the edges of her cunt


	With all the juices flowing down her thighs and her ass, she

was one soppy wet cunt! As my tongue probed her love hole, my 

fingers were slipping in and out of her ass. The Olympic Games 

might have some great gymnasts, but nobody does the kind of moves

Vicki was doing on the bars that night! 

	After a few minutes, it felt like my whole face was going to

slip up into her juicy vagina, and as I jiggled my fingers faster

and faster in her ass, her body arched and convulsed in pleasure.

	I was starting to wonder how much she could take when she 

suddenly managed to pull away from me and effortlessly dismount 

from the bars. We were both soaking wet from sweat and her cunt 

juices, but she still had more surprises in store for me. I grabbed

for her, but she sliped away and headed for the sliding board. She

had gotten only two steps up the ladder when I caught up to her--

her ass jutted back at me, face high!  

	My tongue quickly burrowed its way up her asshole, while my

hand reached around and worked on her clit. Pushing my tongue into

her hot ass as far as it would go, she started gyrating and 

grinding her ass into my face so hard I thought my nose would 

break. She started moaning and gasping, and it seemed half my face

was up her ass. But my ears weren't, so I heard it when she said

"Stick that big prick of yours up my ass!" 

	As juicy as she was, I knew it wouldn't be tough to do. I 

simply climbed the ladder until I was up behind her, and she did

the rest. Reaching back and grabbing my prick with her hand, she

placed the head of my shaft at the entrance to her ass. Just when

I was ready to thrust into her, she lowered her ass down onto my

prick, engulfing my hot cock up into her moist, tight asshole. 

	As I thrusted in response to her tightening and relaxing her

anus, we slowly worked our way up the ladder to the top of the 

sliding board. With my prick still thrust up her hole, she leaned

forward, as if she was going to slid down the sliding board on her

stomach, head-first. Now I had a perfect angle at her ass hole, and

filed with lust and passion, I plowed my hard cock into her hole,

slamming against her buttocks with a loud slap each time.  Although

I was in a sexual frenzy and couldn't stop from fucking her ass 

like a jackhammer even if I wanted to, I was hoping it wasn't 

hurting her. I shouldn't have worried, because above her moans I

heard her repeat "Harder, harder, harder, harder!" 

	I finally couldn't take any more, and I had to get my cock 

into her cunt. Pulling out of her ass, I turned her over and 

plunged as far as I could into her cunt. She wrapped her legs 

around me, dug her nails into my back, and we fucked all the way

down the sliding board, landing in the soft ground at the bottom

with a soft "thud."    

	With her body still wrapped around mine, and my cock deep in

her cunt, I stood up and placed her back on the sliding board. I

then straddled over her, and with a clear path to her cunt, I 

rammed my prick in and out of her juicy hole for several minutes.

When I could take no more, my moans and groans nearly matched hers

as we climaxed in orgasmic delight. 

     In a few seconds, she was up and running away from me again, 

but this time she ran to the pool to rinse and cool off. A few 

minutes later we were back at the gates, locking up and kissing 

each other good-night. 

	My head was still spinning from the night of wild lovemaking,

so I nearly fainted when she waved good-night and yelled as she 

drove off, "Tomorrow night I'll show you some tricks on the seesaw

and the merry-go-round!" 

	Yes, when it comes to jobs, money isn't everything! 



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