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Archive-name: Working/salesman.txt


Archive-title: Salesman

     I am a plain looking guy in the early twenties.  A lot of girls think that

I look alright and I've gotten my share of pussy in the past 10 years of

fucking chicks.  But the one fuck I am about to tell you probably takes the

cake for me.

     I work at a computer store and I see a lot of nice looking secretaries

picking up software for their bosses.  One of them in particular has the hots

for me.  Every time Christie came in, she would wear the shortest skirt within

standards of company policies and the lowest cut dresses, showing both her

shapely legs and her grapefruit boobs.

     One warm morning Christie came into the store to pick up some blank

diskettes for her boss.  She came into the air conditioned room and walked with

her tight pink dress swaying to her steps.  By the time she got to the counter,

my hard-on was rather obvious.  I asked her if she came in to pick up some

software like she always does.  She said "Not this time.  This time I came for

the HARDWARE."  With that she winked at me as she looked down to my now

hardened cock.  Now I may be a shy guy but when someone gives me a hint like

that I do not miss it.

     I casually walked over to the door and put on the "Out to Lunch" sign.

What the hell, I haven't had breakfast yet anyways. I might as well have myself

some tasty rose buds dipped in hot honey to start off my day.

     Leading her into the back room where all the supplies are kept, I could

hear her starting to unzip her dress.  I said "You really want it don't you?"

With one swift move she pulled down her dress, and her tits popped out like

bullets.  I took a step back to look at what I had at my hands.  Christie was

big, but I didn't realize how big those melons were until I saw them.  My

watering mouth darted toward them as my hands went to work on her crotch.  She

was moaning like a bitch, saying "Oh god, that feels so good!"  After about a

few minutes of deep tongue probing and necking, I finally got her dress all the

way off only to discover two flourishing petals glistening in the wetness

between her legs.  Without any hesitation, I laid her on her back on top of the

styrofoam padding we use in shipping, and went to work on her.

     She had her pubic hair neatly trimmed and I had great access to the most

erogenous zone.  Christie was panting like crazy.  I can tell she really liked

what I was doing to her as she thrusted herself toward my inquiring tongue.

"You have to try out the software before you can make an informed decision

about the hardware." I said.

     I slowly licked her boat, being all the time careful not to tip the little

man in the vessel, as I knew once I flipped the switch, there would be no

return.  My rock-hard six was standing up like a launching pad at Cape

Canaveral.  I knew she was ready as she said "put it inside my love canal now.

I can't take it any more!"  I knew this was no time for mercy, so I went down

on her, holding her by the hips and thrusting my pulsating prick inside her.

With each thrust into her furry canal, my pendulous balls slapped her love

handles.  She contracted her cunt as I withdrew, giving me the ride of my life.

     She made low growls deep in her throat as I reached up to squeeze her

voluptuous breasts.  They felt good as they filled my hands.

     I pumped her for what seemed like hours and finally, after one long groan,

I shot my love ammunition in the deep recesses of her cunt.


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