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Archive-name: Working/repairmn.txt


Archive-title: Repair Man

Sleepily, she walked to answer the door. 


"Dishwasher Repair Man" said the voice on the other side of the door. 


She looked through the peep hole and saw a good-looking man in his mid-30's. 

He smiled through the peep hole. 


God it's early, she thought as she unlocked the door to let him in.  She had 

thrown a robe over her nude body.  She hadn't even had coffee. 


"Come in," she said.  "Do you know what time it is?" 


"Nine a.m." he said as his eyes moved to her long legs.  Although she was 

barefoot, she was a good three or four inches taller than the repair man. 


"Would you like a cup of coffee" she asked. 


"Not right now -- maybe later." 


She directed him to the dishwasher, poured herself a cup of coffee and sat at 

the kitchen table across from him. 


As the man worked she noticed his small ass and broad shoulders.  While he 

wasn't extremely tall, he was well proportioned. 


She thought about how she had awakened her lover Bob the night before and how 

he had eaten her for hours.  How she loved to have her pussy sucked.  Just 

thinking about it made her begin to get wet between her thighs.  She wondered 

if the repair man could tell what was happening to her... wondered if he could 

smell her animal odor as she became aroused. 


The dishwasher repair man was sitting on the floor working on the broken 

appliance but couldn't help notice her long tanned legs.  She had crossed her 

legs and her robe had parted up to her thigh. 


She knew what he was thinking.  Their eyes didn't meet but she knew what was 

going to happen. 


She decided to sit Indian-style.  Pushing the robe between her legs, she 

watched as the repair man tried to continue repairing the dishwasher. 


The thought of an early morning fuck was always a turn-on for her.  The 

thought of fucking a complete stranger excited her even more. 


So she let the robe ride up on her legs. 


"Can I take you up on that cup of coffee now?" the repair man asked. 


"Certainly," she said, rising out of the seat she letting her robe climb even 

higher towards her waist. 

As she walked close to him he could smell her musky female odor.  She saw the 

bulge in his pants.  He's getting hard, she thought. 


She poured the coffee and bent down to give it to him knowing her robe would 

part and he'd have a lovely view of her breasts. 

"Thank you," he said smiling and looking at her breasts. 

She smiled back and said, "Oh I'm sure it'll be worth it." 


He put the coffee down on the floor and pulled her towards him -- his hands 

grasping her ass cheeks under the robe.  He kissed her lips..kissed her 

neck..kissed her ears.  He lifted the robe and slowly touched her wetness.  He 

moved down to kiss her breasts.  Opened her robe and let it fall off her 

shoulders.  Moved his face further down passed her stomach to her cunt. 


"Oh," she whispered, spreading her legs so he could taste more. 


They moved to the kitchen table.  She still had her robe on but it was hiked 

above her waist and her tits were hanging out.  The repair man was massaging 

them as he continued to eat her. 


"Oh, that feels so good!" she said as she reached for the front of his pants. 

She unbuttoned them, pulled them down and started slowly pulling his cock up 

and down. 



"Stick it in me.  Fuck me now," she said.  The repair man obliged.  He had a 

thick cock -- thicker than her lover's and about the same size.  But since the 

repair man was shorter than Bob, his cock looked bigger in proportion to the 

rest of his body. 


"Oh you're big, aren't you," she said as he inserted his cock into her juicy 



She had spread her legs wide on the kitchen table to accomodate his cock and 

now he was slowly moving in and out of her hot twat in a circular motion. 


"Oh god, that feels so good," she said. 


"And so do you," he whispered. 


She reached down to her clit and rubbed it as the repair man started moving 



"I'm close," she said.  And then, "Now, I'm coming!  Oh, I'm still coming! 



The repair man was starting to breathe harder and she knew he was getting 



"Make me come again!" she yelled as her body moved with the same circular 

motion the repair man had been using. 


"Now!" he yelled. 


The repair man started licking her tits.   She was still ready for more 

fucking. She grabbed the repair man's limp cock and started sucking it.  It 

didn't take long and he was hard again. 


She continued sucking and soon the repair man said, "I'm gonna come.  Take it 

all now." 


She started making circular motions with the guy's cock in her mouth and he 

yelled, "Here we go!" 


She took it all, smiled at him.  He moved over to the kitchen sink and found a 

paper towel.  He cleaned himself off and zippered his pants. 


She felt wonderful.  "About the dishwasher..." 


He smiled back and said, "You just had a spoon caught in the rotor.  Its fine 



She insisted on paying him the service charge -- $25 -- and as she wrote out 

the check he put his hand under her robe. 


"You've got to stop now," she said.  He smiled and just keep rubbing her clit. 

Pretty soon, she started moaning and he brought her off again-- this time just 

with his hand. 


"I've got to go, but if you ever need me again, here's my number," he said as 

he handed her a receipt for the check...


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