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Archive-name: Working/regina-1.txt

Archive-author: Slave Denise

Archive-title: Regina - The Boss



     How could one woman be so beautiful and such a bitch all at the

same time?  Ever since his new boss had arrived a month ago his job

had become pure hell. Regina Willis had been promoted from secretary

to the President, to V.P. in charge of sales, almost overnight. There

were rumors on how she accomplished this miracle. It was easy to



     She was gorgeous with long blonde hair, deep sparkling blue eyes,

a figure that was meant to play with and legs that went on forever. In

her usual 5" high heels Regina stood well over 6', certainly towering

over me.  And she always dressed to kill.  Usually some type of top

that would allow the nipples of her perfect breasts to stare back at

you whenever you got the courage to look.  Tight skirts that molded

her lower body enough to hint at the sweet treasures one would find

encased in the little panties that were vaguely visible. 


     The skirts usually stopped at a point well above the knee, where

her vast display of silken legs began, and went on and on down to her

perfectly pedicured toes, often visible when one hung their head

humbled by both her beauty and her scathing reproaches. 


     The problem was that I would gladly kiss the ground she walked on

or die for her; but most of the time she made me wish I were dead with

her constant complaining and belittling over my sales performance. 


     This morning, as Regina sat on her couch in her office, with me

on a  small wooden stool, with her crossed legs displaying miles of

gossimar beauty and ending under her skirt with a slight expanse of

flesh and garter visible, eyes blazing and nipples accusingly pointing

at me: all I could do was stare. 


     As she started in on me, a shoe popped off her heel and dangled

from her toes mesmerizing me, "Dennis I think you need to pay

attention to me damnit!  Stop staring at my legs like some little boy.

Your sales continue to fail to meet the quotas I set for you.  Your

not doing everything you can to move my new Regina Lingerie line.

Tonight I want you back here so I and a few of the other girls can

help you improve your attitude and give you some new motivation." 


     I tried lifting my head to meet her eyes but only got to her

chest and was again lost.  Those two nipples were pointing right at me

through her blouse also accusing me of not doing my best. 


     Then I heard and saw her shoe drop from her toes:  immediately I

had to look! There were now five perfect toes painted in crimson red,

covered lightly in black hose shinning out at me like five encased

little stop signs. 


     "Now Dennis try to be a good boy and put my shoe back on my foot

without looking up my skirt!" I heard Regina say. 


     On my knees I scurried to her feet, picking up the 5" red pump,

my hands seemingly to betray me as I fumbled with it. The aroma was

breathtaking and her toes twinkled and twitched at me  

as she held her foot up to me, nearly placing her toes in my face. 


     As I took her foot in my hand I could feel the delightful

coolness and slight dampness of the sole and I knew that I had to

sneak a look up at her legs. 


     As I did there was a slight expanse of bare thigh revealed above

her stockings as well as the red garters holding them taunt and a

heavenly view of her red panty crotch. 


     Dennis what the hell are you doing!" Regina demanded of me as she

pushed her foot in my face and shoved me over onto my back. "You

certainly do not know how to behave do you," she went on as she placed

her foot square on top of my crotch, "I quess there is definitely some

additional need for training that we will have to work on tonight." 


     With that Regina stood, the foot still on my crotch, "now hand me

my shoe little boy and get up and get to work. Be sure to be back here

at 7:00 P.M. sharp or there will be even more severe training!" 


     She moved off of me, leaving me with a severe case of crushed

crotch which only impeded my progress at rising, and yet, I still

could not control myself from stealing one last peak up her skirt.  It

was truly worth it.  I would do anything for her  as long as I was

allowed to continue to fullfill my two needs, serving her as my boss

and being so close to my other love feminie lingerie. 



     Part II coming soon.... 

     Comment to me if you liked it so far and any ideas are welcome.  



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