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Archive-name: Working/plumbhlp.txt


Archive-title: Plumber's Helper  

     Now David was a open minded as the next man, but when his

boss assigned Debbie as his assistant plumber and set them out on

a job, he was just a little disturbed.  He figured it meant he

was going to end up doing all the hard, heavy work since she was

a rather petite young lady of about 24, ("Probably hardly wet

behind the ears", he mumbled to himself). 

     Arriving at the construction site, a new house being built,

he backed up the truck, and quite to his sunrise Debbie jumped

out, grabbing a large tool box, and disappeared into the house,

eager for work.  Walking behind her, David found her physically,

quite interesting, about 5'3", weighing around 120 pounds,

slender but quite shapely, and he did not disapprove of her

rather severely cropped off hair style.  In her work shirt and

jeans, she was a very very attractive figure.  

     Once in the house, they set up their equipment, and went

about their tasks of installing various water pipes that serviced

the kitchen.

     Several hours they worked hard, both sweating profusely, and

when it was lunch time, they retired to a shady, bushy area for

lunch.  There David found that Debbie was engaged to a school

teacher, was really interested in teaching too, but had taken

this job to help pay her way through college.  She acted a little

surprised when David told her he too was not married yet, saying

she expected most guys his age and looks to have 'have been

taken' by now.  

     Sitting there, eating, David could not help notice that in

her sweaty condition, how her blue work shirt, soaked as it was,

clung to her small, but well formed breasts, even to the point

that disclosed that she apparently did not wear a bra.  

     While talking and eating, David heard a buzzing sound, and a

moment later heard Debbie swear, 	"Oh shit, I've been stung by a

bee", and she jumped to her feet yanking on the back of her shirt

in an attempt to dislodge the insect.  Seeing a tiny bulge

between her flesh and the shirt, David asked to stand still and

reaching down into the wide open neck of her shirt he located the

bee, and with a yank, pulled it out.

     "Here, let me remove that stinger before it really hurts",

said David, pulling a small jack knife.  

     "Well OK", said Debbie, turning her back to her work

companion, unbuttoning her shirt and shrugging out of it.  

     "Wow", thought David as he saw her slender back, from neck

to waist, well tanned, and very beautiful.  

     In spite of standing primarily behind her, he was afforded a

slight side view, in which he could see the full, but firm

swelling of her left breast, which truly excited him just a

little at that point.  Quickly he noted the dark red spot on her

back, just under her shoulder blade where she had suffered the

sting.  Opening his jack knife, he slowly and carefully scraped

in such a manner that easily extracted that little stinger, and

reaching into his lunch box,.He took out a tube of ointment and a

bandaide and quickly treated the slight, but inflamed wound. 

     With a cheerful smile, young Debbie slipped her work shirt

back over her shoulders, and turned to thank her coworker.  As

they stood there for several long moments, Debbie realized that

her shirt was still unfastened, and that David was staring at

those wonderful fully exposed breasts in their entirety, noting

how firm and upright they appeared, tipped with two small, dark,

but well pointed nipples.  

     "Don't tell me you've never seen something like this

before", laughed the young plumber's assistant with a sign of

mischievness in her voice.

     "Oh sure, I've seen breasts before", muttered a frustrated

David, who in the past few moments was really beginning to notice

other things about his helper that he had overlooked at first. 

Like how at barely over 5 foot in height, how well developed she

appeared, slim, but strong looking arms, slender waist and how

her hips widened out indicating a full, but firm pair of

buttocks, and long slim legs.  She looked fragile, but at the

same time, tough and husky for a girl.  

     Knowing fully what he was doing, David stepped forward, and

slipping his hands between her arms and body, grasped her to him,

until he could feel the warmth of her bare breasts flow through

his own work shirt, and for several long seconds he fully

anticipated a sudden movement from her as she would attempt to

break loose from his embrace.  But that never happened, instead,

a serious look came over her young face, and she cocked her head

to one side and slightly opening her soft, red, moist lips, she

bent forward and kissed her handsome partner full on his mouth,

exhaling her breath in such a manner that David could taste her

delicious breath.

     Quickly he slipped his arms fully around her chest, and

pressed her firmly against him, and in doing so, slid one long

strong leg forward between those of Debbie until he could feel

the warmth of inner thighs, and the firmness of her groin

pressing against his upper thigh.  His right hand slid down, down

until it passed the waist of her jeans, and came to a rest on the

wide, curve of her full buttocks, and with a deliberate sigh from

him, he pulled her even harder against him until he could now

feel her hard, firm belly pressing into him, and could even feel

the hard, protrusion of her pubic bone now forcing its way closer

and harder into his own pubic area, especially in the area of his

crotch where he could already feel the tingling starting as his

penis began to respond to her warmth and body pressure against


     Softly David sighed, and whispered, "I'm sorry if this

offends you Debbie, but you are really doing something wild to

me, and I want this to continue."  

     "Sure, I understand", sighed the young lady as she too

responded to the physical closeness, by slowly and carefully

adjusting her own body, permitting her legs to spread slightly

apart, permitting him to slip more centrally against her, until

she could now feel that hard warmth of his aroused penis pressing

up fiercely into the region of her vagina causing the thick lips

of her labia, only a fraction of an inch from her aroused


     Remembering that they were in a well concealed area, David

then reached back behind Debbie, grasping her just above and

behind her knees and lifted the slender woman off her feet and

quickly walked into the thicker brush where she spotted what

appeared a clearing under a large pine tree, where he dropped to

his knees and lowered his companion to the ground until she was

reclining on her back.  

     For a moment she raised herself up on her elbows, long

enough for David to tug her shirt from the waist of her jeans,

and taking it off her, spread it out under her upper torso. 

Gently Debbie laid back not embarrassed at her revealing her

nudity to David as the physical appearance of the young man, and

his lovingness and gentleness was already effecting her.  

     Quickly David laid down next to his slender partner, facing

her, resting on his left elbow, as he leaned over her body, and

lowering his head he again began to gently kiss her with his

mouth, and using his right hand to reach down and began caressing

and massaging her upper torso, starting from below her breast,

until he worked that hand up over that gently swelling, and came

in contact with her pink, partially swollen nipples.  

     With a sign of her understanding, Debbie reached her arms up

around David's neck, and softly lifted herself partially off the

ground in an effort to display her own feelings and affection, as

she opened her mouth and began using the tip of her tongue to

gently caress her partner's inner lips, and as she felt David

instantly respond by opening his teeth, she responded by working

her tongue forward, and then retreating under the fierce

onslaught as she felt his larger tongue spearing into her oral

cavity and twirling and stabbing around in her mouth.

     David then slid his right hand lower and lower towards

Debbie's slender waist, until he felt the unbelted waistline of

her jeans.  Swiftly he worked his fingers around to the area of

her navel and found the top button of her jeans.  His fingers

hesitated not one second, and after a moment, there was the sound

of it almost snapping free and Debbie felt the tightness of her

waistband loosening.  A second later the next button was

unfastened, and then the final two buttons.  

     Already Debbie could feel the slight coolness of the air on

her exposed stomach.  Then David softly peeled the sides back

into a large "V" and starting from her navel he again worked that

hand downward, further and further wondering when it would

anticipate coming in contact with her panties.  But as he

explored lower and lower he felt none.  Then to his surprise he

felt the soft yet kinky pubic hair that covered the area barely

an inch above the cleft of her vagina. 

     "Gosh", he swore to himself, "she ain't wearing any

underwear at all".  And that thought along with the terrific

feeling he was getting from the contact with her body was almost

too much.  Suddenly he knew he was going to do something he had

up to now never accomplished with any of his previous lovers. 

Moving his head downward, he began kissing Debbie's neck, throat,

and still downward to her shoulders, now opening his eyes wide

and trying to focus his senses on her lovely body.  His lips then

found the gentle swelling above her nipples, and trailing a

slender trail of moisture, he sought and located her already

slightly aroused nipples.  Hungrily he opened his lips, but

separating his teeth, so that as his lips surrounded that

delicious breasts, his tongue was able to swirl and lick around

and around as he tasted her delicious flesh.  

     There was no hesitation from his partner, almost instantly

Debbie groaned with true feelings of happiness as she felt David

licking and sucking until that tiny projection became longer and

harder, and began to enter his mouth.  Then after a split

seconds's pause, David raised his head, and quickly transferred

to the other nipple and began the same treatment bringing a gasp

of pleasure from young Debbie as she arched her back upward in an

attempt to press more firmly that nipple into his warm, moist

mouth that was bringing such wonderful pleasure.

     In spite of his desire to continue this, his selfishness

took over, and slowly David began again his slow movement down,

until he kissed the underside of her almost flat breasts, and

then right down the dead center of her chest, down until he

passed her rib cage, and then he felt a sudden dip as his tongue

followed the part into that deep depression of her little belly

button.  Already the young man could detect the short quick

breaths as she began to realize just what he intended to do, and

her normal instincts began to fully take over.  

     "Ohh, he's gonna......  ahhh, I know he going to......!",

she thought as she felt his tongue swirl in and around that deep

dimple, and then she gave a cry of delight when she then felt his

tongue exit her naval, and again begin it's travel downward,

first deep into the "V" of her open jeans.  

     Now David again changed his position, quickly moving

directly between her slightly separated legs, up on his knees,

and she felt him grasp her waistband with both hand. 

     Without any prompting on his part, Debbie voluntarily raised

her hips arching her back, and with almost a sob, she felt him

pull and tug and sure enough, she felt the material of her jeans

sliding, slipping down, down, until it passed the bulge of her

hip bones, and the widest part of her buttocks.

     Then with a very easy movement, David was able to slide

those jeans down, until finally he freed first one leg, and then

the other, and Debbie now lay completely naked as he heard them

hit the pine needles.  

     Debbie then felt each of David's hands grasping her knees,

and applying pressure, forcing them further and further apart. 

She knew that he was soon about to apply the final step, and with

almost a sign of complete surrender, she laid one stretched out

arm over her eyes, raised her knees up about a foot off the

ground, and with her heels on the ground, actually moved her

knees apart to their utmost, to the point it was more than just

uncomfortable, but she knew that David would see this as her

final sign of no resistance.  

     Kneeling as he was between her spread thighs, his face only

inches from her pubic area, David actually saw for the first time

in his life, a woman's vulva relax, and those thick, fat lips

separate and with a groan, he used the thumb and forefinger of

each hand to grasp those lips, and peel them back, to open them,

until he sighed when there he saw only inches from his face, the

very dark pink of her clitoris, as it has been so deeply effected

by his pre love making.  Without a seconds hesitation David

ducked his head down, again separating his lips, and causing his

tongue to again stiffen, he brought that slick instrument between

the moist and deliciously fragrant vaginal lips of his lover, and

starting deep within that crease he pressed his tongue deep, and

then lifted his head upward and ceased just short of touching

that supersensitive clit.  As he again lowered his head into

position, he slipped his tongue into his mouth, tasting for the

first time in his life, the heady, but impulsive odor of Debbie's

sexual organs, which instantly, almost like an electric shock

caused his own sexual organs to jerk, swell in response to the


     Then David was certainly not the only one to react violently

with his oral stimulation of her vagina.  Almost from the very

first contact of his tongue in the proximity of her clitoris,

Debbie grunted, moaned and her lower body began to jerk, quiver

and buck with passion as she felt that object slip and slide up

and down, and especially as he twisted and turned that object

around and around within the narrow confines of that vagina of

hers.  Bracing her feet against the ground, and reaching down

with both hands, she entwined her fingers deep within his long

curly hair, and pushing her pelvis sharply upward, she pushed

down with her strong arms in an attempt to bury his face as deep

into her as possible.  

     In an effort to prevent her from impeding his breathing,

David was forced to twist his head sideways, but he knew that at

least for awhile, he was not going to stop what he was doing

under any conditions.  The feeling, the taste, and the smell all

combined to act in such a way, he almost felt he would be capable

of an instant climax if he were to simply touch his own penis

right now.  So for as long as he was able to bring out the

delightful response from his partner, and as long as it kept him

in a constant state of arousement, David licked and sucked on

that wonderful pussy, never stopping for more than a second as he

used his tongue to caress and massage every millimeter of it

until he could soon feel the accumulation of a thick, slick

moisture that was building up within her hot loins as her vagina

began to lubricate in anticipation of his lovemaking. 

     Then at the peak of her excitement, Debbie began to shake,

quiver and squeal with delight.  This happened several times, and

David figured she was swiftly approaching her ultimate orgasm,

and knew he was more than ready to begin it with her.  

     Thrusting himself upright momentarily, David almost tore his

shirt loose, flinging it to the ground.  Grabbing his belt, he

unfastened it, popping the snaps of his fly, and scrambling to

his feet, shoved and half tore off his jeans, standing there clad

only in his fig leaf shorts and shoes.  Hooking his thumbs in his

shorts, he pushed down, just as Debbie in her sexual daze opened

her eyes, and looking almost straight up, was amazed to see that

for a split second that bulge seemed to hang up on something, and

then there was a slight popping sound as his cock sprung free,

and being in its present state, it jerked upward snapping against

his flat, hard, but hairy belly.  

     "Ohhh gosh", she gasped, "what have I let myself in for?"

There above her hung the longest, thickest, and hairiest penis

she had ever seen.  It seemed to measure well over 8 inches in

length, and almost as thick as her own wrist.  She recognized it

not having been circumcised, yet the fore skin was pulled back

until that huge spear shaped head almost gleamed like polished

dark pink marble.  Almost a third of its length was heavily

covered with a thatch of hair that all but obscured his scrotum,

making them look like a huge dark, tanned hairy paper bag, able

to contain vast quantities of his life giving juices.  

     Instantly now, David dropped to his knees on the soft pine

needles, and bending well forward, lowered himself onto his left

elbow, using his right hand to grasp his cock, and because of its

rigidness, found it quite difficult to depress it until he could

just feel his cock head brushing against the soft curly pubic

hair of his lovers vagina.  

     "I'll try to be very gentle Debbie", sighed David as he

continued to work that cock head up and down, around in little

circles in his attempt to find the slick opening of her pussy. 

Debbie groaned as she felt vast amounts of warm, exceptionally

slick fluid oozing from his cock head in an effort to

prelubricate her vagina in preparation to his eventual


     "Here David, let me help you", she sighed, and as he was

still suspended above her, she reached down between them with

both her hands, and using her left fingers, she found and

separated the lips of her vagina, relishing in the delight how

warm, wet and lubricated they were.  With her right hand she took

that huge instrument from him, almost being like an electric

shock as she felt the extreme hardness and thickness of it as she

depressed it, raised it, and depressed it in an effort to bring

more and more of his lubricant into action.  Then she found what

she was looking for, and feeling that warm, wet tip lingering in

just the right spot, she whispered softly to David, saying,

"Darling please don't move for a few seconds."  At that time she

made one more super effort to spread her legs, placing her feet

almost up under her own buttocks, and almost super slowly she

gently raised her lower body.  They both sighed as they felt each

other's sexual organs coming in contact with the others.  

     Debbie's breath caught in her throat as she felt the inner

lips of her labia being separated by that cream soaked spear

head, wider, wider, deeper and deeper as she willingly lifted her

lower torso in an effort to accept more and more of it into her. 

     At the same time David cried out with delight as he could

feel the almost torrid, super slick inner lining of her vagina

clinging, grasping the head of his prick, almost causing an

instant climax.  Like he was told, he made no effort to plunge

into her, although right how he had a fantasy of his having a 3

foot penis, and wanted to shove it up to her chest.  He hung

there on his hands and knees like she had asked, and was thankful

a second later.  

     Just as slowly as she had risen to accept him, Debbie gently

lowered herself onto the pine needles, but not fully, permitting

the head of his penis to remain a fraction of an inch into her

love channel.  There were a few moments of hesitation during

which David could feel a fresh reservoir of his pre-cum arrive at

his cock head, slowly oozing out until it almost completely

covered that snake-like head, and he again felt Debbie prepare to

lift herself in an effort to impale herself even more.  

     Not to be outdone, and unable to stop himself, as David

again felt himself penetrating that hot, tight channel, he

relaxed himself, arching his back downward, causing his hips to

depress in such a way that caused his penis to slide into Debbie

further and faster than she had anticipated.  This brought a gasp

of delight from her as she felt the groves, bumps and ridges of

her lover's penis gently massaging deeper and deeper into her

highly aroused love tunnel.


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