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Archive-name: Working/pizzaboy.txt


Archive-title: Pizza Boy


I awoke at an earlier time than my usual 10:30 A.M., it was 8:05 A.M., to be

precise. My lover had already left for work and I was so horny I could hardly

stand it! My hands glided down to my sopping pussy and I could feel the juices

already starting to boil. I rubbed my clit in a circular motion and

concentrated on thinking how good it would feel to have my lover's cock inside

of me, and came in an instant. Yet, it still wasn't enough! I got up and opened

up the top dresser drawer, which contained some of my most silky undies, and my

"other" friend. This 9 inch vibrator always could do the trick! I lay back down

upon the bed and turned it on, even the slight humming of it made me crave it

more. First, I put it upon my nipple of my right tit, and felt it softly

harding it. Then I did it to my left tit, starting to become aroused once

again. My thin legs bucked up in anticipation and I licked my lips as I eased

it to my gaping hole. I took the whole 9 inches at once and a shudder went thru

my body. Up and down I rode my "Friend" until I had came at least 10 times!

Exausted, I slowly pulled it out, turned it off, and fell into a satisfied

slumber. (Now if you think that this is the end of a horny morning, you've got

another think cuming!)


I awoke again at noon, wide-eyed and hungry! So, I called to have pizza

delivered at my apartment. Twenty minutes or so passed. I freshened up, took a

hot bath, and curled my hair. Needless to say, I was still quite hot and wet

from the morning's adventure, so while in the bathtub, I let the water from the

faucet hit my clit and came a couple more times. I had just put on my robe,

when I heard the knock at the door. I had forgotton that I had JUST my robe on,

hunger pains taking over, and answered the door. There stood a gorgeous boy,

not more than 20, with a gaping mouth and a small sausage pizza in his hand. He

was tall, blonde, and thin, and from the look of his newly tightened jeans, I

could tell he liked what he saw! I, of course, had my own ideas. I invited him

in and told him I'd be right back with the money. I went into the bedroom and

got 10 bucks and slightly undid my robe so that my tits were exposed. I came

back into the living room and I watched as he nervously licked his lips. His

eyes were fixed upon my big breasts, and he set the pizza on the table. Now for

the good stuff, I thought, as I stuffed the 10 secudively into his jeans. I

asked him his name and he called himself Jamie. "Well, Jamie," I said "would

you like to have some fun?" All he could do was nod, for I had already started

unbuttoning his too-tight jeans, and found his cock wasn't bad in size at all!

My lips wrapped around his penis eagerly, and he moaned loudly in pleasure. I

let the rest of my robe slip off, and immediately he started to fondle my

breasts. I then laid him upon the floor and asked him if he knew how to use his

tongue besides licking his lips, in which he quickly turned me into a 69

position and started licking away. Oh yes! This boy was sweet, and I came and

came all over his young face. I could feel his own pressure building up inside

my mouth as I stroked him and sucked him at the same time. Finally, his body

trembled and he let at a low moan and gushed into my mouth. I quickly pulled it

out and stroked him faster until he came all over my soft tits. Both quite

satisfied he thanked me, put his clothes on, and left. The moral to this story?

Well, there's nothing like a free pizza and a horny nympho


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