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Archive-name: Working/pammy.txt


Archive-title: Leaky Faucet, The

  Its hard for me to describe....the hot steamy sex that I had last night!

It started so slowly...I never knew what hit me.   I was visiting my

Aunt Kates apartment building in Brooklyn , a large brownstone in a 

attractive location, when she asked me to help her with a tenant's

water supply problem.  Seems her sink was dripping underneath where the

hot water pipes connected.  Even tho the tenants were quite affluent the

prices plumbers in NY commanded made fixing things yourself worth the

inconvenience!  Being a slim muscular man with a can do attitude I jumped

at the chance to return Aunt Kates hospitality!  

I stopped for lunch at my guest apartment..grabbing  2 glasses of fresh

grape juice and wolfing down some fruit.  Looking in the hall mirror I

noticed how strong and wiry I had become after actually maintaining the

rigorous excersize program I had been performing.  My 35 year old body had

never looked better...with flat stomach..tapering down to my thick long

cock and long hard hairy legs.  I had always looked quite a bit younger

during high school but now was starting to see it as a blessing not a

hindrence anymore.  Pammy, the tenant, would be back from her work soon

but I had at least an hour to kill.  I decided to change into my workout

sweats and take a jog thru the city.  I loved the softness of the rag

grey outfit I had purchased from LL Bean in Freeport,Maine and could still

smell hints of the ocean salt from my seashore jogs back home.

My old swimming trunks  ,blue but faded with age still fit snugly as it did

19 years ago during high school swim classes.  I loves the secure feeling I got 

as my cock and balls were held firmly in its grip.  I hit the pavement with an 

extra spring in my step and raced for 12 minutes at top speed.  When I thought

I was about to collapse, my second wind came and I went into overdrive, easily

cruising along not even feeling my legs working hard below me.

It was a hot and humid day this August..not the kind of day to be jogging

as I saw the "you must be crazy" looks from the public as they huddled inside 

their cars, A/C turned up high.  Soon I felt cooled off as the sweat

having soaked thru my chest and back evaporated on the sweat tops.

The 12 mile run had been invigorating as I bounced up the steps..I was late

and knew it.  Aunt Kate phoned and said to come right over so I skipped the

shower and walked over to the stairs....we went to apt 6G where Pammy was

waiting.  Pammy was a neat professional and her apartment was very clean.

Im sure the small puddle on the floor had been a major inconvenience for

her .     She greeted me and seemed grateful that Aunt Kate had found

someone to perform the repairs so quickly.  Kate introduced us and then

left to attend other business.  Pammy offered me a drink and I gladly accepted

gulping down water like an elephant.  A quart later my thirst was satisfied

and I slid under the sink took a look and saw the problem..loose packing on

the hot water fitting....hard to get at but an easy repair otherwise.

Pam seemed unusually helpful ,she sat rather close by North American standards

and passed me the tools I needed to start the work.  Rather than asking her 

for the tools in hand she placed them on my torso where I could reach them 

easier.  I noticed her hands lingered a bit too long after the tool was

placed. The hair from my crotch grew up past my navel and I could see Pamela

looking at me intently out the corner of my eye.  I knew there were hot

gals all over but had never really known just who, but Pam was really

getting turned on by this whole scene.  I had never really cared who did

what with who while growing up and I always had been a rugged individualist.

This fit my northern new england upbringing.  Doing this hot sweaty work

under the counter on my back was sheer boredom and my mind soon started 

wandering.  I thought of jerking off my big thick cock and how I loved

watching the hot cummm spurt jucily from its throbbing shaft.  Soon I

felt a stirring in my crotch as my cock started stiffining.  Worried about

embarrassing myself I tried to think other thoughts but my cock kept growing

on its own accord. Pam sure had noticed.... and the stiff nipples 

told me that my earlier presumption was in fact true.  I had never had

been with a southerner before but had often jerked off thinking about spurting

some cummm into a mouth that was appreciative rather than some Bostonians

face who made it obvious that she felt it was obligatory.  I asked Pam

to hold the light closer..she "accidentially" brushed my crotch with her

hand as the light came closer, I thought I would cumm right there and

knew that within moments I would have to unload the throbbing load that

was lying heavy in my balls, after all it had been 3 days now!

I played along with Pam and pretended to not know what she was up to..

By this time I was hot knowing of things to well as sweltering

with the hot water pipes under this stifling apartment kitchenette.

The sweat was trickling from my arms leaving stripes down my tee shirt.

The back was equally soaked as well.  My cock was comfortably hard in

my old swim suit with my 7 inches of manhood stretching it to the limit.

Finally when I could take no more I asked Pam to slide under and shine the 

light on the fixture.  I stood up and with her not able to see I removed my

swim shorts and damp tee shirt leaving only my sweaty bikini strap on..

my shiny buns exposed.  Soon Pam stuck her head out to see what the delay 

was.  I didn't give her time, for as soon as I saw the surprise on her face I

quickly straddled her sticking my cock in her face. " What is goin..."

He started to say... "just shut the fuck up and suck it!! I replied"  Pam

had no choice with her head pinned to the floor and my cock in her face..

She started kissing my cock thru the bikini as I leaned even furthur in

almost choking off her breath.  " Lick my cock!" I demanded sliding up so she 

would have to mouth my balls on the way as well..I started rocking 

back and forth as my slippery balls,cock and shaft slid back and forth along

her face! When I couldnt stand it much longer I stopped.. I rubbed Pams now

swollen pussy and started to rub her...she had a look of intense pleasure on

her face as I stroked her.  Soon I let my cock pop out from the side!...I 

removed the brief and flung it across the room after pinning down her arms

with my knees.  Shee was now totally helpless and after trying to free herself

just resignrd to her fate.   My cock was doing involuntary spasms as I

commanded Pam to suck just the head....which she did with growing enthusiasm.

Soon I demamded her kissing the tip with a slurping noise alternating with

 begging.  During all this a small application of pussy juice made

the head all the more slippery.  I was in no rush to cum...and Pammy certainly 

had no place to go either!  I delighted in watching her suck until my cock

started its pre ejaculatory throbbing and twitching but then pulling it from 

her mouth at the last minute leaving it spasming wildly in the air over her 

face.  Soon I tired of this game and my balls got that "full" feeling.

It was time to feed her.  I grabbed her hair and planted my cock firmly

in her mouth ordering her to suck for all she was worth! My right arm was

wildly slapping her ass and alternating fingering her snatch.  Soon that

sweet sensation started building up to the point of no return.  I grabbed

Pamela's face with both hands and put just the tip in her mouth. I told her

she would regret it if she fucked this up for me.  she nodded briefly as I

lost control of my cock muscle....waves and waves of white hot pleasure

erupted from the cock head filling Pams mouth as she sucked and slurped

hungrily!  This was the grand daddy of all 3 day loads and was especially

gooey and sticky as it stuck to her teeth and lips.  Almost choking, her

bottom began pumping furiously in the air.  I reached back and grabbed her 

cunt and began stroking and at the same time planted my balls firmly on

her tits!   Her cum soaked mouth formed a perfect O as she started moaning

slowly at first and then gradually faster and faster till they became loud

grunts... My hand took the force of her bucking as she came juicily wetting

shooting and throbbing all over her cut offs.  I spanked her hard on her bare 

ass for soiling herself and ordered her to the bathroom to change.

I soon picked up my tools and started to leave having fixed the sink earlier.

What I noticed on the front porch I found rather amusing...near the window

there was a half full bottle of Pepsi and next to it a little pool of cummm.

Someone had watched us...who i never found out yet...but its only been a week

since....and Im looking forward to finding out! Hell he may have a sister!

Pam began calling my BBS soon afterward....and I mailed her a pair of

shiny black tricot panties with garter belts and hose as well as high heels.

Since I was a boob man I preferred her big bouncy tits to wiggle unencumbered

from restraint.   Ive never seen her dressed in them but am hoping and wishing

that some day..I will be summoned to return to "fix" something else!

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