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Archive-name: Working/office1.txt


Archive-title: Office

Dear Diary:


     I've been here a month now so I guess I'd better catch up on some of the

things that have been happening.  OH!  I haven't met my TRUE LOVE or anything

like that, but I sure have been having fun.

     In spite of what the women at work said, I did go out with one guy from

work.  Well, I 'sort of' went out with him.  Wait.  You'll see as I explain

what happened.  You see, after I had been there a couple of days he called me

in to take a letter.  I hadn't seen him before and when I did, well I just

about flipped.  I honestly wondered why on earth he wasn't a movie star.  I'd

met attractive men before, but he was something else.  Everything about him

just fit together perfectly.

     His face was handsome and the body it sat on was terrific!! His shoulders

were broad and his hips narrow.  He moved with the kind of gracefulness that

seemed part animal.  His pants were tight enough so that I could see the bulge

of his cock and that looked every bit as great as the rest of him.  Just

looking at him started a warm moisture in my panties that I squirmed around on

the seat.

     Of course he noticed the way I was staring at him.  Hell, he would have had

to been blind to miss it.  I suppose he's conceited as hell, but looking like

that, there isn't much he can do about it.  His eyes grazed over my body taking

it in, but I wasn't registering.  He just gave me a kind of blank look and

started the letter.

     I was kind of pissed at his lack of interest.  And disappointed too.  So I

crossed my legs and let him see all the way up my skirt.  He took a long look

at my legs, and then continued to dictate!!!   Well, at least he had noticed

me, so I felt somewhat better.  After we finished, it was time for lunch and I

hoped that he would ask me to have lunch with him.  I concentrated on it hard

hoping that we would eventually get into bed.  He must have heard my thoughts

because he finally did ask me.

     We were just out of the door when he looked at me and said, "I only live a

few blocks away from here.  How would you like to go up to my place for lunch?"

     I knew right away that I wouldn't get much to eat except for some hot

cock.  I thought about it for a minute and then said no.  I was still pissed at

having to practically strip before he even bothered to notice me.  Besides, I

didn't want him to think I was that much of a push-over.  Right after I said

it, I felt like kicking myself though.  I still wanted him inside me; with his

body laying hot and heavy and sweaty on top of mine.

     I don't think any girl had ever refused him anything before that because

he looked shocked.  He was nice about it though and took me to a nice

restaurant around the corner.  We talked a lot and I kept on squirming.  I

wished that the table and all the other people could've disappeared right then. 

I would have done it on the floor.

     When we got back to the office, I thanked him for lunch and went back to

the steno room, kicking myself in the ass all the way.  He hadn't asked me for

a date or anything.  I was so mad that I snapped at Jean and Pat and then had

to apologize all over the place.  Then the call came.  He wanted me to take

another letter.

     I was so excited I began to feel stupid.  Really, I was behaving like some

silly teen-ager on her first date.  Shit, I didn't want to marry the guy, just

sleep with him.

     So, I calmed down and took another letter.  After it was finished, he

asked me if I had much other work to do.  It had been a slow day and I told him

I didn't.

     "Then how about locking the door and having some fun for an hour or two? 

You're a good-lookin' woman and I thought we might like to get to know each

other better."

     "Right here?  You mean in the office?  But what if someone came in?  I'd

get fired."  I was very surprised, to say the least.  And, I didn't want to

lose this job so soon after getting it.

     "That's why I suggested we lock the door.  All the important men are in

conference and you wouldn't be missed.  So, why not?"

     "Give me a minute to think about it."  He nodded and I collapsed back into

my chair.  I had never done anything like that before.  Not for real! 

Pretending to be a whore don't count.  I couldn't figure out if I liked his

approach.  I mean, just coming out and saying it like that, like he really

figured I was so horney I couldn't possibly pass up the chance to ball him. 

But, well, this was something else again.  It was just plain raw sex.  No

pretenses.  No promises.  Just sex.  I can't explain the difference between

that and the time I let those dudes gang-bang me, but I knew that there was


     While I sat there thinking, I watched him.  He was leaning back in his

seat looking lazy and unconcerned.  He sure acted like he was doing me a great

big favor to spare a few minutes of his time to fuck me.  But all of a sudden

that turned me on so damn much.  I felt like a harem girl or something, waiting

for the king's bidding.  Besides that, just looking at him had my blood racing

through my veins, hot and fast.  So I nodded and he locked the door.

     I stood up and he took me in his arms and kissed me.  I almost swooned

from having him so close to me.  His tongue probed open my lips and darted in

and out until the heat in my pussy was driving me mad.  As he held me, I could

feel his prick harden up.  It felt big and hot, throbbing against me.

     He pushed me away and ran his hands over my body.  Then he played with my

breasts until I could feel my erect nipples pressing hard against the fabric of

my bra.  I wanted him to tear my clothes off and play with my naked body.  But,

as though he could read my mind again, he said something about staying dressed

... just in case.  I couldn't argue with that either, but knowing that we

couldn't lay there and touch each other's naked bodies made me want to hurry

and get his hardness inside me.

     I crumbled to the floor and he lay down beside me.  He pulled up my short

skirt until it was around my hips and then pulled off my panties.  He held his

hand tightly over my cunt and rubbed his palm against my knob.  He stayed like

that until I was thrusting against his hand so hard that he must have thought

the people in the office below could hear the floor banging against my bottom.

     He unzipped his fly and took his hunk out.  It was long and thick.  I held

it for a minute, feeling the power that his heat was giving me flowing through

my hands, down through the rest of my body.

     He mounted me fast and plunged that engorged cock in as far as it would

go.  I was drenched and my muscles just dragged him in.  It felt wonderful to

have my cunt filled wot the brim with his swollen passion.  He thrust in and

out as I arched my back up to meet him.  I wished that the screwing could last

for hours.  But half a dozen thrusts later he started spewing his cream into


     I couldn't believe it was all over!  So soon!  I had just begun to get

into the swing of it and it was over???  My muscles kept trying to squeeze some

more life back into the slowly wilting manhood still limp inside me.  But it

was no use; his hot rod had wilted and died ... right there in my pussy. 

     I was so disappointed I could feel tears welling up behind my eyes.  I

thought maybe he hadn't had any for a long time and was going to ask him when I

noticed the look in his eyes.  He was even more miserable than I was!!!  It

must be awful to have a gorgeous bod and be hung like that, and then not be

able to do anything with it!  So, well, I couldn't hurt him more.  It would

have been about like kicking a puppy that had just been hit by a car.  So I

smiled, and pretended it had been o.k. with me.  But he must have heard that

line before.

     "Hon.  I am so sorry.  It is always like that.  As soon as my cock gets in

it just takes over and shoots.  I am so very sorry.  I promise, I won't ever

bother you again."

     I didn't know what to say.  I felt so sorry for him.  At the same time, I

knew that I really was so horney and was worse off now than just with the mere

thoughts I had had that morning.  

     "Is there anything I can do for you??? Will you let me try to help get you

hard again?   Maybe next time will be better."

     "You're very sweet.  But lots of women have tried and it winds up the same

way.  Hon, I've tried everything.  Just forget it.  Okay?"

     "Wellll, if you really want me to.  But if we tried again right away,

well, maybe you wouldn't feel such pressure and it could last longer and then

we might both really be able to enjoy all you have to offer a woman."

     "I don't know" he mumbled.  "If you really want to, but I'm not even sure

I can get hard again."

     As he said that, a glimmer of hope passed through me and I reached over

and took his cock in my hand and rubbed my fingertips over the ehad.  It didn't

do a thing.  But, as I kept teasing, I began to feel a slight change and it

seemed that perhaps all was not lost.

     I leaned forward and licked the smooth surface with my tongue.  I licked

off all cream and juice from my cunt.  It tasted good blended together like

that.  Then I drew the head further into my mouth and ran my tongue along the

slit as fast as I could.  In a few minutes it started swelling -- filling my

mouth by the minute.  When it was fully engorged and he was moaning with agony,

I laid back and spread my legs, inviting him to push into me.

     When he thrust in and began pounding like he was a marathon runner rushing

for the finish line just steps ahead of his competition, I knew I still

wouldn't get any satisfaction.  Not at that pace.  

     "Slow down; relax.  Just stroke in and out like we have years.  There is

no hurry."

     He listened to me and slowed down.  The thrusts were almost in slow

motion.  Long, slow strokes.  Sometimes I wondered if he was even really

pushing in and out.  But the slowness was beginning to have its affect on my. 

I could feel my heat building.  The pressure of his member against me, rubbing

the folds inside so slowly and deliberately.  Each time he thrust in as far as

he could, then sort of pushed his pubic mound against my clit.  The result was

incredibly exciting and now I was the one having trouble controlling my


     He was beginning to really get into this pattern.  I could hear his heart

pounding and his breath was starting to come in shorter and shorter pants.  I

knew he was building again, which was quite all right with me now.  I began to

rock my hips against him, increasing the tempo.  He picked up the pattern right

away and started to match my new tempo.  Between us we increased the speed -

faster and faster.  I began to feel my climax surging to the surface, just in

time because his cock was thrusting like a jackhammer, but he still didn't

explode into me.  

     Just when I was exploding, he let himself go.  It felt so good.  The

juices mingling.  The flood carried me to the height of the climax.  I'd never

had a climax quite so intense.  And I loved it.  My cunt just took over and the

sensations ran up to my head.  I felt like laughing and crying and screaming

with pleasure all at the same time.  As I came, he held me he thought I was the

most beautiful woman he had ever been with.  I hoped he would say he loved me,

but he didn't.  I would have known it wasn't true, but it would have been nice

to hear anyway.

     Just as we were getting up, the phone rang and he was asked to go to some

kind of meeting.  So I went back to my area.  The other women were out and that

was a relief.  I was sure that something would show on my face and the memory

was too wonderful to tell anyone.  Besides, I sure couldn't give the office

grapevine that topic for their snickering.

     Looking back, I think it was more just wild daydreaming.  I mean, here I

had done something for him that he said no other woman had been able to do.  I

must have been something like the Florence Nightingale of the sexual kingdom or

something -- healing sick and wounded cocks, slowly nursing them back to robust

health and fitness.  And knowing that I had slept with a man who was unlikely

to forget me the next morning, well, I guess I sort of forgot about the

circumstances.  I left that night and went home, dreaming of all kinds of

romantic scenes.  Straight out of Hollywood.  

     The next day, he called me in for another letter.  He made a point of

letting everyone know that he expected this to take quite some time and he

wanted me to make sure I had plenty of time available because it was really

important that we do the dictation without any interruptions.  He needed to

have his mind fully free to concentrate on the exact wording.

     This time 'dictation' went much better.  He started off right in the first

place.  First caressing me until I was drenched in sweat from the surges of

delight he was creating with his fingers and hand and the soft warm kisses. 

Then sliding into me very slowly.  And rocking in and out in a slow rhythm that

would have made time stand still in most things.  Just sliding in and out;

pausing at each apex.  Letting it build.  It almost seemed strange that until

just yesterday afternoon he hadn't really realized how to make the act last and

last until both parties were ready to burst.  Our dictation lasted most of the

day, and lingered far after everyone else had gone home.  We just rocked back

and forth on the soft carpet.  

     Feeling adventurous we changed positions numerous times that long evening. 

Me on top.  Him on top.  On my knees.  Sitting on him, straddling him. 

Although I had numerous rushes and climaxes during those long hours, he never

quickened his pace nor allowed himself to break the slow, steady rhythm that

kep building me back to climax after climax.  Finally, long after the lights in

all the buildings around were out, he thrust into me, surrendering to the urges

that had built within him through our many hours on the floor.  His thrusts now

taking on the unbridled urgency of a wild stud.  He filled me with his sperm

... and kept spurting and spurting.  It gushed out of me, my own juices causing

a wet spot to spread across the carpet.  

     It was a few days before I saw him again.  Then he just nodded and walked

on past.  I was confused to be sure.  But then, well I guess I had read too

many penny-romances.  Somehow I thought that long, wonderful night was just the

beginning.  But, the next day when I walked in, there was a dozen long-stemmed

red roses on my desk - and a letter addressed in his handwriting.  

     "Dearest," it began.  "I feel awful having to write you this since you are

the one who has changed my life.  But I realize that it wouldn't be fair to you

not to write it nor would you want me to not be truthful with you.  I have been

in love with a girl I grew up with for several years now.  But I have hesitated

asking her to marry me because I knew that I wasn't able to ever satisfy her in

bed.  Her or any woman.  But because of our experience together, now I am sure

that we will be able to have a good marriage, in and out of bed.  The only

problem has been removed by your kindness.  I saw her over the weekend and

asked her to marry me.  We have set our wedding date for a few weeks from now. 

I hope I haven't hurt you, since I honestly appreciate what you have done for

me.  Love."

     Well, the next thing I knew, Pat and Jean were in the office telling me

all about his getting engaged and what a sudden surprise it was.  I slipped the

letter into my drawer and pretended to be surprised.  But, even without the

letter, well, I guess I really wasn't all that surprised.  Even during our

marathon act, he never once said anything to me about -us-.  In fact, he didn't

even speak.  Not even sweet nothings whispered in my ear, or anything.  I had

known.  They didn't know I even knew him, much less had slept with him.  And I

didn't tell them.  After all the big buildup I had been giving myself, the

whole thing was just too ridiculous to tell anyone.  I'm glad I can write it

down because I wouldn't want to forget any of it.  It was beautiful and even if

my dreams didn't quite come true, well, I felt good about it.  He had the woman

he really loved and I had helped make it possible for him to ask her to spend

her life with him.  And I knew how much satisfaction he would bring her now

that he had learned the way to control himself.  And it was all because of me. 

Now, I just had to find that man who wanted to love me enough that he would be

willing to never marry me unless he knew he could make me happy in all ways. 

And, Dear Diary, I know I can help him know he can do it!


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