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Archive-name: Working/nu.txt


Archive-title: Nursing Home

                  I am a nurse at a small nursing home.  I started

             working there after my divorce.  The stress of hospital

             nursing had caused part of the problems with my husband and

             contributed to our marriage's demise.  I switched to the

             nursing home as I was able to get a regular day schedule

             which is important now that I have to raise my son by

             myself.  The pay is not particularly good, but I can be home

             when he gets home from school.  Between work and raising my

             son, there is not much time (nor money) left for a social


                  Adjusting to working at a nursing home was tough.  The

             residents usually have irreversible conditions associated

             with the aged.  I am a person who has always tried to touch

             patients personally and it is tough seeing these people

             suffering, and often being ignored by their family, left to

             live out their final days.  Most of the staff seems

             uninterested in the residents and unmoved by their

             situations.  One of the nice features about working at a

             nursing home is that you get time to know the residents as

             they are not always coming and going.  But it then is

             extremely tough when one of the residents passes away.

                  One of my favorite residents is Jack.  He is an 82 year

             man who acts like a gentleman of the old days.  He is

             extremely slim (partly the result of one of his maladies)

             and has very distinctive gray hair and a mustache.  He is

             what everyone would want for a grandfather.  He is still

             partly mobile and takes his daily walk around the facility.

             He has a private room (must come from a wealthy family).

             Jack's grandson, Bill, is the only visitor that I have ever

             seen him have.  He comes about once a month and Jack really

             looks forward to his visits.  Jack often brags about his

             grandson and how successful he is.  Jack's pride and joy is

             his VCR which Bill gave him for Christmas (Most residents

             spend most of the day watching TV).  He is unable to program

             (his hands are too unsteady) but does have a small

             collection of tapes that he likes to watch.  They tend to be

             mostly musical and older style shows (black & white).

                  Bill would often bring a tape or two for Jack.  They

             often would disappear into Jack's room and watch tapes for

             hours behind the closed door (this is out of the ordinary in

             nursing homes where the doors are kept open for most of the

             day so that we can monitor the residents as we walk the


                  Bill was visiting one early summer day when I knocked

             on the door and entered with Jack's afternoon medication.

             They quickly turned off the VCR but not before I could see

             that a naked woman dancing on the screen.  They both were

             obviously embarrassed and looked like a couple of small boys

             caught with there hand in the cookie jar.  I pretended to

             have not seen anything and left after making sure that Jack

             had taken his pills.  It didn't really bother me that they

             were watching X-rated movies (I guess being a nurse you get

             use to naked bodies and they lose some of their shock value)

             but wondered whether the film could affect Jack (I knew it

             couldn't have physically, but men are so much more visually

             stimulated then woman that he might still be psychologically


                  Bill came to the nurses station before leaving and

             asked to talk with me.  He apologized for the film and

             explained that Jack had a larger collection of adult films

             before he went into the hospital and had given it to Bill.

             Jack still liked to watch his films so Bill would bring a

             couple by each month and leave them for Jack.  He said that

             he was a little worried whether it was dangerous, but it

             seemed to be one of the thing Jack really enjoyed so he had

             a hard time saying no.  I assured him that it wouldn't hurt

             Jack as long as he viewed tapes in moderation.  I told Bill

             that it could be our little secret (he looked relieved).

                  A month later, Bill came to visit again.  We waved as

             he came in with a small bag under his arm (more tapes I

             guessed).  I had already given Jack his medication so they

             were left alone.  Bill came looking for me when he was done

             and wanted to talk again.  He told me that he had been given

             a temporary assignment overseas.  He would be out of the

             country for over six months and was worried about Jack.  He

             felt especially bad about not being able to visit at

             Christmas.  He wanted to know if he could send a package to

             me to make sure that Jack got it (it is not that unusual for

             presents and other valuables of residents to "disappear").

             I told him that I would be glad to help.  I asked him what

             he was going to do about the films.  He said that Jack had a

             place where he could hide only two tapes so he just would

             have to wait.  I ended up offering to hold some tapes and

             trade them out occasionally.  Bill was unsure how Jack would

             react as he thought he was hiding his little hobby.  Bill

             said that he would think about it and would talk to me in

             two weeks when he came for Jack's birthday party.

                  We try to make birthdays a big deal.  Jack had become a

             special pet of mine so I decided to get him something

             special.  I went to the local video store and got him

             Playboy's Lingerie Fantasies.  We gathered all the residents

             in the community room and had cake and ice cream to

             celebrate Jack's birthday.  Bill was there too and he told

             me that he had brought a box of tapes and was going to talk

             with Jack.  Jack was a little tense as he knew that Bill was

             leaving the following week for Europe.

                  After dinner and helping all the residents back to

             their rooms, I stopped in to visit with Jack and Bill.  I

             brought along my gift for Jack (we do not allow present

             exchange at the parties so no one feels left out).  Bill

             helped Jack open the package and they were both surprised.

             Bill hadn't talked with Jack about me helping out, but I

             told him not to be embarrassed and that I would keep his

             secret.  He seemed relieved.  I left to medicate a few other

             residents.  Bill caught up with later and we walked out to

             his car.  He took the box and put it in my car.  Later, I

             put the box on the top shelf of my closet so my son couldn't

             get into it.

                  The following weekend, I was having the rare luxury of

             a weekend alone.  My ex-husband and his new wife were taking

             my son on a camping trip.  Saturday, I spent the day mostly

             doing chores like laundry and vacuuming.  That evening, I

             turned on the TV and put my feet up.  I couldn't find

             anything I was interested in to watch (mostly summer

             reruns).  The I remembered the box of tapes.  When we were

             married, my husband rented a couple of x-rated films.  It

             had been good for and evening and we ended up in bed trying

             to recreate some of the scenes.  There was about twenty

             tapes in the box.  Some were in slick professional boxes and

             others were in blank tape boxes.  I took a couple of the

             blank boxes ( I was curious) and closed the drapes and

             popped one into the machine.  It turned out to be what is

             called an "amateur" type tape.  It was an ordinary couple

             (which later turned into a trio when a second woman arrived)

             making love.  No plot but plenty of action.  As I mentioned

             earlier, I don't have much of a social life.  I haven't been

             with a man (or woman, animal, vegetable, inanimate objects,

             etc.) since my marriage broke up.  My only release has been

             masturbation, but even that hasn't been too frequent.  I

             found my hand gravitating to my lap as I watched the first

             tape.  When it ended (it was only 30 minutes long), I went

             to my bedroom and removed my clothes and put a robe on.  I

             took a towel (so I wouldn't stain the couch) and returned to

             the living room.  I put in the second tape and sat back.  It

             featured a very pretty girl masturbating.  Soon, I was

             mimicking her actions.  I really enjoyed myself that night

             and vowed to improve my sex life, even if it just meant more


                  I found a note from Bill in the box.  It said that Jack

             preferred tapes with lots of women, mostly solo and to

             always make sure that his stash had atleast one of these.

             At first, when I brought in tapes to trade out with Jack, he

             was embarrassed, but as the weeks and months pasted, he grew

             more at ease.  We would often talk in the afternoons (but he

             would never bring up the subject of the tapes or ask for new

             ones, preferring to wait until I chose to bring in a new


                  I was finding that I was rolling the TV into my bedroom

             after my son had been put to bed atleast twice a week.  Many

             of the films featured women playing with toys.  I wanted to

             experiment with them but did not know where to get them.

             Our town has a couple of adult book stores, but I did not

             know if I could get up the nerve to go in one.  Also, I

             wasn't even sure that "book" stores would carry anything

             like that.

                  Finally, my curiosity got the better of me.  One night

             after work, I sent my son over to a friends house to play

             and changed into blue jeans and a sweat shirt.  I put a

             baseball cap on and wore sunglasses.  All in all, I thought

             I looked pretty nondescript.  I parked in front of a nearby

             store and walked to the entrance.  The store had racks of

             magazines on one side and racks of video tapes on another.

             There was a display case with a large variety of toys.  The

             man behind the counter gave me the once over and then turned

             back to his TV.  There were a couple of men looking at the

             merchandise and I saw one disappear into the back where they

             showed films.  I looked at the magazines briefly and then at

             the tapes.  I picked up a tabloid about x-rated movies

             (Video Xcitement, I highly recommend it) and wait for the

             remaining man to pay for his purchase and leave.  That left

             me and the cashier.  I pointed to a vibrator and a large

             dildo and the cashier took them out of the case.  I was

             turning three shades of red as the cashier smirked while

             putting the items in a bag.  I quickly paid for my purchases

             and practically ran from the store.  I drove home and hid my

             purchases in my dresser before picking up my son.

                  That evening, after putting my son to bed and finishing

             my chores, I pulled the bag out with my purchases in it.  I

             set them all out on the bed and disrobed.  I opened the

             vibrator first.  I had forgotten to get batteries, so it had

             to be put aside.  I then opened the dildo.  It was a fairly

             large model, about 9 inches long and four and a half inches

             wide.  I laid back on my bed and closed my eyes and

             fantasized as I gently fingered myself.  After a couple of

             minutes, I was wet enough to try out my new toy.  I slowly

             inserted it.  It was far larger than anything I had ever

             experienced before.  I could not get the full length in, but

             it felt awfully nice.  I closed my eyes and proceeded to

             stroke the plastic phallic in and out.  It felt so good that

             I had to be careful not to yell out.  I had a couple of nice

             cums from the toy and went to sleep satisfied.

                  The next day, I remembered to pick up batteries for the

             vibrator.  That evening, I thought I had died and went to

             heaven.  The buzz of the vibrator felt so good.  My big

             concern was the noise that it made (and that it made me

             make!).  I needed to be careful not to wake my son.  I also

             had a chance to look through the copy of Video Xcitement.

             It had some really neat ads and articles.  I had wondered

             what source Bill had for amateur tapes, and now I know where

             to find them.

                  Bill had been calling Jack about every other week, and

             would often talk to me afterwards to see how Jack was really

             doing.  Things were actually going pretty well and Bill

             seemed relieved.  His biggest fear was that Jack might die

             while he was overseas and then he couldn't be there for him.

                  In November, Bill was concerned about Christmas.  He

             wanted to get Jack something special, since he couldn't be

             there with on Christmas.  Its always tough to find gifts for

             a person in nursing homes, as they don't have room for a lot

             of possessions.  Most food items have to be checked

             carefully too, as most residents are on special diets (Jack

             was on a restricted diet that did not allow to many treats

             like chocolate, etc.).  Bill asked to send the presents to

             me, so that I could be sure that Jack got them.

                  I was trying to think up something extra special for

             Jack also.  We had become good friends, and I didn't want

             him to be depressed on Christmas day.  Speaking of Christmas

             day, I wasn't looking forward to it as I knew that I was

             going to have to work.  I worked out with my ex-husband to

             take my son for Christmas so he could have a normal

             Christmas.  He would spend most of Christmas eve with me,

             and then I would drop him off at his father's house.  It was

             important to me that he wake up Christmas day and celebrate

             traditionally.  I was a bit depressed that I wouldn't be

             able to be a part of that celebration, however.  I'm afraid

             that is one of the trade offs to having a regular schedule

             was working holidays.

                  Anyway, so I was still trying to think up something

             special.  I even went back to the adult book store to see if

             they had anything interesting.  But at that point, it seemed

             like all they had was more of the same.  I picked up another

             copy of Video Xcitement and looked for some tapes from there

             that might interest Jack.  There were a couple

             possibilities.  There was an article on making your own home

             movies and I wondered if I would enjoy trying that.  That

             gave me the idea to make a tape for Jack's Christmas gift.

             It would work out well since I could be sure that he

             wouldn't share it with anyone so no one else would see it.

             I just wasn't sure if I had the nerve to do something like

             that.  Finally, I decided to make a tape and then decide if

             I would give it to Jack.  I watched a bunch of the amateur

             tapes and decided what parts I liked and what I wanted to

             do.  I realized that my favorite films had obviously been

             filmed with a camera person as the camera angles changed and

             there were close ups.  Some, however, were taped with one

             fixed camera angle.  I decided that I would have to use a

             tripod as there was no one that I trusted to be my camera


                  I waited until a weekend came along that I would have

             off and that my son would be visiting his father.  I was

             able to borrow a camcorder from the nursing home (they have

             one for use for insurance purposes even though it doesn't

             get used much).  I already had a tripod for my camera.  I

             brought in some of the lights from the living room and

             removed the shades.  I was all set to go.

                  I planned to start slow.  I set the camera up aimed at

             a chair.  I put on a tape of Christmas music in the stereo

             and started the camcorder.  I was dressed in a green

             Christmas sweater and red slacks.  I said hello to Jack and

             told him this was my special Christmas gift to him.  Then I

             read him the night before Christmas.  That should satisfy

             anyone looking at the tape from the beginning that it was

             just a boring home movie.  When I finished reading the story

             I asked if Jack if he had been a good boy this year and told

             him if he promised to keep it just our secret, I had a

             special treat for him.  I got up and turned the camcorder

             off.  I replayed it and it looked fine.  I stopped it short

             of where I got up and turned the camera off.  Then I

             repositioned the camera to aim at the closed drapes in my

             window and to give a larger view.  I started the camcorder

             and stood in front of the drapes.  I started stripping to

             the Christmas music.  First the sweater came off and then

             the slacks.  I had just removed my bra when the music tape

             ended.  I had forgotten to rewind after reading the story.

             I rewind the music tape and reviewed the video tape.  I

             decided to restart at the end of the story as for part of

             the strip show I had been out of frame.  I repositioned some

             lights and moved the camera back.  Also, I made some mental

             boundaries as to how far I could move and still remain in

             the frame.  After redressing, I restarted the music and then

             the camcorder and tried again.  Things went smoother the

             second time and I found myself more relaxed and at ease.

             Soon I was down to my panties again.  I turned away from the

             camera and took them down slowly.  I turned back around

             facing the camera and danced for about a couple of minutes.

             Then I turned the camera off again.  I rewound the video

             tape and watched it.  It was strange, but exciting to see

             myself stripping on the TV.

                  I left the camera where it was and decided to do a

             costume change.  I put on white stocking and a garter belt

             (a present from my ex-husband when we had been on better

             terms), a lacy white bra and panties, and then my white

             nurse uniform dress and cap.  I thought Jack might

             appreciate the costume, even though I don't usually wear the

             white uniform dress in favor of more comfortable light green

             slacks, etc.  This time I stripped to rock and roll (Robert

             Palmer's "Simply Irresistible").  I took everything off

             except the stockings and garter belt.  By the time I was

             finished I was hot from the lights and the dancing.  I

             reviewed the video tape and subconsciously, my hand traveled

             down to my crotch.  I had gotten it right on the first

             "take" so I could continue on with my tape.

                  Though badly in need of relief, I set the camera up

             aimed at the bed.  I set my toys out and turned the stereo

             off.  Turning the camcorder on, I jumped into the bed and

             laid back and spread my legs.  I worked my hands on myself

             first, and then used the vibrator.  I ended up stuffing the

             dildo all the way in before finishing myself off with the

             vibrator.  Once again, I rewound the tape and watched the

             results of my work.  By the time it was done, I was ready to

             go again.  The only real problem with the tape was it had

             the fixed camera shot so there wasn't any close ups.  I

             zoomed the camera in and returned to the bed, hoping I had

             the best parts in frame.  I repeated my earlier show and got

             off again.  At this point, I was tired and just got up and

             turned lights off and the camcorder.  I returned to the bed

             and dropped off to sleep.

                  That evening, I watched the tape from start to finish.

             I ended up masturbating through most of the tape.  It ended

             up running almost an hour.  I thought it looked good, except

             some of the close up work that I had done in the end hadn't

             turned out to great.  When I moved, it sometime took me out

             of frame.  I decided the tape needed some sort of ending.  I

             dressed in the Christmas sweater and slacks that I started

             the tape in.  I set the camera up in the living room and

             moved the chair next to the Christmas tree.  After turning

             the camera on, I told Jack that I hoped he liked his

             Christmas gift.  I told him that I hadn't minded helping him

             out with the tapes, and even though Bill couldn't be there,

             it could still be a special Christmas.  I reminded him that

             it was to be our little secret.

                  Now all I had to do was to decide whether I was going

             to actually going to give Jack the tape.  Bill's gift

             arrived and I put it aside in my apartment for Jack.  The

             hustle and bustle of the season caught up with me and left

             little time.  I was busy helping my son prepare for his

             Christmas pageant and shopping for friends gifts.

                  Christmas eve day came and I tried to cheer Jack up by

             telling him I had a special present if he was good.  I could

             tell he was depressed, however.  That evening, I went to my

             son's pageant and then dropped him at his father's.  I was

             depressed too and went home and had a drink and watched "Its

             a Wonderful Life" by the light of the Christmas tree.  I

             drank more then I should have and regretted it the next


                  The routine at a nursing home doesn't change much, even

             on Christmas day.  You wake and dress the residences and

             give them their morning medications.  Some residences need

             more help then others and some are bed bound, so they have

             to be bathed and fed in bed.  At noon, the home had a

             special meal planned and a church group was coming to sing

             Christmas carol's.  It was 3:00 before I could take a break

             and visit Jack.

                  I had brought the tape and Bill's present.  Bill had

             called earlier in the morning and talked with Jack.  We

             opened Bill's present.  It was a big package that had in it

             a bottle of cognac, some candy (that probably wasn't on

             Jack's diet), and a couple of old movies on video tape (not

             dirty movies).  We had a little of the cognac, and I agreed

             to keep the bottle for him as it would probably disappear if

             the orderlies ever found it.  We opened my gift and I told

             Jack that he must not let anyone else see the tape.  He knew

             right then what type of tape it was.  I put the tape in his

             machine and told him to enjoy as I left the room to return

             to work.

                  The rest of the afternoon, I finished preparing for the

             night shift.  We woke patients from their afternoon naps and

             took them to the dining hall for dinner.  The night shift

             would have to take them back, medicate them, and prepare

             them for bed.  One of the nurse told me that Jack had

             requested his dinner in his room.  Usually, we try to

             encourage residence to go to the dining hall as the

             socializing and movement is good for them.  The other nurse

             thought his request was due to holiday depression, but I was

             worried that it was a result of my film.

                  I was just getting ready to sign out, so I offered to

             take his dinner on my way out.  I grabbed my coat and picked

             up his tray.  I knocked on his door and entered.  When he

             saw that it was me, his face lit up and he had a big grin.

             I was relieved to see he was in such good spirits.  I asked

             him if he was alright, since he had asked for dinner in his

             room.  He replied that he had gotten so excited by my

             present that he didn't want to walk into the dining hall

             with a "woody"!  I set the tray with his dinner down and

             could see that he still had a bulge.  I asked how he liked

             the film and he told me that he loved it.  His eyes never

             left me as I set his dinner up for him.  I asked him if he

             always got physically excited by watching his films.  He

             told me it was the first time he had an erection in over ten

             years!  He told me that he had been trying to jerk himself

             off, but his hands were so shaky that he hadn't made much


                  I knew we were headed into a dangerous direction with

             the conversation, but still felt myself drawn into that

             direction.  I checked to make sure that the door was closed

             tightly (there are no locks in residence's room) and pulled

             the seat up close to his bed with my back to the door.  I

             asked if he needed help and he looked relieved that I was

             offering to help.  I took some Vaseline intensive care

             lotion from his night stand into my hands and pulled back

             the blankets.  I reached into his pajamas and felt his hard

             on.  I slid the blankets back up over his body so that

             anyone entering the room wouldn't immediately see what was

             going on.  I started stroking him with my right hand.  He

             was about average sized, though he was hard, it was not the

             rock solid hardness that younger men attain.  Jack reached

             for his remote and turned the tape back on.  It was set at

             the point where I was stripping from my nurses uniform.  I

             felt him twitch in my hand a bit.  When I had taken my bra

             off on the tape, Jack told me that he thought I had

             beautiful breasts.  He said that he wished there had been

             some close-ups of them.  I took my hand off his dick and

             stood up.  He looked worried that he had insulted me.  I

             told him to wait just a minute and I went to his bathroom.

                  In his bathroom, I took off my bra and put my uniform

             blouse back on (but did not button it).  I was feeling very

             excited and ran my hand over my own crotch a couple times.

             I returned to Jack's room and retook the seat next to his

             bed.  I opened the front of my blouse (but I still left it

             on so that I could quickly close it should anyone enter the

             room) so Jack could get a view of my breasts.  They were

             very erect.  Jack sighed and turned off the video tape.  I

             took some more lotion and my hand returned under the covers

             to his dick.  It was even harder than before.  He asked me

             if he could touch them and I nodded yes.  His hand slid

             shakily up and he lightly touched my nipple.  He gently

             tweaked both nipples and slid one finger across the tip.  My

             nipples. which had already been erect, were burning.  He

             again complemented me on my breasts.  While my right hand

             was busy with Jack's dick, my left hand slid into the front

             of my pants.  I was very excited and was struggling to keep

             quiet.  Suddenly, I felt a tongue at my nipple.  Jack had

             slid his head to my breast and was sucking away.  That sent

             me over the edge, and soon Jack was over too.  I could feel

             the sperm dripping out of his dick.  Even though he hadn't

             come in ten years, his ejaculation was neither copious nor

             under much pressure.  As he came, he groaned and leaned back

             his head.

                  After he was done, I closed my blouse and went to the

             bathroom and got a wash cloth.  I started to feel guilty for

             what I had done.  The first man I had been with since my

             divorce was an 82 year old man that I had jerked off while

             he sucked my tits!  And I was putting my job at risk as

             would certainly be fired if I had been caught.  But, I had

             been excited and had certainly felt pleasure .

                  I returned to Jack's bedroom and pulled back the

             blanket.  I quickly cleaned the mess up. Jack thanked me and

             told me he didn't believe that he could ever feel that way

             again.  This helped with the guilt some.  I told him that we

             had to keep everything secret and I told him that I needed

             to take the tape home with me.  I was worried that someone

             might find.  I told Jack that I would bring it back, but he

             wouldn't be able to keep it over night.

                  When I got home, I had the whole house to myself as my

             son was spending all of Christmas day with his father and

             would come home the next day after my shift.  I was still

             excited, so I went home and retired to my bed and toys.

                  The next day, I was still feeling a bit guilty for what

             I had done.  But seeing Jack walking around like a rooster

             with a new sparkle in his eye alleviated most the guilt.

             The next weekend, Bill called again.  After talking with

             Jack, I talked to Bill.  Bill said he thought Jack sounded

             much better and was glad he was doing so well.

                  Jack didn't mention the tape or the incident again for

             some time.  Then, in the middle of January, he asked me if I

             could bring in "the tape" again.  I knew exactly which one

             he was referring to, and told him I would.

                  The next day, I brought the tape in.  I dropped it off

             in the morning and reminded Jack that I would pick it up

             before I left in the evening.  He asked me to schedule his

             dinner in his room.  I knew what he was thinking and I

             wasn't sure that I wanted to repeat are earlier performance.

             But I didn't want to hurt his feeling either.

                  That day passed slowly.  I checked out and took Jack

             his meal again.  I dropped off his meal and told him that I

             needed to get home.  I could see that he was disappointed,

             but I still picked up the tape and left.

                  The next day, Jack asked me to stop by his room to

             talk.  Once there, he wanted to talk about what had

             happened.  I told him it was improper for me to do what I

             had done as I was a professional nurse.  Also, I did not

             want to risk my job and the truth was that though I liked

             Jack a great deal, I was not accustomed to loveless sex.

                  Jack listened and the responded.  He told me that I had

             made him feel young again and vital.  What more could a

             nurse ask to accomplish then to ease a patient's pain?

             Also, as for it being loveless sex, he said that he cared

             for me a great deal but that he had no illusions about

             anything about a full relationship.  But, he thought that it

             was anything but loveless sex as it was one of the greatest

             moments of caring he had ever felt.  I told him I would

             think about what he had said.



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