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Archive-name: Working/moresmut.txt

Archive-author: Dave Weingart

Archive-title: More Smut for the Net.sleazoids

     Every now and again, you just gotta switch jobs or you go nuts.  That

happens to me every 2 years or so.  My last job used to be with a defense firm

here on Long Island (New York).  No names, but if you've been following the

economic news of the Northeast USA, the place figures prominently when they

discuss companies that are going under.  Anyway, a few days before I left, I

was talking to Irene in the elevator.  Now, Irene is what would be defined as

a really "hot" woman.  She's a little shorter than I am...say about 5'6", but

she always wears these really tall heels, so she tends towards eye level on a

practical basis.  She's a fairly dark-complexioned young woman, of Latin

American descent, just about 26, and _really_ well put-together.  Her tits

range from large to huge, depending on your definition, and her ass is, as

they say in Brooklyn, to die for.  She's got long, dark curly hair, and a pair

of lips that just _beg_ to have a stiff prick slipped between them (later,

later...don't get your keyboard all messy just yet!).

     She had heard that I was leaving and asked, in a tone of mock upset, "But

who's going to draw my poster when _I_ leave?"  (One of my unofficial duties

was to draw all the posters for going away luncheons; I volunteered to do it

after I got sick of all the PC-generated cutesy _garbage_.  At least when I

did them, they were insulting and vaguely original.)

     Anyway, Irene sighed heavily and the thin, white fabric of her shirt

strained against her mountainous tits.  I leered openly down her blouse and

said, "Hey...we'll keep in touch."  As I said that, I reached up to her tits

and squeezed gently.  She giggled and told me to meet her at her desk after

work for my "going away present."  Now, since Irene and I occasionally met at

her desk after work for similar activities (I may even tell you about them

some day), I knew what to expect.  Or so I thought!

     Promptly at 4:45, I was at her desk.  Irene's desk is off in a cubicle in

a little cul-de-sac in the Finance department.  She was finishing up some

work, so I sat on the edge of her desk and chatted a bit.  I also made it a

point of checking out her tits.  She had the top 2 buttons of her shirt

opened, so I had a fairly clear view -- nothing spectacular, but bras have al-

ways fascinated me, ever since...but that's _another_ story. :{)

     Anyway, when Irene was done with what she was doing, she looked up at me

and smiled and started to rub my crotch.  My prick swelled up under her prac-

ticed touch.  Irene licked her full, red lips and slowly started to unbutton

her blouse.  Beneath it, she had a front-closing white bra with lace trim.

She unsnapped this, letting her breasts spring out freely.  Her nipples were

dark, but not too large, and they were already stiff even before I reached

down to play with them.

     As I twirled her nipples between my fingers, Irene opened up my fly and

pulled out my erect cock.  She gently kissed the head and then ran her tongue

up along the shaft.  She licked and sucked slowly on my dick, using only her

mouth.  I pushed my hips forwards, trying to get my cock into her face.  But

she kept it outside, kissing and slurping up and down the whole length.

     Irene lifted up her skirt, pulled off her panties and started to play

with her snatch as she sucked on my pole.  Soon, the tangy smell of her ex-

cited cunt filled the air, getting me hotter and harder.  She rubbed both her

hands into her snatch, coating them with her sweet cream.  Then, she stopped

sucking on my cock and rubbed her hands over it, covering it thickly with her

pussy juices.

     She jerked me off with both hands, using her pussy juice as a lubricant.

Her fist rubbed up and down the shaft of my cock, squeezing and massaging the

head.  Every now and again, one hand would descend to her twat and come back

with another load of her sweet cream to rub on my prick.

     I started thrusting my dick into her hands.  I could feel a massive flood

of sperm gathering in my balls, ready to spurt out.  Irene must have sensed it

too, because she started rubbing my cock harder and faster.  Her hot fingers

massaged her cuntal juices into the head of my prick.  The pressure of her

fingers and the smell of her snatch put me over the edge.

     The orgasm that I had was one of the all-time great cums of my life.  My

thick, sticky cream exploded outwards to catch her on the face, the tits, the

hands.  With each stroke of her fingers, I shot more cum onto her.  Irene

opened up her mouth to try and catch some on her tongue.  There was plenty to

spare for her.  A huge amount was on her cheeks and chin.  It dripped down to

mingle with the sperm that already coated her tits.

     Irene licked the cum from her hands.  Then, she pulled me downwards until

I was kneeling in front of her chair.  She spread her legs in front of me and

began to stroke her snatch.  Her fingers disappeared into the soft, moist

folds of her cunt as she started to fingerfuck herself faster and faster.  Her

hand was a blur as she rubbed her hot pussy.  Her legs shook as she came, and

she relaxed.

     I reached out and started to play with her twat.  Her sweet pussy juice

glistened on her thighs.  Despite the orgasm she'd just had, Irene sighed as I

leaned forward and began to lick her clit.  I looked up at her as she began

playing with her tits.  Her fingers rubbed my semen into her brown and stiff

nipples.  Lifting her cum-splashed globes to her mouth, she sucked on them


     Irene spread her legs wider and started pumping her hips back and forth

as my tongue slid up and down her steaming slit.  As her legs moved farther

apart to allow me full access to her snatch, her ass slid forward on the

chair.  Soon, she was right on the edge, with her pussy and asshole wide open.

I gently sucked on her clit while I ran my fingers up into her dripping slit.

Her tight cunt writhed around my hand as I inserted three fingers deep inside

of her.  She moaned and started to fuck my hand.  Her juices flowed even

heavier, and I ground my face into her twat.  Finally, she grabbed my head and

tried to shove it into her snatch.  I licked furiously, until she came.  Her

thick cream flowed down from her snatch into her pulsating asshole.

     I didn't want to stop eating her twat.  She smelled and tasted so hot

that I kept at it.  This time, however, I took my index finger and started

rubbing it around the edge of her puckered brown asshole.  It was already

coated with her cum, and more was flowing down from her cunt.  Irene bit her

lip and shuddered as I slowly inserted my finger into her tight back door.

Almost immediately, the flow of juice from her quivering pussy increased.

     I wriggled and twisted my finger as I pushed it deeper up inside Irene's

ass.  As I did, I kept licking on her clit.  Irene anus clenched tightly as my

finger slid in and out of it.  I practically jammed my finger all the way up

her ass and rotated it at high speed as I ran my tongue up and down her juicy

cunt.  Irene gasped a bit and started trying to assfuck my finger.  She slid

her shapely butt back and forth on the chair as I ate her snatch.  Another

major-league cum rocked her body.  It was accompanied by the biggest flood of

pussy cream I've ever tried to eat.  Her butthole gripped my finger, and her

pussy was doing it's best to re-eneact the Great San Francisco Quake of 1906.

     By this point, I was super-hard.  I stood up and started to rub the head

of my dick into her still-dripping pussy.  Irene smiled and grabbed my stiff

cock.  Her agile fingers guided my prick up into her cunt.  Almost im-

mediately, I thrust forward, sinking my rod to the max in her twat.

     The folds of her snatch enveloped my prick.  She pulled me into her.  My

balls were slapping up against her asshole with every thrust.  Irene's tits

pressed against me.  Her nipples stuck stiffly into my chest.  She wrapped her

legs around my waist as we fucked.  Her hands sunk down behind her buttocks.

She started to massage her own ass, and from the feel of her fingers up

against my balls, it was pretty clear that she was fingerfucking her asshole

the way I'd just done.

     Just the thought of Irene fingering her butt started my sperm boiling.  I

started humping her faster and faster.  Both of us were really getting into

it.  My cock slid in and out of her pussy.  Her cunt lips pulled and tugged at

my dick, until I could take no more.

     I shoved my prick deep into her slit as the sperm began to spurt out of

my rod.  With each new poke into her molten crack, more creamy cum shot up in-

side her.  Finally, the two of us collapsed, sweating and exhausted.  We

smiled at each other.


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