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Archive-name: Working/midnight.txt

Archive-author: David G. Lyman  (c) 1991

Archive-title: Midnight Swim

Keywords: conversations about Family

	Thursday evening on his way home after working late Don decided

to stop in at the Blue Boar for a pint.  He turned into the

parking lot and began searching for an open space in the small

crowded lot; he found one at the far end of the aisle.  As he

walked into the pub he saw  why the parking lot was so full;

there were no empty tables in the main room and there were no

empty sits at the bar.  Don walked to the bar and caught Rita's

eye; as she came over to take his order a couple came out of the

back room.  Don glanced in and saw that the small table in the

back corner was unoccupied. 

 	"I'll have a pint of Double Diamond Rita," he said, "can you

bring to the back table?"  

	"Sure, Don, it'll be just a few minutes," she replied.

	Don sat at the two person table and gazed out at the packed

bar. As Rita served him his ale Don noticed the most beautiful

head of coppery red hair he'd ever seen.  He stared  at the back

of the woman's head until she turned around.  She was very

pretty in her late twenties or early thirties Don guessed.  She

noticed him or perhaps the empty seat and came over to his

table; she stood about 5' 8" tall and weighed around 130 pounds,

very nicely built.  She was wearing a U necked top that revealed

just the right amount of cleavage, her skirt ended just above

the knee and her legs were slim and attractive.

	"Is this seat taken," she asked?

 	"No, please sit, I'm Don Crawford," he answered. 

 	"Thank you,  Colleen Kennedy," she replied, as she sat down. 

"Is that Double Diamond," she inquired?

 	"Yes it is, I don't think I've seen you in here before, do you

come in often?" 

 	"No, this is only the second time.  I'm in town on business

and thanks to a bitch of a secretary I'm stuck here until

Sunday.  My colleagues left this afternoon for Vancouver and all

the flights are booked until Sunday."  

	 Colleen caught Rita's attention as the waitress served another

table.  "Two pints of Double Diamond please," Colleen requested

of the barmaid, "you don't mind if I buy you a drink do you?"

	"No, I appreciate the offer, so what happened if you don't mind

my asking," Don inquired, "I can't believe that all the flights

to Vancouver are booked there must be at least four or five

flights a day." 

	"Well,  I work for a Canadian firm and we have to fly Air

Canada if possible; furthermore, I've got to go through Montreal

to pick up my briefcase and sign a complaint.  I should have

known it would be a bad trip when my briefcase was stolen while

we laid over in Montreal, and in the Air Canada VIP lounge no

less.  There's only one flight a day; unless I want to spend all

day in Montreal."

	"The police recovered your briefcase?"

	"Yes, I had a call waiting for me when we arrived, they insist

I return and identify it and the creep who stole it before I can

get it back; at least I didn't have any necessary papers in it. 

Tom had duplicates of everything, you can't trust the airlines,

not even Air Canada.  You see, there were supposed to be four us

on the specification team, Tom, Dave, Connie and me.  On the way

to the airport Connie somehow managed to sprain her ankle

sufficiently bad to go to the hospital and our secretary cancel

our reservations.  Connie's and my reservations were together

since we were supposed to share a room.   When we got to the

Holiday Inn near Motorola they only had a room for Tom and Dave;

no room for me at all.  The hotel was hosting a convention and 

all the rooms were booked.  They put me up at a Holiday Inn on

the beach; a lot of good that does me with my complexion and of

course with only one car I had to pick up my co-workers each


	"Sorry you've so many problems I hope things have gotten


	"The meetings went fine; we signed the contract with Motorola

this morning, but that leaves nothing for me to do until Sunday.

 I suppose I should be grateful that police located my

briefcase.  My boss was livid when he found out that I couldn't

get back until Monday.  He threatened to take my extra expenses

out of that stupid secretary's salary.  Can you imagine, she

canceled the reservation without consulting anyone?"

	"Well at least you have a car you could go sight seeing, maybe

you could drive up to Orlando and see Disney World or another

attraction up there.  It's only about a three hour drive one way

if you left early in the morning you'd have plenty of time."

	"Hm, I'll have to consider that; in the mean time dinner is on

me, or really on my company, and I hope it comes out of that

bitches salary."

	Rita brought a pint of ale for each of them and each ordered

the steak and mushroom pie.  Don asked, "So how'd you find this

place, it's not exactly a tourist attraction?"

	"Jim, one of the Motorola people, brought us here for lunch 

yesterday.  I like  pubs and with nothing else to do tonight I

felt like a good drink and after dropping the others off at the

airport I needed one.  Do you come her often Don?"

	"Oh I come in a couple times a month for a drink or two and

every month or so for dinner.  I work down in Boca for IBM so

this is too far to come for lunch.  I live in Lantana."

	"Would you like to move to Vancouver and work for KSD 

Industries Ltd.?"

	"No, I like south Florida, why do you ask?"

	"I just tried to recruit you, so this was officially a business


	"Okay, I'll remember that if anyone asks,"  he laughed.

	Don gazed at Colleen's alabaster skin and gorgeous red hair as

they sipped their drinks.  Colleen's hair was a brilliant

coppery red.  It came down to a couple of inches below her

nicely shaped breasts that were shown off to advantage by her U

neck top. The top was a brilliant kelly green and showed her

hair off well.  She was obviously wearing a half bra designed to

push her breasts up and make them appear fuller than they

actually were and Don guessed her breasts were about a B-cup. 

Colleen was aware of Don's observations but was careful to not

let him notice her observing his speculations.

	Rita brought their dinner and Colleen ordered two more pints. 

After a few minutes Rita brought them their drinks and took away

 two empties, Don still had about half a pint left from his

second ale.  Don told Colleen about his work at IBM while they

ate.  During dinner Colleen noticed a mark inside Don's left

elbow, where the vain was.   She asked, "do you use drugs Don or

is that from giving blood today?"  Don looked at his arm, "oh

that's from giving blood yesterday morning, the nurse didn't do

a real good job; normally it's gone by the next day.  You're

very observant, most people wouldn't have noticed."

	"Well I give blood about every three months, it seems my period

always seems to start when I'm eligible to give blood again and

I have to wait a couple of weeks.  How about you, do you give

blood often?"

	"Oh yes, every eight to ten weeks.  I'm type O-negative so

they're always after me, with the tourists and everything they

always  seem to need more blood."

	 After dinner they order the raspberry tort for dessert and

Colleen ordered herself another Double Diamond, Don refused a

fourth.  As they finished their desert  Colleen glanced at her

watch; almost ten o'clock.  "I'd better get going while I can

still drive," she exclaimed.  She  finished her drink and

signaled Rita for the check.

	Don said, "I didn't realize it was so late, I'll walk you to

your car.  Thank you very much for dinner."

	They walked out of the Blue Boar together, Colleen put the

blank receipt into her purse, Rita had been more than happy to

give her a blank receipt after seeing that Colleen had left her

a twenty-five percent tip.  As they reached her car Colleen saw

that something was wrong.  It took her several seconds to

realize that she had a flat tire.  "Oh great, just what I needed

to ruin what was turning out to be a nice evening."

	"Don't worry I'll help you change it," Don said, "open the

trunk and let's get out the jack and the spare."  Colleen opened

the trunk and Don swore, "SHIT, sorry, but your spare is flat. 

Why don't I drive you back to your hotel and in the morning you

can call Avis and have them send someone out to fix the car and

bring it to you."

	"Thanks, Don but I don't want to put you to any trouble."

	"No trouble, I don't have to go into work until tomorrow


	Don escorted Colleen to his car and held the door for her.  As

they drove east along  Atlantic Beach Boulevard they were

silent, each lost in their own thoughts. Don considered how

lucky he was to spend more time with this beautiful woman and

Colleen was thinking how lucky it was she'd run into an

attractive guy who was also gentlemen enough to go out of his

way to drive a stranger back to her motel.  As the reached to

top of the bridge over I-95 Colleen noticed the full moon just

above the horizon.

	"Do you like Irish whiskey, Don?"

	"If it's good, yes why do you ask?"

	"It's good, Tullimore Dew, I was just wondering if you'd like

to come back to my room with me and have a drink.  It's the

least I can do for putting you to all the trouble of driving me

back to my motel, I know its out of your way."

	Don stopped for the red light and said, "sure, Tully's is very

good.  Nice moon out tonight, does your room face the ocean?"

	"Yes, it ought to look fantastic out the sliding glass doors,

they open right onto the beach.  If you'd like we could go for a

swim after our drink.  I bought a swimsuit for my brother, you

could borrow it if you don't have one with you."

	"That's a very attractive offer,  Colleen, I guess I could. 

I'm surprised you brought a swimsuit with you with your

sensitive complexion."

	"I didn't bring one, I won one at diner the first day here. 

Jim took us to a bar restaurant that had a lingerie fashion show

during happy hour and one of the outfits was a swimsuit.  It was

the only outfit I'd try for and I won it, the only one in our

group and there were six of us."

	"I'm surprised they took customers to a place like that, I mean

we go to one in Boca about once a week for lunch, but we'd never

take a customer their unless they explicitly requested the

place.  The food is excellent and the atmosphere is nice but

women tend to get embarrassed, especially the first time." 

Traffic began moving again and Don accelerated.

	"Well I don't know where this was, but the food was good.  Jim

was a bit embarrassed, he said this was the first time they had

a show on a Tuesday evening.  I wasn't all that concerned, we

have topless bars in Vancouver with really good ale at really

good prices.  I occasionally go for a drink or two and I've

gotten use to the entertainment.  Looking at an attractive

female body doesn't turn me on but it doesn't turn me off either

and some of the male customers are quite attractive.  The

biggest problem is getting hit on but most of the regulars know

me, and I try to sit in the back so I'm pretty much left alone"

	Don stopped the car as the gates at the railroad crossing came

down; a slow freight train with at least six engines slowly

crawled by the car window.  "I guess we'll be here for a bit,"

Don commented and turned off the engine.  "If you don't mind my

asking you don't sound Canadian?"

	"Your thinking French Canadian.  I was born and raised and

lived most of my  life in Vancouver, so was my brother and my


	"Do you get to the states often, Colleen?"

	"Oh yes, in fact I went to high school in Washington back in

the 70's.  My dad was manager of the Tacoma branch for almost

six years.  My brother Barney also went to high school there,

although he had to stay with friends the last semester because

my dad was transferred back to Vancouver." 

	"So, you and Barney are only a few years apart?"

	"Yeah, he's two years younger, but we get along fine most of

the time."

	  "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"

	"No, go ahead,"  Colleen said, wondering what he wanted to ask.

	"When you were growing up did you and your brother ever . . .

play with each other."

	"You mean like play doctor?"  Colleen was amused by the


	"Well, yes, you see I've found that at least among the people

I've asked, and in college I was able to ask quite a few, that

in a two child family where the brother and sister were only a

couple of years apart they examined each other's bodies at least

once.  Where as with bigger families or when more than a couple

of years separate the two the they had not 'played doctor'."

	"We only did it once."

	"Would  you mind telling me about it."

	"No, I guess not," Colleen could tell that the three pints of

Double Diamond were affecting her judgement, but she started her

story anyway, determine to be both as honest and erotic as 

possible, she liked Don and wouldn't mind bedding him at all; if

she could turn him on.	  "When I was fourteen Barney was twelve

and we had just moved to Tacoma the summer before.  We were out

of school on spring break but my mom's sister was recovering

from an operation so my mom had to be up there to help my aunt. 

Our next door neighbor was watching us and making sure we got

lunch and behaved ourselves.  

	Friday afternoon we asked if we could go to the movies, the

theater was less than a mile away, and Mrs. Marsh, our neighbor,

 said sure if we had enough money.  We replied that we had

plenty and started out for the theater.  When we got to the

theater they had already started to let people in and the line

still went around the block.  Barney looked at me and said he

didn't really feel like standing in line only to be told that

they were all sold out.  I agreed with him and we headed back to

the house.  	

	Now Friday was Mrs. Marsh's bridge day so Barney knew that no

one would disturb us.  He came right out and said that he wanted

to see what girls looked like and if I showed him what I had,

he'd show me what he had.  I agreed; I was curious what boys

looked like in the flesh.  The pictures from health class were

not what you'd call detailed.

	When we got back to the house we went upstairs to my room and

closed the door.  I told Barney that he had to start.  He took

off his shirt and pants with no hesitation and then looked at

me.  'Aren't you going to take off your clothes, you promised,'

he exclaimed.  I answered okay and removed my bluejeans and

blouse;  I was still wearing my white cotton bra and white

cotton bikini panties.  I told him it was his turn again.  He

removed his tee shirt and looked back at me.  Your shorts first

I told him.  He lowered his  boxer shorts and I could see his

small penis beginning to grow.  'Come on Colleen, you promised,

take off your bra and panties.'  I turned around so my back was

to him and slowly removed my bra.  I tossed it onto the bed and

then sensuously removed my panties, like I was a stripper.  Of

course I'd never seen a real stripper back then but I tried to

emulate what they showed on TV of burlesque back in the

thirty's.  When I got my panties down to my ankles I was bent

over and Barney had an excellent view of my young ass, but

nothing else since my legs were together.  I looked back at him

and he was staring at my ass and his penis was pointing straight

out  at me.  'Turn around sis, let me see your breasts.'   I

told him to be patient." 

	Colleen stopped at that point to look at Don as he started up

the car, the train was finally gone and the crossing gates were

going up; Colleen noticed that the gates were not the only thing


	As Don put the car in gear he said, "Please continue, I want to

know what happened."

	"Are you sure you want me to continue while your driving, I

don't want to distract you," she teased. 

	"I must admit that it's an exciting story, at least the way

your telling it, but I can drive and listen at the same time, so

please continue."  Don turned right onto Federal Highway.

	"Okay, but it gets a bit steamy now.  Barney was staring 

straight  at my ass, so I  reached my hands back and grabbed my

ass checks;  I pulled them apart and spread my legs as wide as I

could.  I knew he could now see my anus and plenty of fiery

pubic hair, maybe even my pussy lips and certainly the tips of

my nipples and the bottom of my breasts because I was leaning

over and looking at him through my legs.  'Do you like what you

see little brother,' I asked?  'You bet,' he exclaimed!"

	"I wouldn't mind seeing you like that myself," Don blurted out,

pulling up to the light in the left turn lane.  Colleen looked

at Don's crotch, there was no mistaking the bulge in his pants. 

The green arrow came on and Don turned onto Ocean Avenue.  "So

what did you do next?"

	"I stood up with my legs still spread wide and pivoted around

so I was facing him with my legs still spread; then I asked,

'would you like to see me up close?'

	Barney couldn't answer fast enough, 'Oh yeah, please sis, and

can I touch you?  Please, I'll let you touch me.'  Colleen

stopped talking again as the car stopped and Don turned off the

motor.  She had been staring at Don's crotch and occasionally

looked up at him to see if he was looking at her so she hadn't

noticed that the bridge across the intercostal had started to go


	She glanced out the front window and asked, "will it take long?"

	"Long enough for you to finish your story, there are at least

two ships to go through."

	Colleen continued, "I had Barney sit on my bed and then I stood

just about a foot away from him and spread my pussy lips with my

fingers.  His penis was still standing out straight and hard.  I

told him he could touch me anywhere he wanted to.  He reached

his hand behind me and fondled my ass, pulling me closer as he

stared at my cunt.  Before I could stop him he stuck his tongue

out and licked my pussy lips.  He licked up and down and tried

to stick his tongue into my vagina.  I pushed his head away and

told him to stop that.  He immediately took his hands from my

ass and asked if he could touch my breasts.  I told him yes if

he was gentle.  He began caressing my breasts, his fingers

softly tweaked my nipples that were hard and pointie by this

time.  It was strange, I wasn't really turned on, but parts of

my body acted as if I were; my nipples had gotten hard and my

pussy had gotten wet.  My brain just wasn't turned on and I was

still in full control.

	As Barney played with my breasts I began to fondle his hard

penis, it was hard but the skin was very soft.  Barney had no

pubic hair to speak of, only a little bit of fuzz.  Very slowly

I stroked his young cock up and down, not really grasping it,

touching it on only one side except for the head.  With my other

hand I cup his balls and rolled them around in their sack with

my fingers.  After a couple of minutes he started gasping and he

told me he felt really strange but good, 'don't stop,' he

begged.   I asked him if he'd ever masturbated before and he

acted like he didn't know what I was talking about.  He started

to lean into me  trying to hump his hips in rhythm with my slow

strokes or maybe urging me to go faster.  I pushed him down so

he was laying on the bed and I got on top of him; my knees on

either side of him and my ass to his face.

	  He fondled my ass again before he moved his hands up to my

breasts.  I continued to stroke his penis that was beginning to

ooze a clear fluid from the slit at the top of its head.  I

rubbed the fluid onto the palm of my hand, it was slippery and I

began to grasp his cock lightly in my hand as I stroked it

deliberately up and down.  I kept my movements very slow and

Barney started to moan softly with what I was sure was pure

pleasure.  He squeezed my breasts a bit harder and I felt his

balls scrunch up.  I gave his penis a light squeeze and stopped

my hand, letting it merely hold his rigid member, but I

continued to fondle his balls."

	Colleen looked up, it was obvious the effect that her story was

having on Don, he was gazing at her breasts intently.  Colleen

looked out the window and noticed another ship start through;

she knew it would be several more minutes before they lowered

the bridge.

	"Barney begged me not to stop, he said he'd do anything I

asked.  Being perverse even back then I told him to give my

asshole a great big wet kiss.  To my surprise he grabbed my ass

checks, pulled them apart and back to his mouth and used his

lips and tongue to give my little wrinkled brown hole a very wet

kiss.  I couldn't refuse him after that.

	When I resumed my hand job I squeezed his cock harder and this

time instead of a clear fluid his slit oozed a milky white fluid

that was even more slippery.  Now I changed the rhythm, a few

fast strokes and then a few slow  strokes, then some fast stokes

and I'd pause for several seconds to let his tension build

before I repeated the pattern.  About the third time through my

new pattern his balls started to scrunch up again, but this time

I didn't stop I just stroked his cock slow, light and long, from

the tip to the base, barely touch the skin.  His cock began to

twitch and more of the milky fluid flowed out, it flowed instead

of oozed and Barney went rigid.  When the fluid stopped my hand

and his cock were coated with the slippery stuff.  I again

resumed giving my little brother a hand job; only this time I

squeezed his cock a lot harder and used fast long strokes.  It

wasn't long before cum shot out from his cock in big gobs.  I

kept pumping his cock while he squirmed around.  He started to

scream and  I pushed my ass and pussy down onto his face.  When

his penis stopped twitching I stopped pumping and Barney just

sorted of laid there, like he was too exhausted to move.

	I let him lay there and I went into the bathroom to clean up, I

was a bit sweaty and my hands were covered with cum.  As I was

sitting on the toilet getting ready to pee Barney walked in.  I

asked him if he was all right and he said he was fine, that he'd

never felt anything like that before; then he asked if he could

watch me masturbate or even help.  I told him no.  He looked

disappointed but he surprised me with his next question, he

asked how girls peed with no penis.  I explained that it came

out a small hole just above the vagina and he asked if he could

at least watch me pee and see where it came out.  I told him

okay and had him sit in front of the toilet.  He set his chin

right down on the seat and I spread my legs wide and held my

pussy lips apart so he would have a good view.  At first only a

few drops dripped out and Barney leaned closer, mouth wide open;

I couldn't resist.  I leaned back and my brother leaned in even

closer.  I shot a stream of golden piss right into his open

mouth; he fell back gulp in surprise and swallowed my pee. 

After I stopped laughing, I asked him if he was all right.  He

said I couldn't do that again if I tried and I replied that I

could if he was stupid enough to get into the same position."

	Don started the car chuckling at Colleen's story; the bridge

was finally going back down.  "What happened after that, or was

that the end," he asked?

	"Nothing else happened, he got back into the same position and

I tried to squirt piss into his mouth again but I hit him in the

chin instead.  It splattered all over him and he had to take a

shower to clean up.  While he took his shower I went to my room

and got dressed for dinner."   

	"That's the only time you and your brother ever did it?"

	"Well, Barney wanted to again but it wasn't that exciting for

me and besides there never was another good opportunity.  By the

way how often have you and your sister gotten it on and how did

you get interested in sibling sex?"

	Don drove across the intercostal and got into the right lane,"

I don't have a sister, I'm an only child, but to answer your

question would take a lot of time.  Let's just say that my two

best friends, when I was growing up, were Jimmy and his twin

sister Jamie."

	"Come on, I told you, it's only fair if you tell me.  How about

over our Irish Whiskey?"

	"Okay," Don replied as he stopped for the light that had just

change to red.

	"Can you tell me how you talked to so many people, I doubt that

many would tell you what I did, I doubt that I would have if I

hadn't drunk three pints of ale."

	"When I was in college I minored in psychology and was able to

get the question on some of our standard forms for sibling

relationships and sex studies and a couple of other studies. 

The questions asked if the subject had ever engaged in any

sexual activity with a sibling and then listed several types of

activities; the top one being intercourse and the bottom one

being both parties nude and showing each other their genitals. 

We also asked the number of times or the frequency of such

activity and the ages of the participants over the period it

took place; other information included the ages and sex of

siblings.  For my research project I eliminated all encounters

that took place when both parties were over 17 or under 10." 

The light changed to green and Don turned right onto A1A.

 	"So what were the results of your research," Colleen asked


	"You're really interested," questioned Don?


	"Well at first the percentage was fairly low, less that 6% and

I had already eliminated all surveys in which there was no

sibling of the opposite sex, but when I eliminated subjects

whose siblings were all more than four years younger or older

the percentage jumped to 17%.  The problem was that it stayed

pretty much at 17% regardless of whether the cut was 4 years or

1 year.  That didn't seem to make any sense, and I also expected

the number to be a lot higher.

	"How many subjects are we talking about here Don?"

	"Over 3000, the research took place over five semesters, I

wanted all incoming freshmen to have to fill out the survey form

but the department didn't think they could require that, they

were afraid the administration would be concerned about invasion

of privacy; so all the participants had to be volunteers.  There

were lots of other questions on the survey of course, that

survey provided data for some fifteen different projects over

the  three years I was involved.  The break through came when

another student doing a different study noticed that in large

families, with more than four kids there was almost no sexual

activity among the siblings.  When I eliminated large families

the percentage jumped up to 32% and then the age difference also

changed.  When only one year separated the siblings almost half

had at least one sexual encounter with their sibling.  We also

found that the smaller the family the more likely the siblings

were to engage in sexual activity  more than once.  Only a small

percentage had engaged in intercourse and less than 2% engaged

in intercourse regularly, but I was surprised that over 25%

engaged in mutual masturbation at least three times.

	Don turned into the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Beach Motel,

pulled into a parking space and got out of the car.  He went

around the car and held the door for Colleen.  "Enough

information, I really don't remember too much more."

	"That was really interesting," she said as she accepted his

hand to help her out of his car.  They walked into the front

lobby and down the hall by the elevator to the back of the

building and turned right.  About half way down the hall Colleen

stopped and unlocked the door; Don followed her into her room.

	Colleen went to the bathroom to get glasses while Don looked

out the sliding glass doors at the moonlit ocean.  After a

couple of minutes  Colleen returned with two glasses about half

full of Irish Whiskey.  "Here's to a marvelous evening," she

said, "please sit and you promised to tell me about your twin


	"To beautiful strangers who share their good whiskey," he


	They clinked glasses and each took a sip of the excellent


	"Do you always travel with a bottle of Tully's," asked Don?

	"No, this was a gift from Air Canada, to make up for my

briefcase being stolen while I was in their VIP lounge.  Now you

promised to tell me your story."

	"Okay, I was thirteen, it was the summer before the three of us

started high school.  I went over to play with Jimmy and his

sister.  As I entered their yard their mom came out of the

garage and called to me, 'Donny, Jimmy and Jamie are upstairs

playing cards, I have to run downtown to do some shopping, will

you tell them that I'll be back in about an hour, the back

door's open just go on up."  I said sure and walked to the house

as Mrs. Winston got into her car and drove off. 

	 I went up stairs and looked into Jamie's room, but it was

empty.  The door to Jimmy's room was closed and I didn't here

any noise but I didn't knock or anything, I just opened the door

and walked in.  There was Jamie stark naked with her mouth

around her brother's penis and Jimmy was fondling his sisters

young but ample breasts.  Jamie took her mouth off  Jimmy's cock

and said, 'Donny, close the door, do you want my mother to see

us like this.'

	  I told them that their mom had gone shopping and would be

back in about an hour.  Jamie replied that if I wanted to join

them I should take my clothes off and come over.  It did not

take me long to remove my jeans and shirt, but the sight of

Jamie's naked body had given me a hard-on and my cock was

sticking out of my boxer shorts so it took a bit longer to get

them off.  

	I asked them how often they did this and Jimmy replied that

this was the first time.  Before I could say I didn't believe

him, his sister said, 'This is the first time I've sucked on

Jimmy's cock, we've watched each other masturbate twice and we

tried exploring each other's bodies one other time but dad came

home early and we didn't get very far.  I was touching Jimmy's

penis, getting it all hard and he was touching my breasts,

making my nipples hard when we had to stop or risk being caught.'

	I went over to them and started touching Jamie's breast and she

took my stiff penis in one hand and Jimmy's in the other.  'If

you both will kiss and lick my breasts and my pussy to make me

come I'll give each of you a super blow-job,' she said. We both

readily agreed."

	"So what did your thirteen year old lover look like Don," asked

Colleen as she drank down the last of her whiskey, "finish that

and I'll get you a refill."

	"Okay, why not just bring the bottle out here."

	As Colleen got up to get the bottle Don finished his drink and

resumed his story.  "Jamie was my height and had full "A" sized

breasts, big for a girl her age.  She had honey blond hair a bit

longer than shoulder length and her pussy hair was so blond it

almost looked like she didn't have any pubic hair.  She had a

nice tight ass and I'd guess most guys would have thought she

was a bit skinny except for her breasts.  Her nipples were small

and pink, a bit smaller than a quarter and her pussy lips were

the same shade of pink as her nipples. 

	Colleen returned with the bottle, her glass already full and

refilled Don's glass.  "I bet you like blonds," she said.

	"Blonds are okay, but I'm actually partial to redheads and

yours is the most magnificent color I've ever seen."

	"Thank you, it's all natural, maybe I can show you more later

this evening, but right now I want to hear the rest of your


	"Okay, Jamie  laid down on Jimmy's bed and  Jimmy started

licking her pussy while I began sucking on her breasts.  First

I'd suck one tit into my mouth and then the other, twirling my

tongue around her hard pink nipple.  At the same time I was

kneading her firm breast flesh with my fingers.  I couldn't tell

what Jimmy was doing but Jamie was gasping and humping her hips

against his mouth.

	I kept one hand on her breast and move my mouth down to her

pussy.  I told Jimmy to fondle her other breast.  He did as I

suggested and I moved my mouth over her clitoris, of course at

the time I didn't know what it was.  I flicked my tongue back

and forth across her love button and sucked on it while Jimmy

licked all round and into her vagina.  It didn't take too long

before Jamie was coming.  I wouldn't have known if she hadn't

screamed it.  She just sort of shook all over and squirmed a lot

and held my head against her pubic bone.  I couldn't suck her

clit anymore but I continued to lick at with my tongue.  She

begged me to stop but I kept right on licking until she pulled

my head away by my hair."

	"You didn't realize that a woman's clitoris is at least as

sensitive as a man's penis?"

	"Not then I didn't, she got me back when she gave me my


	"I should hope so, please finish your story." 

	"There's really not that much more to tell.  Jamie sucked Jimmy

first while she used a hand to fondle my cock.  Jimmy and I were

sitting on the bed and Jamie was kneeling in front of us.   She

went right down on his cock like when I came in at first; moving

her mouth up and down the shaft, sucking on the head.  Sometimes

I could see her tongue flick out and twirl around the head.  It

was obvious to me that she knew what she was doing and that this

wasn't the first time she had sucked a cock, but that's another

story.  It didn't take long for Jimmy to come what with the

mouth action and her playing with his balls. He came deep in 

her mouth and she  swallowed all his cum."

	Don stopped talking and Colleen prompted him, "and what did she

do for you?"

	"She said her knees were tired and had me lie down on the bed. 

She straddled me in a 69 position with her knees outside my

arms.  She started by fondling my balls with both hands before

she began licking my cock up and down with her tongue.  When she

put my cock into her mouth she kept her ass  just out of my

reach but brushed her breasts against my chest.  I could feel

her stiff nipples against my skin.  It's a feeling I'll always


	She took my entire hard cock into her mouth, she licked the

base with her tongue, and the suction was terrific, the inside

of her checks caressed the shaft of my hard  member as she moved

her mouth slowly up and down my penis with long deliberate

strokes.  Her hands weren't idle either, they fondled my balls

and my ass and every time she took my cock deep into her mouth

she'd roll my balls in their sack and press her nipples into my

chest.  I wanted the feeling to last forever and Jamie seemed to

sense this and obliged me because with Jimmy she had started

slow and then quickly got faster until he came but with me she

kept that slow rhythm until my cock commenced oozing cum.  It

was a fantastic feeling and her tongue seemed lick up every drop

of cum that oozed out.   

	I knew that I'd shoot my load as soon as she increased her pace

a bit but she continued those long slow strokes for what seemed

like an eternity. Suddenly my cock was flying in and out of her

mouth and her tongue was flicking all over the head of my penis

on every upward stroke and the cum was spurting out in great

gobs.  She didn't stop she kept right on sucking and licking my

penis until I was bucking on the bed like a bronco.  My hands

were trapped by her arms, and I was screaming and crying and 

I'm sure I  heard Jimmy tell her to let me up.  I almost passed

out before she got off me and I was gasping and chocking for

breath.  It was the best blow-job I've ever had.

	"Well I doubt if I could top your first  blow-job, I'll have to

think of something else."  Colleen got up and went into the

bathroom.  She returned with two swimsuits and two bulging fanny


	"What are those for," Don asked?

	"Towels, they're water proof, they were on sale where I got my

brother's swimsuit.  The night I won my suit I went swimming and

 when I got out of the water I was way down the beach.  The walk

back to my room without a towel was chilly, so when I saw these

in the store, they were on sale two for one, so I bought them. 

They work great.  Here's the suit you can where,  you can change

in the bathroom I'll change out here. 

	"Uh, this is a really skimpy suit, you bought this for your


	"It's an inside joke,  why don't we finish our drinks and I'll

tell you; then we can change and go for a walk and a swim in the


	"Sounds  good," Don replied and downed the rest of his drink.

	Colleen began her story.  "For my twenty-first birthday Barney

gave me two presents, one at my party and a private present when

he walked me out to my car.  He had me open it at the car, it

was a bra and panties set, black lace and see through.  The

panties were crotchless and the bra was cut out around the

nipples.  I asked him if he expected me to model them for him

and he just blushed and said he thought I'd look cute  in them. 

I replied, 'Wait until you turn twenty-one.'

	 I had my own apartment about a mile from our parents house and

by the time Barney turned twenty-one he also had his own

apartment about a mile or so past mine.  I purposefully arrived

a little late for his party so I could sabotage his car.  I

pulled the wire out of the  distributor cap, not enough to

notice but enough so his car wouldn't start.  He had apparently

forgotten about his present to me because he wasn't at all

suspicious when his car wouldn't start and I offered to drive

him home.

	 When we got to his apartment I asked if I could come in for a

birthday toast.  He said fine but he only had beer and I replied

that beer seemed appropriate.  When we got in, I removed my coat

and all I had on underneath was the bra and panties set he'd

given me two years earlier.

	  You see his birthday's  in November and so I had on my long

fall coat.  I had worn the bra and panties under my dress and

when I saw Barney start to say good-bye I went to the bathroom

and removed my dress and put it into the hamper.  Both of us

still used my parents laundry facilities so they wouldn't get


	You should have seen the look on Barney's face.  I told him to

strip, I'm sure he thought I'd let him fuck me or something.  He

almost jumped out of his clothes.  I had him sit in the middle

of the floor with his legs out for balance and I started

masturbating, pulling my red hairs out of the opening in the

panties.   'You said the last time I saw you naked that you

wanted to watch me masturbate, well now's your chance.'  I

caressed my breasts with one hand as I used the other on my

pussy.  I got right in Barney's face and ran my fingers up and

down between my pussy lips.  It didn't take long for my pussy

juices to commence flowing and wet my fingers.  I wanted to

watch my brother masturbate while he watched me pleasure myself.

	I'd been to Barney's apartment before and I knew that there was

a full length mirror on the back of the bed door that the former

tenants had left when they moved out.  I told my brother to go

into the bedroom.  After closing the bedroom door and taking the

pillows off his bed I had him lay on the floor in front of the

door with his head propped up by the pillows.  This way  he

could see himself in the mirror.  I moved the lamps down unto

the floor so that they flooded that area with light; then facing

the mirror I straddled Barney's head.  Looking up he was looking

right at my pussy and in the mirror we both could see my naked

body hovering over him.

	I kept the bra and panties on, it was a turn on watching myself

masturbate in the sexy lingerie.  My pussy was wet and I took my

time.  Barney was still slowly stroking his hard cock and

breathing in the musky smell of my hot cunt.  I knew what I

wanted in an instant as I watched the scene in the mirror.  I

got down on my hands and knees.  My pussy was still right over

Barney's face.  I took my hand, wet with pussy juice, and began

rubbing my juice all over Barney's  cock.  I fondled and

caressed his cock until it was stiff as iron and pointing

straight out along his belly toward his belly button.

	I turned around and straddled his cock.  My pussy was almost

dripping and I lowered myself down so that my pussy lips were

resting on the base of that hard penis.  Slowly I slid my hot

steaming pussy back and forth  on the shaft of Barney's cock.  I

didn't have his penis in my vagina, I had my pussy lips

caressing the shaft and every time they'd get near the head

Barney would kind of arch his back trying to get it into my

hole.  Of course I didn't let him succeed.  After a couple of

minutes of serious massaging my brother came;  squirting cum

across his stomach.  I hadn't been satisfied yet and so I had

Barney turn around and moved my pussy up to his mouth and let

him use his lips and tongue to make me come.  I dripped love

juice all over his face.  It was a really great orgasm,

especially watching us in the mirror."

	"I really liked the story Colleen but why a "T-back" swimsuit?"

	"To pay him back for the bra and panties; besides he'll look

good in it.  Now go change."

	Don went into the bathroom to change as Colleen removed her

clothes and put on the high cut bikini bottoms.  She was still

adjusting the top when Don came out and  saw that Colleen had

small pale nipples and truly red pubic hair that peaked out

along the edges of the scanty iridescent blue  bottoms.  He

stood there admiring the view as Colleen finally managed to get

both breasts into the skimpy top.

	Colleen looked up and said, "Let's go."  She picked up a fanny

pack and strapped it on, handing the other to Don. He went to

the sliding glass door and opened it for Colleen.  He strapped

on his fanny pack and she went out the door into the warm

moonlit night.  He admired her small tight ass as she stepped

off the patio onto the beach.  She turned her head and said,

"come on, I'll race you to the water."  She walked a couple of

steps forward and stopped, drinking in the full moon glistening

over the ocean.  She waited while Don stepped onto the sand and

then she took off with an easy lopping run.  Don stood staring

at her ass that dimpled delightfully with her lope and then took

off after her.  He passed her just as they got to the wet sand. 

The tide was going out.  Now it was Colleen's turn to stop and

admire Don's hairy ass as it bounced up and down as he ran to

the water.

	When Don reached the water he was surprised to find that it was

warm, easily within a degree or two of the air temperature.  He

turned and watched Colleen jogging to him.  Her breasts jiggle

up and down as she jogged and Don was captivated by the sight. 

Don expected her to stop when she reached him, but she kept

right on past him into the warm ocean that sparkled by the light

of the full moon.  When she was knee deep in water she dove into

the silver and black ocean a white and blue streak cutting thru

the gentle waves.  Don stood gazing at the beautiful woman until

she stood up and turned to him.  The waves seemed to bounce her

breasts up and down as they passed her flowing easily around


	"Well come on," she called as she walked a couple of steps

forward up onto a sand bar.

	Don ran a few steps before diving in and swimming out to the

redhead.  He stood up a couple of feet away from her in chest

deep water and could not help staring at her breasts.  The top

had slipped down during her swim and now just barely covered her

nipples.  The areolae, flush from her exercise, were boldly

peaking over the top of the bikini.  Colleen looked down and

quickly pulled the top back up recovering her exposed tits. 

"Let's swim awhile," she said as she dove back in and began

swimming parallel to the shore.  Don followed her easily. After

several minutes Colleen turned toward the shore and swam in, Don

followed delighting in her athletic body.   Colleen stopped and

stood up as the water became too shallow to swim in and turned

to Don who had also stopped but was kneeling in the water.

	The top of Colleen's suit had again slipped down and her

nipples were poking out hard as coral.  The right nipple was

fully exposed while the left nipple was still hidden just below

the top but was clearly outlined by the wet cloth.  More pubic

hairs could be seen peaking out from her crotch as the bottoms

had obviously ridden up.  Don stood up and Colleen could easily

see the outline of his penis and balls against the fabric of his

suit.  She reached her hand out and took his hand.  Hand in hand

they walked out of the ocean and continued down the beach away

from the motel whose lights could be seen several hundred yards

away.  Colleen was aware that her nipple was exposed but did

nothing to correct the situation.  She pulled her hand behind

Don's back and let go of his hand.  She boldly gripped his hairy

ass check and began fondling it.  Don's cock immediately

responded, becoming erect.  Not to be out done, Don reached

behind Colleen and fondled her smooth taught ass.  He slipped a

finger into the crack pushing against the satin-like fabric of

her suit. 

	Colleen turned to Don pulled him close and kissed him full on

the mouth.  She probed his mouth with her tongue, running it

over his teeth and Don responded in kind as Colleen sucked his

tongue into her mouth.  She ground her crotch into his engorged

penis and pressed her hard nipples into his chest as she roughly

fondled his ass with both her hands.  Rubbing her breasts

against Don's chest she freed her left nipple from its

confinement.  Don delighted in the feel of her breasts and of

her ass in his hands as he caressed the flesh of her smooth ass

checks.  Pausing to catch her breath Colleen pulled Don up the

sand toward a covering of sea grapes and palmettos.  They walked

into the vegetation and found an open area of sand.  Don

unzipped his fanny pack and lay the towel on the ground, Colleen

dropped her fanny pack next to his.  Laying down or kneeling the

vegetation would hide them from anyone walking along the beach. 

The full moon was now high over head flooding the area with

silvery light.

	Colleen pulled down Don's swimsuit revealing his bulging cock. 

As Don pulled down her bottoms, she removed her top.  Both

stepped out of their suits and resumed kissing with Colleen

again grinding her now naked crotch against Don's cock and

rubbing her nipples against his chest while her hands fondled

his ass.  Don's hands were similarly engaged.  Colleen dropped

to her knees and began licking and kissing Don's genitals. 

Sucking a ball into her mouth and then licking up and down the

shaft of his rock hard penis.  Don fondled her breasts and

tweaked the nipples gently with his fingers, rolling them

between a thumb and finger.

	Finally Colleen sucked his cock deep into her mouth until its

head tickled her throat.  As she pistoned his cock in and out of

her mouth, licking the head lovingly with her tongue on each

upward stroke, Don was distracted by a noise on the beach.  A

couple was walking hand and in hand along the wet sand laughing

and talking, slowly moving up the beach toward them.

	Don whispered to Colleen that they should lay down to keep from

being interrupted.  Colleen laid down on the towel and Don got

on his knees over her in the classic "69"; Colleen's legs were

spread wide, her moist pussy open to Don's gaze and his tongue

that he quickly ran up and down between the wet labia.  Don

licked up Colleen pussy juice with relish as Colleen resumed her

tongue action on his balls.  Her hand stroked his penis lightly

up and dow, it was still wet with her saliva and it glided

easily between her fingers and palm.  She licked up from his

scrotum between his inner thighs to his anus that she then

proceeded to kiss wantonly, penetrating the small brown hole

with the tip of her tongue.

	At the same time Don was busy licking and probing her vagina

with his wet tongue.  With his chin lightly pressing against 

her clitoris his tongue licked her vagina in and out,

penetrating about an inch and stabbing in and out and then

licking around the outside before he again inserted his tongue

in her love hole.  Eventually he moved his hand so he could

finger her pussy lips and vagina.  He moved his mouth up to her

clitoris and licked at the pearly head as it stuck boldly out

from its hiding place near the top of her pussy.  He would first

lick around the clit before flicking his tongue lightly across

it; then he would suck the miniature female penis into his mouth

and lick it hard with the tip of his tongue.  His fingers could

feel the love juice oozing out of Colleen's vagina as her body

approached an intense orgasm.  Don slowed his pace to let her

passion and tension build.  Colleen was moaning softly, her

mouth pressed against his balls.  Don's finger penetrated deep

into her love channel.  He stroked it in and out slowly,

twisting it as it entered and exited her steamy cunt.  He sucked

lightly and lovingly on her clitoris, licking it with his

tongue, long slow strokes.

	Don felt Colleen's whole body tense for several seconds, he

slightly increased the speed of his finger fucking her cunt and

of his tongue on her love button.  Colleen burst into an intense

orgasm.  Love juice nearly poured from her vagina and it spasmed

hard against his finger trying to suck it deep into her.  Don

continued licking and sucking her clit as his finger fucked in

and out of her hot wet pussy; to Colleen her orgasm seemed to go

on forever.  It was one of the most intense comes she'd ever

had.  Suddenly she felt her bladder start to let go she moaned

for Don to stop but he kept right on licking her clit.  As Don's

finger came nearly out of her pussy on his next stroke Colleen

lost control of her bladder and urine jetted out onto Don's

hand.  Colleen couldn't stop it, her orgasm had barely ceased

and the piss streamed out from her tiny hole.  Don stopped

sucking her clit and played with the golden stream with his

tongue.  It was warm and salty but he only got a taste because

as soon as he had stopped licking her clitoris Colleen had been

able to gain control of her bladder and stop the flow.

	"God that was intense, I hope you liked the result?  Now I want

your hard cock inside me.  Lay down and let me be on top."  Don

laid down and Colleen held his rigid penis softly in her hand,

guiding it into her wet slippery hole.  She sank down slowly

onto his pole until it was buried deep in her vagina.  Don

raised his hands to her breasts and began fondling and caressing

her breast flesh and hard nipples; pressing the nipples into his

palms as he gently squeezed her breasts with his fingers. 

Colleen let Don's cock soak deep in her pussy for several

seconds before slowly raising up until only the head of his cock

was still in her vagina then she slowly sunk back down. 

Gradually she increased her pace and used a hand on her clitoris.

	Don enjoyed the feeling of her hot cunt around his stiff rod

and the way her breasts felt in his hands and her hard nipples

felt between his fingers.   He loved the sight of her naked body

riding him in the cool moonlight.  Her skin seemed to glow and

her pussy was rosy as it slid up and down on his firm cock.  Her

pussy lips were thick and Don relished their caress as his penis

moved in and out of her vagina with those flush lips kissing his


	Her fingers fondled and caressed her clit, massaging it first

lightly and then harder.  Obviously Colleen wanted to come

again.   After a couple of minutes Colleen stopped and asked,

"would you like to fuck my  ass?"  Don couldn't believe his luck

and quickly agreed.

	Colleen raised up and Don wet his fingers with love juice from

her wet pussy.  He then proceeded to lubricate her anus with it.

 Don  grabbed her ass checks and held them apart as Colleen held

his cock and placed it on her small brown asshole.  Very slowly

she lowered herself, penetrating her rectum with Don's penis. 

It took a few minutes but finally her ass rested on his balls

and his cock was buried deep in her back door.  After giving her

ass a squeeze Don moved his hands back to her breasts and

Colleen resumed frigging her clit.

	Keeping her movements slow she fucked her ass with Don's hard

cock.  The sensation of fucking Colleen's tight ass speedily

brought Don to the precipice where he held himself, waiting for

Colleen to orgasm.  Colleen groaned, "my bladder is too full, I

can't come."

	"Well empty it but don't take my cock out of your ass."

	"You want me to piss on you?"

	"It doesn't bother me; hold your pussy lips open so I can


	Colleen did as Don requested and let out a golden stream of

warm urine that bathed Don's belly and ran down to soak the

towel.  On her next downward stroke Don came, his cock spewing

cum deep into Colleen's rectum.  Seconds later Colleen also came

with a heavy  sigh and collapsed onto Don.  His contracting

penis slipped from her anus and cum ran down her crack onto his

balls.  After laying there a few moments to catch her breath,

Colleen rolled off Don onto the sand.  

	"I want you to piss on me," she exclaimed suddenly to Don's


	"What, are you sure?"

	"Yeah, I want to know what it feels like, just don't get any on

my face, okay?"

	"I'll try not to, I'm not even sure I can take a piss right


	"Take your time I'm in no hurry."

	Don stood over her and looked around.  There was no one to be

seen on the beach.  He aimed his semi-stiff organ at Colleen's

pussy and tried to blank his mind.  After several seconds a

trickle of urine escaped his shrinking penis and fell onto her

leg.  Don push and a golden stream gushed out onto her belly. 

Don directed the stream onto her breasts and then back down her

belly to soak her pubic hairs and pussy.  Colleen rubbed his

piss on her breasts and belly,  glorying in the warm feel of his

pee.  Don emptied his bladder onto the supine woman to the

delight of both.

	Colleen stood up and urine dripped down her legs.  "I guess we

should go wash up in the ocean, lets just carry our suits,"  she

proceeded to pick up the three small pieces of cloth when Don

said,  "why not carry them in the empty fanny pack?"

	"That's a good idea."  Colleen picked up the empty  fanny pack

and put the suits in it;  "just leave the towel, I'll come back

tomorrow when it's dry," she said as she started walking.  Don

picked up the other fanny pack and followed the sexy redhead

down the beach to the ocean.  Enjoying the swing of her naked

buttocks as she walked through the sand into the water.

	After they rinsed off each other's urine and cum, they strapped

on the fanny packs and swam.  They swam and played in the warm

ocean water for almost twenty minutes before they found

themselves back on the sand bar that Colleen had stopped on an

hour or so ago when they first had entered the water.  Don was

behind her and reached around for her breasts.  He pulled her to

him and pressed his penis against her ass.  The water felt good,

the waves caressing their genitals as he massaged his now

stiffing penis on her soft ass checks.    Colleen, feeling his

firm cock against her spread her legs and bent over.  

	"I've never done it in water before," she said, "do you want to

do it to me from behind?"

	She didn't have to ask twice.  Don guided his erect cock into

her pussy as he continued to fondle her breasts.  He fucked her

slowly at first, savoring the delectable sensations. 

	"I probably should have asked before, but are you on the pill

or something; I don't want you to get pregnant.  I know you

don't have aids or anything since you give blood."

	"It's safe, my period is due to start Saturday, and considering

how I felt this morning it should be right on time.  I wouldn't

have initiated sex on the beach if I thought I might get

pregnant, but it's really nice of you to ask; I doubt that many

men would have.  I love the feel of your cock inside me.  Fuck

me a bit faster and harder." 

	Don did as she requested, and wondered if anyone could see them

from the motel.  The tide was still going out, the first time

they'd been here the water was almost up to their chests and now

it was about waist deep.  Nice that it was going out or they

couldn't be doing this now.  The water kept Don from going  real

fast, so he fucked Colleen with long deliberate strokes;

pressing deep into her vagina with each forward push.  His hands

continued to fondle her breasts and Colleen enjoyed the feeling

of his cock in her cunt and his hands and fingers squeezing her

boobs and tweaking her nipples.  She had no intention of coming

herself but she wanted to experience Don's cock spurting hot cum

deep into her pussy.  She loved the feel of a cock pulsing in

her vagina as she tightened her cunt muscles against the hard

living thing.

	Colleen could tell that Don was holding back, relishing the

delicious  sensation as she tightened her muscles when pulled

his cock from deep in her cunt until just the head remained

positioned within her steamy love hole.  She relaxed her muscles

when he pushed it back in again.  She knew that she could make

him come whenever she was ready by pulsing her vaginal muscles

with each inward and outward stroke of his penis.  She gave Don

a new sensation as her cunt muscles seemed to grip his cock at

the base and squeeze up to the head as it moved in and out of

her fuck hole.

	Don could hardly believe what Colleen was doing to him.  The

water kept him from going as fast as he wanted and her pussy

seemed to be sucking his cock; pulling it in and resisting it as

he tried to pull it out for the next delightful push forward to

bury it in that hot wonderful hole.  His balls felt like they

were ready to burst and he was sure his cock was bulging and

harder than ever before.  He hugged Colleen's breasts hard and

sensing his frustration Colleen began to pulse her cunt and with

feet imbedded solidly in the sand she reached back and used one

hand to fondle Don's balls and the other to squeeze his ass. 

That's all it took and on the next forward stroke Don buried his

penis deep in Colleen's pulsing vagina and shot out gobs of hot

cum.  Colleen continued to milk his spurting cock with her cunt

muscles until she had squeezed every drop of cum out of Don's

penis and into her pussy.

	As Don's cock began to shrink he pulled it slowly from her

slippery hole.  "That was fantastic,  no woman has ever done

that to me before.  You have unbelievable muscle control."

	"I have to have come before I can do it," explained Colleen,

"it takes a lot of concentration and while I'm hot I just can't

control it that well.  Let's swim some more before we head in. 

By the way would you like to stay the night?"

	"Yeah and in the morning I can drive you back to your car." 

Don dove into an on coming wave and Colleen followed him.  They

swam out to the deep water and dove under the dark waves.  The

light of the full moon did not penetrate far under water and Don

wish he could have Colleen out here naked in the daylight so he

could watch her beautiful body from underwater.  Colleen swam to

him and they embraced and kissed, sinking below the waves until

their feet touched bottom and the surface was a foot or so above

their heads.  They broke the kiss and swam to the surface.  As

they broke the surface both gasped for breath.  Colleen

exclaimed, "That was fun.  I'd suggest we do it again if I

wasn't afraid we'd drown."  Both laughed.  Don began swimming

for  shore,  angling for Colleen's motel.

	Colleen caught up with him in the shallow water as he walked up

toward the beach.  "Don't you think we should put our suits back

on," the naked redhead said to him as she unzipped the fanny

pack and removed the three pieces of cloth.

	"I suppose that would be a good idea but I really like the way

you look right now."

	"Well thank you sir but I can resume this attire when we're

back in my room."  She handed Don his suit and proceeded to step

into the bottom of her skimpy bikini.  Don's penis  was no

longer hard so he easily put on the suit and the turned and

waited while Colleen fastened the top.  Her nipples were not

completely hidden by the thin fabric but from a distance she at

least looked like she was covered.  They walked hand in hand up

the beach to the only room with a light still on and the

draperies open.

	Don slid the door open and they entered.  Colleen said, "we

should take a shower to rinse off the salt water," and she

headed for the bathroom.  Don paused a moment looking for a way

to close the drapes but quickly gave up and followed her into

the bathroom.  They stripped off their suits and Colleen washed

them out in the sink while Don adjusted the water temperature in

the shower.  They stepped in together and let the spray caress

the bodies with warm water.  Don stepped back and picked the

soap, making a good lather in his hands.

	He began by soaping Colleen's breasts from behind, pulling her

away for the spray to the back of the shower.  He then

progressed down her belly to her red pubic hair.  When her front

was  well  soaped  Colleen turned to Don and took the soap from

him.  Hugging him to her soapy breasts she soaped his ass. 

Since his hands were still lathered Don returned the favor.

	Colleen rubbed her pussy against Don's genitals and then turned

him around so she could more easily wash his balls and penis. 

His penis began to grow again with her ministrations and she

said, "are you always so horny, you've already come twice in the

past hour or so?"

	"It's the affect you have on me, if you don't want me to get

hard don't fondle me."

	Colleen stopped soaping Don's privates and stepped back into

the spray to let the water rinse off the soap.  She then put her

head under the water until all the salt water was rinsed off her

hair too.  By the time she was done and stepped out of the

shower Don's penis was no longer hard and he replaced her under

the shower.  While Don rinsed off, Colleen toweled herself off

and used the hair dryer to dry most of her hair.  Don came out

of the shower and went over to the now dry naked redhead. 

"Don't you get me wet," she said as she quickly handing him a


	When Don came out of the bathroom Colleen was wearing only a

pair of white cotton panties.  She told him to go sit on the

bed.  He did as she requested and she positioned herself about

five feet in front of him, turned around and slowly proceeded to

strip off her panties.  Legs together and ass pointing directly

at him.  Don watched amused as he recognized the scene from the

story with her brother that first time.  When she had the

panties down to her feet she carefully stepped out of them and

looked back at the man on the bed.  He was smiling  and said,

"don't stop now."  She reached back with both hands and spread

her ass checks and then spread her legs as wide as possible as

she looked between them at the naked stranger.  She had never

done anything like this before.  She had just met the guy and a

few hours ago and she had made love with him twice and now she

was shamelessly exhibiting her body for him.  She sighed and

pivoted around so that her legs were still spread  and she was

facing him.  "I had a much more dramatic effect on my brother

when I did this sixteen years ago."

	Don had truly admired the sight.  Her taught ass with just the

hint of pubic hair when her legs were closed and the small brown

anus and full pussy lips covered with that gorgeous  red pubic

hair when her legs were wide open and of course her nice round

breasts with their pointie nipples that could be easily seen

between those slim trim attractive legs.  No wonder her brother

wanted to fuck her.  Don suddenly realized that Colleen had

spoken to him.  "If I hadn't just come twice in your two

wonderful holes my cock would be as hard as a rock."

	"Well at least I gave you something  to dream about," Colleen

said trying to stifle a yawn.  "I guess I'm tired, let's go to

sleep."  She turned off the lights and came to bed.  After lying

down she realized that the drapes were still open but she was

too tired to get up and close them.  Don lay on his back next to

the beautiful woman who was again naked.  He took three deep

breaths and closed his eyes and within minutes was sound asleep.

	About quarter to seven Colleen woke up with the sunlight

streaming over the calm ocean into the bedroom thru the sliding

glass doors.  She carefully got out of bed to not wake Don whose

face was protected from the sunlight by the shadow from his

pillow propped up next to his head.  He looked very content

sleeping nude on her bed.  Colleen went to the sliding glass

door and looked out onto the beach bathed in the warm light of

sunrise.  There was a man fishing at the water's edge and an

older man jogging along the beach, not a hundred yards from her.

 No one else was to be seen.  The jogger looked up as he passed

her room and stopped staring right at the beautiful naked

redheaded woman.  Colleen stretched and pretended that she was

unaware of his presence or gaze.  Slowly she reached up and

quietly closed the gauze draperies.  The sunlight now filling

the room was softer and the jogger now that his view was

obstructed continued down the beach.  Colleen wondered if the

jogger had appreciated the view or had been offended by her

casual nudity.  She didn't really care she was just curious. 

	She looked back at Don and saw that his penis was semi-stiff

and she could tell that he was dreaming.  She wondered if he was

dreaming of her or of some past lover.  She watched him with

interest and went over to his side of the bed and sat next to

him on the floor, watching his  penis grow slowly.  He was on

his back but turned to the left side so she could easily reach

his cock if she so desired.  He had come in her ass and in her

pussy and she wanted him to come in her mouth too but for now

she would wait.  She would know the right moment to start

sucking his cock.  She noticed that his legs were spread and

that she could see his asshole below his balls.  Easily

accessible to her because his ass was propped up by the wadded

up sheet he was laying on.  She got up and went to the bathroom

and returned with a tube of petroleum jelly she carried to use

on her lips when they got dry.  She opened the tube and sat back

down on the floor.   She watched as Don continued to dream.

			. . .

	Donny was walking next to Jamie on the way home from school. 

It was a warm late September afternoon and no one else was

around.  "Jamie, can I ask you a personal question?"

	"What would you like to know Donny?"

	"Well remember when you said you'd never sucked Jimmy before,

well you did it so well I can't believe that was the first time

you sucked cock."

	"Are you jealous?"

	"No, just curious."

	"I sucked David at the beginning of the summer.  I enjoyed it

and so I wanted to give Jimmy the same pleasure I had given


	"But David is Julie's older brother and she your best friend."

	"How do you think I got to suck David, I certainly hadn't

planned it."

	"What happened?"

	"Well Julie had invited me over to play.  David had gone to the

movies and her mom was out showing a house.  After an hour or so

Julie suggested we go swimming.  I told her I didn't have a suit

with me and she offered to let me use one of hers but she's a

half a head smaller and almost flat chested.  There was no way I

could wear her suit but to make her happy I tried it on.  She

laughed and asked if I'd rather skinny dip instead.  After all

the whole yard was fenced so no one could see in and nobody was

at home; so we both went into the pool nude.  In a little while

when I was swimming under water toward the deep end, I swam into

a shadow.  I surfaced and there was David staring at me through

the crystal clear water, and I couldn't cover up because I had

to tread water.  Julie came over and told David that it wasn't

fair for him to look and us naked while he was clothed; so he

took off all his clothes right there and dove in."

 	Don realized that he was dreaming about what had actually

happened way back in his freshman year in high school but this

was different because now instead of walking next to Jamie and

having her tell him the story, he was sort of floating above the

Breeme's pool and watching it all take place.  There were David

and Julie and Jamie all naked in the pool.  Jamie's breasts

seemed to float on the water and if he listened he could hear

them talking.  Julie was saying, "don't be embarrassed Jamie,

David has seen me naked hundreds of times, but it wasn't  very

nice of him to sneak up on us."  

	"I didn't sneak up on you and how was I to know that you'd be

skinny dipping with your best friend.  Not that I mind, Jamie

you're beautiful, just look at the effect your having on me."

	Don saw Jamie look at David and notice his stiffing penis for

the first time; she blushed deeply.  Julie said, "David, it's

not nice to point.  If you use that magic tongue of yours on us

maybe I can help persuade Jamie to help me solve your growing

problem.   Jamie, David is the best pussy licker ever, you've

got to let him make you come." 

	"Sis, I'm the only one whose ever licked your pussy aren't I,

so how could you know I'm the best?"  By now Jamie was a deep

crimson but her nipples had gotten all pointie, and she could

feel her vagina getting moist.  Don wondered how he knew this,

it was as if he was inside Jamie's head.  Oh well it was only a

dream he might as well enjoy it while it lasted.

	"Yes, you're the only one who has licked my pussy but you do

such a fantastic job you must be the best.  Come on Jamie, you

can be first.  I can tell you're hot even if you're blushing."

 Jamie reclined on the lounge chair with her legs  hanging over

the side. Her pussy was wide open, hot, wet, and blushing a deep

pink.  Her breasts swelled as David began by licking them and

sucking on her hard nipples.  He slowly moved down the

teenager's body until he reached her pubic bone.  He breathed

deeply her fresh musky scent, Don dreamed he too could smell the

girl's hot pussy.  David did not go to her pussy the way Donny

would have, he licked down the inside of her leg.  Jamie

squirmed, she was really hot and wanted to feel his tongue on

her pussy lips and her clit and in her vagina but David made her

wait.  After licking down to about four inches below her crotch

he moved to the other leg and slowly licked up her inner thigh

until his tongue was touching the outer labia.

	Don watched floating above the threesome as Julie began to

fondle Jamie's breasts with David licking just the outside of

Jamie's swollen outer pussy lips covered with soft blonde pubic

hair.  Jamie was gasping by this time and almost started to beg

the teenage boy to lick her pussy when he did just that.  Jamie

nearly jumped out of her skin.  His tongue was so soft and

gentle, it tickled and thrilled at the same time.  He licked

with the flat of his tongue first before licking between the two

lips with the tip of his tongue.  He licked up and down,

avoiding her clitoris and staying between the set of lips. 

Jamie wanted to scream, she wanted his tongue on her clit and

against her vagina or at least licking inside her inner lips.

	Finally David parted the inner lips with the tip his tongue and

with those inner lips open, he licked between them with the flat

of his tongue barely brushing Jamie's clit that was stiff and

aching to be licked and sucked.  This time the boy obliged the

girl and used his lips softly on her clitoris.  Jamie  arched

her back to increase the contact with David's mouth.

	 Don felt his cock stiffening, he remembered that when Jamie

had told him the story as they walked home he had gotten a

hard-on.  Jamie had noticed it and offered to walk to the creek

with him and relieve his swollen member with her mouth. 

Suddenly instead of floating above the pool he was naked in the

woods by the creek and Jamie was as naked as he.  His penis was

half way into the girl's mouth.  Her tongue was licking all

round the head of his blood engorged organ and  her hands were

fondling his balls gently.  Slowly a finger penetrated his anus

and Don woke up.

	He opened his eyes and saw Colleen  sucking on his cock.  Her

red hair brushed his leg and tickled his inner thigh

delightfully.  Colleen was looking right at him, her finger

continuing to slowly penetrate up his asshole, her arm kept him

from moving.  When she had her finger fully inserted she took

his cock from her mouth for a moment to lick the stiff shaft up

and down.  Before resuming her sucking she asked if he'd had a

nice dream; he replied that the dream was good but this was a

lot better.  She let Don recline onto his back and twisted her

finger in his ass as she slipped her mouth back over his penis. 

She ran her tongue around and over its head.  She continued her

licking and sucking and fondling for a couple of minutes before

Don asked, "wouldn't you like me to fuck you?" 

	"You did that last night, both in my ass and my pussy; now I

want you to come in my mouth."  She fucked his ass with her

finger, pressing at just the right spot, and sucked harder on

his cock, fucking her mouth with his rock hard penis until

moments later she was rewarded with a spurt of hot cum.  She

licked the head and cum continued to spurt into her mouth.  She

swallowed greedily, licking and sucking until she had every last

drop of cum.  She removed her finger from his ass and his penis

from her mouth.  "So what were you dreaming about?"

	"Jamie sucking on my cock one day after school."

	"Was that a normal occurrence?"

	"No, in fact it was the only time she did it."

	"Must have been memorable, tell me all about it."

	"I really don't remember much about the dream, I woke up when

you started to stick your finger up my ass, Jamie didn't do


	"Tell me about the real thing, not the dream, dreams are too


	"Your right about that, one moment I was watching David eat

Jamie's pussy and the next she was sucking my cock in the woods."

	"So what really happened, and who is David?"

	"Okay, if you insist, after that wonderful blow job how can I

refuse."  Colleen sat on the bed and Don sat up next to her.

	"Jamie and I were walking home from school late in September

our freshman year; it was a warm early fall day and I asked her

how she had learned to suck cock as well as she had that summer

afternoon, it was the first time I'd been alone with her and had

the courage to ask her if that were the first time she'd ever

given a blow job.  Jimmy swore that they had never done anything

like that before.  Jamie told me that David had taught her.  I

was surprised because David was Julie's older brother and Julie

was Jamie's best friend.  I told her I couldn't believe that she

was playing around with the brother of her best friend.  She

replied that it had really been Julie's idea and then she told

me what had happened at the beginning of the summer.

	Julie had invited her over to play, Julie's mom was out showing

a house or something and David wasn't at home.  They talked

about the past school year and about starting high school next

fall and of course about boys.  Jamie said Julie asked her if

she had ever seen Jimmy or me naked because she liked to

fantasize about us when she masturbated, she thought we were

both real cute and she wanted to know what we looked like nude. 

Jamie said she told Julie that she'd never seen me without my

clothes but she and Jimmy had looked at each other's bodies and

asked if Julie and David had ever done that.  Julie replied that

of course they had, it was just natural for brothers and sisters

to teach each other about the opposite sex.  Jamie told me that

all that talk had them both hot and so Julie suggested they go

skinny dipping since Jamie didn't have a suit and Julie's

wouldn't fit her.  Julie was almost a head shorter than Jamie

and was flat chested in comparison; of course she filled out

very nicely thru out the next couple of years. 

	While they were swimming David came home and saw them.  Julie

told him that it wasn't fair for them to be naked and for him to

be wearing clothes so he stripped.  Naturally the sight of two

nubile teenage girls had the normal effect and he got a hard-on.

 Julie told him that if he'd eat them out, Jamie said David had

a fantastic tongue and knew how to use it, that they would suck

him off.  David proceeded to eat out Jamie first.  She said she

had a stupendous orgasm that he had teased her body until it had

no choice but to explode, and then ate out his sister while she

played with Julie's small titties.  Julie and her brother showed

her how to suck him off to a super orgasm.  Jamie noticed that I

had gotten a hard-on from her story and offered to use her mouth

to help relieve my problem and she did a great job.  Not as good

as the first time but really great."

	"I'll bet Jamie told a much hotter story than you just related?

 Come on tell me all."

	"Well, yes it was hotter but that was a very long time ago and

I really don't remember many details.  I do remember that she

spent a lot of time describing the intimate details of David

eating her pussy and when she got to the part of her and Julie

pleasuring David she noticed my hard-on and she suggested she

demonstrate what she'd learned."

	"So what did David do to your young lover's pussy?"

	"I really don't remember the details Colleen, I know she said 

he kept teasing her and went real slow.  He didn't lick right

where she wanted him to, he licked around it until Jamie said

she was almost ready to beg then he would finally lick her there

but very gently and slowly.  Jamie said he must have taken at

least half an hour on her.  She said he was faster with his

sister but that Julie didn't seem to mind."

	"What do Julie and David look like and were all the people in

your neighborhood rich enough for a pool?"

	"No the Breeme's were the only ones, their dad was the vice

president of the local bank branch but he'd been at the bank

forever.  Their mom had gotten into selling real estate when

Julie began going to school so they didn't move they just fenced

in their yard and put in a pool.

	"So what did your other brother and sister friends look like

and I want intimate descriptions if you please."

  	"David had dark brown hair and was fairly tall, taller than I

was then.  Julie had medium brown hair and was short and a bit


	"What did they look like naked?"

	"She had small breasts and small brown nipples and dark brown

pubic hair, I never saw David naked and Jamie didn't tell me."

	"Did you and she ever get it on with any of the others in your

troupe and did you enjoy popping her cherry?  By the way who

popped Jamie's cherry?"

	"How did you know I fucked Julie, let alone that I was the


	"It was in your eyes and voice.  Will you tell me about it?"

	"No, as far as I know only Julie and I know about it, not even

David or Jimmy or even Jamie knows.  I have no idea who took

Jamie's maiden head but I know it wasn't me or Jimmy and I don't

think she and David ever dated.  Julie was a little jealous of

both of them.  I'm getting hungry why don't we go down and eat

some breakfast?"

	"Okay, it is getting late, what time do you have to be at work?"

	"Oh, not until 4pm, if we eat quickly we can go for a walk on

the beach after breakfast before it gets too hot."

	"Sounds like fun and I have a sexy idea; let's not wear

anything under our cloths.  I've always wanted to try that but

never had the nerve before, what do you say?"

	"Sounds sexy all right, I'm game, can I help you pick out your



	Don picked out a white blouse with a wide  "V" neck that with

the top button open would just hide Colleen's white breasts. 

You could see the cleavage and a hint of breast flesh, you could

tell she wasn't wearing a bra.  He also picked out her shortest

skirt that was hemmed a good eight to nine inches above the

knee.  It was a full skirt, not tight but with her slim legs

Colleen looked very sexy in it.

	They left her room and walked into the restaurant for

breakfast.  They sat at a corner table opposite the entrance by

the window over looking the ocean.  Don knew that Colleen was

sitting on her naked ass, her skirt spread out over the chair. 

He admired her milky white breasts and her nipples, just the

outline of which were visible thru the material of her blouse. 

Every man that entered the restaurant stared at the sexy redhead

with desire. 

	The waitress came over to take their order.  "What will you

have this morning Ms. Kennedy?  Is this going to be a business


	"Yes, Mary this is Mr. Crawford, I'm trying to convince him to

leave IBM and come work for me up in Vancouver.  I'll have steak

and eggs, medium rare steak and eggs easy over.  What will you

have Mr. Crawford, by the way thanks for meeting me this


	Don quickly picked up on the scam and replied, "No problem and

please call me Don.  I'll have steak and eggs too, make my steak

rare and my eggs scrambled if you don't mind."

	"Anything to drink?"

	"Please bring us a couple of coffees.  Is that all right with

you Don?"

	"Yes, that's fine, may I call you Colleen?"

	"Please do I prefer to be informal, it makes it easier to get

to know the other person."  The waitress left and Don suppressed

a chuckle, "I take it this is now officially business?"

	"Certainly, so would you like to come work for me in Vancouver?"

	"I wouldn't mind working UNDER you anywhere but I think I'll

stay in south Florida, I don't like cold weather.  Why don't you

open up a branch down here, that I might consider?"  

	"No, most of our business is in the north west, sorry," 

Colleen ignored the double meaning but the man getting up to

leave at the table next to theirs winked knowingly at Don.

	"Oh well, we can at least enjoy our breakfast." 

	 Mary brought their coffee and two glasses of ice water, "will

there be any else, your steak and eggs will be a few more

minutes, maybe juice or some fruit?"

	Don looked at Colleen and shook his head.  Colleen thought for

a moment and then replied, "No thanks Mary this will be fine

thank you."  Mary left and the couple gazed out the window at

the sun drenched ocean.  There was not a cloud in the sky. 

After a few moments Don spoke, "that outfit seems to be

attracting quite a lot of attention,  do the men always stare at

you when they come in for breakfast here?"

	"Actually I always seem to be stared at here, whether I'm alone

or with someone, at least when I'm with someone none of them try

to sit down and join me."

	"I take it you had some problems earlier in the week?"

	"Well Tuesday was okay because I was obviously in a hurry and

just had coffee and a Danish but Wednesday at least three men

tried to join me, and Mary had to fend off a couple more.  I

gave her a good tip that morning you can be sure.  Yesterday

Jack, one of the Motorola people joined me for breakfast so we

could go over some last minute questions in private.  No reason

to worry the bosses if you don't have to."

	Mary brought their breakfast and refilled their cups.  They ate

in silence, enjoying the good food and the view of the Atlantic.

 When they had finished Mary removed the dirty dishes and left

the bill for Colleen to sign; Ms. Kennedy never had more than

two cups of coffee and she noted that the gentlemen's cup was

still half full.  Colleen glanced at the bill, added a

twenty-five percent tip, wrote down her room number and signed

the receipt.  Don finished his coffee and asked, "are you ready?"

	"Yes, let's go for a walk on the beach."  They left the

restaurant and walked down to the beach.  The sun was already

making the day warm as they walked to the wet sand and proceeded

on down the beach away from the motel.  The beach in front of

the motel was already starting to fill with people.  Don looked

approvingly at the tanned scantily clad bikinied women.  Colleen

commented, "I can see why you prefer south Florida, even in the

summer you won't see that much skin up in Canada.  Have you ever

had a multiple orgasm?"

	The question caught Don by surprise and he hesitated almost a

minute before saying, "women have multiple orgasms, I've never

heard of a man having one."

	"Certainly men can have multiple orgasms, I've given two or was

it three men multiple orgasms a couple of times.  Of course the

first one or two orgasms are very mild, the cum sort of flows

out instead of spurting out but that last one always seemed


	Don hesitated again, trying to imagine what this beautiful

redhead was talking about, finally he said, "Are you sure your

not talking about pre-cum, clear fluid instead of a milky fluid;

I never experienced anything like what you describe."

	"Would you like to try, you'll have to do everything I say?"

	"No pain or constraints or anything like that?"

	"Nope, just my hand and my breasts, you wouldn't mind coming on

my breasts would you, she asked as she turned toward him and

unbuttoned the second button of her blouse, revealing a hint of

her upper charms.  "Of course I'd want you to do something for

me in return."

	"Tell you what, if you can bring me to a multiple orgasm I'll

do anything to you that you want but if you can't then I get to

use your body any way I want but no pain either way, okay?"

	"Sounds fair to me."  Colleen stopped walking and turned back

to Don, they were now almost a mile from the motel and there

were no other people within 300 yards of them.  "We should get

back, I don't want these to get sunburned," she said as she

opened her blouse wide to give him a good look at her freckled

breasts.  In the moonlight he hadn't notice that they were

lightly freckled with pale freckles no darker than her pale

nipples that stood out hard and bold.  He stepped close,

virtually all the freckles were on the bottom of her breasts,

below the nipple.  The only ones above the nipple were so close

to her areola that he had to look real close to distinguish the

freckles from her tits.  He lifted her skirt to reveal her

bright coppery red bush that glistened and shown in the

sunlight, almost as if it were on fire.  He said, "I just had to

see it in sunlight, it's beautiful, you're beautiful." 

	Hand in hand they walked back to the motel.  They went to the

sliding glass doors of her room; they were unlocked and the

couple entered the motel room.  Colleen closed the drapes and

removed her blouse and skirt.  Don stood there staring at the

naked redhead until she came to him and undid his trousers.  He

removed his shirt and they were both naked in the dimly lit

room.  Colleen went to the door and opening it just a crack hung

the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the doorknob and closed and locked

the door.  She stripped the top sheet from the bed, putting it

at the foot of the bed on top of the blanket laying there.  She

had Don sit at the very edge of the bed with his legs spread

wide around the sheet and blanket.  Don's penis was already

beginning to grow hard. 

	Colleen went to the bathroom and returned with a small bottle

of baby oil, "perfect for removing  make-up and an excellent

lubricant for breasts and penises."  She sensuously oiled her

breasts before applying the sweet smelling baby oil to Don's

stiff rod.

	She sat and kneeled between his legs on the sheet so that her

breasts were level with his groin.  She very slowly massaged the

baby oil into his penis.  She slipped a hand under his balls so

they were resting on the palm of her hand but otherwise she

ignored them.  She leaned forward so the tips of her nipples

brushed the head of his cock and used her other hand to press

his organ against her oil slick mammary.  Very slowly she rubbed

his cock on her left breast, up and down and back and forth. 

Across her hard nipple and sometimes up and down on her hard

bud.  Don adored the sight of his purple penis pressing against

Colleen's white breast and the feeling when her nipple rubbed

his glans.  He knew that he would soon climax and decided not to

hold back.

	Colleen felt his balls begin to scrunch up and pulled her hand

away for the blood engorged organ that immediately sprang away

from her breast.  Don groaned and tried to lean forward into to

Colleen and rub his cock on her breasts.  "Oh no, you're not to

initiate anything, you let me be in total control; trust me

you'll love it."

	"Sorry, I already love it but I was just about to come."

	"Yes I know but I'll control the movements and you'll come at

least twice and love every delightful moment of it.  You'll get

to watch your cum flow out of your slit and cover my breast; so

just relax and let me do it, you just watch."  Colleen again

pressed Don's penis to her breast.  A small drop of clear

pre-come fluid oozed out from the slit and Colleen pushed her

nipple into the piss hole.  Don groaned again.  The sexy woman

continued caressing her breast with the rock hard cock until she

again felt Don's balls contract.  This time she gently embraced

the penis to her breast and held it there.  Don sighed and a

drop of milky fluid became visible at the top of his cock.  The

redhead rubbed the head back and forth across her nipple two or

three time and then pressed it against her breast.  Cum flowed

easily out or the slit and over her breast, covering her nipple

and running down her breast and Don's barely pulsing penis.  The

flow lasted for several seconds and Colleen held the penis

motionless to her breasts for a minute or two after the flow had


	She slid the cock over her breast coating it with the slippery

cum and moved it to her right breast.  Sliding the still hard

penis over her oil slick breast, the cum and oil mingled.  It

did not take long before  Don was again on the verge of an

orgasm and again Colleen clasped his penis to her breast, this

time firmly.   Cum flowed out, not as much this time but enough

to fully coat her tit and nipple.  Don was amazed, "that was

super, especially the first time and I feel as if I could come

some more."

	"Of course you can come some more, I promised you the last time

would be the best; lay down."  Don did as request and Colleen

pressed his hard-on to his belly and then straddled it with her

pussy.  She slid her pussy lips along the shaft of the stiff

cock, up and down the shaft, not in her vagina but between her

cunt lips.  She massaged hard with long quick strokes and within

minutes Don came for a third time.  Cum gushed out of his rod,

spurting onto his belly and covering Colleen's pussy liberally

with cum.  Don squirmed under the sexy redhead and squeezed her

cum covered breasts with his hands.  Colleen said, "What'd I

tell you?  Now I want you to eat me out while I sit on your

face.  You can take as long as you like.  My ex-boyfriend used

to love to eat me out, he took almost half an hour and when I

finally came I sometimes let loose a large gush of pussy cum

into his mouth.  It was a fantastic feeling; of course that was

seven years ago.  Lay facing the desk so I can watch myself in

the mirror."

	"Your wish is my command, as promised, so what happened to your

wonderful lover, why aren't you married.  You're gorgeous,

intelligent, an incredible lover, why hasn't some guy snatch you


	"Believe me two or three have tried but none would let me have

my career as part of the bargain, I guess Canadian men are just

behind the times.  The ex-boyfriend I was talking about wanted

me to quit school to help him get through law school.  I refused

and he left in a huff.  I understand he's a successful lawyer

now with two failed marriages and a couple of brats for kids. 

I'm much better off without him."  Colleen climbed over Don, got

onto her knees and let her pussy rest lightly on his mouth.  Don

began slowly licking his cum off  Colleen's swollen pussy lips. 

The woman was hot, her pussy was steamy and Don breathed in her

musky smell as his tongue penetrated first the labia to lick all

round her vagina and then into the vagina itself; licking up the

pussy juice that was beginning to ooze out of her fuck hole. 

Don kept his movements slow and light, teasing and tickling.  He

delighted in the sight of her pubic hair glistening with sweat

and cum and cunt juice, so red it looked like it was on fire.

	For her part Colleen was hot, she loved making a man come more

than once and the feel of his cum coating her breasts and pussy.

 She loved the feel of a tongue on her cunt, licking up her

juices with its velvety touch; the way it made her tingle all

over, the way her pussy felt when her cunt lips were swollen

with blood, waiting, aching to be licked and massaged.  She

delighted in the way Don was taking his time, making her

pleasure last and letting her orgasmic tension build slowly.

	Colleen leaned forward a bit to give Don better access to all

the charms between her athletic thighs.  He used his hands on

her buttocks, squeezing her ass and playing with her anus with a

finger.  Colleen carefully repositioned herself so that she was

supporting her weight on knees and elbows, legs spread wide. 

She reached her hands up to fondle her breasts that were just

above Don's stomach, the nipples brushing his hairy abdomen;

tweaking her nipples softly with her fingers and gently pressing

the breast flesh with her hands Colleen lost herself in the

erotic scene displayed on the mirror over the desk.  Don's

tongue was busy with her cunt; licking inside her vagina and

then moving outside to lick it all round.  He pointedly ignored

her clit that was sticking lewdly out from its hiding place

above her hot wet vagina.

	He felt his cock begin to stiffen again as he continued to

breathe deeply the musky scent of this beautiful, sexy, horny,

redhead he had picked up the night before.  He couldn't believe

his luck, he was eating out the most gorgeous woman he'd ever

seen; he'd fucked her three times, in each of her holes and come

all over her breasts and pussy.  He'd finally gotten a redhead,

and she obviously loved what he was doing to her body and he

loved doing it.

	Colleen's pussy and thighs began to tremble slightly as her

passion built and Don slowed his pace even more to prolong her

exquisite sexual agony as her body waited for orgasmic release. 

Colleen begged him to gently lick her clit, it longed for his

attentive tongue.  First Don licked into her vagina again,

penetrating an inch or so before he moved his tongue slowly to

just below her hard sensitive clitoris.  He licked all round the

bud without touching it and Colleen let out a soft cat-like

growl of pure lust and pleasure.  Don pressed his lips lightly

to the protruding nub and kissed it softly with his moist lips,

not using his tongue.  He then went back to licking her cunt,

concentrating on her vagina and her inner labia.  Colleen was

moaning softly almost constantly now, Don had been licking her

for a good fifteen minutes.

	He used his tongue to lick inside her fuck hole, pressing his

lips to her sensitive inner pussy lips, stabbing his tongue in

and out of her vagina gently but firmly; then he would lick up

and across her hole with the flat of his tongue, lightly

brushing her clit at the top.  Back to her steamy vagina the

point of his tongue went, lips again pressed against her hot wet

cunt and then back to bush against her jutting clit.  About the

fifth or sixth time Colleen moaned loudly, "Suck on my clit,

make me come, please I want it now, suuuck meeee!"

	Don made her wait.  He kept a steady pace of licking with the

flat of his tongue and penetrating her vagina with its point. 

Each time he licked her clit just a little bit harder.  Colleen

was moaning loudly by this time, begging for release.  Finally

when his tongue touched her clitoris for at least the twentieth

time he left it there and sucked her clit into his mouth,

rolling his tongue all round it and across it until Colleen

cried, "I'm cooommmminng, ahhhhhh, ooohh bbbaaaabbbyyy dooon't

stoooop,    pleasedon'tstop!"  Pussy juice poured out of her

vagina and onto his chin.  He opened his mouth wide, keeping his

tongue pressed to her clit and was rewarded with gush after gush

of hot pussy juice from the redhead's pulsing spasming vagina

while with each gush she moaned more loudly and lewdly.

	Finally the flow of pussy juice stopped.  Don's mouth and face

were covered with her cum was her pussy.  She moved back down

her new lover's chest and belly leaving a slimy trail of cunt

juice until her ass pressed into his stiff penis.  Don's cock

was hard again much to Colleen's delight.  Quickly she impaled

herself on his rod, burying it deep in her hot steamy cunt hole.

 She rode it up and down for three or four minutes before she

moved a hand from her breast to her clit and began to massage it

gently.  As she massaged her clitoris, with Don's cock sliding

slowly in and out of her cunt, urine began to trickle out of her

piss hole until a golden stream jetted out onto Don's belly. 

Colleen moaned contentedly and when the warm golden piss hit

Don's belly he came quietly into Colleen's vagina.

	"My bladder was full from the coffee this morning, I hope you

don't mind, you seemed to like it last night."

	"No, I didn't mind but I think we'd better take another shower.

 I feel like I'm covered with pussy juice and piss."  Colleen

laughed and got off the man she'd met just the night before. 

She glanced at the clock, "we have just enough time for a

leisurely shower and then you can drive me back to the pub and

I'll treat you to lunch."

	They took a slow sensuous shower, gently soaping each other all

over, hugging and kissing.  As they rinsed off Colleen pressed

her hand to her pussy; she could tell her period was going to

start shortly, she wasn't spotting yet but she knew that by

tonight her flow would begin and tomorrow promised to be a heavy

flow miserable day.  Don noticed Colleen's look and asked, "is

anything wrong?" 

	"My period is about to start, certainly by tonight and I'll be

miserable tomorrow; furthermore, I expected to be home so I

don't have any pads.  I picked some up yesterday on the way back

from the airport but they're in my car."

	"Well, are you likely to leak before we get to your car?  Maybe

you could use some toilet paper?  I'll go get dressed and we can

leave as soon as you're ready."  Don toweled off and went into

the bedroom while Colleen toweled herself off and prepared a

small fold of several sheets of toilet paper to protect her

panties should she start to spot.

	"I hate using toilet paper, it feels so uncomfortable and

usually doesn't do any good," Colleen said as she came out of

the bathroom and slipped on her skirt and began buttoning her

blouse, "okay, let's go, I'm sorry to ruin such a beautiful day."

	"Don't be silly you haven't ruined anything, just think how

lucky we were that your period didn't start last night.  Are you

ready, do you want to call Avis first?"

	"Yes and no, let's call from the pub, I'll feel better with a

real pad instead of this wad of toilet paper."  The couple left

her room and drove back to the Blue Boar.  This time there were

no boats or trains to wait for and they were stopped by only one

red light. 

	When they got to the pub Don parked next to Colleen's car and

she got a pad out  from the new box.  They went into the  pub;

Colleen went right to the ladies room while Don took a table in

the back.  A small lunch crowd was already gathering.  Mike, the

manager, came over and Don order a Double Diamond for each of

them and asked for a lunch menu.  Colleen came out looking much

more relaxed and went to use the phone.  She called Avis and

told them her problem and where she was; she said she would wait

in the pub for the repair truck and went to the table to join


	"Any trouble?"

	"Nope, no spots yet and the girl said they would have a truck

come out within the hour with two tires, a good spare and a

replacement for the flat.  She was very nice, apologized and

asked if I needed anything else, I must say I was surprised."

	"Well, they say the try harder.  You know I really would like

to see more of you."

	"How can you possibly see more of me, do you want to x-ray me

or something, you've seen all of me two or three times."

	Mike brought their drinks and they ordered lunch.

	"You know what I mean, I'd like to see you again.  How often do

you get down to south Florida or even central Florida?"

	"Almost never, this is only my second time to Florida, I went

to the Keys a couple of years ago, it was nice but not something

I'm likely to do again.  I got a really bad sunburn just walking

around Key West.  Do you ever get up to northwest Canada or even

Washington  state?"

	The closest I've been to Canada is Chicago and the closest I've

been to Washington is San Francisco.  I've never even been to

Niagara Falls.  Do you ever visit any other parts of the states,

in particular the east coast?"

	"No, but I love San Francisco, how often do you get out there?"

 Mike interrupted their conversation by bring their lunch and

Colleen told him that a repairman would be coming in looking for

her and asked him to direct the guy to her when he showed up. 

Colleen began eating and Don just stared at the redhead. 

"Aren't you going to eat, is something wrong, has my blouse come

open or something?"

	"I'm sorry, I was thinking about how lucky I've been finding

you and now your leaving and I'll probably never see you again."

 Don started in on his lunching looking sad.

	" What about San Francisco, how often to you get out to the

west coast?"

	"Only once every couple of years, I get to Chicago once or

twice a  year, where do you vacation?  I've been going down to

the Baja in Mexico."

	"You fly down to Mexico every year?  I normally vacation in

Washington, visiting old friends from high school and

sightseeing, I drive and often drive all the way down to

northern California, as I said I love San Francisco."

	"I don't fly, I drive, I like driving and I love New Orleans,

so I usually spend a day or two there and there are two

campsites in Texas that I stay at. I generally take my vacation

in early June, when do you take yours?"

	"Any time in the summer.  Why don't we meet in San Francisco

next summer?  Here's my card, give me a call in a few weeks, my

home phone is on the back, let me give you my address too." 

Colleen wrote out her address and handed the card to Don.  "This

way if you change your mind about coming to work in Vancouver

you can call me."

	"Thanks, let me give you my card and if you let me borrow your

pen I'll give you my address.  I think I can swing San Francisco

next year, I'll call if I get sent out there earlier, maybe you

could take a couple of days off and join me; I generally don't

leave until Sunday morning because our meetings just never seem

to end in time to catch a plane back on Friday," Don chuckled. 

He wrote his address and home phone number on the back of his

card and handed it to her.  They finished their lunch and were

finishing their ales when  a young man in an Avis coverall


	"Excuse me Ms. Kennedy," said the young man.


	"I've fixed the flat, if you'll let me have the keys I'll

replace the spare; and here's a coupon for a 10% discount on

your bill.  We're very sorry for any inconvenience."  Colleen

handed him her car keys and signaled Mike for the lunch tab.

	"I really should be going Don, I'll see you in San Francisco. 

I've had a wonderful time with you, let me here from you."  She

left money on the table for lunch and got up.

	"You can count on it.  Let me walk you to your car."

	They met the Avis man on the way out and he handed her the car

keys.  At the car Don gave Colleen a big wet tongue kiss



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