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Archive-name: Working/jj.txt


Archive-title: Julie Jumps (me)

        One lucky man's adventures at the office.  1/31/89

                Julie was a large, intelligent woman.  She stood close 

        to 6 feet tall and had probably been rather overweight at one 

        time but had obviously gotten it well under control.  She had 

        black hair and green eyes that always looked sharply and could 

        sparkle with fun at times.  Obviously highly intelligent, you 

        could never be sure exactly what she was thinking.

                Her figure was ample, perhaps 42-38-42, and her strong 

        frame gave her a well-put-together look.  She always dressed 

        impeccably at work, wearing clothes that flattered her while 

        remaining relatively conservative.

                Julie and I had always gotten along well, sharing jokes 

        in the elevator or just smiling and saying hi in the hallways.  

        I had always been attracted to her.  I like that self confidence 

        that allows a woman to smile unabashedly at men in a way that 

        says that she never feels herself to be less than they.  Julie 

        was definitely an strong and assertive woman, and easily the 

        equal to any man. 

                One day I was getting a drink at the water fountain down 

        the hall when she walked by.  The water fountain was located 

        around a bend in the hall from the office doors, and was next 

        to the door to the ladies room.  She had just come out of the 

        ladies room, and as she walked by she gently swatted my seat.  I 

        was so surprised I almost bumped my head on the wall behind the 


                "Now now!" I said as I quickly straightened up and 

        looked after her.  She looked back with a big grin and then 

        turned and walked back to me. 

                "You want some more, little boy?" she teased, grinning 

        wider and looking slightly down on me. 

                "You'd better watch out."  I shot back. "I might take 

        you up on that!" 

                She took a breath, thrusting her large breasts out at me 

        slightly.  "You might, eh?" she said, still grinning.  "And what 

        if I said 'Let's'?" 

                My heart began to pound and I said "I'd like that, I'm 


                "Step this way, young man." she said, and, taking my 

        hand, led me around the corner away from the office to another 

        short hall section where she opened a phone closet door.  My 

        heart was pounding louder now, and I was already feeling a glow 

        of warmth coming over me.  My nerves tingled with tension and 

        anticipation.  I had had dreams like this occasionally for 

        months, but never considered them a real possibility. 

                She closed the door behind us and turned on a small 

        light bulb in the closet, which was actually fairly large. It 

        was perhaps 5 x 10 feet in size, with one wall covered with 

        terminal blocks and wiring.  Then she turned to me and put her 

        arms around me, hugging me to those magnificent breasts of hers. 

                "Are you sure about this?" I asked hesistantly, feeling 

        the need to give her an out when in reality it was I who wasn't 

        sure I wanted to stay.

                "Sure, I'm sure." She grinned, "I've wanted to try you 

        out for quite some time."  She kissed me warmly on the lips and 

        I felt the heat in her kiss as she squeezed me tightly.   My 

        pecker was already standing and the blood raced through me as I 

        hugged her in return.

                She let me go and stepped back to lift the front of her 

        sweater, revealing her magnificent globes in a fine lacy bra 

        that only made them look better.  Then she unsnapped the front 

        clasp of the bra and her breasts came free, exposing their 

        creamy white beauty to my eyes.

                "Julie, you are one beautiful and exciting woman." I 

        said as I lifted her boobs to my face with my hands and began 

        kissing and sucking them.  She leaned back slightly to raise 

        them still more and sighed with pleasure as she did so.  I went 

        to town, intent on pleasuring her to the best of my best 


                I tongued those alabaster beauties all over, sucking and 

        nipping with my lips at her hard nipples.  Her large brown 

        aureoles turned pink as her nipples stiffened. 

                Julie enjoyed this attention for several minutes before 

        pulling her sweater over her head and shrugging off her bra.  I 

        wrapped my arms around her and kissed her chest all over, 

        enjoying the sensation of her silky smooth skin, until she pushed 

        me gently away and kissed me again. This time her hot lips 

        opened and her even hotter tongue entered my mouth, making my 

        hair stand on end with excitement as it explored and tittilated 

        my oral orifice. 

                As she hugged me close, kissing me hotly, her hands 

        roamed over me, squeezing my buttocks and stroking my back.  We 

        broke from that super-hot kiss to gasp for air, and her shining 

        eyes locked with mine.  We didn't need to speak, for there was 

        plenty of communication between us without it.

                Her hands pulled out my shirt tails and slid below my 

        belt to squeeze my buttocks again, and she almost lifted me off 

        my feet as we kissed heatedly again.

                I pushed her back slightly and began undoing my tie and 

        pulling off my shirt in a frenzy, and her hands moved around to 

        undo my belt and unzip my pants.  Before I could discard my 

        shirt her hands were inside the front of my jockey shorts 

        caressing my cock, which by now was hard as a rock.

                She murmured and cooed as she fondled me, pulling my 

        pants and shorts to my knees with one hand.  As the cool air hit 

        my superheated prick she knelt down on one knee and kissed the 

        head of it, making it jump and jerk, now more erect than ever. 

        She looked on it appreciatively and I quivered with 

        anticipation, dropping my t-shirt on the floor. 

                She looked up at me with a grin and leaned forward again 

        to take my cock into her hot mouth, watching my eyes bug out 

        with the sensation.  Her tongue laved it in her mouth, wetting 

        it well, and I placed my hands on her shoulders to steady 

        myself.  She gave it two long slurping sucks before taking her 

        mouth away, making me moan and then slump as she stopped her 

        fine attentions.

                Then she stood and kissed me hotly again, pressing her 

        naked chest against mine.  I reeled with pleasure at the 

        sensation and my hands instinctively lifted her skirt to stroke 

        her thighs and crotch.

                Then it was my turn to kneel down.  She put one foot up 

        on a small stool that must have been left in the closet by the 

        telephone men and I pushed her skirt back to expose her panties 

        to my view.  Lo and behold, she was wearing "easy access" 

        panties with a nylon zipper from the top of the front all the 

        way up the back.  She reached down and grasped the zipper even 

        as I noticed it and pulled it down, down, and, leaning forward, 

        pushed it through her crotch and up the back.  As she removed 

        her hand the zipper split open and her hair and labias burst 

        through, the lips already engorged, pink and shining. 

                I gasped with excitement and she chuckled.  "I was 

        enjoying myself in the ladies room before I met you."  It was 

        obvious she had been, too, for as I impulsively dove into her 

        crotch, my tongue found her pussy to be hot, wet, and slippery, 

        just the way I like them.  She smelled and tasted so sexy it 

        made my head spin.

                I found her clit almost at once, and after stroking my 

        tongue up and down her slit a few times I began making slow 

        smooth circles around her clit.  Now it was her turn to lean on 

        my shoulders.  I heard her gasp and felt her body jerk with 

        pleasure as I ate her well.  I even tongued back to her vagina 

        and rimmed it as she, one foot still up on the stool, leaned 

        back to give me easier access.

                After a minute more, Julie, shuddering and gasping, 

        lifted me away and to my feet.  She hugged me to her and lowered 

        herself a little until I felt my cock head resting in her crotch 

        hair.  I reached down with one hand and, as we again kissed 

        heatedly, moved the head of my cock up and down between her 

        labias, trying to rub it on her clit.  She reached down and 

        replaced my hand with hers to guide my tool smoothly into her 


                The heat I felt there was incredible.  The head pressed 

        smoothly in and then broke past the first resistance.  We both 

        gasped with pleasure and she kissed me again as she lowered 

        herself down still further until our groins met.  We were fully 

        enmeshed, and for a moment I stayed still, feeling her muscles 

        twitching and clenching around my cock. 

                Then she started to move, slowly, up and down in longer 

        and longer strokes that had us both almost in tears with 

        ecstasy.  She tongued my neck and ear, and bit my earlobe as she 

        worked me over, pistoning smoothly and steadily up and down on 

        me.  I rolled my hips around and around, trying to enhance her 

        pleasure as her talented pussy almost sucked me off, churning 

        and pumping juicily.  Our crotches were soaked with our mixed 

        juices as she worked me over.

                She moaned gutterally in my ear and I felt her cunt 

        squeezing me.  I knew she was almost there and I lifted up on my 

        toes to ram into her a bit harder.  Her moan changed to a soft 

        squeal as she plunged down on me and her body shook and 

        shuddered as she started to come.

                "Give it to me!" she groaned, "Cum in me, you stud."

                Knowing that she wanted it was the last straw for me, 

        and I was overcome with waves of pleasure as my muscles 

        involuntarily began pumping hot cum into her.  My brain was 

        awash with fantastic sensations as I humped into her, and her 

        rhythmically clenching cunt drove me wild with pure sex.

                We jerked and lurched together, almost falling over in 

        the small dimly lit closet.  I lowered my face to tongue her 

        breasts in a frenzy as she milked me with her crotch.  Her hair 

        in disarray, her head, thrown back in revery, was framed against 

        the bare lightbulb's light, and I delivered her one of the great 

        cums of my life there in the middle of the workday.

                Finally I began to fade a bit.  We were both flushed and 

        covered with sweat as she again grinned at me and lifted herself 

        slowly off of me.  My drenched and slippery cock pulled from her 

        cunt with a wet sound and we both groaned with sensation at the 

        same instant. 

                "Oh you beautiful stud." She murmured breathily.  "That 

        was truly incredible.  I knew you had it in you, and I'm so glad 

        I got it out of you."

                I shook my head, trying to clear it, feeling the juice 

        running down my legs as I took a short step back.  "You are one 

        incredible lady." I gasped. "Thank you so-o-o much.  That was 

        one fantastic fuck and I will remember it forever."

                Julie sat weakly down on the stool, her breasts shining 

        with sweat, still gasping with excitement.  "You deserve a 

        reward!" she proclaimed as she again grasped my cock and guided 

        it to her face.

                I was speechless as she rubbed it on her cheeks and 

        neck, looking up to judge my pleasured reaction.  I placed my 

        hands on her shoulders again to steady myself and she grinned 

        and extended her tongue to lick a drop of cum from the head of 

        my prick.  It jumped in response and her smile widened.

                Then she closed her eyes and smoothly engulfed its 

        length until her nose was buried in my crotch hair.  I felt her 

        tongue push out through her lips to lick the front of my balls 

        and the base of my pleasure unit.

                The blood surged through my head and I felt my cock 

        again stiffening to a rock-like hardness in her softly sucking 

        mouth.  She hummed softly on it, sending shivers of sensation 

        through me.  Her tongue worked over and around it and she began 

        to pump it slowly in and out of her sucking lips.  It felt so 

        hot and slippery that in no time I was flying high again. 

                She steadily increased her pace, plunging down on my 

        burgeoning cock and then sucking gently as she lifted her head 

        off of it.  Her right index finger and thumb encircled the base 

        of it and her left hand palmed my balls gently, silently asking 

        for another delivery of hot cum.

                I couldn't wait to oblige, and her attentions became 

        more strident and demanding as she took me higher and higher 

        into a cloud of brilliant sex-pleasure.  She began augmenting 

        her efforts by pumping the skin of my cock up and down in rhythm 

        with her sucking and at the same time squeezing the shaft 

        rhythmically with her thumb and finger.  It was like being 

        fucked and sucked at the same time, and it sent me completely 

        off my rocker.  My brain seemed to be spinning at a thousand

        miles an hour, cruising along at 50,000 feet.  My senses were

        swamped in a continuous blast of pleasure.  I grasped blindly

        toward the walls, trying not to collapse as my muscles seemed 

        almost out of my control.  

                I felt the warmth of her hand cupping my balls and she

        gulped "Cum, cum, cum..." with each plunge onto my prick.  The 

        vibration of her voice was indescribably pleasurable.  My 

        breathing was hot, hard, and spasmodic when I could be sure I 

        was breathing at all.  Then I don't think I breathed at all for 

        what seemed an eternity.  My muscles were all locked rigidly, my 

        back arched, standing on tip toes to give her as much access to 

        my most sensitive spots as possible.  I was drowned in 

        incredible sex, feeling as I never had before.

                Without any warning I started cumming again, feeling 

        like I was spurting gallons into her hot mouth, a volcanic 

        eruption that started in the depths of my being and boiled 

        inexorably toward the surface until it burst almost explosively 

        from my cock.  Her tongue worked overtime, lashing ferociously 

        around my cock as her lips and fingers milked me for all I had 

        left.  I shook and convulsed in the stuffy closet air as I came 

        and came, and her slippery lips clenched pleasurably on my prick 

        as she swallowed it all.  She hummed her appreciation as she 

        slowed her pace to a steady, gentle pistoning that lovingly drew 

        out my hottest juices.

                Finally I almost collapsed over her and she steadied me 

        with her left hand while she gently sucked and milked the last 

        few slippery dribbles from my softening cock.  She was truly an 

        artist at oral sex and I knew this was a life experience I would 

        never forget.  It was all too obvious that she loved giving such 


                Finally she pulled my softening shaft from her lips with 

        a smack, gave it a few soft parting licks of her cum-coated 

        tongue and stood up, still helping steady me on my feet.  

                Gasping for breath, shuddering spasticly, I gazed in 

        ecstasy on her shining face, and we smiled gloriously at each 

        other.  We silently hugged and kissed again, tasting each 

        other's juices on each other's tongues, and then began to 

        shakily get our clothes back together.  

                Before she could fasten her bra I had to lean forward 

        and kiss and suck her magnificent breasts once more, and she 

        sighed and stroked my head in appreciation as I did so.  

                She fastened her bra and then gently squeezed my now 

        hanging dong and kissed me again.  

                "I hope we get a chance to do this again some time." she 

        said, but I think we both knew that this would probably be our 

        only encounter.  We kissed softly and deeply, silently 

        expressing our thanks to each other for the wonderful experience 

        we had shared.

                Then I pulled up my pants and put on my shirt and she 

        zipped up her panties and pulled on her sweater.  I picked up my 

        tie and she listened at the door for a moment to make sure no 

        one was walking through the short hallway outside. 

                Then she grinned and winked at me, turned out the light, 

        and exited through the door into the brightly lit hall.  I 

        followed quickly and shut the door behind me as she turned the 

        corner to enter the ladies' room.  I hurried the other direction 

        into the mens' room and, thankfully finding it empty, entered a 

        stall and sat down to dry my crotch with some toilet paper.  

        Then I washed my hands, quickly put on my tie and left, feeling 

        flushed and sweaty but tingling all over with ecstatic echoes of 

        the fantastic sex I had just experienced. 

                A few moments later I made my way back to my office, 

        still shaking inside, and went back to work, still able to taste 

        and smell the exquisite bouquet of sex.  What a wonderful 

        afternoon it was. 


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