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Archive-name: Working/jane.mff

Archive-author: The Electric Monk

Archive-title: Jane

  The temperature was at least 100 degrees that day and everyone was hot.

Jane was especially hot because she was dressed in a blouse, skirt, and

stockings. She carried a leather brief case and headed for work.  She lived

alone and slept alone.  When I say alone, I mean ALONE.  No clothes!  Little

did she know that wearing no bra and underwear would be so sensuous and

revealing.  Sweat poured from her every gland and she was thoroughly

satisfied.  When she entered her building she was hit with cold air which

shocked her.  She causally entered the elevator, which was empty.

  It wasn't until now that she realized her blouse stuck to her, fully

exposing her breasts and nipples which were fully erect.  This excited her

so much, she had to stick her hand down her stockings and feel her wet,

slick, pussy.  The elevator stopped at the fifth floor, even though she was

going to the tenth floor.  A tall, dark haired man walked in, dressed in a

business suit.  He caught glimpse of her sweat-soaked shirt and smiled.

She knew he was becoming hard, and she enjoyed it totally, by licking her

teeth to make it worse.  She then, as it hit the tenth floor, dropped her

briefcase in front of her.  She bent over to pick it up, sticking her ass

way in the air showing it off.

  She felt his hard cock, fully dressed, push against her tight, wet ass.

If the door hadn't opened, they would have gone further.  She smiled at him

and he smiled back.  Then she exited the elevator.

  Jane walked down the hall to a door which read: "Hosmon & Williams Law."

She entered, and walked past the reception desk, where the secretary, who

was on the phone, nodded at her.  Jane walked to the other end of the room

and walked into the door on the right.

  Her office was large and beautifully decorated.  She wiped her forehead

and went to the desk.  She put the briefcase on the desk, opened it up and

sat, back, enjoying and air conditioning.

  Then an idea came to her head and she leapt up.  She undid her belt and

dropped her skirt, took off her panties, stockings and shoes, and sat down,

with only a blouse on, which was soaked to the nipple.  She took out her

papers, and started to write when her phone rung.

  "A Mr. T. Smith is here to see you.  May he enter?"

  She had to think for a second, looking at her bare pussy.  Tim was a very

sexy man, who worked out and had light blond hair.

  "Send him in..."

  He entered the room, but she rose minimally to greet him.  He smiled when

he saw her nipples.  They started to work on his case.  It was a small, home

dispute with his neighbor about him smashing the back end of a car.  They

worked for a half hour before it happened.

  Jane reached across the desk for a pencil, while at the same time,

unknowingly, Tim reached for one.  Their hands touched.  A magic spark flew.

They looked into one another's eye.

  She stood up.  Her pussy and ass were exposed, and he got even harder.  He

came around the desk and ripped his shirt off and dropped his pants.  She

took her sweaty blouse off and threw it aside.  She sat in the chair, his

legs over the arms of the chair, reclining, with his hard, hot cock sticking

way out. She eased on him, his hot cock sliding easily into her slippery


  His tongue probed her mouth and their tongues sucked one another.  She

leaned her head back and he licked the sweat which was pouring from her.

They fell to the floor in mad passion.

  She got on all fours and he mounted her.  He slipped his dick in her

perfect asshole.  She moaned in enjoyment and stuck her ass up higher trying

to coax his cock in deeper.  Once in, she continued to moan and started to

rock up and down.  His hands came round her and grabbed her tits, squeezing

them fully.  He pulled out and they 69'd.

  Her pussy was being penetrated by his tongue and his cock was being suck

dry by her hot, full lips.  She stuck her hands in his ass and felt it

thoroughly. They were in full heat when the phone rang.  She would have

ignored it but her secretary would check on her.  She answered it, and her

secretary told her she had a new appointment in 5 minutes.

  Tim took one final suck of her nipples, thanked her, dressed, and left.

She just laid in the middle of the room, with her legs fully spread apart.

She built up her energy and told her secretary to cancel her next

appointment, no matter what.  She heard her secretary telling her next

client that she had to cancel, and heard the client stomp off in furry, then

she hung up.

  Her secretary walked in to find her buck naked laying on the floor.  Then

Jane remembered that her secretary had a reputation for being a lesbian and

she shut the door behind her.  The secretary, Jill, took all her clothes off

and laid on her boss.  They sucked each other's tongues.  They fucked and

fucked, sticking their whole hands up each others pussy, playing with their

cunts. After that they each dressed, fully exhausted, and went home.

  Jane went home, dropping all her clothes on the doorstep, and went in.

  Her house was huge, for she was a fine lawyer.  She went upstairs and went

to sleep.

  The next morning she woke.  When she was fully restored, she realized it

was noon.  She was lucky to find it was Saturday, and went downstairs for

breakfast.  After breakfast she went upstairs to dress.

  Once again she put on no underwear, just a tee-shirt and tight jeans.  The

jeans squeezed her pussy tight and her ass was shown completely.

  The door bell rang.  When she answered it, there stood Tim.  Tim was just

wearing jogging shorts and shoes.  She unzipped her jeans and dropped them.

She then proceeded to take off her tee-shirt.  The boys across the street

could see this whole sex act, and they enjoyed it.  She caught a glimpse of

them watching, and smiled to them.  She then spread her legs to the window,

and felt her pussy for the boys.  Then Tim was naked, and they proceeded to

fuck till they both fell into a deep sleep.

  At her office, Jane then began a long, lasting, hot, sexual relationship

in which she never wore skirts in the office again...


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