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Archive-name: Working/hunger.txt


Archive-title: Security Guard's Dream, The

Is this what my life has become? Am I going to be a security guard for

the rest of my life? I'm 35 years old and all I've accomplished in

life is this? Why? I'm good looking, five feet ten, 180 pounds,

I'm smart and good looking. I deserve more than this. Of all the places I

get posted at, a freakin High School for crying out loud. I remember

when I was in High School, I had the biggest cock on the baseball

team, those were crazy times.  Steve could never figure out what

Deborah Moscowitz saw in me.  Little did he know it was my 8

inches that entertained her the most. She use to say that it

wasn't so much the length that was the big deal, but how thick it

was. Even when she was sopping wet, it would take her a good ten

or fifteen minutes to work my cock in her little snatch. Man, those

were the days. Aw shit, the lunch bell, that means these little brats

are gonna come screaming down any minute. YO!! Take that hat off

young man! Take it off before I remove your head with it. That's

better. There is one consilation to this job. Little Nancy

Martinez. Man, if I didn't know any better, I'd say she's fucking

already even though she's only a freshman. And those hints she's

always throwing. Well, I didn't have to wonder too long. You see,

it happened one day at around 3:30pm. I make my rounds everyday

after school when everyone is one. Anyway, I was downstairs

securing the basement when I heard cheerleading and dancing coming from

the gym. There was Nancy working up a ferocious a sweat. She was in the

middle of a full front split when she spotted me. 'What are you

doing here?',she said. 'Making my rounds' I replied. Her ass and

crotch were drentched in sweat, and the Dancskin leotard was

caught between her ass cheeks.  'Oh, making the world safe for all

democratic societies I presume' she said. I smiled. Her beautiful

and slim body, and her light brown eyes, were surpassed only by her

wit. She looked at me with those gorgous eyes and sly smile and

asked, 'Do you know why I don't have a boyfriend?' 'Nancy, don't

start your nonsense.' She was always flirting with me. The

temptation was there but I didn't want to risk my job. 'No,

seriously, do you know why I don't have a boyfriend?' 'Why Nancy?' I

asked dryly. She walked over to me and gently grabbed my crotch,

'Because, all the boys I know don't have all this.' She starts to

laugh. 'I mean, what do you with all that anyway?'

That did it, I felt my rod start to pulse and hardened. Nancy

started to stretch out bent completely over with her ass

straight up. Talking to me with her mouth just inches away from

her snatch she said, 'I want you to do me a favor.' 'What now, Nancy?'

I said while trying to think of heart surgery or a bad car

accident, anything to keep my throbbing rod from getting any

bigger, I could never hide one of my hardons. She said, 'Come with

me into the lockers.' This is it, I thought to myself. I looked

around and I was sure the school was empty, after all it was

already 4:14pm. I followed her into the girl's locker room. 'You

know,' she said as she worked the Dancskin off from the top, 'I've

been thinking about this for a long time.' I couldn't believe this was

really happening. She pulled down her danceskin and revealed two of the

most beautifully shaped breasts I've ever seen. They sort of

snapped back into place as the fabric of her outfit let them go.

Small and firm with just the right amount of 'hang' to them. As she

wriggled the leotard down to her small waist I felt the saliva in

my mouth accumulate and I had to swallow. Her hips were wider than

her waist and the way she wiggled side to side to free herself sent

spastic shock waves to my cock, as if it couldn't finish hardening

fast enough. She continued lower and I noticed a faded tan line

right above her small triangular island of pubic hair. I felt the

blood rush to my head as if I took a few hits or something. She was

smiling as she trotted over to me and jumped up and wrapped her legs

around my waist. She flung her arms around my neck and stuck her

tongue deep into my mouth.  'Mmmmm', was all I heard her moan.

As if kissing me brought her relief from some unseen hunger she

had to fulfill. Even though she was muscular and well

proportioned, she couldn't have weighed more than 110 pounds.

Light stuff for me. She started kissing my neck as she unbuttoned

my shirt nervously fast. She was biting her lower succulent lip as

her breathing got incredibly heavy. I unzipped my pants as she

buried her face in the hairs of my chest, biting and smelling them.

My cock was standing out of my underwear waistline. I felt

Nancy's juices on my leg as she rubbed her pussy on my thigh. 'I

want you to ram me, ssssss, oooh, I want you ram me. Please.' My

haft harder than I felt it in quite some time, quivered once or

twice. I couldn't contain myself much longer as I swallowed one of

her lucious little tits whole.  'Ahhhhh', she gasped as if in

shock. She reached down and felt my rock hard tool. She continued

to talk in breathy whispers, 'Oh, my God', she breathed. She grabbed

my underwear by the sides and yanked them down to my ankles in

one shot. She grabbed my tool of love with her hand, her fingers

didn't make it all the way around.  While she was on her knees she

began massaging her face with my shaft. Licking, and kissing, and

rubbing her face on it. 'Oh please, oh please, oh please,' she

continued. She started licking my head, sticking her hot little

toungue between the slit, 'Mmmmmm, she sighed, 'God it's so big, it's

so hard, even the veins on it are thick.' She began to jerk me up and

down with both hands. My cock was so red and hot, it didn't

budge a millimeter. I couldn't take it any more, I picked her up

and carried her to a nearby lockeroom bench, I laid her down

and grabbed one leg in each hand and spread her wide. Her legs were

more than willing since she was a gymnast. 'Oh baby, ram it in, ram

it in', she practicly snarled. I positioned myself over her and

just touched her drenched little island of hair. 'Ohhhhhh, yes,

yes, please, yes.' She sounded as if she was crying. The tip of my

shaft of steel rubbed pubic hair, but I couldn't feel the opening.

She lifted her legs straight back to shoulders as she pulled on my

muscle with both hands toward her love box. 'Uoooh, sssss, aiiii,

si, put it in. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm.' Try as I might, I couldn't find her

opening. Then an idea came to me.

I figured if her pussy was too small, I'd have to resort to an old

trick. With her legs almost straight in the air I lowered my

mouth toward her snatch. Her lovebox looked incredibly innocent.

She didn't have that much hair so it was easy to see. Her lips were

together much like a virgin. With my tongue flat I licked her hot

little box from the beggining of her asshole all the way up to her

clitoris. 'Mmmmmmm' she moaned while biting her upper lip. Nancy

started rotating her hips as I my licking increased in tempo with

every pass. The musky smell had just a hint of urine and that was

enough to drive me wild. I gave her a deep stab with lmy tongue as

hard as I could get.  'OOOOOHHHHH!!!' she exclaimed,

'Again, please, again' she said as she grabbed my hair and tried to

shove my face inside. I began to eat her furiously, allowing my

saliva to work its way inside.  'Oh, yes, put your tongue inside'

Her pussy tightened around my tongue as I opened my mouth wider

and stuck my tongue in deeper. She began to fuck my face with

suprising power. 'Ah, ah, ah, oh, oh,   ssssssss, oh,oh,oh, yes,

mmm, yes, oh,oh,oh, OH, OH, OOOH!  AHHHHH!  OOOOOOOHHHHH!' she was

practically screaming, I knew she was close to orgasm. She grabbed

me by the sides of my hair and with my mouth still on her

dripping snatch she stood up as I repositioned myself on the floor

with her above me. With an incredible amount of strength and

speed she literally washed my face with her drenched love box. 'Ohh

yes, oh yes, don't move', she said as she moved up and down with

violent speed. She must developed incredible abdominal muscles from

being on the gymnastic team and she sure knew how to use them, 'Oh

yes, don't move, I'm coming, I'm coming,   I'm  coming,     I'm

coming,               ha, I'mmm

CUUUMMIIINNNGGG..NNNNNN'   she stood there motionless for about

forty seconds with her mouth open and her tongue sticking straight

out. I've made love before and only occasionally have I felt real

wet orgasms, but this was a genuine flood. For a second I

wondered if she was pissing on me.  Then she let go of her breath,

'Ahhhhhhhhhhh , oh shit, oh my goodness.' She staggered back to

the bench and laid there with her legs opened, trying to catch her

breath. By now I was pretty close to coming and my cock hasn't even

been touched yet. I put my hands between her legs and her pussy

felt so wet and ten times softer.  I couldn't wait any longer, my

balls were full to the breaking point and I needed to release NOW!

I positioned myself on top of her and felt the opening of her juicy

cunt inviting my steel hard love tool inside. When suddenly she got

up and instructed me to lay down. I lied down and without hesitation

she opened her mouth and swallowed half my shaft in one shot!! Her

mouth was so hot and wet, it almost felt like a cunt. She began

moving up and down covering my member totally with her saliva. It

felt so good I couldn't move.  Deeper and deeper it went with

every swallow. I felt my cock crashing into the back of her

throat and Nancy seemed to enjoy it. She kept banging her throat

harder and harder. The thrill was overtaking me as I felt ready to

explode.  As the pressure mounted she began

to rub my balls softly, almost as if she knew I was about to explode.

Then, I felt an incredibly delicious tension in my balls, I

just couldn't believe how good it felt. That's when I began to flood

her juicy little mouth with gobs of my hot cream. Each spurt packed

with incredible power. She swallowed loudly, agreeing with

the taste. 'Mmmmmm, hmmmmmm' she kept moaning while nodding her

head yes. I hadn't had sex for a month and so gobs and gobs of my

thick custard kept coming at her.  It was too much for her as my love

cream began to flow out of her mouth. My cock was super slippery

as my own sperm covered the full length of my shaft. She took my

cock out of her mouth and a thick string of cum connected my hard,

pulsating head to her lower lip.  'That was so good,' she gurgled

with her mouth still full with my love pudding. My cock still

straight up in the air looked even longer and thicker as it gleamed

with my own cum. There was a puddle of it on my lower stomach

and Nancy carefully scooped up the thick cream with her fingers and

inserted them in her already slippery juice box. 'I want to be

as slippery as possible because no matter what it takes, I'm getting

that monster inside of me'. She then positioned herself over me and

placed my plum sized head against her pussy lips. I felt my head

just peeking in as Nancy pushed.  'God, it's so big,' she said as

she manuvered my cream covered member to somehow get it in. Then

with a long grunt as if she was taking a shit she forced my rock

hard head in. 'Ooooh mmmyyyyyy gooooddddddd!!!'she breathed as

she began to move up and down very slowly. Her pussy was so tight I

had to ask,'Nancy, are you a virgin?' 'No,' she said with her

eyes closed in delight. 'When did you lose your virginity?' I asked.

Oblivious to my question she just rocked gently up and down, and

even though 90% of my tool was still outside of her, she seemed

to enjoy my tip alone just fine.  'Nancy, I'm talking to you, when

did you lose your virginity?' She barely replied between breaths,

'Last week when I finger popped myself' At that point she said,

'I want this whole thing inside of me.' I was in a daze, I didn't

know what to do. It was a little difficult for her to pull my

reddish purple head out of her hot snatch but it came out with a

slight 'plop' sound. 'Oh please get on the floor' she requested. I

lied down on the floor and with those incredible flexible legs of

hers', she squatted over me. This time she used her body weight to

push my gleaming wet cock back inside of her. 'Oh yeah, I love

it', she said. She started moving up and down as another half inch

dissapeared into her sweet hair patch. Biting her upper lip, she

scooped the remaining cum on my abdomen and gently rubbed her lips

with it. The extra lubrication enabled her to sink another inch.

'Ooooooooooo yeah, this is what I needed, a real man.' Even though

three quarters of my rock hard shaft remained she began to slide

up and down with increasing tempo.  Then, that's when the most

incredible thing I ever saw happened, lifting her legs

straight up in the air, she suspended herself on my cock! She

had her full body weight on it when I felt her insides give way.

'It's finally going in!', she said.  With her legs straight up in the air,

it was easy for me to hold her ankles. 'Oh yes, it's going in, she

said. Supporting part of her body weight with her hands on my hips and

with me splitting her legs to maximum angle, she reminded me of an olympic

gymnast competing on the balance beam. She began to make slow circles

as I began to disappear inside of her. I let go of her ankles with the

intentions of grabbing her by the hips but as soon as I let her ankles

go she put her feet on the floor and while maintaining a wide stance, much

like a Karate or Judo stance, she began to rock up and down. Her pussy

felt so tight I was afraid of pulling out for fear of not being able to put

it back in. 'Ssssssss, oh yes, oh yes, let me fuck you, just like that,

she said as she began to pick up speed, 'Don't move, oh it feels

incredible.' Her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened as she continued to

hammer away at my rock hard shaft.  Alternating from a quick succession

of quick strokes and slow long strokes I began to feel another

eruption coming on and all I could think of was getting ALL of my cock

inside of Nancy. Coming up on one of her long strokes she pulled my cock

out of her love box just enough to maintain my head just outside as she

began to rub the slippery knob back and forth between her asshole and her

pussy hole. Then she slowly put it back into her succulent young cunt.

Penetrating her again felt like breaking new ground for the second

time. Going in, I felt my foreskin pulled all the way back exposing my

head inside of her. The sensation was unreal. Then she stopped. I wondered

if anything was wrong but she just stood there motionless with her eyes

closed. I looked at her, she was beautiful, I mean a really beautiful

girl blooming into womanhood. Then slowly she opened her eyes and looked

at me and said, 'I  want  you  to get  on  top  of  me  and  fuck  me

until  it  hurts, fuck  me  like  an animal.' That was all I needed to

hear. As I rolled on top of her little ballerina like body I wondered

how was I going to ram her if I couldn't get all of my love muscle

inside of her. I got on top and positioned my hands on her ass

cheeks. She whispered in my ear, 'Don't be afraid, do what you

want.' With that she began to lick my mouth. I started to fuck with only a

fraction of my strength. Her snatch felt so good I didn't want to turn

her off by hurting her. 'What are you waiting for?', she asked, 'Put it

all the way in.' I started to fuck her like I always wanted to. 'Oh, oh,

oooh, yes, oooooooh, that's the way, that's the way, yes, yes, fuck me.'

I began to pound her letting most of my weight crash her but I still

couldn't get my whole cock inside of her. 'Oh please, fuck me just like

that, please don't stop, God it feels so good, break me in half.' I

grabbed her ass cheeks tighter and with all of my strength I pushed the

FULL length of my shaft inside of her. It sounded like the muffled

sound of knuckles cracking. 'Ahh, ahh, oh God, hold it right there,

Nancy said trying to catch her breath. I looked down to her love

hole and I couldn't believe that all of my meat was inside such a small

opening. 'Hold it right there, it hurts but it feels so good. Is it all

the way in?' she asked. I looked down to make sure, there was absolutely no

space between us what so ever. 'It's all the way in Nancy.' 'Good,' she

said, 'Now we can take care of business.' I began to ram her with

reckless abandon, I had to hold her tight because what was about

to happen was bigger than both of us.

'Uh, uh, uh ,uh, uh, oooh, uh, uh,' said Nancy with each pelvic crash.

'Oh,  God,  Oh,  God,  Oh,  Yes,  I, Feel,  It,  Oh,  F,  Fu,  Fuck,  Me,

Fuck,  Fuck,  Fuck,  Fuck,  Me,' she continued between each forceful

thrust. I knew I was about to explode in her. I wondered whether I should.

Was she on birth control? I started to ram her even harder. She couldn't

move anywhere, I had her pinned down and she loved it. Oh man, as the

eruption got nearer I wondered, should I pull out? It felt so good.

'I'm coming,' I said. 'Oh yeah,' Nancy replied, 'Come baby, flood me

with your love cream.' Those very words were what did it. I exploded

inside of her. 'Ooooooo, give it to me all, empty yourself inside of me,

it feels so hot and slippery.' she said. I wanted to go even deeper

inside of her as my balls quivered with each burst. 'Oh God, I think I'm

coming,' said Nancy, 'Oh yes, I think I'm coming, oh, oh yes, oh please

don't stop, please don't stop, fuck me, please fuck me.' I couldn't

believe it, two orgasms and I still felt like ramming the shit out of

her. My hot scum made her cunt feel even better than before. 'OH, OH,

YES!, OOOH, AAAH, FUCK ME!', Nancy screamed as she drew closer to her

blissful pinnacle. She began to thrust with me, or at least try, I

was so much bigger than she was that she had no real choice but to lie

there. 'AAAAH,  OOOOOH!,  OH GOD!, OH GOD!, OH YES!, AH, AH,    AH,


she screamed as her love box opened up and her juices flowed.

'Oh yes,  Oh, that felt so incredibly delicious. My pussy is so hot, but it

feels good opened up this way' , Nancy said as she drifted off to

sleep. I decided that it was time for me to go home. I slowly pulled out,

savoring the last feeling of her scrumptuous 14 year old love box. I

buttoned my shirt thinking how lucky I was to have been given this

opportunity. She is so beautiful. I knew she wanted me but I didn't

realize how much. Just looking at her lying there was getting me hard

again, but I had to get home, I was exhausted. I reached for my underwear

and decided to wake Nancy. 'Nancy get up, let's go home',I said as I helped

her up from the locker room floor.  'You're leaving?' ,she asked half

asleep. 'Yes, it's time to go home' I replied. She threw her arms around me

and said, 'I want a kiss.' As she kissed me she pressed her dripping

love hole against my half soft member. I stuck my middle finger

inside and felt the damage. She was still suprisingly tight. She fell to

her knees and said, 'Here's something to remember me by.' She inserted my

soft penis into her mouth and began to suck it gently. Needless to say, I

was rock hard in seconds. She stopped and looked at me as she slid

her hand up and down my slippery rod and said, 'I wonder if we can get

this thing up my ass?'


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