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Archive-name: Working/hottime.txt

Archive-author: Holly Lynn Johnson

Archive-title: Hot Time in a Cold Room


"Damn, it's cold in here!" I muttered to myself as I seated myself at 

the lab bench. Cold indeed, at only four degrees Celsius, barely a 

frosty breath away from freezing temperature. Cold enough to keep proteins

and nucleic acids from denaturing, cold enough to keep antibodies in their

active form. 


And cold enough to make me fervently wish for something to keep me warm.


It was a Saturday, and almost midnight at that, and it was just as much

my stagnating social life which brought me here as it was the necessity of 

processing my latest experiment. Ever since my breakup with Brian, home

had seemed a lonely place, and I had taken to anesthetizing myself in the

routine of research. Appropriate then, I thought, that I should find myself

sequestered in the tiny cold room...cold, alone, and lonely.


And so I sighed a cloud of resignation and began to arrange my pipets, 

bulbs, and vials to my liking. Before long I became immersed in my work,

my mind and body smoothly coordinated in the mental and physical exercise

of processing results. I had just finished the first series of washes

when I was startled by the loud snap-crack of the door's seal and, with

a rush of warm air, Paul entered.


I was never so confused in my entire life. A thousand questions, reminders,

and reprimands competed inside my mind for priority. What's he doing here

at THIS hour? I can't believe my luck!! Don't act like you're too pleased

to see him! Oh, Christ, he looks fantastic! Be cool, don't scare him off!


Is this the chance I've been waiting for?


"Hi Paul! Working late?" I managed to emit. Well, at least my surprise was 

genuine, and maybe the flush on my cheeks could be attributed to the cold. He 

couldn't have known (could he have?) how intensely I was attracted to him. 

The sight of him, even his mere presence affected me in a most distractingly 

physical and emotional way. It was like the girlish crushes I thought I'd 

left behind in high school, only with a more adult aspect of blatant 

sexuality. I wanted him -- badly.


He smiled (God, what a fantastic smile!) and greeted me warmly: "Hey there,

Holly!" And the way his mouth formed the sound of my name, the pleasure 

I imagined I heard behind his voice at seeing me, they seemed to me to be

actual physical vectors oriented towards my sex, and I immediately felt

a familiar urgency begin to build inside me.


Paul closed the heavy cold room door behind himself, seated himself at the 

lab bench adjacent to mine and began to aliquot portions of enzyme into 

test tubes, while I, with a great deal of difficulty, returned to my own 

project. We chatted companionably all the while, lightly poking fun at each 

other's dedication to science. I had forgotten the cold and, as we talked, 

I also managed to forget some of the anxiety I was accustomed to feeling in 

Paul's presence.


Instead...several times, as we reached for the same something-or-other, 

our hands brushed, not to mention bumping elbows in the cramped space, and

the physical contact was having a profound effect on me. It soon became

so distracting that I lay my pipet gently down and did something I thought

I'd never have the guts to do:


"Paul, can I tell you something rather personal?"


He looked a trifle suspicious, but answered, "Sure, Holly, what's on your 



I clutched the frigid edge of the lab bench. "Well, it's just

see, I simply..." I was floundering. "Shit. Well, I guess there's just no 

really elegant way to tell you how attracted I am to you, is there?"


I just caught his surprised blink before I had to look away, trying

desperately to control the embarrassment which washed redly over my face.

I fingered the chilled glass of a pipet and remained silent while he

dealt with my confession. An eternity seemed to pass before I heard him

reply, "Holly...I don't know what to say."


But I knew what he had to say: those words of contrite refusal which would

end my childish fantasies once and for all. And to my surprise, I felt

relief flooding through me at finally having faced the ghost of my

attraction for him. The knowledge gave me the strength to meet his gaze

again, and say the words which would make things less awkward for both

of us. 


"Paul, you don't have to say anything. I don't expect you to feel the

same way or anything...I only thought that for once, I could be adult

enough to be honest about it, and that you could be adult enough to 

handle it maturely."


Now he looked at me quizzically, as if puzzled by something I had said. 

Had I said the wrong thing? Does he now think I'm an idiot? He still

didn't say anything, and I felt compelled to say something to fill the

cold air between us.


"Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I thought you were special.

And if nothing else, I'd like to be your friend."


There, nice recovery. And still he looked at me expectantly, but I was 

empty of words. So I smiled gently to him and turned back to my work as 

if the matter were now closed, allowing him to make a graceful exit if 

he chose. As I expected, I heard his chair roll back as he rose to leave.


Instead, to my surprise, I felt his strong hand on my shoulder, and before

I knew it he had pivoted my chair around and I was gazing into his earnest

blue eyes. 


"'ve got it all wrong."


I HAVE?????


And then he was taking my face with exquisite gentleness between his hands,

and his lips descended upon mine. His kiss was like nothing I could have

expected. A part of me was faintly surprised that his lips were as full

and as warm as they were in the chill of the cold room, and another part

of me lost all ability to think at all.


And so, without thinking, my arms stole around Paul's neck as his slid

around me to caress my back. Without thinking, our kiss deepened, and I

felt his tongue sweetly invade my eager mouth, stroking mine with an

exploratory passion which turned my entire body to jelly, pliable and 

willing to be molded by his clever hands.


I almost wept when his mouth disengaged from mine, leaving my lips moist

and hot to steam in the frigid air. Then he took my hands in his and

pulled me up from the chair. I didn't understand what he was doing until

he sat in the vacancy and gathered me possessively into his lap, his arms

once again capturing me against him. This time, I was the aggressor, kissing

him with mounting urgency. Our tongues jousted, our hands roamed, and I 

could have sworn I heard the condensers kick in to compensate for the rise

in temperature.


After several moments of passionate necking, I reluctantly broke our lip-

lock and nestled comfortably against his warm strength. Together we

generated a mutual fog as we each tried to catch our breath. Then Paul

spoke in a low, strained-sounding voice: "You don't know how long I've

been wanting to do that..."




I swallowed my incredulity and looked up at him wonderingly, and was 

briefly shocked by the unmistakeable desire mirrored in his smoldering

blue eyes. Shocked into a boldness I might not otherwise have felt, I

smiled seductively and replied, "There have been some things I have been

waiting a long time for, too." 


Paul caught the tone of challenge in my voice, and he obligingly took

the bait. "Oh, like what?"


"Like this..." I swung one leg around his legs and resettled myself back

into his lap, my hips now straddling his. In such a position I could better 

seek out what my body had been craving ever since I had met Paul; I nudged 

my crotch exploratorily against his and grinned in exaltation as I felt his 

answering hardness. So, the fantasy wanted me too. Slowly, I began to rub

the growing heat of my pussy against his straining erection, and the 

titillation my clit received, even muted through several layers of clothing,

sent spears of pleasure through me. 


As for Paul...his eyes rolled back into his head and his groan echoed dully

in the confines of the cold chamber. He swallowed convulsively and fixed

me with a stern gaze. "Holly...don't tease me."


With a triumphant smile, I slid a hand between our heated bodies and cupped

his clothed cock. I squeezed, he jumped, and I replied succinctly, "I'm 

not teasing."


My answer seemed to flip a switch somewhere inside Paul's body. With 

voracious intent, he pressed his lips to mine once more, and his hands 

began roaming my body with new purpose. I strained against him, every part 

of my body bent on encouraging his efforts. One hand continued to knead 

the rigid bulge of his cock, while the other slipped under the elastic of 

his thick fleece sweatshirt and contacted warm skin. He shivered in a 

delicious wave, even as I felt both his hands slide up my back underneath 

my flannel parka. His hands were chill, yet set my skin on fire, and the 

goosebumps which erected themselves all over my body only served to 

sensitize me even further to the powerful eroticism of the man and his

electrifying touch. 


Paul's hands burned a path from my back to my front, and I gasped 

feverishly as he pushed my bra negligently out of the way and took both my 

breasts in a firm, authoritative grip. I moaned as he pinched the turgid

nipples, and I began to work at the zipper of his jeans with considerable



Then, surprisingly, I felt a hand leave the heated haven of my breast and 

descend to close firmly upon my industrious one at his fly. I blinked at

him in confusion as he fixed me with that steely gaze, and in a strained

voice he said, "Holly, I'm not ready to become a father." He stated the 

fact with an inquiring lilt which indicated a question, and with a relieved

and tender smile I replied softly, "I'm on the pill, Paul. Now please..."

I began to tug at his obstinate zipper with renewed purpose, and this

time, he eagerly offered his help. 


With his assistance, his cock was quickly freed from its constraints, and 

leapt vigorously up into the air with a life of its own. As his heated

flesh sprang into the cold air, Paul gave a pained grunt and swore 

vehemently. With a startled realization I echoed his epithet. How careless 

of me!! With apologetic haste (not untempered with a certain eagerness

of my own!) I slipped to my knees on the cold room floor and without 

preamble I took his straining penis into my eager mouth. I reveled in the

slightly salty taste of him and licked and sucked his prick as if it were

the world's best popsicle, which, in my opinion, it was. 


For his part, Paul throbbed violently in the hot cavern of my mouth, and 

his hands wound shakily through my hair, locking my slurping face to his 

groin, his chair rolling gently back and forth as his hips undulated 

involuntarily in a slow fucking motion. For my part, I used every bit of 

my considerable cock-sucking experience to work him up to a righteous 

frenzy. Very soon he was clutching my head desperately and moaning to 

stop, please stop, before he came. 


Reluctantly, I did stop, and slithered up his body to sit in his lap 

once more. But Paul was done with waiting, and with a determined look

in his eye he seized the initiative, wrapping his arms around me and 

standing swiftly. Before I could protest (not that I would have!), he had

plopped me unceremoniously on the cold formica counter top and was working

at the button of my jeans. I braced my upper body on my arms behind me 

and admired the determined set of his jaw as he nearly ripped my jeans

in the act of getting them open and tugged them roughly off my hips until

I was sitting on the lab bench in nothing but my cotton panties.


I squeaked with surprise as he grasped my thighs and pulled my ass to the 

edge of the counter, then spread my legs and stepped between them. I 

watched him, mesmerized, as he grabbed a fistful of my panties and pulled

aside the narrow crotch until he could see my pussy, glistening, steaming,

and throbbing with anticipation and need. He looked at me hungrily, his

eyes holding within their expressive depths one final question, a plea

for permission which I couldn't give more wholeheartedly. A small wimper

escaped my throat and my eyes literally begged him for what he had to give.

With his free hand he grasped his cock and aimed it for my pussy, teasing

my cunt lips with the heated knob and rubbing my clitoris with his slit.

I thought I would die, and I shivered uncontrollably with passion.


"Are you cold?" he asked. I gazed up at him heatedly and opened my arms 

to him. "Warm me," I gasped roughly. "Please, now..."


Without hesitation, Paul drove his engorged cock into my pussy, and I gasped 

and shivered and cried out softly as he filled me. He leaned down to 

gather me into his arms and hold me close and warm as he thrust slowly 

and powerfully into me, his body quickly warming us both to a pulsating 

rhythm. I wrapped my legs around his taut ass and used my legs to push him

into me, and hold him inside me, as much as I could. His prick was like 

a bar of fire thrusting in and out of me, spreading warmth through me from

the inside out, from my cunt to my head and toes. 


With sure and greedy hands he pushed my parka, t-shirt, and bra up my 

torso and over my breasts, and before I could even feel the cold he was

upon me with hands and tongue, his mouth catching one rigid nipple and 

gnawing on it mercilessly while his hand taunted the other. He stroked

me and stroked into me until I was completely oblivous to the hard bench

beneath my rear end, our noises of lust and passion filling the tiny 

room, and the cold biting my naked flesh. All I could do was gasp and

moan and dig into Paul's shoulders for dear life as fireworks went off

inside my body, starting deep within my pussy where his cock butted my

cervix, and spreading out like a spray of hot sparks, until I saw fireworks.


As I came with a vengeance, Paul moaned loudly at the tightening of my

pussy. Reluctantly he turned his attention away from my tits, thoughtfully

pulling my parka down to cover them before grabbing my thighs and pushing

himself deep inside me once more. His pace quickened until he literally 

slammed into me, the slap of his balls against my pantied ass punctuated 

by the creak of the cold formica lab bench as he fucked me with vicious 

abandon. Flailing for something to grasp for support, my hand fell upon the 

activation button of the microcentrifuge, and it whirred loudly to a start, 

just drowning out Paul's sudden strident cries of release as he came inside 

me, his cock twitching and dancing as it filled my pussy with hot sperm. 


I came back to my senses with the harsh sound of the centrifuge filling my

ears, and the warm, hard weight of my lover covering my body. I stroked his

back with shaking hands as he raggedly tried to catch his breath. The noisy

machine clicked off and spun to a silent halt. Only the sound of our 

breathing and the hum of the condensers now. Shaking, Paul straigtened,

taking my hands and pulling me up to a sitting position. Cradled between

my deliciously aching thighs, he continued to stroke slowly, softly into

me as his cock slowly relaxed, and I quivered in aftershocks of ecstasy. 

We touched each other tentatively, as if in awe, and whispered nothings to 

each other for a very long time.


Eventually, we slowly put ourselves back together. I helped him to carefully

tuck his sleepy penis back into his pants, and he helped me pull my jeans

back on to conceal my ruined underwear. In a dreamlike state, we stared at

each other as we haphazardly put away our abandoned projects. Then we 

embraced and held each other for several long moments.


Finally, he spoke. "Are you cold?"


Cold? What was that? I thought I would never be cold again as long as he

held me. ", not really. Maybe a little..."


"How about a cup of coffee? We can get to know each other better..." He 

smiled crookedly. My heart flip-flopped.


"Sure, I've got some time."


At that moment, I had all the time in the world.



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