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Archive-name: Working/


Archive-title: Herman's Revenge

Sequel-to: The Office Visit

     Unlike most of life, in the case of Clarissa and Alex's

tryst in his office, reality proved better than fantasy.

Practicality, however, suggested that crashing almost an entire

lab of computers (the PC's were unscathed) was not the best

course of action to reach sexual ecstasy on a regular basis.

Fortunately, Alex's department had a key for a little used

conference room in the library. It was small, with nice pile

rugs, and best of all, located in a part of the library that was

rarely frequented. So life continued in a rather pleasant fashion

for them both.

     As far as the 12 Macs which had suffered from that rather

sudden viral flu, they seemed to make a swift spontaneous

recovery. In the weeks that followed, they both would often break

out in laughter when they remembered the frenzy Clarissa's little

joke had caused Herman, the lab director. Since nothing even near

permanent damage was done, the incident began to fade into the

past. So Clarissa was a little taken aback when she received

Herman's email message.

     First of all, no one on the East coast knew her email

address, except Alex and she was sure he had not given it to

Herman. Also the tone of the message gave her a little start.

     "TO: Clarissa Stone

     FROM: Herman Jejune

     Please see me in the lab at 4:00, Thursday."

     Of course, she would go. Since her sudden interest in Macs,

her relationship with Herman had improved immensely. He was not

really a bad sort, but rather one who fleshed out the definition

of 'computer nerd.' Rumor had it that he was gay. Having a sixth,

seventh and even eighth sense about these things, though,

Clarissa didn't think so.

     Being a happy-go-lucky type person she didn't give it too

much thought after the initial message. That is until Thursday

arrived and she saw Alex standing wordlessly in the lab next to


     "You probably are wondering why we are all gathered here


     Suppressing a groan, Alex looked at Clarissa nervously.

Seeing that his attempt at humor had once again fallen flat,

Herman got straight to the point.

     "I know that you were responsible for what happened to my

Macs. I also know what you were doing in Alex's office on that

day and what you are continuing to do in room 302 in the


     Because the lab caper was entirely her doing, she was

surprised at Alex's answer.

     "It was really only a little joke. I really didn't mean any


     Instead of the usual twinge in her twat, hearing his gallant

words made her feel a tug elsewhere.

     Herman wasn't buying any sort of apology, though. He

continued recounting the university's policy about fornication on

campus. Until this point, Clarissa didn't even know they had one.

Her mind started drifting to visions of her and Alex standing on

unemployment lines. Herman's next words brought her quickly back

to earth.

     "I also know that you are both married, however, not to each


     Chivalry or not, she decided to take the bull by the horns.

"What do you want?"

     Knowing that he had the upper hand, he quickly retorted, "So

glad you finally asked." His bravura quickly faded when his

explanation actually began.

     After a lot of uhs, and you-knows they found out that Herman

did indeed like women, very much so. His problem was that he

couldn't get it up.

     "In exchange for my silence, I would like the two of you to

give me a little lesson on how it's done. To insure you use your

best teaching methods, I will add that if I don't get an erection

while watching, I will have to inform all parties about your

activities. I noted that Wednesday afternoon is the usual time

for your rendezvous in the library, so I have scheduled a private

seminar in the lab next week. I trust that you will be there."

     With these words, they departed. Alex was the first to break

the silence.

     "The little fucker is blackmailing us."

     "Yeah, it sure looks that way, but it doesn't seem like we

have much choice. I guess we've just got to go with the flow."

     Despite her upbeat remarks to Alex, Clarissa did not take

the upcoming task at hand lightly. One did not have to be a

psychologist to see that Herman had deep seated problems that

required serious measures to correct them.

     She began that very night by urging her not unwilling

husband to shave her twat until it was virgin clean. With the

outside pristine, she demanded that the same be done for the

interior. This of course had to be repeated to insure absolute

cleanliness (and horniness) for the Wednesday to come, following

her personal maximum, "The more, the better".

     When the showdown Wednesday finally arrived, Clarissa

dressed to meet the challenge. Although Alex never paid attention

to anything she wore, Clarissa woke up the 30 minutes earlier to

dress for Herman. She began with a low cut lacy black bra and a

matching black garter belt and stockings. Next came a sheer black

silk sleeveless top and a short tight black skirt. So her

students wouldn't be unduly distracted, she topped her outfit

with a long white linen jacket. Though this was definitely

blackmail, she thought it might be kind of fun.

     She was the first to arrive in the lab. In his typical style

of humor, Herman had all the lights turned off and the Macs

turned on with an array of fish swimming on their screens.

     Although Clarissa most admired Alex with his clothes off,

she was impressed when he entered the lab. Running her eyes over

his tight black jeans and t-shirt, she almost forgot their

ultimate purpose. Only Herman had not altered his attire for the

occasion. He was dressed, as usual, in typical nerd fashion--

brown shoes with blue socks, dark green slacks, and a light blue

dress shirt worn over a plain white undershirt. The shirt pocket

contained at least a half dozen writing implements, including a

couple of cheap .5 mm lead pencils, and a few felt pens in

various colors.

     Although there were no set directions, they still felt like

actors on a stage. With grace, Alex removed her jacket. They had

both rehearsed this role in some form before. As he brushed her

shoulder an electric current began to run through her body.

Slowly the buttons of her top began to become undone. She glanced

at Herman and saw his hands sitting in his lap. She turned to

Herman and said "You've gotta take yours off too, you know. I

want to see when you get it up. And just so we know what is

possible, I need to know if your impotence is biological or


     At this Herman blushed. He removed his shoes and said

"Psychological". He removed his pants (to reveal plain white

boxer shorts) and said "The doctors used stamps to verify that

nothing is physically wrong." He removed his shirt. "Mine is a

long and sad tale! said Herman, turning to Clarissa and sighing.

     "It is a sad tail, certainly," said Clarissa, looking down

at Herman's 'tail', "But I don't see why you call it a long one!"

     Herman completely missed this literary reference, and

continued to relate how, as a child, he had walked into his

parent's bedroom to find his mother engaged in some

non-understandable act with the TV repair man. "The repair man's

Thing was so big, and Mom was screaming so, it frightened me, and

I just have never gotten it up".

     By now, Clarissa was in her silky, slinky underwear, and she

started to remove Alex's clothes. First his t-shirt (he had

somehow removed his shoes already). As her hands started their

journey to his belt, she paused to caress his right nipple with

her tongue. "I hope it gets better than this" said Herman. "Aw,

take it easy" Alex replied, "You've gotta start these things

slowly. I can see you have a lot to learn." Getting right on with

the lesson, Alex's right hand started to massage Clarissa's left

breast, which caused her nipple to strain against her bra. "For

example, if I were to squeeze this nipple now, Clarissa would

hurt, but in 20 minutes or so, it might be the sensation that

brings her over the edge."

     Clarissa's hands remained busy throughout this exchange,

unbuckling Alex's belt and pants. She gave a pull, and the pants

fell to the floor. A small step, and Alex was freed from their

restraint. But much to Clarissa's surprise, Alex was as flaccid

as Herman.

     "Gee, I've never seen you soft BEFORE you cum." Alex seemed

a bit embarrassed, and muttered something about being nervous

about the whole thing.

     Herman said "Why are you nervous? There's nothing to worry

about, it's just your career and future riding on this


     "Thanks", Alex replied. Realizing that something had to be

done about this, Clarissa grasped Alex's member in one hand and

start to kiss the head. A little gentle sucking, and she could

feel him start to rise.

     "Not too nervous, I see". As he started to rise, in little

jerks timed to his pulse, she realized that going too far could

be a mistake. After all, if Alex came before Herman got it up,

they were both sunk. So she raised her head, only to have her

train of thought interrupted by Herman.

     "Come on! Stick it in already!".

     "Chill!" said Alex. "I'm not ready, and neither is she.

First, Clarissa has to be warmed up. Haven't you ever heard of

foreplay?" A short pause ensued, while Alex and Clarissa kissed

for a bit, paying special attention to tongue and mouth games.

Then, "Say, you do know enough about female anatomy to follow

what we're about to do? I thought not. Clarissa, sit on the table

please." So she jumped up onto the table. "Spread your legs and

face Herman so we can show him what's going on." Not

unreluctantly she exposed herself to Herman, and by the look on

his face she knew he'd never had a good look at a woman's crotch

before. Alex sat next to her, took his right hand, and spread her

nether lips apart.

     "This, Herman, is the gateway to mutual pleasure. As I'm

sure even you know, this is a vagina" he said as he apparently

absent mindedly stroked my slit. Try as she may she could not

stop the shudder that began in her cunt from overtaking the rest

of her body. #1 did not go unnoticed by Herman.

     Taking a quick glance she noticed that although his right

hand still had not penetrated his boxers, there was a definite

pertrubance. Encouraged, she gave him a little wiggle and a wink.

Being watched was a definite turn on!

     Alex too was warming up to the subject. In his most

professorial voice he again addressed Herman. "And this", teasing

her clit with his other hand, "is a clit-- possibly the most

sensitive part of a woman's body." As if on cue, when he touched

it, she began to writhe and feel another tingle of more promising

things to cum. "You can rub it, and lick it, and suck it" he

said, and continuing the sentence, Clarissa added "and it feels


     "Notice also", the professorial voice continued, "This area

below the slit, sometimes called a 'taint (as it 'taint pussy,

'taint ass). Very sensitive on some women, including our lovely

model here."

     To add video to the audio part of his lecture Alex began to

illustrate these three techniques. With a long lick, he started

above her clit and slid all the way down her slit. He repeated

this a few times, burrowing his tongue a bit deeper into her hole

and stopping a bit lower each time. After her whole crotch was

cleaned, and Alex took a nibble of her 'taint. His mouth then

moved back up to her clit, brushing it back and forth with his

tongue, while one finger burrowed deep into her and started to

rub the magic spot inside, and another lightly caressed her

pucker hole. In retaliation, she got some spit on a finger and

started to play with Alex's hole. Until this point, she had

remained fairly silent (for Clarissa, at least), but the

combination of tongue and fingers reached the point that she

could bear it no longer and she screamed.

     Perhaps it  was a flashback to the TV repair man, but Herman

came running over and began to gently caress her breasts. His

gesture was sweet, but what she wanted at that moment was a big

hard cock filling her void.

     Muttering something about how that was not part of the deal,

Alex gave Herman a rather rude shove. If reason had ruled at all

in this venture, it would probably not have taken place. But at

this point at least two of the three participants were well into

the advanced throes of passion, and the third was at least confused.

     "Well Herman, I see we're starting to have some effect on

you" Alex said as he repositioned himself. Taking a nipple into

his mouth, he started to work his rigid rod into her longing

hole. Literally blinded by passion, her arm flew out and hit

Herman on the belly. She was about to mumble an apology (she was

a well trained child), when her hand slipped down to rest on his

now nearly erect member. Herman grunted. Without too much

thought, she dragged Herman by his handle so that he was standing

near her head. When she turned, his balls were at table height,

so she started to lick them. Herman moaned. Alex was pumping away

full blast, long strokes that ended with his dick buried deep in

he twat, while one hand rubbed her clit and another rubbed her

ass. What could be better? And then she knew. She grabbed

Herman's shaft and sucked his head into her mouth. Her second

orgasm found her with Alex's dick clamped in her cunt, his pinkie

in her butt, and her hand around  Herman's dick. She could

control neither her moans nor her drooling as she tasted a drop

of Herman's precum. Alex, realizing that they had 'won', started

to pump so fast it felt like a powerful vibrator, and her next

orgasm was soon followed by a fourth. Herman was rocking his hips

so furiously that his cock slid effortlessly back and forth in

her spit soaked hand and mouth. As he bent down to suck my free

tittie, he murmured something like "Now I see, Mommy." With a

much less intelligible cry coming from Alex, she could feel him

shooting his hot load deep inside her at the same time as she

tasted Herman's jism shoot into her mouth. .

     Besides being one horny bastard, Herman proved to be good to

his word. No mention was ever made about their afternoon menage a

trois nor were there any future references made to university

regulations. In fact, Herman reverted to his previous behavior

and just treated them as two more DOS phreaks. This hurt her a

little as she thought they had showed him a pretty good time. As

much as he definitely wanted to ignore her, Clarissa still kept

her eye on him. Now, however,instead of moving little pictures of

disks in and out of garbage cans, she noticed that he was

spending the better part of his working day, admiring the ass of

his new assistant, a young oriental girl named Yoon Shin.

     Mutually deciding that Herman's lips were definitely sealed

she and Alex resumed their weekly meetings in the library. A few

weeks later, just as he was about to open the door, they heard a

thud. Listening more closely, they realized someone else was

using the room for the same purpose they intended. They agreed to

wait behind the stacks. Hardly a likely ruse, nevertheless,

Clarissa pretended to browse through a copy of Lambeck and

Scott's Introduction to Higher Order Categorical Logic. After a

few minutes, Yoon Shin opened the door and skipped lightly out,

smoothing her skirt and smiling. A minute later the door opened

again. Out pranced Herman, smiling like the cat who ate the

canary. He looked around, spotted us behind the shelving, and

gave us his best college try at a wink.


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