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Archive-name: Working/fntasy1.txt

Archive-author: Wheeljimmer

Archive-title: Fringe Benefits



    It was a very hot day in late July.  Joe had spent all morning and most of

the afternoon mowing the huge lawn at the estate where he had worked as a

caretaker for the past two months.  He was extremely exhausted from the heat

and, having to watch his boss's daughter, Suzanne, sunbathing by their pool

most of the day, hadn't helped much either.  She was wearing a very seductive,

tiger print swimsuit that clung very tightly to her fantastic body and Joe had

never seen a suit cut that high on any girl's hips.  He had been deciding

whether he should go over and talk to her but, just as he'd decided he would,

she had gone inside.


    Finishing up quickly, he went into his small apartment, which was included

with the job, and was located to the rear of the property, and slumped into his

worn, old couch.


    He felt like kicking himself for not having gone over to talk to Suzanne,

after all, her parents were away on vacation so the boss wouldn't have known

unless she told him and, being 20 years old, Joe kinda doubted that she was the

type to "run to daddy" but, then Joe thought, "Why would she want to have

anything to do with the 'hired help'?"


    Suddenly he heard a light rapping at his door.  Being too tired to get up,

he just yelled, "Come on in!"  He was extremely surprised when Suzanne walked

in carrying two glasses of iced tea!


    "I saw that you had finished and thought you might like something to relax

with", she said, handing Joe one of the glasses.


    Joe took the glass, not really sure that this was all for real. "Thank you,

Suzanne", he said, as he reached for his shirt to put on.


    "Oh, don't bother with your shirt", she said, "and call me Sue."


    "Ok. Thanks, Sue.", he replied, as he watched her cross to the old lounge

chair in front of him.  She was now wearing a light, airy, summer-type dress

that was tied with a bow at the back of her neck. As she slumped into the

chair, the dress rose to her mid-thighs and Joe caught just a glimpse of the

swimsuit she was still wearing underneath.  He felt a movement in his crotch as

his cock began to stir.  He was only wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and hoped

that she hadn't noticed as he quickly shifted his position.


    "You were working very hard out there today, Joe, and I couldn't help but

think that you really do deserve more than what my dad pays you", Sue said.


    "Well, thank you, Sue, but I think I'm paid very well", he said, as he

watched her playing with the hem of her dress.  As she was toying with it, it

was getting higher and higher on her thighs.  She was sitting with her legs

seperated and he could now see her crotch very clearly.


    "Nonsense, Joe, I think you deserve some FRINGE benefits!", and with that,

she began rubbing the mound of her crotch with her hands and clawing at the

material of her swimsuit.  She suddenly pulled the material to one side

exposing the pink, moist flesh of her pussy and inserted her finger into

herself, clutching and clawing her crotch. She played with her cunt for several

seconds and then pulled the thin swimsuit material tightly up into her crotch,

splitting her love box with it.


    Joe was staring, speechlessly, at the action going on before him. He

couldn't believe what was going on.  He started to get up and go to her when

suddenly she stood up, untied the dress with one quick movement and, as she

walked over to Joe, it fell to the floor.  She seperated Joe's knees and knelt

on the floor between his legs.  His cock was now straining to be free of the

confines of the denim and Sue obliged.  She quickly unfastened his shorts and

pulled them to his ankles.  Then, taking his large, erect tool into her mouth,

began sucking on it rhythmically, in and out, in and out.


    Joe reached down to her and caressed her reddish-brown hair.  Her lips and

tongue felt fantastic on his throbbing penis.  As he reached for the back of

her neck to pull her closer, he felt the string of her swimsuit.  Fumbling for

the bow he untied it and let the front of it drop, exposing her soft,

grapefruit-sized breasts.


    Sue, stopping only for a few seconds, turned around quickly, swung her legs

up so that her crotch was now at Joe's face, then continued sucking on his

cock.  Joe played with her pussy lips with his fingers and tongue for a few

seconds and then pulled the swimsuit from her pulsating body.


    Her pussy was the most beautiful thing that Joe had ever seen.  He sucked

and nibbled at it with his teeth before inserting his tongue deep into it.  He

placed his hands on her firm, round asscheeks and pulled her crotch tightly to

his mouth, squeezing and massaging her quivering buns.  He placed his tongue on

the hard, erect button of her clitoris and nibbled at it with his teeth.  Sue

was moaning in deep pleasure at this but, as Joe moved his fingers close to her

anal opening and began massaging the pink bud of her anus, she let out a squeal

of excitement and her back arched tightly.


    Once more Sue turned around, facing Joe and, grasping his swollen member,

plunged it into her dripping moist, tight cunt.  Joe grasped her ass tightly

and pulled himself deeply into her, clutching and squeezing her cheeks and

grinding his cock deeper into her.  Again, her back arched tightly and Joe got

his first close look at her well- formed tits and luscious, pink nipples.  He

grasped one of the hard love buds in his teeth and nibbled gently on it.  As

she moved up and down on his pulsating cock, her breasts bounced with every



    Realizing that she was about to cum, Joe again began massaging her anus

then, suddenly, he plunged his finger deeply into her asshole. Sue's entire

body shuddered, her body arched tightly backwards and she squealed in delight

as wave after wave of pleasure went through her body.  As her pussy tightened

on Joe's tool, he too, began to cum.  He quickly withdrew from her pulsing cunt

and slid her body down til his cock was between her soft breasts.  She squeezed

her tits together, pressing tightly onto his member.  Joe's sperm began

shooting out onto her chest.  He couldn't believe that he was able to cum THAT

much! Sue released her hold on his cock and again took it into her mouth and

sucked it until it was completely spent.


    The two of them lay there, silently holding each other for another half

hour, then Sue stood up.  Joe looked at her and said, "Now that's what I call

fringe benefits!  I'm gonna have to work out in the garden tomorrow.  What've

you got planned?"


    "Oh good!", Sue replied, "I'll come out and show you my private garden full

of prize-winning ZUCCHINI, CUCUMBERS and CARROTS!"


    Joe sighed deeply.



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