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Archive-name: Working/fantasy.030


Archive-title: Window Dressing

I was working real late about two months ago at a store that 

sells beds and linens. The owner wanted something somewhat 

outrageous, so I knew i would need some help. When I took the 

job, I noticed the owner's 18-year-old daughter, Christa, who 

 was working for him over the summer. Claiming that I needed

technical advice on the setup of the bedding, I asked her if

she would mind working with me that night on setting up the 

windows. she answered my prayers by saying yes.

We didn't start working until 9:30, since we had to wait for

the store to close. once everyone cleared out, I knew the night

would prove interesting. Things moved quickly. We got the bed 

in place, put the sheets on, and I thought we would soon

be on our way to a night of sexual frolicking at my place.

But then my 36-23-36 friend said the bed needed a slept-in

look. I asked her to show me what she meant, and she lay

across the bed in the most provocative position imaginable

I jumped on the bed with her and started sucking her nipples

as I had  with many women before. Her tits were ripe and hard

and her nipples got harder with every flick of my tongue.

I reached for her jeans, unbuttoned them, unzipped them, and 

yanked them off in practically one movement. She wore no 

panties. Her glistening cunt was staring me straight in the 

face and I swiftly rammed my tongue between her lower lips. 

She tasted sweet as sugar, and she writhed beneath me. She 

swiveled around to get in the sixty-nine position, and quickly

removed my clothes from there. When she surrounded the head of 

my cock with her mouth I thought I was in heaven. But when she

enveloped my whole hard on, I knew we had just begun. I licked

her. She sucked me. I thought it would never end.

I could feel the come starting to rise in my shaft, but Christa

could sense what was happening and stopped. She turned me

onto my back and quickly mounted me. The warmth of her cunt 

surrounding my penis was incredible. She moved up and down

and kept telling me the she wouldn't let me come until she

was ready for it. Up and down she went. Faster and faster

Then slow as a snail crawls. I was in ecstasy. She moaned

with every motion of her hips and sighed every time my penis

traveled up the beautiful tunnel of love that enveloped it.

We came together in a rollicking, rocking motion that made

us fall off the bed. As we separated and stood up, we heard what 

sounded like applause coming from somewhere. We both looked

out the window and saw that three couples had been watching us.

Christa and I have made it since, in all types of store windows

But that first time is one that I will never forget.


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