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Archive-name: Working/fantasy.016


Archive-title: Lynn's Fantasy

One day, I ran across an Lynn, who was an old acquaintance,

in my office cafeteria.  We got to talking about old times and

I told her that I had always thought I would like to have an

affair with her.  She said she had a fantasy about me also.

We left the cafeteria and together walked back to my work area,

the computer room.

Suddenly, Lynn said she'd like to act out her fantasy by

doing it in the computer room.  The words had hardly entered

my ears when Lynn hopped up on the table next to the PC and

hiked up her skirt.  She wasn't wearing panties and I was 

treated to the sight of a most beautiful patch of auburn 

pussy hair I'd ever set my eyes on.  Dropping to my knees I

proceeded to feast hungrily on her succulent pussy.

Squirming, Lynn moaned with pleasure as her tasty juices

dribbled down my chin.  Just as the PC beeped signalling

a need for operator intervention, she started climaxing, one 

hand clutching the back of my head and holding it hard against

her gushing orifice as the pleasure of her orgasm washed over

her body.  I stopped to input some data into the PC and as I 

entered the last line Lynn, recovering from the experience we'd

just created together, reminded me that there was more fantasy

to complete.

Smiling wickedly, she dropped to her knees and unzipped my 

pants, pulled out my swollen cock and plunked it into her mouth

with abandon.  Never had I encountered such a passionate

fellatrice.  Lynn gobbled me greedily, swabbing my balls

with her tongue as she loosened my belt and lowered my pants.

She slowly moistened her index finger and wet my asshole.

As she did it a third time she pushed hard and slipped the 

finger inside while sucking hard on my rod.  My heart beat

rapidly and my blood rushed as her finger slid in and out.

I felt like a volcano, building rapidly to a full explosion

deep in her throat.  She moaned as I came yelling "Lynn!"

yet there was more to come...

Lynn then got to her feet, hiked up her skirt, and bent over 

the chair next to the computer table.  I started to slip my

solid rod into the wet softness of her pussy.  "No," she said,

"Lick my ass quickly and then shove your cock deep inside it."

I hesitated.  "Please," she moaned, "it's my favorite way."

Not wanting to disappoint this wonderful woman I bent over and 

spread my saliva over her puckered anus, firmly poking my 

tongue as deep as I could.  "Now," she said, "take my ass."

I straightened up and she reached behind and directed the head

of my cock to her asshole and urged me to push hard all the

way in.

Here I was, fucking one of the tightest asses I'd ever 

encountered.  In a room filled with a dozen PC's.  I couldn't

believe it.  To top it off, just as I started coming in Lynn's

creamy behind, the PC I'd been running started beeping, 

providing a lewd counterpoint to Lynn's moans as she and I both

orgasmed together.  As we looked up, we saw the clock register 

7AM.  The day shift was due in shortly.  We quickly headed off 

to the bathrooms to clean up, smiling broadly all the way!


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