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Archive-name: Working/fantasy.013


Archive-title: The Lawyer

Mrs. Garr was an extremely attractive woman in her mid-20's, and I was

handling her legal suit....... "Mrs. Garr, what company are you

insured by ?" I asked her.  "Do you find me attractive, Mr. Tade?"

she asks me in return.  "excuse me" I reply, knowing full well what

she had asked me.  "You heard me"she tells me, beginning to lick

her lips.  "well, yes, but anyway.." "Well, I find you very attractive"

she tells me in her throatiest voice.  Suddenly, wishing I never

had entered the law profession I sheepishly smile, and try in

vain to remember where I was in questioning her.  Mrs. Garr then

stood up, removing her coat, and revealing a very low-cut dress.

"Stand up!" she ordered.  Feeling very wobbly in the knees, I

nonetheless obeyed.  "Do you want to FUCK me?" she asked staring

lustily into my eyes.  I swallowed hard and answered "YES".  "Well,

then why don't you," she asked. "Because I'm a dedicated

professional, and I do not want to get involved with clients" I told


"By the bulge in your pants, I don't think you're so dedicated",

she said, untying the thin strings holding up her dress, and letting

it drop to the floor.  She wore nothing underneath her dress, but

a pair of crotchless panties. Slowly she walked over to me and

slipped off my jacket and untied my tie.  Then she quickly removed

my belt, and thrust her hands upon my fly, ripping it open and groping

inside.  She grabbed my rock-hard cock, and started stroking it very

violently while scratching my rim with her nails very gently.  

My hands wandered upon her gorgeous body, growing more wanton with

each of her strokes. Then I finally exploded--Mt. St. Helens.

Laughing wickedly, she dropped to her knees and gave me the best

head I could ever imagine...Then she forced me to my knees and

stood up, thrusting her beautiful brown mound upon my face.  Quick

to oblige, I put my tongue upon her hot, steaming, juicy pussy.,

Standing up, she ripped the rest of my clothes off, and led me

to my own desk, where she lay down, pulling me on top of her.

Just as my 11-inch rod approached her beautiful, delicious pussy,

she asked me if I was still a dedicated professional.


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