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Archive-name: Working/fantasy.002


Archive-title: Computer Room, The

There I was, sitting in the computer room when this gorgeous

blonde walked into the room.  She told me that her box wasn't

working right and asked me if I could fix it for her.

We walked back to her office and to my surprise, her terminal

was working. She told me that wasn't the "box" she had in mind.

She quickly unbuttoned her blouse to let her enormous tits

hang out and then proceeded to take off her skirt. I quickly

undressed and began to kiss her passionately. As I slowly

caressed her right tit, she began to moan and beg me to fuck

her.  Then she bent down and began to lick my testicles. Slowly,

she engulfed my rod and began to deep throat me into a

fury. About ten minutes later I let go and almost choked

her to death. I never had received such good head previously.

Next we lay down and began to kiss passionately again.

My hand moved down to her now hot mound and I began to

play with her clitoris. After about ten minutes I replaced

my hand with my mouth and began to give her real pleasure.

I kissed her so gently that she began to scream and I was

afraid that Security was going to come running into the room.

After a few more minutes of this, I brought her to a climax.

I inserted my 10 inch rod into her lovely pussy and began to fuck

her like a mad man. I thought the desk was going to break

right underneath us.  We soon came to an orgasm at the same

time and just lay there for a few minutes together.

We then got dressed and she said to me, "Thanks for fixing my

box.  You're the best computer man we've had in years!"

You know that for every night during the next three weeks

she had more trouble with her "box"!

Now we are starting to be creative and are going to other areas of

the building.  I have a feeling that I will have a number of new

reports to file about this "box".


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