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Archive-name: Working/er.txt


Archive-title: An Emergency Room Expose'

     There I sat in the ER waiting room while my pal Don had the

doctors sew up his torn hand.  He went to retrieve a basketball

that had bounced too high and hopped the school yard fence one

evening in mid summer.  When Don scooted up the fence to leap it

and reclaim the ball, he slipped, gashing the palm of his left hand

deeply.  We rushed him to the nearest hospital ER.  And I waited

with him when the other guys headed home.  I never expected the

night to end with so much excitement and fulfillment.  Here's

how it happened.

      While I sat in the waiting room I could see into the staff

lounge area, through a partially opened door, but clearly.  One by

one the nurses took breaks in the room, grabbing a cup of coffee,

a bag of chips, or a coke, which they sat there in a lounge chair

and enjoyed.  Not too interesting. Until a very sexy young nurse,

in a very short white uniform, wearing the usual hospital white

stockings and shoes just plopped into the chair, looking frazzled,

tense, and unhappy.  She had no idea that she was being watched or

of what a show she would  give me, unknowingly.  It was as

though she thought she was in her own room at privacy. 

And it also seems now that she knew a better way to reduce tension

than drinking caffeine or eating sugar or salt!  First she just

closed her eyes, leaned way back in the bulk old chair, spread her

legs wide, sort of bracing her heels against the tile floor to hold

herself into the chair, and seemed to start a purposeful

meditation.  That was interesting all by itself.  As I

watched her troubled expression melted away and her lips became

pouty, moving as though she were whispering something to an

invisible companion just in front of her.  The she began to lick

her lips sexily once in a while.  And I noted that she was moving

her hips seductively in the seat, pumping her legs and ass in the an increasing tempo.  

     As she moved, she slid her ass forward in the chair, which

hiked up her white uniform skirt, revealing that she wasn't in

pantyhose.  Better than that!  She had one stockings and garters,

which I would soon learn were connected to a sexy lacy garter belt,

covered by sexier bikini sheer white panties.  And better still, in

a few minutes she hiked up her skirt, pulled down the panties,

removing them over her shoes and tossing them into a handy

wastebasket as though they were valueless.  (I'll tell you, I sure

wanted them and would have treasured them as much today as that

evening when I was only 17!)  When she made that quick movement I

only caught a glimpse of her perfect, white thighs  above the white

stockings, but I did see some dark pubic hair...all too briefly. 

But I sure got a boner quickly then and had to shift in my chair in

the waiting room.  I never expected her next move!

     She kept up her rocking, pumping motion in the chair a while;

and then she put her hand under her skirt, obviously reaching for

her pussy, oblivious that anyone could be watching her.  She

fondled her crotch a little while...and then her pumping motion

grew faster and more vehement. I had to fight the urge to move my

hips in rhythm with hers.  I could tell soon that she was finger

her cunt, and it nearly made me cum!  But she did more than that,

she pulled her fingers up out of her juicy twat and  sucked

each one like they were honey covered.  My boner nearly burst out

of my pants!  Next she put them back under her uniform skit and

really began frigging either her cunthole or her her legs

spread wider and wider...until I could look up t he skirt and see

her fingers disappearing into her pussy.  I was nearly fainting

with desire and delight.  She pulled her fingers out again, sucked

and licked them clean while I stared right at her open cunt, with

those beautiful white legs spread away to frame my view.  As far

away as I was, I could still tell that there was moisture and that

her cunt was very juicy.  When she put her hand back down, she

touched only the top of her pussy, so I concluded that she was

massaging her clit.  And I must have been right, because in less

than a minute, she seemed to pass out in the chair, falling limply

back into it, smoothing her skirt back down (Of course this ended

my view of her cunt, but I had just cum in my shorts and couldn't

take anymore stimulation anyway!) and mellowing out to enjoy the

last few minutes of her break.  

        I sort of straightened up in my chair so that I wouldn't

end up with a big wet stain at my fly, but I kept my eyes on the

nurse, still reclining in the big, bulky, old chair in the staff

lounge.  Suddenly, she jumped up, probably afraid that she had

dozed off for longer than she was allowed.  I took in again how

beautiful she was in that short white uniform, that only she and I

knew covered her bare bottom, a garter belt and those sexy white

nurse's hose, but no panties.  And as though she knew for the first

time that she was watched, she looked my way.  She wasn't really

startled.  She did seem to deliberately assess me as though she

wondered how long I had been looking into the little rest area

during her break or how long I had sat there admiring her legs. 

Her curious look, the perplexed expression on her face, made me

smile.  And when I smiled, she did too...seemingly at ease.  I

figured that would be the last I ever saw of her.  But this sexy

little nurse had another surprise or two in store for me.

     She walked out of the break room and headed straight through

the door toward me.  She had straightened her uniform too and had

the crisp look of a professional young nurse...right out of nursing

school.  But she looked like a picture book nurse...a model used on

a magazine!  She was a knockout! And she strode right up to me,

stuck out her hand and said,  "Hello, I'm Janet.  You've had the

chance to watch me, I think; and I deserve a treat in return!  You

did watch what I was doing in the past ten minutes, didn't you, you

naughty boy?"  I swallowed hard, blushed, but didn't let go of her

hand, which felt so warm and lovely.  "Yes, I did; I'm sorry.  I

just couldn't look away!"  I hung my head, not meaning a word of

it, but somewhat embarrassed that  she had caught me.  I felt that

I had betrayed her somehow.  She squeezed my hand and responded,

"It's really all right.  (She paused, stared into my face, sized me

up from sneakers to rumpled hair, dirty jeans, and sweaty t-shirt,

still holding my hand firmly.)  I just want something in return for

the great show that you witnessed.  I might have done better if I

knew you were watching, but I had a wonderful time myself.  I

needed to relax and distract myself.  We just had a man die in the

ER that we couldn't save.  I usually cry and get very tense when

that happens, so I release the pain and tension...the way you

watched me.   (She paused again.)  Sometimes it works and I feel

relieve.  This time, it didn't quite make it.  I need some more

attention, much more attention and TLC when I get off this shift in

two hours.  (Pause again.)  Do you know how to give a woman TLC?"

     I barely got the drift of what she was after, when she dropped

my hand, looked disappointed, and started to walk away...slowly. 

I spoke up loudly then and quickly, "Yes.  I know what to do for a

lady.  I can give you tender, loving, care (I was showing off my

knowledge of the TLC abbreviation.).  I'd love to relax you when

you leave work.  Just tell me where to meet you."  She said, "Right

here!  (She paused again)  At 10 PM!" "I'll run home and shower and

be back to get you then," I started to say when she cut me off. 

"Oh, no, don't shower," she cut in.  "I want you just as you are,

dirty hands from ball-playing, and all.  I'll clean you up when I'm

ready...and you'll get to bathe me too."  She took my hand again

and seemed to wait for me to say something more.  That's when I

realized what a dope I had been; I hadn't yet told Janet my name! 

"I'm HAL."  She released my hand, smiled, and walked smartly back

into the  my dick began to rise to another solid hardon!

     In about ten more minutes, DON came back out, looking beat

from the treatment he endured while they stitched up his hand.  I

said, "Come on, Don; I'll walk you home.  We'll call it a night!" 

(Some friend I was, lying like that!  I just wanted to get him out

of the way.)  In a half hour I was back in the waiting room,

feeling self-conscious in my dirty, athletic clothes; but I wasn't

going to do anything other than what JANET told me to.  If she

wanted a sweaty boyfriend, I was her man.  If she wanted me to 

bathe her, I was her man.  In fact, if she had asked me to go

through the wastebasket with my teeth into which she threw her

bikini panties to get them out again, I would have been her man

too!  I laughed at myself, thinking those thoughts; but my hardon

kept coming back every few minutes with similar delicious thoughts. 

So I picked up a couple of dull magazines and read until I dozed

off for what seemed a few minutes.  When I awoke, a gentle hand on

my shoulder was rocking me a wake.  I woke with a big smile...for

JANET, who was smiling back at me...the way a steady girlfriend

admires her hero when he walks off the basketball court after a big

win.  She put her arm around my waist too, like a regular

girlfriend; and began steering me toward the employee entrance to

leave the hospital.  Before I could ask where she lived, s he said,

"We can walk to my apartment.  And we're lucky tonight, both my

roommates are just starting shift now!  We won't be disturbed until

morning...if you can stay over.  (She paused again and I decided

stay silent, hoping she might think I was a little more

sophisticated and mature.  But JANET surprised me by continuing:) 

I'm going to fuck your ass off tonight.  You'll be lucky to last

until morning."  She laughed and added, "You may go running home to

your mother before I finish with you!"  And she laughed again, but

held my hand warmly...and felt friendly, just right, as though we

had been friends for years, even though she seemed to be about five

years older than me.  About a block later, she put her head on my

shoulder, then turned to blow gently into my ear and whisper, "I

need you badly, darling.  I really need you,HAL."  And then we were

climbing the steps to a third floor apartment in a neat, clean

building; and my heart was racing, but not from the stairs!

     Once we were inside, she turned and french kissed me long and

hard, her tongue searching my entire mouth.  I was glad that I had

at least rinsed it out with a coke during my wait.  What a kisser

she was, grinding her hips against mine with passion as we kissed. 

I loved the scent of her hair, the feel of her uniform, the

firmness of her youthful woman's body, the taste of her mouth, the

surging passion I sensed from her.  And then I remember that she

didn't have on panties.  "Oh my god!" popped out  of my mouth with

that thought, against my will.  JANET laughed again, thinking, I

guess, that her lust had scared the remark out of me.  I laughed

too, and squeezed her to me for another long kiss, but now my hands

reached for her fine ass, which I took  in both hands as I held her

grinding hips against mine.  She had to have felt my cock, swollen,

and longing to escape from my pants...and into her pussy.  "Sit

down in this chair, HAL." she said.  I'm going to strip for least down to my hose and ...?  Then you'll strip naked

for me...slowly...letting me look at YOU from every angle.  You owe

me a good show...and I want to see what you can do with that big

cock of yours before you slip it into me!  (The very thought of all

that nearly made me cum again, but I certainly didn't want to waste

one more ejaculation in my pants when I had a woman like JANET at


     And that's when her show began.  She removed her nurses cap

and unpinned her beautiful, brown, long hair which fell over her

shoulders and halfway down her back, thick and lustrous...making

her look absolutely women in hair product  ads in

women's magazines.  Slowly she unbuttoned her uniform...very slowly

to tease me...letting me catch glimpses of a white bra as the top

opened.   When she had it completely unbuttoned, she spread it wide

open, the way we joke about men exposing themselves in their

raincoats; but I got the greatest view of the most perfect body

anyone ever got.  She was gorgeous.  Her tits looked like perfect

36Cs in cups of pure white satin, just about contained, but ready

for release from the bra.  Her belly was flat, firm, and athletic. 

Her legs were sensational in the garter belt and white stockings. 

Her feet were petite.  Her muff looked...?...?...perfect is the

only word to use!  Jet black pubic hair in the smallest little

triangle just covered the pussy's  nest.   Her thighs were a smooth

highway driving right up to it.  And then she slowly turned to show

me her back and equally perfect buns!  I wanted her more than any

other woman I've ever known in my whole life!   I still do! While

her back was to me she unsnapped the bra...turning slowly around

again and slower still lowering it from her reveal

erect nipples of the most perfect tan and texture...that the first

drops of precum oozed from my cock.  

     There we stood in the living room of JANET's little apartment,

feeling as sexy as two people can feel, a whole night ahead of us,

hot for one another.  I couldn't imagine anyone wanting someone

more than I wanted JANET, however.  She was in only her  garter

belt and white nurse's stockings, her beautiful little ass revealed

for all the world to see, her pert 36C breasts available to delight

my hands, fingers, lips, and tongue!  What more could a 17-year-old

boy want?  I was ready for paradise!  And JANET was about to

deliver it to me...with a perfect woman's body.  I took her in my

arms for another passionate, deep kiss, which she seemed to return

with all her heart.  She pressed her body against me with absolute

passion, rubbing her hips harder against me than she had rubbed

them against the chair in the ER when she was warming up for this

opportunity and then she stopped it all...almost cold!   She sat on

the couch and said, "Now you need to strip naked for ME!  I want to

watch you take your clothes off and show me your dick, your ass,

and your whole body.  I want to watch you massage your magic wand

and let me see those balls hanging down!  Act dirty for me!  I'm

going to be your slut tonight; and I want you to become my male

whore.  So strip, you sexy whore!  Show JANET what you have for

her!  S-l-o-w-l-y, HAL, slowly!

     And I did.  I don't know where my savvy came from, but I

played it cool, following her suggestion.  I sat down in a dining

room chair and casually removed one shoe then the other...then my

sweat socks...then very slowly pulled my tee shirt over my head,

making my muscles look their best.  That's when I decided to stroll

around the apartment in my jeans, slowly, letting JANET enjoy my

shoulders, arms, and back.  She took me in like a cat watching a

fish in a bowl!  She was hot and her nipples told me so.  I could

tell that she also wanted to touch her pussy again as she had in

the ER; but she held back.  So I undid my belt and let my jeans

drop to the floor.  I stood there in my jockey shorts, turned to

show her my firm buns; and walked over to stand right in front of

her on the couch.  I pulled the jockey briefs down right in front

of her, let my boner pop right out, just about a foot from her

face.  She licked her lips as it did and swallowed hard...with

lust.  I wrapped my hand around my dick a nd began to stroke it

very slowly...teasing her...and quickly bringing a drop of precum

to its head.  She kept licking her lips and unconsciously began to

finger her pubic hair...and then her clit, spreading her legs wider

and wider on the couch.  She wa s slipping down  into the same

posture I had seen her take in the break room at the ER, hours

earlier.  She seemed hypnotized by my cock and the rhythm of my

stroking.  So I stopped.  I slowly turned around to show her my

firm ass; then I began to stroke my wiener again, pumping my hips

so she'd know that I was still jerking off.  She was up and off the

couch in less than a second.  She glued herself to my back, her

arms around my chest, kissing my neck, blowing in my ears, saying,

"Take me, HAL.  FUCK  ME!   PLEASE FUCK ME!   I need you so. 

Please, fuck me NOW!  NOW!  NOW!"  But I wanted to taste her first. 

I picked her up in my arms, carried her to a bed, and she directed

me to her own in the second bedroom.  I laid her out spread eagle

on the bed and knelt beside her wide-spread thighs to begin kissing

her pubes, her thighs, he outer cuntlips, then her clit, and

finally deep inside her pussy.  I loved the taste of her musky

cunt, probably muskier than usual because she had finger-fucked

herself in the ER break room.  I couldn't get enough of her

cunt...and my cock kept insisting to my brain, "Fuck her now!  Put


STRENGTH, thinking that I'd cum in seconds.  Instead JANET clutched

my dick with such power in her cunt, that juicy as she was, I

couldn't shoot.  She urged me to pump in and out faster with the

motions of her legs.  I wanted to explode.  I couldn't.  She had

some magic control of my penis.  BUT I LOVED IT.  Then JANET rolled

us over on the bed and began fucking me.  Then she raised herself

to a sitting position on my cock and really took control, raising

and lowering herself at just the speed to please her pussy.  To add

to that, she began to finger her clit and moan, to lick her cum off

her fingers and to do it again, as I had watched her do it at the

ER.  Only this time, my wand was inside her hot cunt...and it began 

to shoot.  I felt like a fucking firehose!  I started to squirt

jism and just couldn't stop.  I quivered and felt it shoot. I shook

against my will and shot some more fluid from my balls.  She

squeezed me inside her cunt, and I shot even more. She pumped up

and down and worked even more cum out of me into her pussy.  She

was going to drain me...even as she was cumming from playing with

her clit and feeling my jets of semen in her vagina.  It was

paradise, but more wonders followed that too.  I'll tell you about

them in the next episode: JANET TAKES HAL TO HEAVEN. 


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