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Archive-name: Working/dickie.txt


Archive-title: Continuing Adventures of Dickie Dunkin

                   EPISODE #1 " THE DAIRY QUEEN"

     Well, dear reader, welcome to the wonderful(and erotic) world of Dickie

Dunkin. How do I know it's so wonderful? That's easy I'm Dickie Dunkin.(That's

not my real name but then again neither are any of the other names your about to

read.) The stories your about to read are so of my favorite experiences. Or at

least it's the way I remember them...

     I had been working in a Real Estate office in a small town in New Jersey

and as was the usual custom on slow days I was playing Gin with Joe the salesman

whose desk was immediately behind mine. As we played I failed to notice the two

women who had entered the office behind me. We put the game on hold and Joe

stood up to greet the women, who by this time, were already walking toward us.

As I turned to face my own desk I glanced at them. There was a tall brunette,

whom Joe seemed to know, and a short blonde. My eyes immediately locked onto the

blonde. She was slim with a pair of green eyes the likes of which I had never

seen in my life. She was wearing a white uniform and my first impression was

that she was a nurse. I was wrong. Her hair was long and flowed down over her

shoulders where the seemingly endless cascade of golden hair stopped to rest on

her more than ample bust, about a size 38D. She had a narrow waist and a nicely

rounded pair of hips. There was a slight curve to her belly and a most visible

and pronounced pubic mound. Her legs were shapely although very muscular. Joe

introduced them to me. The brunette was Ann and the blonde was Rose. I

acknowledged and returned to my desk to busy myself with some trivial things so

it wouldn't appear that I was eavesdropping. It seemed that Rose was trying to

sell her Soft Ice Cream business and Ann had brought her in to meet Joe with the

hopes that he could help. After filling out the necessary paperwork Joe asked me

to give the girls my opinion of what I thought the potential was. Of course

after having overheard everything I was able to backup everything that Joe had

told them, and even told them that I might have a client who could possibly be

interested. Of course nothing was further from the truth. Rose seemed to be

extremely greatful to hear such encouraging words and I told her I would be in

touch in a day or so. As they left I couldn't help but check out Rose's ass as

she walked toward the door. Nice ass.

     That night when I got back to my apartment I couldn't keep Rose's vision

out of my head and soon found myself with a first class hard-on from thinking

about what I would do with her if I had her alone. I decided that I would call

the next day to get to know her better.

     When I dialed the phone I felt my heart pound with anticipation as the

phone rang the first time.

     "Hi Soft and Creamy number 21, this is Rose speaking." came the softly

spoken words "...may I help you?".

     Trying not to get tongue tied I replied " Hi Rose, this is Dickie from the

Real Estate Office. If it wouldn't be too inconvenient I'd like to drop by and

take a look at the store and the operation so I can discuss it with my client."

Actually there was a lot more that I wanted to take a look at but that would

come soon enough.

     "Hi Dickie!" There semed to be a hint of excitement in her voice. "You

couldn't have picked a better time. The store doesn,t open for another hour

and a half today and it will give me a chance to give you the Cook's Tour. When

can I expect you?", she said.

     "Give me about fifteen minutes." I replied, knowing full well that I could

be there in half that time...and intended to be.

     "OK. I'll be waiting to let you in."

     We hung up and I went into the bathroom to check myself out. Quite

satisfied that what I saw in the mirror was as good as it was going to get I

walked out to my car and headed for her store. When I got there and approached

the door I saw her standing inside back by one of the machines. She looked even

more fuckable today than she did yesterday. I tried the door and realized it was

locked so I rapped on the glass with my ring. She heard and came to the door to

let me in. As she approached the door I could see a big smile on her face and

decided that this could be good.

     "Come in." she said as she held the door for me to walk past her.

     "Thanks..." I said, getting a whiff of her perfume as I walked in the door.

" your sure I'm not taking you away from anything?"

     "Not at all, in fact I was hoping you'd call. I really wanted to show off

what I have to offer." There was a noticable twinkle in her eye.

     She locked the door and invited me to come into her office at the back of


     "It's kind of like a home away from home." she said.

     "You see, the store is open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm and I usually have to

stay late to finish up at night."

     "Those are long hours." I said. "does it pay off?"

     "Yes I guess it does." she responded. "You see this is my husband's and my

     business, but he works as a manager for a restaurant in Parsippany and when

     he gets home at about 5:00 at night he's too tired to come and help."

I sensed a note of sarcasm in her voice and decided not to press the issue. She

went on anyway and in about fifteen minutes I had a capsulated history of their

marriage and what was wrong with it.

     "I'm sorry," she said, "I guess I get lonely. There's really noone here to

carry on a normal conversation with most of the time."

     Not being one to mince words I just asked her outright. "Why don't you find

a lover? Seems to me that might make you feel like a person again. You really

are quite sexy and attractive."

     She looked at me as if I had just plunged a knife into her heart and in a

matter of fact voice said, "Well, you tell me, would you fuck me."

     "Baby," I replied "Only an asshole or a eunoch would say no to that."

I stood up and moved around the desk. Taking her in my arms a kissing her full

on the lips.

     "This isn't right," she said pulling away from me. "I don't even know you

and I'm acting like a whore in front of you."

     "No," I said, trying to soften the blow of what I had just done. "You just

need a man and all that goes along with him."

     I moved in once again. This time I found little resistance and as I put my

lips on hers her mouth opened to greet my probing tongue. I stroked my hands up

and down her back and slowly undid the zipper to her uniform. As I pulled it off

of her shoulders her tits sprang out to savor their freedom. I caressed them

with my hands while I used my fingers to tweak her nipples. She moaned from low

in her throat as I rolled and pulled on them with my anxious fingertips.

     "Suck on them." she implored. "Suck on them now."

I bent my head and tok as much of her right tit into my mouth as I possibly

could. At the same time I sucked I used my tongue to flick the nipple that was

buried deep in my mouth. The smell of her perfume was like some sort of trigger.

My cock began to grow in my pants and I took her hand and put it on my crotch.

It was obvious that she knew exactly what to do. She cupped her hand and began a

slow circular rubbing of my now hard cock. I moved to the other tit and began to

give it the same attention that I had given to the first. I dropped a hand to

her crotch and began to rub her pussy in the same manner that she was rubbing my


     "Take your dress off I want to see you naked in front of me." I said as I

pulled the dress down around her hips. She wriggled and freed herself of the

dress and reached out and undid my pants, pulled them to my knees and pulled my

underwear off. We each stepped out of the remainder of our clothes. Her tits

glistened with my saliva. Her pussy was covered with a soft shadowy down of

blonde hair and her pussy lips were dark pink and already begining to get wet.

     "I want to lick your pussy." I said. "I want to smell you and taste you."

I dropped to my knees, reached around behind her and took the firm cheeks of her

ass in my hands, I spread them with two fingers as I pushed a third against her

tight asshole. She moaned again and pusshed her pussy toward my waiting mouth.

I darted my tongue out and flicked at her waiting pussy lips. I poked harder and

deeper until I could feel her clit. I continued to poke and lick. Her juices

were starting to flow and I could taste her honeysweet snatch as I probed more

and more.

     She was moaning loudly now. "Yesss... Eat me... Eat me hard... Lick my


     As I sucked harder and harder on her now swollen clit I felt her begin to

shudder. I backed of just long enough to say, "Cum in my mouth baby, let me

taste it."

     All the time I licked and sucked she had been playing with her tits and now

she dropped her hands down to her pussy stuck them deep between her legs

and spread herself open. My tongue, now beginning to tire was aching but I kept


     She shook violently now, her breath coming in short sharp gasps.

     "OH GOD!!...II'M CCUMMING!!" she stuttered. "OOO...MY CUNT...SSUCK IT..."


     In on one motion I stood up and pushed her to her knees. I grabbed the back

of her head and drove my rod deep down her throat. Hungrily she tongued, sucked

and tried to swallow my cock. I began to thrust my hips at her waiting mouth as

she continued to suck. It was an unbelievable sensation.

     I felt balls begin to tighten and felt the tingling in my groin that told

me I was about to cum but I couldn't stop fucking her incredible mouth. I picked

up speed and as if she knew what was about to happen she stopped sucking and let

my cock fall from her mouth.

     "You can't cum yet," she said, the saliva from her wet mouth dribbling down

her chin, "I have to feel that meat in my pussy."

     She lifted herself onto the edge of her desk and leaned back on her elbows.

she lifted her legs high in the air and spread them as wide as they would go. I

could see her juices oozing from her snatch, which by this time was dark red

with excitement. I moved in and grabbing her ankles to hold her wide open slid

my cock in to the hilt in one stroke. It was hot and slippery as I began to fuck

her with all my might. She reached her hands down and to my surprise put two of

her fingers into her cunt along with my cock. I couldn't hold off any longer.

With one last shove I drove my cock as deep in her as I could get it and came

like I hadn't cum before. My cock pulsed jet after jet of cum deep in her snatch

as she continued to fuck herself with the two fingers that shared the space with

me. I knew she was about to cum again as I felt the walls of her cunt squeeze

around my shaft. "UGH...UGH...OH MY CUNT!...FEEL MY CUNT!" she grunted and

screamed as she reached her orgasm.

     She relaxed as her orgasm subsided and I let go of her. She took the two

fingers out of her pussy and slipped them into her mouth. She sucked the mixture

of our juices off and looked up at me. "God Dickie, that was fantastic" she

said. "But I have to get up and open the store." We got up and she got an apron

out that she used while working. We wiped ourselves up and dressed.

    As I was leaving she said, "If you come back at 10:00 tonight I'll show you

how much better I can take it in my asshole, I love to be ass fucked." I agreed

to be back, and by the way she really did like being cornholed, but that's

another story.


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