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Archive-name: Working/desire1.txt


Archive-title: Desire

                           PT 1

	As Mike slowly walked down the glistning wet city street

thoughts of his psychiatrist probed his mind. He had been going to the

same psychiatrist for almost a year now and his bimonthly hour

of sexual bliss was about to begin. No, he had never touched her

or had any contact with her of any kind, she was much to cold

for that, but his fantasies were fueled from these sessions.

You might say that Mike was obsessed. She was a cold, cold woman, 

who had never shown any signs of emotions towards him, but in

that he did not blame her because sex with clients was strictly

taboo. He could accept that, so she lived only in his

fantasies which were fueled intensly 2 times a month.

He imagined in his head her distincted jawline which

never twiched, nor smiled, and her dark eyes which showed absolutely

no emotion whatsoever. Yes she was very cold, very unobtainable,

and in that she was so beautiful.

	As he walked down the wet street, the dampness of the

pavement brought a familiar smell to his nose. He liked the rain.

The sounds of cars splashing down the pavement all greeted his sences

and created the dark mood of gloom that he was in. He seemed to always

be depressed and nothing ever seemed to matter. He stared at his 

feet as he approached the large office building, and with a deep

breath pulled the large glass door open and went inside.

	Ella looked at her watch and took off her glasses.

It was almost time for her appointment with Mike, and she would

need to prepare. Unknown to him was the fact that the whole

time she had been counseling him, she had found herself becoming 

more and more atracted to him. On several occasions she had found

herself getting damp from the smooth sound of his voice and his 

smooth looks. In her profession, sex with clients was strictly 

forbidden, but as time went on she had found it harder and harder

to supress her emotions. She was finally at that breaking point

and she feared that she had lost control; something that she prided 

herself on. As she slowly closed the blinds thoughts of the few times

she had reached out and touched him crossed through her mind. Every

touch she had ever placed had been always met with a think knot 

of corded muscle. As she glanced one more time outside at the rain,

a wave of want passed over her. She found herself already getting


	Mike pushed through the glass door that led into Ms.

Sanders office. He walked up to the receptionist and checked in. 

He looked down through the glass tabletop that made up the

receptionist's desk. As always, she was wearing a skimpy skirt 

that rode up her legs when she sat. Soft white nylons hugged her 

legs and supple white leather pumps adorned her outfit. Mike 

wondered to himself about how much she got hit on, but then

decided that she must have liked it because of the suggestive

way she dressed. She looked up at him and gave him a warm smile. 

	"Ms. Sanders will be right with you." She said through 

pouty red lips, and gave him another big smile.

	Mike said thanks and then sat down and fumbled with a

magazine. He was nervous as hell. He always seemed to be before

his sessions with Ms. Sanders. His heart thumped in his chest and

he waited in anticipation for his time with her.

	Suddenly, as he heard the all to familiar clicking of her 

heels on the tile, he stood up straight and put his magazine down.

She came around the corner and he immediatly fell in behind her 

to follow her back to her office. His sexual bliss was starting

to roll into motion starting with the click of her heels on the 

ground. There was just something about the way that sounded.

Mabey it was the fact that that sound reminded him of how good

she looked with heels and the short skirted buisness suits

she always wore. He looked at her soft brown hair and her 

supple skin and yearned to touch and feel her. He wanted to 

become drunk with her feel and touch her everywhere. He sighed

and walked into her office behind her.

	As Ms. Sanders walked around behind him to close the door, 

he noticed that the room seemed strange and alien to him. He

thought that it was probably just the gloom outside, but he 

still couldn't help to notice just how dark it seemed in the room. 

Even stranger then that, he heard the click of a locking door 

behind him and whirled around to see Ms. Sanders walking away from

it. He immediatly made eye contact with her and dropped his

gaze as he was immediatly met with her cold penetant stare. He felt

ashamed for his childish thinking thast because she had locked the

door it had meant anything. He mentally kicked himself for thinking

in that way and walked over to the long black leather couch and

sat down quite heavily. He then manuvered into a laying position

and crossed his hand on his chest. He looked over to the side of

him and saw Ms. Sanders gathering some papers from her desk.

He couldn't help but to admire her. He looked at her sleek and long

legs wrapped so comfortably in sheer black nylons. She was actually

not very tall, but with help from her shiny black heels she stood

at an impressive hight. He gazed at her legs and the blackness

that they dissapeared into working under her black skirt. That too

hugged her body and showed off every curve that she possesed, which

was enough to make the mind reel. He rested his head back onto 

the couch and waited for their session to begin.

	He heard her as she walked back over to him, and slid over

a chair for her to sit on. He turned his head just in time to watch

her sit down right next to him facing him. Her beautiful legs were 

so close to his face that he could see a small birthmark just on

the other side of the shadow which dissapeared further up her

legs. He heard the sound of sheer nylons rubbing together as she 

started moving her leg up to cross it. As she crossed her legs, in 

the rush of air, he could have sworn he had smelled some of her sex!

His groin stirred a bit as this concept crossed his mind, but then

he quickly put it out of his thought. She had the most sensuous

legs he had ever seen and they were accented even more with the 

smooth black nylons that she always wore. He leaned his head back 

started his bimonthly sexual whirlwind.

	Just looking at him laying on the smooth black leather couch

was starting to arouse Ella to the point of no return. How much

she yearned to reach out and touch his muscular body, and to 

touch every part of him, leaving no area untouched. As she 

looked at him she indeed started to get wet and the sense of 

passion eminating from between her legs was getting out of hand.

She wanted to slowly slide her fingers around his muscular member

and show him how much she wanted, but she continued to strain 

against her passion. He had the best body of any man she had ever

seen. Hints of muscle peeked out around his shirt and waist 

tapered down from his muscular chest. She tried to stop thinking

of him, but her thoughts were out of control. She pictured him

taking her, and driving it in deep, and as these thoughts consumed

her mind, she felt herself loosing control. Small beads of sweat 

started appearing on her forehead. Finally after straining and 

fighting, she let herself free to her desires, and let herself go.

	"Mike," She said after she sat down, "This session will be

a little diffrent today. I'm going to tell you a few things about


	Mike watched as she spoke. She seemed nervous as she played

with her lower lip with her long red nails. She was even sweating. 

As she continued to speak, the air seemed to change. The 

atmosphere was diffrent. She was showing him emotion and was

actually nervous. This was a first for her and Mike watched

her struggle in meek suprise.

	"Well.... Uh.... I mean.... I mean let me show you a few

things about myself."

	Her hand left her face and placed itself on Mikes face. She

started to caress his stong face with her hands. She ran one finger

around his mouth and then plunged it into his mout. Mike was suprised

at first, but then after it registered he started to suck and dart

his toung around her finger. He could feel her long, and hard nail

inside his mouth, probing and prodding. He could feel all his blood

rush to his now hard cock and he felt himself go with passionate 

desires. He cluched one of her beautiful long fingers and placed it 

into his mout. As he sucked on it she closed her eyes and leaned her 

head back. Her long, straight brown hair fell teasingly around her


	She withdrew her finger from his mouth and slowly moved it 

across his body. He looked down to see her extremely stimulating 

red nails and her beautiful, slender fingers unzip his jeans.  As she

pulled them away, his raging hard cock sprang up ready to be attended


	Ella gasped a shock of suprise as his extremely large cock 

came forth from its confines. She teasingly put a few of her fingers 

in her mouth as she contemplated how she would please him. His dick 

was so large she became excited just looking at it. She immediatly 

began to imagine it getting forced into her steamy canal, and her

juices begain to flow freely. She felt it as it spilled out

along her legs and turned her attention to his throbbing cock.

	Mike watched as she grasped his dick with her small hand. 

It seemed to appear so small in comparison, but he arched his back 

at the slightest touch from this woman. He could not believe this

was happening, and because of that, all the stimulation he was 

feeling became enhanced tenfold. He could see her hand and her 

painted nails working their way along his cock. He shivered and 

gasped as she leaned her head over and her hair spilled down 

on his naked abdomen. The sensation was overwhelming. Just the feel 

of her hair against his skin almost made him cum. He saw her 

wet tounge dart out from between her parted lips and lick its

way up his shaft. He jerked as the feeling hit him and uttered a 

groan. This all seemed to be happening in slow motion. She flickered 

her tounge around his dick teasing him, and herself, to the point

of explosion, and then with one swift movement took him in her 

wet mouth. 

	The explosion of sensation made him spasm with feeling.

It felt so good in her mouth, and he watched as she slowly worked

her mouth up and down his shaft. She could barely fit his steamy

cock in her mouth, and the drool from her saliva was running down

his shaft. 

	It was so big! As he filled up her mouth she marveled at 

the size. There was so much of it that she could not help salivatating

until everything was wet. She tried to use her tounge for further

stimulation, but the was absolutely no room. She tried to take the

full length in her mouth, but almost gagged in doing so. She 

rhythmically used her hand and her mouth at the same time, there

was plenty of room for both on his excitingly huge cock. She rocked

her fingers and her mouth back and forth until she felt him 

seize up in an arch. 'He is going to cum!' She thought as she 

frantically picked up the pace on his dick. The thought of his

sensuous hot steamy cum filling her mouth drove her over the edge.

Her eyes snapped open as she continued to furiously suck and pull

on his thich and muscular member. Finally, as he jerked as stuffed

it all the way into the back of her throat he let out a small

scream and the pumping hot seed began to fil up her moth. She 

did not stop there and kept going as more and more filled her mouth.

His cock was so big that room ran out in her mouth, and cum 

started spilling out from behind her red lips and ran down his length.

She drank as much cum as she could, but there was so much of it!

With a great sigh, she felt him relax, and the cum finally

stopped pumping. She slowly relaxed her grip on his rod and removed

her mouth.

	Mike immediatly grabbed Ella and set her down on the couch.

He gasped her slim skirt and began to push it up untill it was hiked

around her tiny waist. Shock registered on his face as he saw the amount

of cum that was already there. She was dripping wet! It looked as if she had

already cum over and over again. He licked the outside of her wet panties

and smiled as he felt her jerk. He slowly slid his hands around her nylon-

covered legs and tightened his grip. With that, he lowered his face into her

wetness and began to work at her with his wet tounge. She thrashed around

and began to wimper at the swirling of his tounge. He slowly sucked her swollen

clit up into his mouth, and her excitement made him hard as a rock. She tasted

good in his mouth, and he buried his whole face in her wet pussy. Her coarse

pubic hairs felt good on his face as he licked harder, becoming more forceful.

Her hands suddenly grasped the back of his head and started rhythmically

grinding her hips into his face. She screamed as her orgasm rocked through her

body and began fiercely and savagly slamming Mikes face in her swollen

wet hole. The amount of cum was stagering, as it dripped off his face and

covered him. He soon felt her body go limp, and drew his face away from her,

watching a thick and long strand of cum reach from his chin to her pussy.

	The fire was just rising inside of Ella as she felt his wet and warm

tounge glide ofer her mound. She wanted him to just fuck her with his tounge

because it felt so good. It felt like no other to her, and she didn't want him

to stop. She never wanted him to stop. She grasped the back of his head running

her fingers through his hair and forcibly shoved his face into her dripping

snatch. God how she loved it. His muscular face and dark eyes working its way

into her. His tounge felt so good inside of her, and she began to fel her

orgasm well up inside of her. She arched her body to the feel of the sex and

slammed his face into her. The orgasm ripped through her leaving her exhausted,

but in thinking of his huge cock thrusting inside of her, she regained energy.

	"Fuck me!" She said as she changed positions on the couch. "I don;t

care how big it is. Force it inside of me. Make me hurt. Just fuckin take me!"

She screamed as she cluched the back of the leather couch in wait.

	He watched as she spread out before him on the couch. He looked down 

at her jet-black heels jutting out from the couch, and up her smooth long legs

to her flawless back and shoulders. He straddled her from behind and took a

firm grip on her shoulders. His long thick cock was pulsating and was hard

as a rock. He slowly brought it up under her, and then with a fierce thrusting

motion, buried it inside of her. He was me with huge spasms as his manhood

filled Ella beyond her wildest dreams. He closed his eyes and let the 

sensation of her tight pussy gripping his cock take him away. She dialated

her pussy around his prick, and moved with him to the motions. He began

to thrust it in and out, letting the warm pocket take all of him in.

It felt so good that he never wanted to cum, but he soon began to feel as if

that was inevitable. The warmness that surrounded him took him away as he

began to thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper. He was smashing her

into the back of the couch with his hard thrusts, and that muffled her screams

of passion. He grabbed her garter straps, and began to pull her into his fuck

as he felt the screaming orgasm well up inside of him. Soon, he knew that he

had to come, so with a strong pump, his load exploded out of him, and shot deep

within her dark confines. She kept grinding her hips back into him, and soon

the sensitive head made him back out of her. As soon as he was out, she slumped

down on the couch, tired from the continuous orgasms that had assulted her


	'Holy Shit!' She thought as he rammed his thick dick inside of her. It

filled her up to the point of agony. She had never has something so big inside

of her. It stretched her out and the sliding motions made it feel like a red

hot poker sliding in and out of her cunt. It was almost painfull, but she

closed her eyes and turned the pain into intense pleasure. She cryed out as she

felt him pumping against her back. She gripped the couch tightly, and began to

pump her hips into his fuck, trying as hard as she could to get him as deep as

she could inside of her. He smashed her face into the supple leather couch, and

she gasped as she felt him grow even bigger as his orgasm was welling up. She

screamed out as her own orgasm began to flutter, and as she felt the hot cum

splash up inside of her cunt, she let loose and shuddered as an electrifying

orgasm ripped through her body leaving her breathless. Cum was dripping out of

her snatch, and she reached down and rubbed the slimy substance into her,

sliding a long finger inside of her. She then slumped down against the couch

and rested, and he fell on top of her, breathing heavily.


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