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Archive-name: Working/derik.txt

Archive-author: Derek Blonde

Archive-title: Early One Morning


  (Unfortunately, this is NOT what the life of a computer

professional is like, at least in Research Triangle Park.

Anyone who knows of a place where systems consultants can

do this type of thing, please let me know.)

  They had been working on the system for twenty-one straight

hours now.   It was finally up and running; their client, a

large banking law firm, wanted the in-house system plugged into

a banking information network and a huge legal database.  The

conversion had taken over four hundred thousand dollars worth

of hardware and software, in addition to three weeks of work,

and in the end Ryan thought that it would have been simpler

just to order every single piece of shit in the IBM catalog

that would fit inside the cabinet and load it onboard.

  And now the computer was getting ready to entangle itself

into an international 24-hour database.  The Brain would never

shut off again; now, it was going through a self-test,

getting ready to read market data, scan the newspapers, and

watch the local trouble spots in locations around the

world where the firm had clients.  Its huge main monitor

was split into sixteen screens, one screen for each

communication controller operating in the building. Ryan

was trying to give each of them in turn something

approaching his immediate and undivided attention.

  He was having trouble concentrating, however.  His

software engineer, Kelly, was a sweet young thing just

out of MIT...young, blonde, beautiful, and brilliant.

She showed a decided preference for working in sweats,

and since the machine room was cooled to 68 Fahrenheit,

sweats were comfortable.  But while she and Ryan

were hooking up the cabling on a replacement unit, and

now again as they crowded in front of the monitor to

watch The Brain do its sitting-up exercises, they had

been working in close quarters.   And Ryan had found himself

meditatively studying the curves of her beautiful, firm

ass underneath her crimson sweatpants.  Wondering what it

would be like to nibble on her neck, near her hairline,

with her on all fours...

  With an effort, Ryan snapped out of this pleasant fantasy.

The console beeped, signalling the end of the self-test.

  "Is it ready to connect now?" asked Kelly.

  Oh boy, he thought, is it ever.  He was so hard that he

was positively throbbing, and he knew that he would

have to find some kind of relief soon.  Just go off in

a corner and jerk off two or three times.

  "Well, let's give it a try," he said, struggling to control

his voice.   He punched the key sequence, and The Brain

started activating its connections.  Lights danced on

the modem consoles.  Satellite linkups moved into place.

  "Jesus, I think it works!" breathed Kelly.  "I think it's

really running!"

  "I've got my fingers crossed."

  An error code flashed on one of the low screens.  "Oh, shit,"

muttered Kelly.  "Hand me the green manual, would you?"

  Ryan looked around, hoping against hope that he would

see the green-cover book somewhere within his reach.  To his

dismay, he found it: it was on a utility shelf about four

feet over.

  He stood with as much dignity as he could muster, but

his stiff seven inches were standing at attention inside

his grey flannels.  He retrieved the green manual, and walked

gingerly back to Kelly's desk, willing her not to look up

at him.

  To no avail.  She looked up at him; her eyes widened, and

she gave a little gasp, as she saw the evidence of Ryan's

arousal (and the source of his embarassment).  Then she

quickly looked around to see if anyone else might have

come into the machine room (they hadn't), and gripped

Ryan's cock firmly, through his pants.

  "You've been watching me tonight," she said matter-of-


  What could he say?  "Yes."

  "And thinking dirty thoughts about me."


  She smiled, unzipped his fly, and cupped his hot, swollen

balls in her cool hand.  "Are you lonely, Ryan?" she asked.

  Ryan was now concentrating very hard to keep from spraying

hot come all over her MIT sweatshirt.   "Yes," he half-

exhaled, half-moaned.

  She rubbed the tip of his throbbing organ gently over her face,

and suddenly gave a little shudder.  "Oh, God," she said.

  "This is for me.  My boyfriend's been away for MONTHS!

I need a man.  I need to be fucked.  I need you, Ryan.  Now."

  She wriggled out of her sweatpants, exposing a gleaming,

moist patch of blond pubic hair; she stood, and kissed Ryan

deeply while fumbling with his belt.  Ryan picked her up, and

sat her magnificent ass down on the table next to the system

console.  He entered her still standing, and she locked her

long legs behind his back to support him as he thrusted

into her warm and welcoming wetness.

  Her cunt was firm and tight and muscular, and her scent was

intoxicating.  At the apex of each thrust, Kelly gripped Ryan

with her vaginal muscles and pulled him in tighter with her

legs.  "Your cock was made for me, baby.  Give it all to me.

Give me everything you got."

  They moved together in the simplest and most primitive rhythms.

His breaths were coming short and sharp now, and he tried

to fuck Kelly as hard as she was thrusting back.  She could

feel him swelling even bigger inside of her.  "Coming," he

gasped.  "Oh, God, come with me."

  Her eyes became very, very wide as she felt him swelling.

Her lips parted, and she felt like she was drifting weightlessly--

that the only two things in the universe were her tight young

pussy and his engorged cock.  And they were moving together

faster and faster, and it was getting bigger, and she knew

that soon the spasm would come.

  Ryan exploded inside her, in a hot, blinding

flash, like a supernova.  Her muscles jerked rhythmically,

uncontrollably, over and over again as her orgasm washed over

her in blissful waves.

  When they had rested a moment, and recovered their wind, they

glanced up at The Brain.  Its lights danced merrily; it was

storing up and analyzing all the financial data on Southeast Asia

since the dawn of recorded history, just because it wanted to

and there was nothing else for it to do before the London

stock exchange opened.

  "We should test it before we allow it to hook in this morning,"

Ryan said gently.

  "The machine," Kelly replied firmly, "can take care of itself.

You can take care of me."

  He then in turn, gave her his immediate and undivided attention.




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