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Archive-name: Working/dayone.txt


Archive-title: Sales Day

Tuesday 15 January 1991 3:04 pm

                            SALES DAY

     Today was going to be the big day for me according to Julie.

I was to get up bright and early and with kit in hand head out to

cover my route starting with section number one for the first time.

I had four routes all located in the same section of the community,

the southwest section was number one, the northwest section was

number two, the northeast section was number three and the southeast

section was number four.  I don't know if you are familiar with the

way Chicago is laid out, but on average 8 blocks equal one mile and

this section of town selected for me to cover was sixteen blocks on

a side or four square miles, give or take an d inch or two on each

side.  Inside these parameters were lots of single family dwellings,

but a large amount of high rise apartment buildings, too.  All of

this lying in a segment of Chicago that might be classed as upper

middle or lower high income level.  In short, a terrific route for a

kid who didn't know his way around.

If this route was handled correctly a lifetime could be spent just

covering the entire area.  By the way, all of it was located on the

far west side of town where all the "better than thou types" had

relocated from the inner city in order to maintain what they felt

was "their level of community pride".  I don't mean to imply the

area was saturated with money; it wasn't, but the families who had

managed to emigrate to this portion of the city were able to afford

some of the finer things in life and "Top Line" silk undergarments

came under that heading.  Most, then, if not all the ladies on my

territory could and did come under the heading of "able to afford"

and would, if given the right treatment, buy the product I had to


     When I went to bed the night before, the last thing I had seen

as Julie sashayed out of my bedroom and into hers, was the cute

little ass swishing back and forth just below the lower hem of her

shorty nightgown and the thing that stuck in my mind was her

admonition to join her in her bed should the need arise.  Man, oh

man, what an offer, but I was saturated at that moment with sex and

intended to sleep in the next day.  After all, the job I had set

myself off on was not a real 9 to 5 operation and there was no time

clock to punch, so my plan was to sleep late, have a leisurely

breakfast with Julie and be on my way.  Julie, however, had other

plans for the day.

     It was still dark out, for Chrisakes, when I felt this little

warm body snuggle in next to me and plant her frame around my bent

and twisted torso; so close I could feel her pussy hairs against the

back of my ass.  Nothing was said, nothing was done other than

her right hand snaked itself around my right hip and clamped on to

my soft dick.  She didn't move her hand, nor did she try to

instigate any sexual action of any kind.  She just took hold of my

soft pecker and held it in her warm hand, sighed and, apparently

went back to sleep.  I will have to admit, the situation while not

to my liking at that particular moment did feel great.  That soft

warm female form tucked in all the folds and creases of my fetal

position torso was terrific; not to mention the comfortable feeling

of her warm hand holding my soft little schwantz.  We were, for all

intents and purposes, welded together and I went back to sleep

instantly.  It was not to be for long, however.  As the light coming

in from outside turned from black to slate grey to the blue

grey color of predawn, pre-sunrise morning, Julie awakened,

slithered herself around until she was in a position to take me into

her mouth and started to suck.  I whimpered, of all things, and

twisted away because I was still hurting from all the sex we had had

over the past few days.  She was set back a bit, but went right back

to gobbling my old dingus.  I, then, said out loud, "No Julie.

Jesus Christ my dick is so sore from yesterday I can hardly stand

it.  Let's not mess around this morning.  And, for god's sake, why

get me up so early?"

     "Honey, you have to get out on your route if you're going to

get anything done.  Come on, we'll take a nice shower together and

you can stick it in if you want to.  Then we'll have breakfast and

you can be on your way.  I want to relieve you of the load you have

no doubt built up while sleeping and I want it rather than have you

give it to some slut out on your route."

     I had no intention of letting Julie have any at that time of

the morning and had no intentions, either, of "giving it" to any

broad on my route; not today, anyway.

     We did shower together and we went through the routine of "you

scrub me; I scrub you" and she did rub my dick into her wet, soapy

crotch, but I wasn't in the mood and she soon dropped the subject

altogether.  Getting dressed, she in her room and me in mine,

brought us, finally, to the kitchen where she prepared a great meal

of bacon and eggs and then I was off for my first day of selling.

     As I prepared to leave the house, she took me in her arms at

the front door, clamped her hand on my shaft and looking up into my

eyes said, "Have a good day, baby.  And keep all your equipment in

your pants.  This "Top Line" sales shit is dangerous.  Save all of

your fucking for Julie when you get home.  Use it only if it means

plenty of sales."

     With that, she kissed my soundly on the lips, patted me on the

behind, took my hand, the one that wasn't clamped onto my salesmans

case and pressed it hard into her crotch, rubbed it up and down a

couple of times, winked and pushed me out the door.

     She had given me the keys to the Caddy, so the bus route was

past history at this moment.  Wow, old Mikey was riding high on the

hog.  So off we go into the wild blue yonder to see if we can do any

selling.  Besides, somewhere out there, and in my territory, was the

gorgeous chick who played on my nerves a few days ago.  I could

still see that torso barely covered with two strips of cloth , gold

high heel shoes and uum, uuuum.

     Dispensing with the tried and true method for gaining

admission, the free gift, I decided I would get right down to the

nitty, gritty and not go around the entire area hanging a little

sign on the door which promised a free gift on my return tomorrow.

Instead, I decided to just knock, hold out the free gift and

announce why I was standing there in their doorway.  For the first

35 or 40 doorways my method was fruitless.  I not only didn't meet

any cute chicks, or sex starved housewives, I met numerous

disgruntled husbands who had words not meant to be included in any

biblical play.  Thank god this was all taking place in an apartment

building and the walking was curtailed to the nth degree.  Elevators

were the thing and saved a lot of foot stomping.  After rejection

after rejection, I decided to stop off at a local cafeteria and have

a piece of apple pie and coffee.  After finishing, I went outside

and got in the Caddy, looked around at the endless line of high

rises and decided to head for greener pastures; the area with single

family dwellings.  Maybe this was where the green pastures started.

     I guess it would have been smarter and more productive for me

had I been a bit more systematical in my approach, but I was

becoming a bit anxious to make a sale, number one, and, maybe, with

a little bit of luck the next door I knocked on would produce the

vision that was stuck so firmly in my mind; blondie with the two

strips of cloth.  As the day wore on and door after door was opened

and I was met by resistance so virulent I thought I was in danger of

being hit in the face a couple of times, my ambition began to wane

and my spirits were in a nose dive and the decision to give it up

for the day and go home began to become more desirable all the time.

One more door and one more growling, ugly housewife and I was gonna

pack it in.  Jesus, I didn't know there were so many ugl y married

women.  Where did all the cute little brides go?

     Crossing the street into a section that was not, strictly, my

territory, but an area that looked like it might have some

interesting encounters brought me to a duplex deal that was in need

of some repair, but looked clean and neat otherwise.  The contrast

in the dwellings from this side of the street to the other was an

eye opener.  How could some people live like this and just across a

busy 8 lane city thoroughfare the uppity level was 20 fold higher.

Oh, well, nothing ventured, they say.  Knock, knock and before I

could tap a third time a high pitched little voice said, "The door

is open.  Come on in."  Wow!  This was a welcome relief from what

had occurred during the last four hours or so.  Thinking it was some

youngster doing something her mommy might not like, I hesitated and

said, "Is your mommy home, little girl?"

     "Mommy, hell, either you want to come in or you don't.  Mommy

is busy and I don't feel like gettin' up to open the door for you.

Come on in."

     So, taking the door handle, gently, I cautiously opened the

front door not knowing what to expect and sort of oozed into the

living room which, by the way, was quite dim as all the shades were

drawn and the only real light was coming from the open door.  As I

was trying to get my eyes adjusted this same voice came to me from

my extreme right saying, "Close the door for Christ's sake.  You

want me to catch cold or somethin?"

     I looked, quickly, in the direction of the voice and saw a girl

of about 15 or 16 lying on the settee just inside the door.  She was

dressed in a sweater, buttoned at the bottom with one or two buttons

and the cleavage just popped out at me.  Wow!  This wa s different

than the past few hours, to say the least.  For bottoms, she had cut

off dungaree trousers which were unbuttoned so far dow n you could

see the top of her pubic hair.  This was some high schoo l kid.  As

my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could see she was very cute and

overly made up.  Suddenly, she sat up, got up and stood rather close

to me and said, "What can I do for you, honey?  You sellin'

somethin' or buyin' somethin?"

     With that I told her about my reason for being there and wanted

to know if I could show her mommy some samples and, of course, give

her the free gift.

     "Cut the mommy shit, junior.  Mommy don't live here anymore.

And, as far the free gift, I'll take it before any of the other

kitties come down from upstairs.  If the gift is nice, I got a free

gift for you, too."

     I gave her the gift, she looked it over carefully and said,

"Hey, honey that's nice for keeping girlie secrets in.  Thank you

very much.  Now, for your free gift."

     I stammered and stuttered that nothing like this had ever

happened before, but I couldn't accept a free gift from my customers

and, besides, I wanted to show her my samples.

     "Hey, honey, that's great.  You show me your samples after I

show you my free samples."  With that, she reached up and opened the

sweater to display her rather large titties and immediately closed

the sweater again.  In one smooth move of her hands from sweater to

the top of her dungaree shorts, she slipped the shorts down far

enough for me to get a good look at her pussy and then immediately

pulled the shorts back up and said, "There.  You saw what I got to

offer and now you show me what you got to offer and maybe we can

make a little deal.  Would you like that, pretty baby?"

     Man, oh man.  Julie didn't cover any situation like this and I,

truly, didn't know what to say or do.  I was beginning to wish I had

stayed in my territory and avoided crossing this damn street.  Just

as I was stammering out some crappy nonsense about showing her my

sample case three more girls came down a flight of stairs all in

various modes of undress.  One with just panties and a brassiere,

one with just an open kimono on that hid nothing and the other was

dressed in a little short ballerina type skirt with, obviously, no

panties on underneath.  By this time I was not only stammering and

making no sense, I was beginning to sweat profusely.  I had no idea

what I had walked into, but I was wishing like crazy that I could

get the hell out of there.

     The one with the sweater said, then, "Honey, you look nervous,

but you got a big bulge in your pants.  Do we turn you on?"

     Jesus, what do you say to a question like that?  So, I blurted

out with, "It's nothing.  I'm just nervous, that's all."

     The girls nearly fell down laughing with that dumb remark and

the one with the open kimono said, "Katie just showed you her free

gifts, you can see mine and, by the way, my name is Karen, the

gorgeous blonde here playing the ballerina bit is Sue and the one

with the bra and panties on is Allie.  Now that you know who we are,

what is your name, sweet thing?"

     I could barely get it out and, even then had to stop and think

what my name was.  Finally, stammering and stuttering and blushing

like a dolt I muttered, "Mike."

     "Girls, meet bashful Mike.  Well, honey, what do you have to

show us?  All of our goodies, well most of them, are on display and

we haven't a clue as to what your goodies are.  Why don't you unzip

that fly and let us take a look at your goody machine or, perhaps,

you have something else to show us.  Come on, Mike, don't keep

secrets from the four.  We just want to make you happy, don't we


     As the other three chorused what sounded like "we sure do" or

something like that, I opened the sample case and started into my

opening sales pitch.  As I was doing this, I passed out the

catalogue and handed each girl one and told them to follow page by

page as I introduced what I had to offer.  This caught their

attention rather quickly and all four of them sat down on various

settees and chairs, all displaying titties and pussys like there was

no tomorrow.  All sitting in very unlady like positions.  Man it was

difficult trying to get the spiel out especially when one would find

something of interest and yell out, "Hey, Karen, look a t the cunt

on page 22.  She's got bigger tits than you have and Allie, look at

that ass on page 19.  Don't you wish you had an ass like that.

Jeez, what a pretty butt."  This, of course, elicited rebuttals and

cat calls and cries of, "let the kid talk fer cripes sake."

     On I went until, finally, Karen just stood up, dropped her

kimono on the floor and balls ass naked, walked up, took a pair of

panties out of my display case and as quick as a wink slipped them

on and went parading around the room.  While I was trying to recover

from this, Allie took a bra and some stockings and put the m on and

then the free for all began.  Each girl taking something and putting

it on, removing it and trying something else and I was losing all

track of what was going where.  Here I am, trying to be businesslike

in a room with four goofy females parading around stark naked at one

time, stockings and nothing else the next, panties and bra the next

until I could stand the mess no longer an d just sat down and wanted

to tell them all to go to hell.  I had no idea what sort of setup

this was.  Finally, they all settled down with what they had chosen

for themselves and Karen, who seemed to be the spokeswoman, said,

"Girls, stop it.  Ya' got the kid all upset and his hard on has

disappeared.  Shame on you all."  Turnin g to me she said, "Sweet

thing, we'll take all ya' got in that case.  Now how about that

girls?  Ya' wanna give the kid a break.  Buy what ya' got in your

hand or buy more if ya' want and need it.  These things are really

nice lookin'.  Bettern' anything any of us own right now for sure.

How about that, honey?  Ya' wanna talk a deal?"

     Deal?  What the hell was this place?  So, I said in a quavering

voice, "What kind of a deal?.  What is this place a sorority house

or what?"

     Sorority house broke them up and they did an, almost,

hysterical round of laughter and thigh slapping and pounding the

arms of their chairs.  Sorority, indeed.

     "Honey, you really are naive.  You really don't know what this

place is do you?"  I shook my head no and she went on with.  We're

pussy peddlers, honey, this is a cat house.  I guess my ignorance

showed, because she went on by saying, "You don't know what a cat

house is, either, do you?"  Another shake of my head and she said,

"We haul men's ashes in here; we sell female goodies to men who need

that sort of thing; this is a cunt cafeteria; a pussy parlor; a

whorehouse, honey."

     Oh, Jeepers.  A whorehouse?  Jesus, how do I get out of this?

As I stood there dumbfounded, Katie, out of her cutoff dungarees and

sweater and dressed, now, in one of our better nighties, stood up

and said, "Mike, I been sittin' here gettin' prices out of the

catalogue on all the stuff the girls got.  Between the four of us,

we got nearly $260 dollars worth of stuff.  Here's our offer.  Each

girl is a specialist in somethin' or other.  Me, I like to fuck

better than anything, but I dabble in blow jobs and around the

worlds.  Karen, takes it anyway you can find to give it to her.  Sue

is a contortionist and can give you a screw that really looks like

your bein' screwed, man she can twist into all sorts of pretzel

shapes while you slam it home.  Allie is our aristocrat an d does it

kinda cool like.  She uses ice cubes and kitty cats.  She'll give

you a thrill like you ain't never had before.  Now, with $260

dollars of credit, that's 130 visits here. Whatta ya' say?  Is it a


     "Man, no, it ain't no deal.  Jesus, I gotta replace all of that

stuff and it ain't for sale in the first place.  130 visits, my ass.

That would take me a year, even if I was able to come 2 o r 3 times

a week and I know I won't be able to do that.  No, sir, ladies.  No


     "Okay, no deal.  Tell ya' what, though.  Let's do this.  We

keep what we got.  We pay you for your samples, whatever they cost,

and, as we ain't busy right now, we play a little game.  Russian

roulette via the pussy method.  No,no,no,no..just listen fer a

minute and I'll explain before you start bitchin'.  Here's how it

goes.  We blind fold you, we all get situated and can move whenever

we want, but not out of this room.  In other words, we will change

positions and chairs and all that stuff, but there will be somebody

in each chair or settee just as you see us now.  We won't cheat you.

Now, what you do is this.  You go from one to another and using any

method you want try to identify each girl; by smell, by feel of her

titties, her pussy, her hair or whatever.  When you feel able, just

put your hand on each one and say this is so and s o and this is so

and so and for each one you get right, that girl will have to pay

you for the things she wants to buy right here an d right now and

you can go home broke or wealthy.  In order to give you every chance

each girl will stay right where she is right at this moment and you

can go to each one, smell her hair, feel her pussy, smell her

perfume, her armpits, her ass, her cunt, her feet

or whatever.  Feel her tits and get an idea of the size of each

girls breast; notice, none of us has the same size titties, feel her

crotch and get an idea of how the hair feels and that sort of thing.

You can tell a lot by that.  Put your dick in each girl an d test

for the depth of her twat.  You can tell a lot by that.  Kiss

her and feel her tongue and lips; you can tell a lot that way.  Use

your imagination, have fun and, maybe, identify each of us and

collect the entire amount here, now, on the spot.  Game?"

     No, I wasn't game.  How was I gonna explain to Julie having to

come up with that kinda money if I couldn't do it?  On the other

hand, what if I could?  I hadn't missed the fact each girl was a

different size, nor had I missed the fact each girl had a different

perfume on, nor had I missed the fact each girl had different

textured pussy hairs and, by the same token, different textured hair

on their head.  A sneeze!  Man, I could get in some good fucking,

lots of kisses on my dinger and come out smelling like a rose $310

richer.  Decision time!  Yes? or No.?  Besides, if I couldn't and

failed, I could always park the Caddy in Julie's driveway and take

the next bus out of town.  Decision?

     "Okay, let's give it a good try."  How brave old Mikey is, I

said to myself.

     There was general cheering and lots of whooping and yelling

about good sport and alla that.  Then all four of them fell on me en

masse and stripped me naked in nothing flat.  While one of them

blind folded me, another had fallen on her knees and was playing

with my dick to get it hard.  It had forgotten how in alla this

discussion period.

     When all was ready, with me unable to see my hand in front of

my face, somebody took me by the hand and led me to the first chair

and said, "Here is number one.  Feel all you want; smell all you

want; kiss all you want and handle all you want."

     I did all of that.  I felt titties, cunts, hairs, smelled and

touched until my hand came away kind of gooey and whoever was

leading me handed me a wet towel to wipe off my hands.  Next and the

same maneuvers and the next and, finally, in a squeaky, obviously

disguised voice she said, "And this is me."  I felt and smelled and

touched and tried and said I was ready to begin.  At this point, I

heard a definite movement of bodies from one place t o another and

knew they had shifted around.

     Knowing they were still in the same positions as before, but

with different bodies in each spot, I went back to the beginning by

running my hand along and feeling for each girl.  Feeling that I had

reached position number one, I reached out and felt the butt of

whoever was in that number one position.  I ran my hand over all of

the body surface I could come in contact with and began a systematic

run down by touch of hair structures, then by smell.  I sniffed

number one's head hair [Sue] and her general body odor [Sue], felt

her titties and nipples [Sue?], well, they felt a little small for

Sue, but...yeah, Sue.  Then, I put my hand on her cunt and asshole

area and felt and smelled all around there and, finally, decided to

stick my dong in to really clinch who this was .  Sue, I was sure,

but I had never felt the inside of her cunt before, nor had I felt

any of the others, either.  This was gonna take more than one round

and I was beginning to have doubts I coul d last more than one

round.  My strategy, if you could call it that, was to find out how

tight and how deep each pussy was and coupling that with other

indications, perhaps I could guess who all of them were.  So I said,

"Would everybody kneel with their butts facing out.  I want to stick

my prick in each of your cunts for a second to see if I can detect

any differences.  The murmurs and oohs and aahs seemed to indicate

some sort of approval or disapproval, I couldn't tell which, but as

I progressed all of them were down on their knees and all I had to

do was feel for the hole and doggy fashion it and decide.  When I

completed this mission I found none of them were tight, but the feel

of their cunts on my prong were decidedly different.  So, running my

hand along the tops of their asses and counting the creases I got

back to Sue? and stuck it in again; very slowly.  Okay, this one was

Sue.  Definitely Sue.  The feel of her love hole and the smell of

her hair and body was all I needed.  I was positive.  Besides, I had

been able to detect a small wart or mole in the crack of her ass

that was gonna be a dea d giveaway.  Number two smelled really good

compared to Sue.  That perfume was familiar, but I couldn't place

what kind it was.  On the other hand I was no expert where perfumes

are concerned, but i t had a distinct odor.  As I probed and felt

and pushed my dick in, this one tended to move and slide her pussy

up and down my dick.  This was not going to lead to any lengthy dick

dipping investigation.  If she kept that up I was gonna cum and that

was gonna end the whole show.  With my dick buried, I asked her to

sto p moving and she did.  Then I snaked my hand around her front,

feeling for all I was worth as to belly button configuration,

titties [size, heft and nipple texture] and so forth.  When I

touched her titties she began to rotate her hips again and I had to

request she stop once more.  I was really close to going "bang".  I

decided, though, that this was Karen.  Her physical features, the

smell of her hair and her impulsive movements all indicated it had

to be Karen.  On to number three.  She was easy.  This had to be

Katie.  When I was first invited in by that squeaky voice and she

had stood up to talk to me I noticed a slight sour smell as though

a bath would have done her some good.  Not a dirty smell, but one

that meant, to me, a bath taken about every third day instead of

every day.  So, sticking it in I found another clue.  She was very

shallow.  Most women are not that shallow, but her hole was short

and when I pushed too hard I hit bottom, definitely, and I heard her

wince as I pushed harder.  Yep, Katie.  Allie was easy, too.  She

had a definite odor of cinnamon about her.  I don't know what it

was, but her cunt smelled like this spice and so did all the rest of

her.  Her hair was the same odor and her whole body smelle d of it.

Easy!  Allie!!.  In my first run through I had noticed one other

thing about each of them.  Sue had a wart and tended to just

remain relaxed even though my prick was buried to the hilt in her

pussy and my hands were doing a dance over her entire body.  Karen,

on the other hand, was a firecracker.  The minute I put my prick in

she started to rotate her hips and move backwards along its length

forcing me to go deeper.  Also, every time I touched her anywhere

she responded in some fashion.  Touched her belly button she

quivered all over; touched her nipples her hips began to move;

touched her ears or face or hair and she trembled like she wanted to

fuck.  Karen, beyond needing some soap and water, was sort of a

dead fish.  She, too, just took everything without too much emotion

and even pinching her nipples and moving my dick in and out of her

cunt caused little in the way of emotional tension of any kind.

Allie, however, Miss cinnamon and spice, was a hot potato.  Jesus,

every move I made elicited a response.  Just the introduction of the

head of my prong to the lips of her hole caused her to tremble

all over.  And when I touched her body, anywhere, you could feel her

tense and quiver all over.  Rolling her nipples between my thumb and

forefinger caused her to tighten her cunt muscles so har d it sort

of hurt.  To make doubly sure, though, I went through the whole

routine again.  As I went to each one, I felt, stuck my fingers in

each hole and then inserted my dick, this time pumping a few times

acting like I knew what I was doing and, finally, reaching number

four said, "Now you guys can shift about all you want.  I know who

is who."

     It was obvious from the sound of things that they had made a

shift and were, therefore, in different positions.  Finally, I heard

Karen's voice say, "We're ready for the final test.  Do you want us

in the same position with our ass sticking out doggy style?"  Yep, I


     Going back to the number one position, I did the entire routine

over again.  Smelling, feeling, weighing each tit and so forth and,

finally, putting my dick in and doing a pump or two.  After letting

it soak a bit, I patted number one on the butt and said, "I'm sure

this is Allie."

     The chorus of "holy cow and jesus christs and goddams" was

proof enough I was right.  They couldn't get over it, but warned me

that there were three more to go.  Then they shifted again.  When I

went around feeling only three were left and I was kind of sorry

Allie was not still in the running.  She seemed to be the best of

the bunch as far as I was concerned.

     Oh, well, back to work.  The first one this time had a wart and

was easy to spot so I just blurted out, "This one is Sue."  The

shouts and catcalls all indicated I had hit the mark again so the

rest was gonna be easy.  All I had to do was find one dead fish and

one hot to trot and that was that.  Two K's left; Karen and Katie.

Karen, hot and loaded for screwing; Katie, needing a bath and just

one step above being emotionless.  As I mounted the first one of the

last two I was able to detect the sour smell that indicated this was

Katie, but, Jesus, I no more than got my prick inserted and my hands

on her hips and all hell broke loose.  She started to squirm and

wiggle and buck back against my body, groaning and moaning like all

the world was coming to an end so I pulled out an d asked her not to

do that.  I didn't want to cum right then and action like that was

gonna force the issue for sure.  So, instead, I went to the next one

and started the routine all over.  If that one had been dead fish

Katie then this, surely, had to be hot cracker Karen, but now I

wasn't too sure.  I put my hand on her right hip and with my left

hand guided my dick into her canal.  Th e head had barely slipped in

when she started to tremble all over.  She was quivering like a

taught string.  I pushed in deeper and I could hear her breathing as

she hissed her breath in and out.  A push all the way in and taking

it almost out to the head caused he r to gasp and whine.  Reaching

around, ever so gingerly, I ran both hands up to her breasts, around

the side of each one and by the time I touched her nipples, she was

covered in goose flesh and her skin was literally moving under my

hand.  Not her body, her skin.  You could feel it slacken and get

tight as my hands moved slowly upward.  Her cunt hole was doing a

number on my shaft by tightenin g and loosening in hard,

involuntary, opening and closing.  Cripes almighty what a sensation,

especially when she would clamp down on the head of my dick as I

would pull out almost to the end.  It was no longer a question of

who it was.  It was Karen, for sure, and i n between strokes I

managed to quake out with, "I know this is Karen and that had to be

Katie."  By this time I wasn't listening to any outside sounds.  I

was concentrating on what Karen was mouthing an d that happened to

be nothing but requests for me to fuck her hard, do it to me, screw

me hard, etc., etc.  She was really into it and was bucking and

rotating her hips like crazy.  When I would go all the way in, she

would brace her arms and push her pelvis back so hard her butt hole

would almost touch my stomach and, then, she would wiggle her hips

and dig in.  I could not have stopped at thi s point if I had wanted

to, so I drove it home time and time again until I felt her stop,

tense up and let out an immense sigh as she started her orgasms.  I

came, too, and she let out a scream that could have been heard for

blocks.  She was not only yelling out loud, she was crying and

laughing and practically in hysterics.  A t this point I started to

pull out and she reached back and tried to stop me, but my dick was

getting smaller and smaller and it was only a question of time

before it fell out on its own.  As it came out, love juice ran down

her left inner thigh and she turned over in the chair, tears running

down her cheeks and said, "Oh, baby, I'd like to do this whole thing

over again in about four minutes."

The other three, however, were sort of miffed, it seemed, because I

had gone "all the way" with Karen, but I couldn't stop.  Jeepers

they should be able to understand that.

     I flopped down on the nearest chair, legs spread out in front

of me and I was exhausted.  Here I was, alone in a room with four

young chicks, all naked, all with dripping cunts and all owing me

money.  So, after getting my breath I said, "Well, did I do it as

promised?"  There was general agreement that the mission had been

accomplished, but the other three felt that Karen had gotten the

best of the bargain and all of them wanted me to have a go at them

right here and right now.  No charge, either, they said.

     That was out; definitely out.  My old schwantz was hurting like

hell this morning and now it was all red and swollen and sort

of raw looking.  No more fucking for a long time old buddy.  So I

had to decline.  I suggested, however, that now that I knew them and

knew where they were and that they were in this business I would, on

occasion visit them on a professional level and pay for it.  There

was some general applause and lots of "hey, honey, that's the way to

talk" all done in good humor.  Katie, my original contact person,

brought me a wet wash cloth and, gingerly, washed me off and dried

my dingus; Karen, left the room and came back about 4 minutes later

with $308 dollars; $310 for the contents of my kit [they took it

all] minus $2.00 for her payment for, as she put it, "one hell of a

good screw".  She also said, "Next time, baby, knowing what I know

now about you, I might let you have one on the house."

     While all this bantering was being tossed about, I got dresse d

and prepared to leave.  I had one hell of a time, sold all my

samples, but had to face Julie and explain what happened and have

her order me a new kit.  Oh, well, ya' win some and ya' lose some.


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