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Archive-name: Working/data.txt

Archive-author: Gekko the Great

Archive-title: Data Entry

       I was working at my father's accounting office for the summer,

I did'nt know a thing about the business, but I did know there was

enough ass working there to keep me quite busy for the whole summer.

i had my own office and my duties were to a ssist the office manager.

Most of the time I was on the phone or at lunch.

       I became friendly with a number of the women that worked in the

back, as accountants and data entry operators.  There was one women in

particular that made my blood boil the minute I saw her.  She was

about 27 years old, black hair and green e yes.  She was thin, and her

breasts fit her frame being on the small side.  I got to know

Stephanie over the next week, having lunch with her and some other

employees.  I found out she had been married for a year when she was

21, but could'nt handle being tied down to one person.  One afternoon

I called Stephanie into my office, and asked her if she could stay

late one night as we had estimates to get out and the other data entry

operators could not stay.  She agreed to stay the next night.  As she

walked out the door, I asked her if she wanted to have a drink after

work, she did'nt answer, she smiled at me and said

"No..I can't..but if you stay tommorrow night..we can"

"okay...I'll se you later"

I watched her ass walk down the hall, her grey skirt clinging to her

hips, her bra straps visible through the back of her blouse.

       The next day while I was back in the supply room, Stephanie

walked in.

"We're still on for tonite are'nt we..?"

"of course..I would'nt give up a drink with you.."

She started blushing a little, her cheeks becoming red, she looked

better today than the day before.  She was wearing, black skirt, slit

up the back a grey blouse that fit her snugly,  black stockings and

heels.  I drank in her beauty, as she left th e room.

       After everyone had left, I went back to check on Stephanie, she

was busy punching away at the computer, as I entered.  I snuck up

behind her, trying not to think about what I wanted to do to her


"how long do you think you'll be..?" I asked.

" long have you been startled me"

"not long..sorry about that"

"I should be done in about an hour"

"okay I'll be back in a bit"

       As I walked back to my office I could'nt stop thinking about

Stephanie's legs, they looked so good wrapped in those black

stockings, so smooth and silky looking.  After 30 minutes I went back

again, this time announcing my presence, Stephanie was twisting her

neck, like it was stiff.  I put my hands on her shoulders, looking

over them at the screen.  I did'nt know what I was looking at, but she

thought I did.

"I'm almost done..jezz I could use a drink"

I started rubbing her shoulders, massaging them lightly at first, then

increasing the intensity.

"uhmm...that feels good..your have a good touch"

I was looking right down her blouse now, as she continued punching in

 whatever it is you punch in.  Her breasts encased in a seethrough

 white bra, her nipples visible.  Her tits were lovely, not big but

 the kind that curve upward like a half-moon.  I started rubbing her

 upper arms, and then up to her neck, running my hands under her hair,

 up the sides of her neck.  I thought I heard a low moan, and then

 glancing down confirmed it, her nipples now were hard, pressing

 against her bra, they looked delicious.  Stephanie had kicked off her

 shoes, and was rubbing her feet together.  A few minutes later,

 Stephanie announced she was done.

"There all finished..thank god..and if you don't stop doing what

you're doing we're never going to make that drink"

I did'nt know if she meant she would'nt go with me or if we just

would'nt go to the bar. So I rubbed harder tracing the outline of her

ears lightly.  Stephanie answered my question for me, she swiveled

aroubd in her chair, put her hands on my crotch and squeezed it

lightly, she rubbed it through my pants, causing it to rise up.  I

reached down and ran my hands over her tits, feeling her nipples swell

tthrough the thin material of her blouse.  She quickly unzipped my

pants, pulling my cock out, l icking the head, lapping at it like an

ice cream cone.

"It's been a long time since I've done this so be patient"

It did'nt take her long to remember how, she was running her tongue up

and down the shaft, making sure to lick and kiss the underside of it,

her hands jerking it back and forth.  I was busy unbuttoning her

blouse, I could only get one or two buttons undone since she was kind

of crouched over sucking me. She took my whole length in her mouth,

her green eyes looking up at me, sending shivers down my spine.  I ran

my hands through her hair, enjoying how well she was sucking my cock.

After ten minu tes I stood her up, kissed her deeply, pulling her body

close to mine, she moaned softly.  I ran my hands over her ass,

slipping it in the slit up the back of her skirt, feeling the

silkiness of her stockings.  I sat her on the desk, finished unbutto

ning her blouse, when I parted the blouse open I was in heaven, her

 tits looked so good being squeezed in her white bra.  I traced the

 outline of her tits as I continued kissing her, moving down her neck,

 to her shoulders, I was pinching her nipples, twisting them in my


"oh..uhmm.."she moaned softly

I slid the fabric of her bra over her tits, her nipples red as

cherries, she was still rubbing my cock, running her hands up and down

the shaft.  As I glanced down I noticed garter belt straps and the

tops of her stockings, My hand instantly slipped to her thighs, her

legs parting a little, the heat from her cunt was intense, as I ran my

hand up and down her legs.  My hand found its way under the straps of

her garter, and as it moved upward I could feel the bottom opf her

panties.  The lace, tic kled my fingers, as I slowly ran my fingers

across her panties

"boy are you wet"

"I know it started when you started rubbing my shoulders..Uhmm"

I pressed my fingers against her cunt, rubbing up and down, herhips

 started moving with my fingers.  I hiked her skirt up higher, slid

 her to the edge of the desk, my hand still working on her cunt, her

 juices soaking her panties, when I moved foward to her, she looked at


"What are you doing?"

"just relax.."

I pulled her panties aside, her cunt hair trimmed neatly, her pink

folds shiny wet, I slid a finger in her, my thumb coming to rest on

her clit.  I took my cock with my other hand, and guided my prick into

her cunt.

" can't..its too soon"

I just rubbed her clit harder, muffled her with a kiss, and slowly

slid my cock in.  She was like a vise, gripping my cock like I might

get stuck.

"oh..oh..uhmm..feels so good"

I started stroking in and out, slowly at first, her stcoking clad legs

over my hips, her lace panties rubbing over my shaft with every

stroke.  I looked at her, her tits hanging out of her bra, her green

eyes liting up the room.  She was rubbing my c hest now, pinching my

nipples, she then bent foward and started kissing them.  I increased

my tempo, pumping her faster now, she grabbed me by the neck and

scooted foward pulling me into her deeper.  She was biting my nipples

now, moaning a deep thro aty moans.

" feels so good..its been soo long"

I felt the cum building in my balls, her cunt was squeezing my cock

tightly, her hips bucking up to meet my every thrust.  We were fucking

so fast and hard her whole body was sliding back and forth on the

desk.  As I looked at her her eyes were close d, she was biting her

lower lip, and I felt her cunt convulsing, I knew she was cumming, her

insides heated up, and hwen they did I expoded into her, pumping globs

of cum up her cunt.  As I pulled out of her, the last of my cum shot

out on the top of her panties.  I slid my hands up her back, and held

her close to me.

"that was have'nt lost a thing"

"your the first since my divorce"

       We cleaned up a bit, and said goodbye in the parking lot.  I

later found out she was only 22 just out of college and had been

divorced for only five months.  We spent many late nights after that.


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