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Archive-name: Working/cyndilst.txt


Archive-title: Cyndi's Lust

    Cyndi, had left the house early for her interview. She was applying

 for a summer job as a secretary at a large accounting firm so she

 could make some money for her first semester at college.  Cyndi was

 beautiful.  She was a redhead, about five-feet, six-inches tall, with

 big, almond-shaped brown eyes, high cheekbones, and a full, pouty mouth.

 Her hair was stylish, with waves and curls framing her face and falling

 below her shoulders. She had a full bush of short red pussy hair covering

 the entire crotch down to her ass crack. Her tits were nice and juicy,

 and she had a tiny waist, a pile-driving ass, and long, meaty legs.

 Cyndi was dressed in her sexiest outfit, a stretchy white miniskirt with

 a frilly, sleeveless, white blouse cut in a sharp vee to show her ample

 bra-less cleavage.  She wore red high heels and blue stockings, with a

 black garter belt and  a hot pink thong panties.  She knows that the guys

 won't be able to see any panty lines from behind, but they could still

 see faintly the pink underwear in her ass crack.

    She went to the ladies room right before the interview, and played

 with her pussy through her panties She wants to make sure she was

 horny and wanted every one to aware of her sexy cunt smell coming

 from under her skirt as she swayed her buttock sexily toward Mr Jim

 Johnson's office.

    Jim Johnson's eyes almost popped out of his sockets when Cyndi

 walked into his office, his mouth falling open as he scanned her body

 from top to bottom.

    "Come in, Miss," he said.  Nervously coming around his

 desk, he offered her a chair directly in front of him.

    "Thank you, Mr. Johnson," Cyndi replied.  She sat down and

 crossed her legs, allowing her skirt to hike up almost to her crotch.

 She wanted to show off her beautiful, smooth thighs.  The tops of her

 blue stockings and her garter straps were in full view, and she knew

 Mr. Johnson would be interested in looking at her thighs and the faint

 pink panty-crotch just under the hem line of her skirt as she moved

 around to get comfortable. She smiled at Jim, leaned forward slightly,

 her blouse brushed against her excited nipples.

    Jim could hardly believe what he was seeing, he could almost

 smelled her sex in the air. Cyndi swing her crossed legs up and down

 and one of her red shoes was dangling in her toe. Jim smiled and

 leaned back on the edge of his desk, hoping his growing cock wasn't

 too obvious to her. She uncrossed her leg and one of her shoes fell

 off her feet. Cyndi leaned forward to pick up her shoes. Jim could

 see her hard pink nipples inside her blouse. Her skirt had hiked up

 even higher and gave Jim a good view of her pink panty crotch with red

 cunt hair sticking out from the edge of elastic as Cyndi crossed her

 legs again.

    Cyndi noticed Jim's cock right away.  She didn't really

 understand why her eyes always look a man's crotch, but she knew she

 had an effect on men that caused them to act nervous and made their

 pants bulged out. Cyndi tried not to look at his crotch while he

 interviewed her, but she couldn't seem to concentrate on what he was

 saying.  She felt her pussy starting to itch a little. She squirm

 around the seat and  felt that her panties crotch is getting sticky

 with her pussy goo. The tiny thong crotch was rubbing against her

 budding clit everytime she moved her legs. Luckily it was a cotton

 panties, all the leaky juice were absorbed by the thin cotton crotch.

 But the tiny crotch can only absorb so much juice, soon it started

 to soak through and stained the white mini-skirt from her butt crack.

 She uncrossed her leg and gave Jim a full view of her growing wet

 spot within the hot pink crotch. Her red cunt hair on the edge of

 the panty pulled tight as she opened her legs. She smiled seductively

 and slide off the chair.

    She sat on top of the desk, pulling her mini-skirt up around her

 waist and fingered the wet, slimy crotch of her pink panties. She

 rubbed her panty covered cunt-mound urgently, making the crotch sink

 into her pussy lips. Jim was amazed by Cyndi's open lewdness.

    "I heard that you're a very good pussy licker," she said, pushing her

 hip up and down so that her dark wet spot emitted the enticing aroma

 as Jim lean forward for a closer sniff. She said playfully "I bet you

 like to lick my little wet crotch! Don't you ??" Jim nodded and Cyndi

 plunged her panty-covered pussy forward to his face, covering his

 mouth completely with the dripping loin cloth of her cunt. She rolled

 her head back and gyrated her hips, grinding her panties crotch

 tightly against his face. All the sudden she pulled away, leaving

 Jim with slimy cunt juicy all over his face.

    The smell of her cunt made his mouth water and Jim knew that he

 had to taste, as well as touch, her juicy cunt. He reached out but

 Cyndi said "Wait, I want to get my cunt stinky hot for you first."

 By now the juices of Cyndi's cunt had saturated the entire pink

 cotton thong panties and they offered more of the delightful

 stimulation she had previously enjoyed.  She jerked the crotch to

 one side and let her fingertips went after her bare cunt-flesh. With

 the tips of all her fingers flattened together, Cyndi rubbed her

 cunt, smeared around the juices that ran from her inner hole.

    Cyndi's fingers ran down and over the curve of her pussy, their tips

 automatically falling into the open gash of her cunt.  She took three

 fingers inside of her and bobbed her cunt up and down on them. The

 action caused more of the fishy-smelling juice to flow out of her

 slit and flooded her red cunt hair  with her hot and slimy cunt juice.

 Cyndi placed her now soaked panty-crotch over her hot cunt lips and

 pull the panties tight against her pussy.  This causes  more sticky

 crud to oozed out from her cunt.  Her red hot panty-crotch was

 stretched beyond its tearing point. Cyndi pulled even harder and

 caused her sticky panty crotch to disappeared between her cunt lips.

 Cyndi grind her hips and pulled on her well lubricated panties hard

 and felt the needs for a wet release. She yelled "Finger my pussy ,


    Jim's fingers moved forward, opening her thigh. Then he shoved her

 sticky panties aside from the flowing gash of her pussy and buried

 both of his hands there.  He shoved one finger from each hand into

 the hole of her cunt and fucked them in and out like pistons, the

 other finger was brushing against her hairy butt hole.

    Cyndi couldn't stay still while Jim finger-fucked her this way.  She

 humped and rolled her hip helped to increase the friction his fingers

 gave her cunt. The cool air tickled the matted hairs of her wet pussy

 and she shivered when her cunt cream leaked out and met the cool

 breeze, tickled the hot meat of her cunt.

    Jim grunted against the side of her leg.  Wet, sticky sounds came

 from between Cyndi's legs as his fingers continued to trench out her

 juicy cunt.  The scent of her pussy surrounded them like a cloud and

 Jim inhaled deeply, getting high on the luscious aroma of this horny

 pussy.  His head swam with desires.

    Cyndi squirmed around until her head was falling over the edge of

 the desk.  Jim then removed her smelly right shoes and rolled her

 right stocking down and off , leaving the left stocking tangled around

 her knee. Cyndi's strong foot odor filled his nostril.  He reached for

 the discarded stocking and took a  deep whiff of Cyndi's smelly

 stocking. The heel of the stocking was wet with her sweat and it had a

 very sour odor. Any smell from Cyndi would turn Jim on. Her pussy

 glazed right in front of him open and inviting, as he got  more

 turned on by her powerful stinky foot odor. He wrapped the stocking

 around Cyndi's thight. Cyndi pushed down to force his head to her cunt.

 When Jim's lips hit the open lips of her pussy. Her head tipped way


    "Ohhh," she sighed, opening her legs as wide as she could. Jim's

 head bobbing between her thighs.  He slurped down all the juice

 greedily, as if it was his last meal.

    Cyndi humped her ass up out of the now sweat soaked desk top and

 fed her dripping cunt meat to Jim.  She grabbed two big handfuls of

 his hair and used his head for leverage as she bounced around, now

 and then still catching a glimpse of what was happening to her pussy.

 Jim curled his tongue into a long deep tube and thrust into her

 pussy with it, opening her up raw pink depth. The combination of

 smelling her cruddy panties that was pulled to the side of her

 splitting crotch and her sweaty stocking around her thight made him

 felt dizzy.  He wanted to keep that stinky panties from her ass to

 sniff later.

    Cyndi bucked and writhed, her fingers pulled hard at his hair and

 her nails scraped at his scalp.  She made his face bob around between

 her legs, his nose involuntarily being ground against her slimy gash.

 Jim had his eyes closed because his eyes were burshed by her wet

 smelly cunt hairs.

    But Jim didn't mind the slight discomfort she has brought to him.

 He was glad to let her have her fun.  He snorted her smelly creams

 and gulped them down by the mouthful, he loved the tangy taste of her

 cunt sauce.

    As Jim jabbed his tongue far inside Cyndi's cunt, scooped out the

 womanly curd of her tasty cum, he rolled his own hips from side to

 side, his hard-on trapped inside his pants. It was uncomfortable to

 have to sat like this, but he endured.

    "Oh, Jim, ohhh, ohhh!" Cyndi whimpered.  "You do that sooo goood!"

 Jim lapped the flat of his tongue up and down over her entire crotch

 area.  The tip of his tongue touched the hairy puckered hole of Cyndi's

 smelly butt hole. In appreciation he tickled that rough little dent

 with his tongue tip and tasted the bitterness from her last time she

 shited. Jim then lapped all the way up her creamy slit until his tongue

 reached the pulsing button of her clitty.

    He pulled her clit in between his lips and drew it out long and taut.

 Then he sweeped the end of it with the end of his tongue, Cyndi bucked

 and grunted helplessly. His hands were on either side of his sucking

 face, keeping Cyndi's legs spread as far apart as possible, gave

 himself plenty of room to work..

    Cyndi's full, mature body was full of hot lust.  Her curves were the

 of lushness, padded curves of a foxy woman.  She rolled her hips slowly,

 fucked at him as she looked down right into his eyes with heavy-lidded

 horniness. Jim watched her tits peaked under the blouse as she fucked

 his face.

    More turned on than ever, his cock pound against his pant, he

 reached downward and took a hold of Cyndi's young ass. His breathing

 grew heavy and thick and the jets of air escaped his nostrils and

 tickled Cyndi's clit, making her squirmed with  pleasure.

    "Ummm, fuuuuuccccckkkk ," Cyndi spat, the top of her head tossed on

 the side of wet desk top as she trashed around lewdly. She jerked her

 cunt downward at the Jim's mouth.  He zig- zagged his tongue up through

 her open crack, tasted her sizzling sweaty flesh and felt the way she

 shuddered with excitement.  He intended to toy with her a little more,

 and than when Cyndi couldn't stand it anymore, he wanted to bring her

 off like never before.  He made his tongue fluttered into her puffy

 cunt-tunnel and then ran around her clit, licking her everywhere as

 he brought her closer and closer to her overdued orgasm. Cyndi

 whimpered, her body jerked violently.  Her hands left Jim's head and

 instead grasped the desk edge beside her humping ass, She no longer

 saw anything except her own relief, which got closer and closer with

 each thrust of Jims fucking tongue.

    "Ohhh! Ohhh!" she grunted, her words louder than ever before. Jim

 jammed her full of tongue one last time and then felt her go rigid

 beneath him.  Cyndi let out a load scream, but Jim ignored it, pumping

 her pussy with his tongue with a quick, deep penetration . More tasty

 thick cream oozed out of her slit and she screamed for several endless


    "Ohhh Yaaaaa!! " she cried, her young body bucked and jumped.

    "Ohhh! Jimmmyyy!!!!"  She had reached her most intense orgasm of her

 life time.

    Jim pulled off Cyndi's pink panties and sniffed the clammy crotch area.

 He pulled on his cock and within second shoot his jism all over Cyndi's

 crotch area, staining her white mini skirt with come spots. Jim fallen

 back to his chair and was exhausted. Cyndi was spread eagle in front

 of him with cum running down slowly at her crotch. She smeared the

 juice around with her fingers and brought her finger to her lips and

 licked them off with her tongue.

    Cyndi similed and pulled on her stocking and shoes quickly, but left

 Jim clinch on to her wet panties. "You can keep them as a souvenir

 if you want."  she winked, and walked away. Leaving Jim stared at her

 swaying asscheek. He could see trails of cunt sauce running down her

 thigh and soaked up by the wet stocking top. Her white skirt was

 trashed with large wet pussy cum and jism stains on the front and

 back. Her blouse was soaked with her sweat and her nipples were pressing

 against the wet material. She turned back and said "I hope I got the

 job, please call me soon."


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