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Archive-name: Working/construc.txt


Archive-title: Construction Worker, The

Sometimes I amaze myself by my total lack of common sense 

when it comes to proving my macho against a female in various 

tests of strength. This latest lapse in intelligence was one that I am 

sure I'll never repeat.

I began working with a construction company as a laborer. I was 

physically in terrible shape; but, I thought that a few months of 

this type of work would allow me to gain some strength and to 

shed some of my flab. I began working with the company in the 

month of April so that by June I had in fact started to improve my 


We began work on a 3 story building and were beginning to work 

on the second floor when they told me to start training as an 

assistant welder. This was wonderful, it was more pay and I was 

certainly willing to learn. I learned a lot of things I didn't count on 

learning about welding, and about welders. At any rate, I reported 

to the foreman who assigned me to work with Ann, a certified 

welder. Now, I was surprised when he told me I was to work with 

a female welder; I thought that all welders were men because I 

knew that welding required a lot of strength. At any rate, I found 

Ann and told her that I had been assigned to work with her. She 

looked down at me, she must have been 6 feet tall and beautiful; 

she looked over my body like a butcher inspecting a side of beef. I 

found out that night that the analogy was a good one.

Ann had on a long sleeve shirt and jeans so her body was not 

evident and I didn't really think about how easily she handled the 

heavy steel and welding equipment. The rest of the day went pretty 

uneventfully and as we were clocking out Ann said, " Say, why 

don't you come over to my place tonight. I always like to have the 

guys I work closely with over the first night so that we can really 

get to know each other. I have found that by doing this it makes 

the working relationship a lot better. I promise you that you will be 

surprised before the evening is over." I was excited at the prospect 

and readily agreed. We planned the time, etc. and I went home to 

clean up.

I arrived at Ann's place about 15 minutes late. I rang the door bell 

and Ann threw open the door suddenly, reached out and grabbed 

my arm and pulled me into the house. She did this with such speed 

and with such force that I was sent hurling into the next room, 

where I lost my balance and ended up on the floor. I looked up and 

started to ask her what in the hell was going on, but when I saw 

her my mouth just fell open. She was in a bikini and she was 

beautiful. I also noticed that she had muscles; I mean real muscles. 

Not the soft looking girl muscles, but real hard looking muscles.

 She looked at me with a smirk on that beautiful face and said, " 

rule number one, you be where I tell you to be, when I tell you to 

be there. I see you are taken with my body; I plan to take you apart 

with it and then I'll put you back together the way I want you when 

I'm through seeing what makes you tick. First we'll eat dinner; I 

want you to have as much energy and strength as you can muster 

in that weak little body of yours. I can tell by looking at you that 

you are a weakling and will be no contest for my great strength. 

Before this night is over you will be in my complete control. Now, 

stand up here and strip to your underwear, I want to have a 

comparison of muscles. Move, wimp or I'll trash you before we 

eat." I stripped as fast as I could. Ann was right it was no contest; 

her muscles were bigger and more developed than any of mine. I 

knew then that I was in for whatever she had in mind and I could 

not do anything about it.

She enjoyed herself as she flexed and compared her well 

developed muscles with my average muscles. She would feel and 

measure mine and then explode hers and make me feel and 

measure them. I was devastated, and we hadn't even started the 

"contests" yet. Her arms were solid as stone and were massive in 

size; but, her legs were the real scary part of her body.  Ann's legs 

were beautiful; long and sleek until she flexed her muscles. When 

she did this those legs turned into massive pillars of muscle. I 

knew she could crush me into helplessness if she ever got her legs 

wrapped around my body.

We ate dinner and moved into the family room. She had all the 

furniture moved back against the walls to expose a large open area. 

Ann sat on a couch and motioned for me to sit down next to her. " 

Well, little man, did you get enough to eat ? I hope that you will 

have enough energy to make this at least a little interesting. Most 

men I've wrestled against have been so outclassed that I haven't 

had a good workout in a long time. I can tell by just looking at 

your body compared to mine that you aren't man enough to take 

me; but I can't wait to tie you in knots. I really haven't felt as 

powerful as I feel today in a while. I'll try to take it easy on you so 

that you last for a little while anyway. I'm going to limber up a bit 

and then we'll start your lessons. "

Ann rose from the couch and began to put on a show for me as she 

limbered up her body. She knew that I was mesmerized by her 

beautiful body and her powerful looking muscles. After she had 

stretched for a few minutes she walked over to me and grabbed a 

handful of hair, pulled me off of the couch and slammed me into a 

crushing headlock.

 " Let's see how tough your head is. I'll bet you I can knock you 

out before you can even submit. Keep your hand on my arm as I 

put on the power. Are you ready ? Here goes. "

 She flexed her arms and jerked my neck into her body and I went 

out like a light. She had done it; I never even had a chance to 

submit before she put me on ice.

As I came to Ann was leaning against a table with her ankles 

crossed, looking down at me. I shook my head in an attempt to 

clear out the cob webs. Ann walked over and stood over me; as I 

looked up into her smiling face she flexed up her arms and let out 

a yell of " Yeah, you're no match for these babies. And my friend I 

haven't even gotten warmed up yet. Now you know why I can 

move that heavy welding equipment and those steel beams so 

easily. Before we're through here you'll be so afraid of my strength 

that you will shake when I look at you in an angry way. Now get 

up here, I'm going to let you put me in a bear hug and see how 

hard you can squeeze. " I got to my feet and wrapped my arms 

around her; my face was directly in front of her boobs so I turned 

my head to the side and quickly jerked my arms toward me and 

squeezed her as hard as I could. Ann laughed and said, " is that as 

hard as you can squeeze ?  Come on, little man, put some muscle 

into it. My, my what a weakling you are; I'm not sure you will be 

any use to me on the job. Here let me show you what a real bear 

hug feels like. " She wrapped her arms around my body and 

counted to three, then she slowly increased the power. It was like a 

python; she squeezed the breathe out of me and I once again went 

down into unconsciousness.

This time when I came to Ann was leaning up against the wall 

looking down at my wasted body. She wasn't even sweating and 

she had knocked me out twice. " How about that for power, wimp 

? Get up here and feel these arms. I've got one more demonstration 

of my arm strength for you, then we move on to the real strength - 

my legs. " I stood up on wobbly legs and felt her 16 inch biceps; 

they felt like steel. Ann was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she 

placed one hand around my throat and one hand on my crotch. She 

then lifted me above her head. My head was spinning; she was 

doing presses with my body. After a few presses she began to drop 

me onto her shoulders; then she put my back on those shoulders of 

hers and began to bend me across them. I thought my back was 

going to break. I began to beg for mercy. Ann laughed, " is the 

baby hurting ? Is Ann too much woman for you ? Louder, I can't 

hear you; beg me to stop. " I begged her in as loud a voice as I 

could muster; and the panic in my voice was real. Finally she 

stopped, and dropped me in a heap at her feet. I laid there curled 

up in a fetal position at the feet of this beautiful woman who was 

beating me like I had never been beaten.

" We'll take a rest now so you can gain some of your strength back 

and then I'm going to work you over with my legs. I know you 

have been watching them; and in a few minutes you are going to 

feel some real power. You may feel the muscles in my legs and 

think about what I've said. "  As she flexed her long, beautiful legs 

the muscles were etched and solid as her arms. The look on my 

face must have been one of total humiliation and resignation.

We rested for a short time and then Ann said, " now, big boy I'll 

give you another chance to put me in a hold. I'm going to lay down 

on my back and let you get on top. If you can pin me for the count 

of three then you win and I'm yours. If not you are mine. " I sat 

down on her stomach and pinned her wrist to the floor. Ann said 

go and then began to try to raise her arms. I was concentrating on 

her arms so hard that I didn't realize until it was too late that she 

had also begun to raise her legs toward my head. Within a second 

she had her long legs wrapped around my neck. As she pulled back 

with her legs I let go of her arms. She held onto my legs and began 

to bend my back in a version of a surfboard hold. I thought my 

neck and back were both going to break. " Interesting hold isn't it 

Timmy boy. If I squeeze with my legs I might break your neck; if 

I pull down anymore I could snap your back like a twig. Yes sir, 

I've got you tied up like a pretzel. Remember the deal, you are 

mine. " She let go and pushed me off of her. She stood up and 

grabbed a handful of hair; then she raised my head up and placed 

my neck between her calves.  Without a word she stood up on her 

toes and then suddenly flexed every muscle in her legs. I couldn't 

do anything but make croaking noises as she once again knocked 

me out.

As I came to; Ann was sitting down next to me. Then I felt the 

weight of her legs around my waist. Before I had fully regained 

consciousness she placed one of my hands on her thigh and flexed 

that awesome muscle. I was out again before I knew what hit me. 

This time when I came to she was standing over me. She pinched 

my nose with her toes so hard that my eyes began to water. Then 

she said, " I'm just getting warmed up and it looks like you are 

spent. I hope that you can last through the rest of the workout. 

Now put that scrawny head in between my thighs and let me see if 

I can crush your skull. " I did as she had commanded me. Ann 

began to crush me in a standing head scissors with such force that I 

began to cry for her to stop the pain. She would squeeze me to the 

brink of unconsciousness and then let up and squeeze me again. 

After several minutes of this she stopped. I fell to the floor; but 

Ann wasn't through yet. She rolled me over on to my back and the 

picked my head up and put me back in between her thighs. Once 

again the crushing squeeze.

 " Feel my thighs as I flex them. I want to see your face as you 

realize that I can crush you to death with these legs. You had better 

remember this at work or I might do this to you while we're on a I 

beam. Good night pip squeak, it's time for you to go out again. "  

She tensed her legs and I could hear her laugh at me as I went out.

Ann was still in her bikini when I awoke. She sat on my chest and 

raised my head up to look right into her massive boobs. then she 

flexed her arms. She stripped me and made me crawl behind her as 

she walked around her apartment. She would stop from time to 

time and flex her muscles. After about 30 minutes of this my knees 

were raw. Ann finally sat down on her couch and spread her legs. " 

Lay down here between these babies, I've got to have a man 

between my legs right now. " I laid with my face in her boobs and 

her legs wrapped around my waist. Ann crushed my body into hers 

and I was almost out again. Then she slammed my head into her 

crotch and used my nose to masturbate herself with. As she 

climaxed she squeezed with such force that I was unconscious 


Ann used me all weekend like this. By Sunday when she let me go 

I knew who the boss was and that her power over me was 



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