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Archive-name: Working/chores.txt


Archive-title: Chores (aka Mindy)

     Mindy sighed, stretched, bringing her arms up over her head

as she lay on the chaise lounge she had set up on the sun deck. 

Looking down at herself, the lovely young woman reflected, that

she sure 'looked just great', being tall, slender, but definitely

well developed as she lay there dressed in her tiny short shorts

and tiny bra, her body gleaming from the sun tan oil she had

liberally applied to her whole body. 

     Her thoughts were temporarily interrupted as she heard Rick,

the local 18 year old youngster who had been taking care of their

lawn; hedges; and odd jobs especially during the long, hot summer

vacations, for several years now.  At the moment he was a few

feet away trimming the hedges, humming to himself as he jived

along with his headset on, listening to some 'weird rock' music,

Mindy figured. "Hmmm", she thought, "guess he's gonna grow up to

be quite cute." 

     And with that she looked a bit closer at the tall slim

youngster, who was almost young enough to be her son.  He

obviously had been out in the sun longer than she, being well

tanned already.  He had removed his T shirt, and except for his

jogging shoes, it appeared that all he was wearing were his

definitely ratty, half torn cut off jean short-shorts, they

looked like he was growing out of them.  

     As he moved along the hedge, the material of them clung to

certain parts of his lower body, and Mindy found it very

interesting to watch how one particular 'fold' seemed to cling

closely to what she could clearly make out as his flaccid cock. 

She thought that later, as an adult, he would certainly be

terrific in that department.  He was just sensational already. 

She noticed that he was well muscled, and 'just yummy' to look

at.  But, "Hell, he's just a kid.", she thought. 

     She must have dozed off, because she awoke, hearing, "Ms.

Smith, Ms Smith, I'm ready to clean out those rain gutters, but

can you help me by holding this old ladder steady for me?" 

     She saw him standing there, shaking her by the shoulder.

Sitting up quickly, she was startled when she felt the hem of her

skimpy bra had slipped, and in fact had almost exposed the entire

nipple of one breast, and poor Rick was looking as it he were

hypnotized by that lovely little morsel.  As she rose from the 

lounge he quickly turned away, but not before she had caught a

long glance at his crotch, and sure enough, what had been a small

bulge, had now grown to something several times larger which was

so prominent that she could see the outline of his swollen cock

head as the foreskin had pulled back.  

     What now surprised her, was that she realized that he was

undoubtedly not wearing any underwear, and if he wasn't careful

she was afraid he was going to accidentally expose himself to

her. 	Quickly setting up the ladder, he stepped up several

rungs, and began to throw out some of the leaves that had

accumulated in the trough.  The ladder was shaking badly, and he

asked Mindy to help steady it.  Quickly she stepped up to it from

behind him, and grasped the sides of it, and stopped much of the


     But in this position, she found herself staring almost

directly into Rick's lower buttocks. As she focused her startled

eyes on him, she giggled to herself as she now saw things the

never realized.  "Gosh he's hairy", she thought as her face was

only inches from the back of his upper thighs.  There she saw an

abundance of soft, blondish hair sparkling in the sun.  

     Her eyes followed that sheen higher and yet higher until she

realized that she was now looking up under the material of his

shorts where she saw the crease at the junction of the back of

his thighs, and the rounded globe of his buttocks. "Ooooh shit,

he's definitely not wearing any underwear." and she gasped to

herself as she realized that by twisting her head slightly she

was able to look deep into that dark area between his upper inner


     "Should I?", she thought, and without any hesitation she

moved her head, and yes, there it was.

     Less than 6 inches from her nose she could quite clearly see

that wonderful sack hanging.  And just like his legs, it was

softly coated with a soft sheen of blondish fuzz.  Mindy groaned

momentarily as she realized that in spite of his mere 18 years, 

this Rick was a man, young, but a man in the most important

aspect.  That scrotum was enormous, full and almost at the same

moment as she gasped for air, her lovely nostrils were assailed

by the familiar odor of his manhood, that scent completely devoid

of any artificial perfumes. The combination of his looks and his

body scent was almost too much for the lovely women, and she

gulped and closed her eyes for a moment as she felt a sudden

weakness overcome her, and she was now gripping the ladder more

for her own support.

     "Ms. Smith, Ms. Smith, you OK?", she heard, and as she

attempted to shake the cobwebs from her thinking, she felt the

coarse material of his shorts pressing against her face.  

     Snapping her head erect, she gasped as she realized that she

had slipped forward, burying her face deep into the soft area of

his buttocks, and had remained there for several long moments. 

     Rick had in the meantime attempted to turn around to look at

her, and in doing so, she saw that the physical contact had a

dramatic effect on him. 

     With bold abandonment now, she saw that the physical contact

had caused his half erect cock to swell and enlarge to its

utmost, and sure enough, even as she watched, she saw that bulge

extrude itself from under the hem of his loose shorts.  She

watched that dark purple head slip out into the open, the

foreskin being pulled back, the head swelling larger until a

moment later Rick's cockhead was stretched as tight as a drum

head, and it gleamed in the bright sun light. 

     Quickly Mindy glanced up at the handsome young man's face,

and from the look on it, could tell that he was fully aware at

her feelings, and that there was no further need to 'pretend'. 

     Quickly taking Rick by his hand, she guided him off the

ladder, into the house, and they walked slowly down the hall into

her bedroom. 

     Stopping at the edge of the bed, Mindy slowly kneeled in

front of his slender body, and unfastening the snaps of his fly,

slid those shorts off onto the floor, where he stepped free of

them. Then cupping her hands beneath his fully expanded scrotum,

she lifted them slightly, and with a smile and sigh, she pressed

her face against them, rubbing that long, hard shaft against her

face,  inhaling that delicious sexual odor from his crotch.  With

a welcoming sigh, she began to feel the wet, warmth already

oozing from that large hole at his cock tip as he began to


     Taking Rick in her arms, the lovely woman guided him back

onto her bed, placing him flat on his back.  

     Quickly reaching behind her back, she untied her bra,

freeing those beautiful, fully developed breasts, and leaning

over his chest, she brushed her already hard nipples into the

soft peach fuzz on his chest, moving them back and forth as they

continued to become more and more aroused. Her hands now

unfastened her own short shorts, but in her haste, she stripped

them off and her tiny bikini panties at the same time, now

standing completely naked before her young lover. 

     Kneeling beside Rick, she took gently hold of his semi-hard

cock, and guided it closer, moving her lips until they were

pressing against the now wet tip of that shaft.  Opening her

mouth, she slipped out her tongue, spinning the hot, wet, saliva

coated tip around and around that cock tip, bringing a series of

quick short grunts from Rick as he felt himself swiftly

approaching an unexpected climax.

     Then, once she felt that cock well lubricated, the eager

woman slowly lowered her head, stopping only when her soft, wet

lips were pressing deeply into that soft, fluffy muff of pubic

hair, and she felt the tip of his cock just short of touching the

very back of her throat. 

     "Ohhh,  ahhhhh", sighed Rick, bracing his shoulders and feet

against the soft bed, and arching his back as he thrust upward in

an attempt to enter even deeper into that hot mouth.

     While his very first encounter with oral sex, he knew that

it was bringing him to the immediate edge of exploding deep into

her mouth. 

     Smiling to herself, Mindy recognized the signs of his

ultimate climax, and continuing to work her head back and forth

for only a moment, she then lifted her head, and using the tip of

her long fingernails, she pressed those points just behind her

lover's  cock head and applied more and more pressure until she

felt him drop his body back onto the bed as he felt that

tremendous sexual feeling simply wilt from his groin, replaced by

a complete numbness that totally suppressed any sexual feelings

within him for the moment. 

     In fact, he raised his head, and watched his cock soften up,

and as Mindy again opened her mouth wide, and pressed down

against his cock, he giggled when he saw that in its limpness, it

almost doubled over.  Almost as large as ever, it simply lost its


     Again  Mindy slid it deep, deep into her mouth, and this

time pressed her lips so firmly into that hairy muff, that the

tip of his cock worked partially into her throat, causing her to

gag slightly.  But she kept it there until she became used to it,

and then slowly began to suck, lick and work her head up and

down, again feeling the firmness returning to it.  

     On occasion, now she  would feel large drops of his pre-love

juices oozing from its tip, and she loved the thick, salty taste

as she eagerly drank it up. One more time, she eagerly brought

that cock up to its ultimate, feeling it harden like a polished

piece of wood, and just as the young man's reactions indicated he

was about to cum, she again applied that pressure, and like a

wilting vine, he slowly collapsed back onto the bed.

     "Now Rick, I would like very much if you could  just try to

do something just like this to me", she said, and with that, she

rose and getting onto the bed, she carefully straddled his

slender, youthful body, and while facing his feet, she slowly

eased herself backward, straddling his waist, then his chest, and

finally she stopped as she looked back and saw that she was now

in a position where her pubic area was directly over his handsome

face, and his eyes were focused directly on those full, thick


     "That's right Rick," she sighed as she watched the eager

young man reach up with his hands, and gently pry apart those

thick labia until he  could see the wet, gleaming flesh inside,

and she gasped as she felt his earnest, but slightly clumsy

effort as his finger prodded for the entrance to her vagina,

failed and brushed firmly against her sensitive clit, bringing a

little pain at first.

     Quickly she reached down under her own heaving belly, and

grasped his hand, and quickly guided that finger down and back,

sighing as  she now felt it slip up into that tight ring of

flesh, and slide deep into her pussy as he immediately began to

masturbate her with it. 

     "Yes, yes, ohhhh, that's feeling sooo good Rick", she gasped

as she rotated and pumped her pelvis in short, tight circles in

order to cause as much friction within her vagina as she could.

Then slowly and gradually, she bent her hips and knees, steadily

lowering her groin closer and closer to that handsome face, until

she saw that he no longer could keep his hand between them, and

removing it, she moved the last few inches until she felt her fat

labia brushing against his soft mouth, and felt his warm breath

as he exhaled onto her flesh.

     In spite of this being his first time, Rick instinctfully

opened his mouth, and moving his face back and forth, pressed his

mouth deep into that opening, and using his mouth to press her

labia wider apart, he then slipped the tip of his tongue out of

his mouth, and as the taste and scent of her inner vagina struck

his mouth, he groaned and felt his cock actually spasming even

though nothing was touching it.  It jerked upright, and then fell

limply and wetly back onto his hard, flat belly, rising again and

leaving behind a long silvery trail of sperm behind, connection

that cock to his belly. 

     Mindy in the meantime was tossing her head back and forth,

staring blindly at the ceiling as she began churning her buttocks

up and down as that tongue now began to skillfully tongue fuck

her pussy, stabbing deep into that love tunnel, while slipping up

and licking ever so close to her totally aroused clit.  She was

in heaven now as she fucked herself on that wet, hot tongue,

feeling herself swiftly  approaching her ultimate orgasm. 

     Knowing the staying power Rick was probably capable of, she

knew that she would have to bring herself right to the brink of

her climax before she finally seduced this young, fantastic

lover, so she only occasionally touched that cock, only enough to

ascertain that it remained hard, and ready for the final thrust.

By now her buttocks were flailing around so violently, that Rick

had a great deal of difficulty trying to maintain his contact

deep within that clit area, and he wrapped both arms up around

Mindy's thighs in an attempt to steady themselves. 

     Even with his inexperience, the young man could feel how her

inner muscular system was working, her pussy muscles clinching

and grabbing at his tongue, actually sucking it out of his own

mouth as she was now constantly convulsing, on the very brink.

     "OOOOOOHHHHH, Rick, now is the time, Now is the Time.  NOW,

NOW." the young woman wailed, and quickly scrambling to her hands

and knees again, moved to the edge of the bed, quickly rolled

over onto her back so that her buttocks were right on the edge of

the firm mattress, and raising her legs and wrapping her arms

around them under her knees, she directed Rick to stand on the

floor immediately behind her buttocks, which he did, grasping his

super hard cock, and arching his back, he twisted his head so

that as Mindy now widened her legs more and more, he was able to

easily see the fleshy opening to her vagina, and quite easily he

brought his own cock head right up to that entrance where without

a moments hesitation, he pressed forward, easing that shaft into

her, inch after inch, pushing hard at the slightest resistance

until with a 'Oafff' he felt his hard, firm belly now pushing

against the back of Mindy's raised thighs, and with a groan the

young woman felt that thick cock head only a fraction of an inch

from her womb.  She now had pulled her legs apart to the utmost,

until they were almost laying beside her on the mattress, and

quicky Rick lowered his upper body down over hers until he was

able to bring his own breasts and nipples down against Mindy's

and while he attempted to concentrate on fucking that cock in and

out of her seething pussy, he also tried to brush that delicate

peach fuzz covered chest across her nipples bringing them into a

hot blaze. Instantly Mindy forced one hand between their bodies,

and her long index finger found the top of her slit, and began

massaging her own clit, smashing, twisting it until she thought

it was soon to explode.

     She could feel it swell up to the point that it could no

longer remain contained within the protection of her labia and in

fact was sticking out like a tiny penis receiving full contact of

both her finger, and that hairy muff of Rick's pubic area. They

had each reached the point where they were almost totally unaware

of the other's presence, except that Rick could feel the constant

vibration of her convulsing vagina as she entered her multiple


     He groaned, feeling like he was hooked up to some sort of a

milking machine, as that pussy clenched tightly around his cock,

squeezing, plying, sucking on the whole length, but especially

around the super sensitive head causing a now constant oozing of

his juices to flow from its tip.

     At this same time, Mindy was churning, twisting her body

uncontrollably as she felt that shaft  massaging her insides to

the point she was actually losing control of her muscular

systems, as she twisted to impale herself to the utmost on that

shaft and bring about her sexual explosion. And she was the first

to cum.  And cum,  she did.  She felt a sudden spasm hit her

loins, and recognized the signs of the first orgasm, terrific,

long lasting as she shrieked with delight, arched her back and

thrust her groin hard against her lover, forcing that cock to the

hilt into her.

     Then slowly, gradually she relaxed, feeling somewhat

relieved, but again she felt that sensation increase, this time

higher, deeper, and she cried hoarsely with delight as she felt

the second orgasm strike her.  Again the feeling descended like a

floating feather, only to be caught in yet another wind, and to

rise even to greater heights. 

     How many times she came, she lost track of.  But never could

she remember so many, and such fulfilling orgasms. All of a

sudden she felt herself, so tensed up, that in self defense, she

collapsed, like a wet noodle, falling flat on the bed, her head

turning to one side, her mouth wide open as she panted for air,

her body now soaked, gleaming in its wetness as her eyes stared

blankly at the wall, and then they closed as she literally

slipped into semi-unconsciousness. 

     By now, Rick had moved down until he was totally laying on

top of his lover, his hips waling and smashing against her,

feeling his cock rasping and grinding against that hot flesh,

occasionally his cock actually falling out of her pussy, only

causing him to raise his ass enough, and to guide that cock back

into her, and away he would fuck again, harder and faster. 

     Then it happened.  He felt that hot, sweet feeling as his

inner loins trembled, and he felt the delight as his thick, hot

juices started gushing, and flowing towards the head of that cock

where it paused momentarily, and then as the tip opened, like the

pressure of a fire hose, that fluid burst out, spraying deeply

into her vagina. Instantly Rick locked himself against her body,

their belly's glued together, while he froze still, feeling that

hot sperm gushing out, filling that channel, surrounding his cock

in the bath of his own juices. For over a minute he lay there

until he regained some strength, and as the final drops continued

to ooze out into her, he slowly and futilely attempted to begin

fucking again, but simply did not have the strength to do it.  

     He managed a few weak attempts, and with a final groan, fell

limply on top of her, and with his last breath, he sprawled over

onto his side, startled at the slight, wet popping sound as his

cock pulled free from her drenched pussy. With a gently smile,

Mindy turned to him, placed a weak kiss on his lips, and said,

"Thank you very very much Rick.  You were really wonderful." And

with that they dozed off into a well needed nap. 

The End


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