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Archive-name: Working/chello01.txt

Archive-author: Chello the Wanderer

Archive-title: First Story of Love

    She had been a security gaurd for more than a year now. Her name 

Heather Mckcafin the toughest Irish girl in high school. Now she 

wanted to be a cop, but she had two years of collage to finish before

she could apply to the academy. For now she would wait and do her job

the best she could, make the right impression for the reference..

    On her fifth round of the night she came across somthing different.

A black motercycle, low strung fast Harley softtail that struck somthing

within her not somthing sexual. Fear it was definital fear, it shook

through her like a stream of fire. She stood there silent for a monent

then sank back into the shadows to collect her thoughts. 

    Not completely concious of how much time was passing the door opened.

He stood there just outside the door for a moment then proceded down the 

stairs to the bike. When he tossed the saddle bags on the back of his 

machine and began to fasten them down she couldnt help but think how the

two of them molded to the same image in her minds eye, fast lean and 

somthing inquestive about the safty of riding either one of them.

    The breath left her involunatary as the roar of the bike's starting

caught her thinking of things she was immune to since early high school.

The man rolled the bike out of the parking space. His back toward her now,

the bike jared as first gear engaged. Her mind racing a hundred thoughts a

second as his head turns, she now has only one thought and it is of that

whiplash grin thrown directly at her. The bike lunges forward and in a brief

second he is gone.

    Days go by the research she puts together can only mean one thing.

The man she had seen that night was Maclean, Will Maclean the best thief in 

the country, The most bold and flashy thief to ever live. He was known to be 

for hire to any cause that paid money. Now she knew where to find him.       

    Weeks go by the nights grow warm, Heather still keeps an eye on the apt.

Waiting for a black bike to appear. She spends many an hour waiting in the 

shadows outside the place. Her thoughts are many but nothing comes, the little 

whisper in her ear shall stay in her mind forever. Words just words but how 

these words affected somthing deep within her. The words come from behind her

and this touch soft and gently the hands of a master thief. Now she has felt

his touch and the skin of her body has told her she must have him. 

    How can this be happening she mumbles to herself as her removes her 

clothes. What about my duty to capture this man races past as he careses 

her body gently. This is against everthing within me she mumbles and her body

quivers and she knows it was a lie. He kisses her and all the thoughts of 

wrong and right are gone forever as she embraces his body next to her. 


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