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Archive-name: Working/cheer.txt


Archive-title: Cheerleading


        I was new to the cheerleading squad, and our team, a pro ball team,

   demanded the best looking girls.  I was surprised I made it, since I don't

   consider myself that good looking.  True, I've never had trouble finding

   guys, and my figure is pretty good but not perfect.  It took about three

   days to find out who the bitches were, and who the friendly girls were.

   Names here have been changed to protect us all.  

        Our costumes consisted of scanty wisps of nylon, and small shorts, or

   long dance leotards that hugged our bodies close.  You HAD to be in shape,

   else every little bulge or flabby spot would show.  Terry, a bitchy blonde

   who'd originally given me bad advice constantly griped about wearing

   skimpy costumes just to give the guys in the audience a thrill.  She kept

   saying that she'd rather fuck a bull than most of the sports fan slobs.   

        It was Nancy, a slim brunette that told me to ignore Terry. Nancy was

   very pretty, with a slim figure and legs that were perfect, especially

   when they extended out from beneath a pair of our purple shorts.  Nancy

   had introduced me to Kim and Lori, and we ended up as a foursome whenever

   we practiced or travelled.  

        It was after our first week of practice when Nancy asked me if I

   wanted to come over to her place for a swim, and some relaxation.  It

   really did sound fun, especially since Kim and Lori were both going. I

   followed them to Nancy's house, some forty minutes away from the gym.  It

   wasn't much, but it was nice.  Nancy had gotten the house after divorcing

   her husband, which surprised me, since Nancy looked only about 23. In fact

   she was really 26.  Maybe it was her blue eyes that seemed to sparkle all

   the time that made her look younger. 

        The house sat on a hillside, and she had no real neighbors to speak

   of, and the pool was large, surrounded by a nice wooden deck. I mentioned

   to Nancy that I didn't have a suit, and asked if I could borrow one.   

        "Suit?" Nancy laughed. "None required in my pool, unless you're

   bashful Karen." 

        I'd never considered skinny-dipping and I stared at Kim when she

   boldly walked out the back door and dropped her clothes, shorts and a blue

   t-shirt then dove into the pool naked.  Lori followed suit, peeling off

   her spandex racer-back top and showing off her full breasts.  She too dove

   into the water, stark naked.  Nancy was pulling her top over her head and

   I started to do likewise, figuring "when in Rome...".  

        The four of us swam around, splashing each other and generally having

   fun.  Lori crawled out an spread herself out on the deck, letting the warm

   sun dry her.  Nancy and Kim raced back and forth, and I just loafed along.

   After about thirty minutes we all got out and sat around in Nancy's

   backyard, stark naked talking about Terry and the other three bitches in

   our squad.  Kim produced a couple of joints and we smoked them both,

   getting a pretty good buzz.  Nancy said we should grab something to drink. 

        We went in, picking up our clothes on the way.  I was going to get

   dressed, but the others dropped their clothes in a heap on a chair inside

   the door, so I did likewise.  I felt a little odd, walking around someone

   else's house nude, especially with three other girls there. But it was all

   so easy and free, I went along with it. 

        Lori was telling us about one of the guys she went out with, and the

   size of his prick.  She made him seem like a super-stud, with a monster of

   a prick and able to fuck all night.  Kim kept squirming around on the bar-

   stool, making the seat swivel back and forth.  Each time she swung around,

   her large breasts brushed the cold counter top, and I could see how hard

   her nipples were.  I was getting aroused by it too. 

        Then, without any hints or suggestions, Lori made an announcement.

        "Let's all take a shower." She said with a playful look in her eye.

        Kim and Lori were dashing for the bathroom, and Nancy told me to come

   along, walking behind them. I followed, unsure of what was about to

   happen, but I had visions of four naked girls crowding into a shower.  As

   it turned out, Nancy's house had a shower big enough for about eight or

   ten, with two shower nozzles and controls on opposite walls.  Kim and Lori

   were already soaping up, and Nancy climbed right in.  I was a little

   unsure of this, and carefully climbed into the shower.  I wanted to rinse

   the chlorine smell off of me and out of my hair.  

        Nancy volunteered to wash my long hair and I didn't object.  My hair

   reaches down almost to my waist, and I keep it braided most of the time.

   Pretty soon, I was standing with my head back and Nancy was massaging my


        "Shit! Can you take over a minute Lori?" I heard Nancy say, "I've got

   soap in my eye." 

        Lori began washing the lower part of my hair, telling me that she'd

   had hers long in high school, but loved it shorter now.  I heard Kim say

   she was getting out, and then Nancy said she was going to make some tea. I

   relaxed and let Lori finish my hair, and then rinse it out.  It felt nice

   to have someone else do the work for a change.  

        "You've got a nice figure." Lori said. "I bet guys go crazy over your

   tits though."

        Guys did actually. I have 35C breasts, which are just big enough to

   be fun, not as big as Lori's 38Ds.  Lori kept hers wrapped up in tight

   spandex so she didn't jiggle too much in front of the fans.  After

   rinsing, Lori said she was getting out too, and I soaped up and rinsed off

   quickly.  I stepped out and used a towel that Nancy had left and then

   headed out of the bathroom.   

        Hands grabbed my arms and I was scooped up and carried towards the

   back of the house. 

        "Hey! What's going on? What're you doing?" I yelled, struggling but

   not too hard.  

        I was dumped onto the bed, and Lori sat on my legs, tickling me,

   while Kim and Nancy began tying my hands to the headboard.  I was laughing

   and struggling, and a little bit goofy from the joints.  I didn't notice

   anything really weird until I realized both my legs were also tied up, to

   the bottom bedposts.  

        Nancy picked up a bowl of fruit, and fed me a strawberry. It was

   cold, and sweet, so I ate it.  I figured this was some sort of "rite" that

   they were doing to me, so I didn't resist.  Nancy sat next to me on the

   bed, as naked as I, feeding me orange slices, apple pieces, strawberries,

   grapes and the like.   

        "Hmmm, now this might be interesting." She said, picking up a banana.

        I giggled, then laughed at the age-old idea of special uses for a

   banana.  I watched as Nancy peeled it.  She looked down a me, playfully. 

        "How far down d'you think you can take it?" She asked.

        "Hmm," I said, giggling too, "Eight inches!" That was the size of my

   last boyfriend and I'd taken him all the way.   

        Nancy fed the banana too me, and I arched back letting it slide into

   my throat. She pressed it deep, and then withdrew it.  I gagged a little,

   but not much.  Lori showed up with a tape measure and ran it from Nancy's

   finger to the end.  

        "Jeeez, pretty good." Lori said. "Nine and three-eighths of an inch."

        "Really?" I said.

        "I'll bet you're a pretty good cocksucker." Lori said, leaning over.

        "Among other things." I said, giggling.

        "Watch this!" Kim said, taking the banana from Nancy. I raised my

   head and watched Kim take the long banana into her mouth, and surround the

   end with her lips, then push it back out.  She sucked it in, then closed

   her lips again, then pushed it back out.  I was amazed at the sight of it,

   and I felt both envious, and aroused thinking about her ability.  

        "That's a ten inch banana too." Lori said.

        "Try this." Nancy said, reaching into a drawer and tossing Kim a very

   long dildo. "It's fourteen inches long." 

        Kim arched her head back like a sword swallower, and we watched most

   of it disappear. All but one or two inches which she held on to with her

   fingers.  She pulled it out, and bowed.   

        "Gawd, girl!", Nancy said, "You're incredible."

        "I have other talents too you know." Kim smiled.

        I had been aware of being aroused, but now I realized that Lori was

   drawing circles on my right breast with her fingers. I was about to say

   something to her, when Kim interrupted, without saying a word. 

        Kim stuck her tongue out, and held it out a full five inches from her

   lips!  It was the most incredibly long tongue I'd ever seen, still is!

   She flicked it up and down, and around, then pulled it back into her mouth

   and smiled. 

        "Ohhh Jeeez-us!", Nancy said, "You'd better show us how that works."

        "Glad to." Kim said.

        Kim crawled up onto the bed between my legs, and I shifted a little

   bit, uncomfortable with her closeness, and frightened by my own arousal to

   her oral abilities.  Kim bent down towards my pussy.  

        "No. Kim, no!" I pleaded.

        She stopped, far enough away from my pussy, or so I thought. I felt

   the tip of her tongue graze my clit, and I jumped. "She's too far away!" I

   thought wildly. "How?!" I wondered, then remembered her tongue. Then "IT"

   happened.  Kim slid forward, putting her mouth fully over my pussy, and

   slid her tongue up inside me.  

        Rockets, bells, whistles, horns, everything went off in my head. I

   arched up and thrust against her invading tongue.  I orgasmed for several

   long seconds, and then fell back on the bed.  But Kim had just started.

   She wiggled that snake-like tongue inside my pussy, and I felt it starting

   up again.  Expertly, she fucked me with her tongue, which was both stiff,

   and soft at the same time. I squeezed it with my pussy, feeling it slither

   past in or out. Then she sucked my clit, her tongue flicking rapidly over

   it and circling it with the most beautiful rhythm.  I arched again, coming

   hard and moaning.  I pulled at the ropes on my hands and feet, frustrated

   by not being able to move much.  

        When I opened my eyes, Kim was sitting up and smiling at me.  Lori

   and Nancy were fingering each other's pussies.  Kim looked right at me and

   her long tongue snaked out and licked my cream from her chin! 

        "Was that all me?" I asked, shocked at the wet mess on her face.

        "Um-hmmm!" Kim replied, "You cum a lot hon, and you taste good too."

        I couldn't believe I was doing this. Naked in bed with another woman

   eating my pussy - and enjoying it! 

        Nancy leaned over and licked the length of my pussy, tasting me and

   making me arch up. "You're right, she does taste good." 

        Lori repeated it, and then they all took turns, each taking only one

   lick of my pussy.  It was driving me crazy, and I wanted to cum again. Kim

   leaned down and shoved her tongue inside me, and Nancy sucked my clit,

   humming as she did.  The vibrations set me off, and I climaxed with a loud

   moan, clenching Kim's slippery tongue in my pussy.  

        "God girl!", Kim cried out. "You almost sucked my tongue into your


        Kim slipped up over me, and bent down. Our eyes met, and she turned

   her head, coming closer.  I responded automatically, and we kissed. Her

   tongue entered, then filled my mouth, passionately swirling all around my

   tongue, licking the roof of my mouth, and under my tongue.  I could feel

   my own wetness becoming a flood.  Kim was turning me on!  A LOT! 

        I pulled a trick of my own, and sucked her tongue into my mouth,

   treating it like a cock, and sucking on it.  Kim let me, then began to

   fuck my mouth with her long tongue.  We did this for long minutes, and I

   could feel her pussy dripping onto my belly.  Now, for the first time, I

   wanted, really wanted to lick a girl's pussy.  

        "Let me eat you." I said breathlessly when she sat back.

        Kim gave an "ohhh" sigh, and moved over me, lowering her blonde bush

   to my mouth. Her musky, fragrant smell was erotic, and I licked her pussy

   lightly.  Her taste was what I expected, much like mine. I began licking

   her pussy up and down, then circling her clit.  In no time, Kim was

   rocking her hips back and forth over my mouth and tongue, her cream

   soaking my lips and chin.  She squeezed her full breasts, moaning loudly. 

        Kim soaked my face, then Lori climbed on while Nancy began licking

   me. Over and over, I ate each one of them until my jaws ached.  Nancy was

   the wildest, rubbing her pussy on my tits, then fingering Lori's dripping

   cunt and smearing her juices all over my face.  While Lori ate me, Kim and

   Nancy lay next to me, in a very torrid 69, and Kim got off and rubbed her

   pussy all over Nancy's tits.  Nancy made me suck her tits before I came,

   and Lori licked Nancy's cream from mine.  When we finished, they untied

   me, and we all made a circle, sucking each other's pussies.  

        From then on, we were inseperable. Especially since Kim and I loved

   to get each other off.  I loved her long tongue in me, and she loved the

   way I could suck and flick her clit just right to make her cum hard.  

        At several games, Kim and I were the last ones out of the locker

   room, so we could spread each other's juices on our tits before the game.

   We were even on television, with the cameras zooming in on Kim and me as

   we cheered the crowd on.  How many hard cocks or wet pussies would there

   have been, if they'd known that Kim's tits were sticky with my cream, or

   that her juice was running down between my tits along with sweat?   

        It was after the sixth game of the season, and we were out of town,

   staying in a hotel. The only reason we were there was that the game wasn't

   that far out of town, and lots of our fans were there.  After dinner, Kim,

   Lori, myself, and Ann returned to our room.  Ann was staying with us since

   Nancy had come down with the flu.  Ann was sweet, but seemed very straight

   and innocent.   

        The four of us crowded into the elevator with two men, a tall black

   man who was nice looking, and a white guy who kept glancing at our bodies.

   I winked at Lori and Kim, but it was Ann who started things off. 

        "You guys watch the game today?" Ann asked.

        "Yeah." The black guy said. "We dumped 'em good."

        We'd lost the game, but by only two points, so we were all a bit

   irked by his comment.  

        "Two points isn't 'dumping them good'." Lori said sharply.

        "And besides", I piped up, "it was a lucky throw that won the game."

        "She-it." The black guy said, "You gals really are into it."

        "I know who you are now." The white guy said. "Your the..."

        Ann put her hand over his mouth. "Be nice now."

        He told the black guy who we were, and he smiled. "Well, I always

   wanted me a cheerleader, now I've got four to choose from." 

        "If you're MAN enough." Ann challenged him.

        "Oh! Baby, I'm man enough, beleive me!" He said with a grin.

        "How about you, Mr. Know-it-all?" Ann said, looking at the white guy.

        "M-me?" He asked. "Sure."

        Ann looked at us, and we laughed with her. We were game alright. We

   took the guys to their room, since they were staying together on business,

   and the six of us quickly got down to business. 

        The black man had a nice cock, about nine and a half or more inches

   and thick.  The white guy wasn't a disappointment either.  We each took

   turns sucking them, with Kim going last.  She got the black cock last, and

   sucked the whole thing down, then snaked her incredible tongue out and

   licked the man's balls.  

        "Ohhh shee-it!" He cried and moved back. His sperm gushed into Kim's

   mouth, and she let the rest splash into her face.  Ann grabbed it quickly

   and drank down his last squirts then swallowed noisily.  Kim sat there,

   smiling with her sperm-soaked face and neck. When Ann turned around, Kim

   showed her the thick pool of cum in her mouth, then swallowed it just as


        The white guy moved behind me and slid his cock into my pussy. He

   pumped for a while, then Lori demanded some.  The Black guy pulled Ann

   over and slid his still hard cock into her pussy and began fucking her

   from behind. Kim got on her back and sucked Lori's clit, and Ann motioned

   me to suck hers.  Pretty soon, we were all switching around, and each of

   us got fucked good and hard by both men.  Lori was riding the black dick,

   and  sucking the white one, with Kim and I in a 69 and Ann sucking Lori's

   big tits.   

        The black guy wanted to fuck Lori's tits, and she let him. She

   pressed her tits around his big cock and opened her mouth to suck the head

   each time it got to her lips.  He spray her face with his thick cream, and

   then pushed his spurting cock into her mouth.  Lori drank his cum down and

   I licked some off her face, then sucked the last drops out of him for the


        The white guy hadn't come at all, and now he wanted a special

   arrangement.  Ann had the smallest breasts, and he wanted to come on them.

   But he wanted her to lay between Lori's legs, with her wide open, and Lori

   to reach around and cup Ann's breasts in her hands.  The rest of us sat

   back and watched, toying with our pussies and the soft black cock.  

        Ann sucked and sucked on the white cock, coaxing his cum to spurt.

   The guy finally backed up, straddling her waist, just above her hips. He

   jerked his cock hard, making his big balls bounce around. There's

   something about the way a man handles himself that's incredibly erotic, to

   me anyway.  He leaned forward, pointing his cock at Ann's chest. What

   happened next got "oohs" and "ahhs" (awe?) from all of us, even the black


        The man's cock turned purple at the head and seemed to swell up and

   get rough looking. Then he fired a long, thick stream from his cock. It

   spurt a white gout of cum for three seconds solid, the cum splashing onto

   Ann's chest and covering her with sperm.  The man bent, then straightened

   again, and another long spurt came out, arching through the air and splat-

   tering Ann's face.  Thick streams of cum ran down her face, dripping off

   her chin, running down her neck. She opened her mouth, getting only part

   of it.  He fired again, and this landed mostly into her mouth. Ann's face

   was soaking wet with his gel-like sperm, and we could see a thick white

   pool of it on her tongue.  He came again, spraying more, this time aiming

   over Ann's shoulders and hitting the top of Lori's tits. Lori leaned over

   and opened her mouth, getting a face full of cum.  Then he turned his

   hose-like cock on Kim and me.  Kim scrambled right up the streaming cum,

   her mouth open, droplets spraying about her face, until she took his cock

   in her mouth.  The man shook and came again, and Kim flinched, moaning

   around his spurting cock.  

        He pulled out and spray my face and tits down again, then began

   milking the last drops out onto my tongue.  I swallowed it, and it was

   slightly bitter, but good.  Kim turned around and kissed me, a flood of

   semen entering my mouth with her tongue. We savored it while we kissed and

   then I gave it back, most of it anyway, and she repeated the kiss with

   Lori and Ann.  Kim sat up and swallowed his jism, then rubbed her stomach,

   as if it "hit the spot".   

        We can't wait for another game in that town, because we have a new

   girl on our squad who orgasms when a man cums in her mouth!   



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