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Archive-name: Working/champgn2.txt


Archive-title: Champagne Cocktail - Chapter 2

A week later, on Friday afternoon, Sandy came storming into Seanna's office.

'About the Blau proposal...,' she began.

'Yes, what about it?'

'Well, I think the figures are wrong.'

'Damn. Blau needs it Monday morning. Show me.'

'Well, here look. This. And this.' Sandy flipped pages and pointed to neatly

marked sections. 'And here.'

'You're right.' Seanna buzzed for Erika.

Erika walked in, 'Problem?'

'Have a seat, Erika. No, on second though, fire up the computer, we're going

to have to fix this. Sandy found a problem in the proposal for the Blau job.

It may take some time. Can you both work tonight?'

Sandy nodded, and Erika said she had to make a call to cancel something.

Time passed quickly for the three workers. Erika worked the computer, which

she did with a skill that surprised people who knew how little training she

had. Sandy was a genius at the facts and figures, and Seanna made quick,

accurate decisions, changing a word here, a sentence there. They made a good

team, but by the time things were put in order, and the new pages printed out,

it was well into the night.

'Listen,' Seanna began, 'we've done a big job, and a good one. I owe you

both thanks. Why not come up to my place, and we'll celebrate having found and

fixed this. If we hadn't, we would have lost us a bundle on the Blau job.'

Sandy thought exactly a quarter of a second, and said, 'Great. Thanks. I'm

too keyed up to go home, anyhow.'

Erika didn't even have to think. She had cancelled her date for that evening,

and was very curious about how 'the boss' lived. Besides, she liked both the

women. 'Thanks, Seanna. You're on.'

'Terrific. Lets go.' They packed up the proposal, stuffed it in a large

envelope, turned out the lights and left.

'Oh, Erika?' the red-head began, 'I don't know if the mail will get the

proposal to Blau's in time. Could you drive across town and leave it with her

night guard?'

'Oh, sure, Seanna. No problem.'

'And,' handing her some folded bills, 'could you pick up some fried chicken or

something? I'm starved, and I bet you two are too.'

'Yes. You bet,' the woman replied.

'Do you know where I live?'

'Riverside Towers, right?'

'Apartment 36-B.'

It was a short drive from the office to the president's apartment. The

doorman let them in, smiling an 'Ev'nin Ms. McCaffrey, ev'nin ma'am.'

'Hi. Matt. A tall, blonde woman will be joining us later. Her name is

Jansson, you can just let her in.'

Matt saluted, and pressed the elevator button.

The two women entered the apartment, and Seanna winked. 'We have about an

hour before Erika gets here, and I have some more champagne.'

Sandy chuckled. She had wondered about their relationship, since Seanna

had been 'business as usual' at the office.

They got the bottle, and turned the stereo on.

The cork was off, and the glasses filled.

'Sisters,' Seanna toasted.


They sipped some bubbly, then put their glasses down. Seanna leaned over

and kissed Sandy, pulling at her lower lip, then parting her lips to flick her

tongue into the brunette's mouth. They snaked their arms about each other as

their tongues twined.

'Wait a moment,' Seanna said, breaking off and getting up. 'Stay there, I

have a surprise for you.'

She walked off down the hall, and returned in a moment. 'Okay, it's in the

bathroom. Go look.'

Sandy hesitated a moment, remembering what had started in that bathroom

last time, then got up and went in.

'Oh Seanna! They're beautiful!'

'One's yours. Well, put it on, silly!'

Seanna had bought a matched pair of dressing gowns, fashioned like short

Japanese kimono. They were of black silken material embroidered with colorful


Sandy quickly shucked out of her skirt and blouse, and began to put one on.

'Oh, no,' Seanna interrupted, grinning. 'You have to promise never, never to

wear underwear with it, or you can't have it!'

'Oh. Well, alright.'

She wriggled out of her bra, squirmed out of her hose and panties, and

wrapped herself in the silky stuff. She knotted the wide belt which was all

that held it closed. The gown reached halfway down her thighs, leaving her

lovely legs exposed.

'Ohh. I see what you mean. It feels so... so...'

'Sensuous. Hang your clothes in my closet, and I'll put on the other one.'

'Oh, no. You watched me, now its my turn to watch you.'

Grinning, Seanna began to undo her blouse. Then she started to rock her

hips, and mimicked a strip- dancer. She made a production of peeling, and

Sandy was surprised to see that the red- head had worn neither bra nor


'You naughty girl!'

'I know! I've been hot all day.'

She drew the kimono on, knotting the belt authentically high on her body,

just below her perky breasts. Her shapely slender legs scissored beneath the


In a moment, two beautiful, but unlikely looking geishas emerged, and

returned to the sofa and the bubbly.

After finishing and refilling the glasses, Seanna asked, 'Do you like your

present, little sister?'

Sandy folded her arms around Seanna's shoulders and kissed her.

'Oh, yes, Seanna. Oo, the way it feels!'

'Good,' she said, drawing back the folds of her kimono to expose her

freckled breasts, her full pink nipples. She winked at Sandy, and continued,

'How will you thank me for it?'

Sandy giggled, put her glass down, and began to run her fingers over the

rosy cones. Seanna slipped down on the couch, till she was half- lying on it,

the kimono riding up to her waist.

Sandy's questing fingers gently squeezed the fleshy globes. She stroked

and skimmed them with the tips of her fingers, then gently flicked them each

with her tongue. She loosened the knot in the belt, and drew the silky

material apart, then drew her fingers over the red-head's belly, pausing to

play with her sensuous navel.

Her questing fingers strayed downward, playing in the red curls that

speared up the white softly curved belly, all the while, her lips and tongue

working the sensitive tips of Seanna's breasts.

After a while, Sandy's searching fingers found and parted the soft lips

hidden beneath the bushy curls. Then she wet her fingers in the champagne, and

stroked the scalloped little folds she had revealed.

She gently plucked and stroked, then finding the little wad at their

junction, attended to it. She pressed a finger on each side of the little

ridge above it, and slid them up and down.

'Ohh, that's nice. Mmmm,' Seanna spread her thighs wider, 'But doesn't

your big sister deserve a... kiss?'

'You really are naughty tonight!' Sandy remarked, but bent over the red

curls and began to kiss belly and thighs, tantalizing and teasing. Her hands

skimmed over the rigid cones of Seanna's nipples.

She sniffed the musky perfume of Seanna's womanhood, noticing how rich it

smelled, and bent closer. She parted the fleshy outer lips with her fingers,

then flicked her tongue-tip over the scalloped inner folds.

Seanna's hand went under Sandy's gown, and began to play with her breasts,

little humming sounds escaping her lips. Her fingers plucked gently at Sandy's

'berries', squeezing the young woman's large firm globes.

Sandy pursed her lips over Seanna's lengthening love bud, and sucked

gently, coaxing it further from it's nest. She ran her tongue over the ridge

above it, tracing it's outline.

'Is that nice?' she asked.

'Ummm. Yeeesss. Don't stop.'

Sandy worked her tongue tip around the red head's soft pink valley,

exploring, looking for the highest centers of sensitivity. She slowly stroked

the entrance of the older woman's tunnel. She flicked her tongue back to her

trigger, poking it gently. She pressed her tongue tip gently at the entrance

to Seanna's urethra, sending chills into the red head's body.

'Is it good?' she murmured.

'Unh hunh. Gooood.'

Suddenly, with a wicked gleam in her eyes, she sat up, 'Well, I think I've

said 'thank you' enough. I'd like some, too.'

'You fox! It was just getting nice!'

'Well, then, slide around,' Sandy guided Seanna's hips onto the couch,

helping her to lie back comfortably. Then raising her gown over her hips,

carefully set a knee on each side of Seanna's head, and bending forward,

resumed her attentions.

'See, we can both be busy,' she said.

Seanna grinned as she guided the younger woman's hips downward. She

clamped her open mouth onto the brown- fuzzed lips, kissing the entire organ


once, savoring the perfume of Sandy's excitement.

Sandy had resumed her gentle tongue- prodding, finding the tip of the

red-head's trigger, working it gently with her lips.

Seanna extended her tongue, pressing it between Sandy's hot lips, working it

around. She sucked and plucked at the frilly inner lips, subtly kissing the

soft, hot flesh between.



Sandy stroked Seanna's thighs and buttocks with her hands while flicking

her tongue back and forth between the soft fleshy folds of the red- head's

valley of love, prodding gently at the quivering wad of her trigger. Her own

love-bud was being caressed and pulled by Seanna's mouth and tongue.

Suddenly Sandy felt her tunnel being invaded gently by first one, then

another of Seanna's fingers, gently working into the wet, warm flesh of her

canal. Seanna's lips kept up their slow gentle sucking at Sandy's trigger and

the frilled folds of flesh surrounding it.

Both women began to moan, little soft cries escaping their throats while

they continued their attentions to one another.

Sandy pulled Seanna's knees up higher, and began to lick the length of the

valley of love, running her tongue it's whole length. Then she moved to kiss

at the entrance to the red-head's darker tunnel, prodding it with her tongue,

tickling it with her lips.

Returning her tongue to the quivering lips and love-bud, she slowly and

gently inserted a wet finger into the dark tunnel she had just left. She moved

it gently within the older woman, while working her tongue at the warm wetness

of her love tunnel.

Slowly, the inner heat in both women increased, their fires prodding them to

greater levels of abandon, their mouths and fingers working feverishly,

little cries and moans escaping their throats.

Gradually the moaning from both women increased, the little writhing

motions of their hips increased. Fingers, tongues and lips doing a frenzied

dance on each other's bodies, and finally, they cried out together.



Slowly they untwined, gently playing each other's after-shocks, kissing and

teasing gently. Then, sitting back up, kissed and hugged each other.

'Erika will be getting here soon, won't she? We'd better straighten up,'

Sandy remarked, looking at the clock.

'Oh, my, yes. She better not have forgotten the food, I'm starved!'

The two women adjusted their clothing, straightened the pillows on the

couch, and 'made their faces'. Seanna produced some more champagne, and set it

in a cooler.

Just in time, for as they finished, there was a rap on the door.

'Oh. There she is!' Seanna took a quick look around, winked at Sandy, and

opened the door.

Erika had been greeted by the doorman and let in. She whistled softly as the

elevator lifted him to Seanna's floor. She wondered to himself how 'the boss'

lived, and what she should say to the two women. She found them both very

attractive. She reached the apartment and knocked.

The door opened, and there stood Seanna, looking like a different woman,

transformed from the severely dressed business executive, wearing a very, very

short dressing gown, and smiling as she let him in the door.

As she entered, she saw Sandy seated on the big couch, dressed in the same

fashion. She really was surprised and excited by the sight of the two

beautiful women, and their apparel. As attractive as she had found them both

at the office, she now found them both irresistibly beautiful. She wondered

why they were dressed as they were.

Recovering herself, she said, 'Hi, ladies. I got some fried chicken, French

fries, a few rolls, and some soda. I'm so hungry I could eat a house!'

'Great, thanks, Erika. But we have something better in mind than soda,'

Seanna laughed as she pointed to the champagne in the cooler.

'And I'm sure we can find something tastier than a house,' Sandy added with a

wicked look.

'Take off your jacket, Erika,' Seanna suggested, taking the bag of

food, 'and make yourself comfortable.'

As Erika followed her suggestion, Seanna spread out the food on the coffee

table. Sandy patted the sofa next to her and said, 'Come sit here, I'll pour

you some bubbly.'

Sandy filled a glass for Erika and refreshed the other glasses as Erika sank

into the couch beside her. Seanna took a seat opposite them and opened the

bucket of chicken.

'I'm hungry too,' she said, taking a piece.

'Mmm,' said Sandy, reaching for a leg. As she did so, she 'accidentally'

brushed her left breast against Erika's arm.

Erika savored the delightful feeling, then reached for some food as well.

She looked up at Seanna, and while admiring her legs, said, 'The night guard

promised to put the envelope directly on Blau's desk.'

'Good,' Seanna said around the chicken. She raised her glass. 'And that's


They drank to the night's work, then ate in silence for a while.

Then Sandy took Erika's free arm with hers, and squeezing her leg just above

the knee, said, 'Erika, you did a great job tonight.' She wiggled herself

against her, crushing her left breast against her arm.

'Thanks. So did you.'

The cloth of her gown had fallen slightly away from her body, affording

Erika an excellent view of the ripe fullness of her other breast. She smiled

as she admired her turgid nipple. She smiled at her coyly.

Erika was thoroughly enjoying her position, but felt somewhat uncomfortable,

for she admired both women. She wished she were alone with one of them. Either

one, for, despite her cool aloof behavior, Seanna's eyes were speaking

clearly, 'I'm available.' She had always found them both very attractive and

pleasant company.

The situation was having a predictable effect on Erika's body. A noticeable

stain had begun to appear in her trousers.

Sandy disengaged her arm from Erika's and refilled her glass, then Seanna's,

and finally her own.

'So, do you think we'll get the Blau job?' Erika asked as she took a another


'Yes, I do,' Seanna replied, 'But let's not talk work. Cheers!'

Seanna lifted her glass, and the others raised theirs in turn.

Sandy touched glasses with Erika, then locking eyes with her, flicked the

tip of her tongue at the rim of her glass as she tipped it to her lips.

Seanna watched the goings-on with mixed feelings. She found Sandy's

forwardness very exciting, Erika's discomfort amusing, for she was obviously

enjoying it also. A certain twinge of jealousy spoiled the feelings, and she

was wondering whether to move to the couch to join them, when she decided on

another tactic. She reached over the table to bring the French fries closer,

and in so doing, let her kimono fall open enough to expose most of one of her

delightful cones, its ripe tip standing proudly.

She settled herself back in the soft chair, and with a meaningful look at

Erika, kissed her champagne glass.

Sandy looked over at Seanna also. 'Isn't she beautiful?' she asked Erika.

'Do you suppose she got this apartment number to match those lovelies?'

Erika's moistness had become quite obvious by now, her womanhood reacting to

the events and sights. 'You are both very beautiful.'

Sandy twined a finger around a button of her shirt and tickled at the light

hairs of her chest. 'Wouldn't you like to press her doorbells?'

Erika could hardly tear her eyes from Seanna's full rose-tipped freckled

beauty. She very deliberately brought her hand to it as though to replace the

kimono over it, but then, with equal deliberation, uncovered the other as

well. Sandy watched Erika's growing excitement with great interest, and was

herself excited by both Seanna's display and by Erika's femaleness, so near at

hand. She wound her left arm around her neck and tickled her left ear. Erika

tore her eyes from Seanna to look at Sandy, and found her warm, moist mouth on

her. She relaxed, 'Let the fates decide,' she thought, and gave Sandy a very

thorough kiss. Parting her lips with her, she tickled their insides with the

tip of her tongue. She sucked at her lower lip, she brushed her lips with her.

Sandy caught her hand in hers and brought it firmly up to her breast. Erika

cupped its fullness gently, then more firmly. Then found her way inside the

silky soft material to hold the soft flesh within.

Seanna watched with growing excitement. She found it difficult to sit

still, her thighs beginning to rub, her chest heaving. Seanna began to pluck

very slowly at her full conical nipples with the thumb and forefinger of her

left hand, while touching her tongue to the rim of her champagne glass.

When the two on the couch gently broke away, Erika looked over at her. She

riveted her eyes to her and kissed her glass, drained it, and parted her

knees. Erika eyes grew large as she took in the beautiful and enticing view of

her carrot-colored thatch framed by the white of her well-formed thighs. Her

eyes grew wide.

Sandy got up and crossed over to her. She murmured 'I want some of that

honey, too,' and, leaning over the arm of the chair, kissed Seanna on her

mouth. As she did this, she raised the hem of her kimono, so that Erika was

treated further with an excellent view of the join between her buttocks and

her thighs, the lower half of her full round nether globes, the gap between

her upper thighs, and the hint of brown curls in the gap.

Making sure that Erika had an unobstructed view of the proceedings, Sandy

ran her fingertips down from Seanna's shoulders, brushing ever so lightly over

the red-head's twin delights. She brushed her fingers up and down, then

clasped the rosy cones which so beautifully capped the older woman's breasts,

rolling them, gently plucking them, teasing them forth.

Erika was entranced by what she saw. She wanted to kiss, suck and pluck at

both women, but found the sight of what was happening held her transfixed in

her seat.

Seanna began to rock her hips in the chair, and her hands rose, as though by

themselves, to clasp Sandy by the buttocks. Her fingers pinched and

squeezed at them, following the line separating their roundness from her


Sandy's hands clasped Seanna's breasts firmly, squeezing them. Her tongue

danced at the raised nipples.

Seanna looked over at Erika and breathlessly murmured, 'Come on, little

sister, our guest is getting hungry, too,' and leading Sandy by the hand,

brought her back to the couch, seating herself on Erika's left, and returning

the brunette to her place on her right.

'So she is, Seanna,' she remarked, eying the material of her trousers.

'Now,' Sandy smiled at Erika, 'you kiss her, too.'

Erika did as she was told. She explored her mouth with her tongue, she

greedily took it, sucked it flicked it with her own. She brought up her hand

and touched the flat of her palm to her raised nipple and brushed it, barely

touching it. She shivered with delight. She slowly cupped her hand, enclosing

the freckled globe, and gently squeezed. The red head twined her arms around

her neck, ran her fingers through her hair, and moaned softly.

Sandy watched, her heat growing. She was fascinated by the wetness in Erika's

trousers. Her fingers went out and touched the material, then traced

the outline of what was within. 'Oh, nice!' she exclaimed.

Erika turned to see what was happening.

'No,' Sandy ordered. 'Kiss her more. Kiss her titties.'

Erika shrugged and turned back to Seanna. She kissed her ear, then her neck.

She searched the hollow of her neck with her tongue. Her hand continued to

squeeze the firm globe, her fingers to roll the turgid cone at its tip.

Sandy continued her exploration. She found her belt buckle and solved its

little puzzle, undid the clasp of her trousers. Her deft fingers worked slowly

to open the zipper.

Seanna was unbuttoning her shirt with her free hand, running it over her

chest. She watched Sandy's efforts with eager anticipation.

Erika's hand turned to attend to the other freckled globe as her mouth found

the first. Her lips touched at the hot pink crown, her tongue wet it, her

breath chilled it. Seanna nibbled her ear, her breath becoming short.

Sandy opened the front of Erika's trousers slowly, like an unveiling. Her

womanhood was still captive in her red designer panties, but its outline was


'Ohhh. Very nice,' Sandy breathed, tracing the lips with her fingers.

Erika's hand trailed down and undid the knot in Seanna's belt, then drew the

silky material back. Her fingers trailed down her belly, and curled in the

reddish down below her navel. Her lips and tongue continued their attention to

the delights of her very sensitive breasts, and she delighted in the response

she was getting, and in the attention she was receiving as well.

Sandy pulled at Erika's trousers, and she lifted her hips. She drew them

down to her knees, leaving her in her panties.

Seanna began moaning steadily as Erika attended to her now super-sensitized

breasts. She began to quiver slightly.

Erika continued her exploration of Seanna, her hand working slowly down her

belly. She parted her thighs to admit her searching. She slid her hand between

her creamy white thighs, all the while continuing the attentions to her


with her tongue. Her fingers quested a moment, then deftly slid downward, one

on each side of, and one between her now puffy outer lips. Seanna hungrily

clasped her mouth on the back of her neck and breathed a long moaning cry as

she came.

'Ohhh, Erika!' Sandy whispered. 'Your making her cum. Don't stop. Oh,


She tugged at the waistband of her red panties, gently drawing them away

from her belly.

'Oh! Seanna,' Sandy exclaimed, 'Look!'

Seanna wasn't looking. Her hips writhed on the couch, pressing her heated

wet woman's lips against Erika's hand. She gasped, her moaning gradually

subsiding. She found Erika's mouth with hers and pressed her tongue between

her teeth. Their lips and tongues began to dance once more.


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