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Archive-name: Working/bikedude.txt

Archive-author: Longshot

Archive-title: Bikedude

It was the summer of 1989 and I was working down at the beach in a 

bicycle repair shop.  On the other side of the shop was a small office with a

table that was used as a rental shop.  Around 5pm, two great looking girls

came in a wanted to rent bikes for the week.  I immediately offered to help

and motioned them towards the office.  Tammy was 5'6", looked to be about

125lbs, blond hair, blue eyes and a killer tan.  Renee was 5'1", about 105lbs,

red hair, green eyes and yes, a great tan also.  I asked them what kind of

riding they were intending on, and they said since the traffic was so bad,

they just wanted something they could get to the mall and grocery with.  I

fixed them up with some touring bikes that had racks to put their purchases

in.  They signed the release tickets and I watched as the two firm bodies

rode away.

I figured that was the last I would see of the two beauties until it

was time to bring the bikes back.  Fortunately, I was wrong.  Just as we 

were closing up at 9pm, the phone rang.  It was Tammy.  She and Renee had

been riding around and must have encountered some glass as they both had 

flat tires on the bikes.  I got the address of where they were staying,

loaded up the necessary gear and took off.  When I got to the apartment, I 

could see the bikes sitting on the rims.  When I knocked on the door and 

didn't get an answer, I started to work on the flat tires, figuring the 

girls were down on the beach.  As I continued working, someone snuck up

behind me and put their hands over my eyes.  I was then told to stand up 

slowly and not to say a word.  I was led forward and soon told to sit down.

As I sat down, the hands were removed and I saw that I was in a bedroom.

Tammy was laying beside me in her bathing suit and Renee was the culprit

who had captured me.  The girls said they were turned on when they saw me

riding around and had come in to the bike shop only to see me.  But Tammy 

had figured that if they had a problem with the bikes that I would come out

to see them.  They had let the air out of the tires and called hoping to get

me.  I told them I was turned on when they first came in and that I jumped 

the chance to go on their service call.  Renee looked at Tammy and said

"Well, I got him over here, so you do what you want with him first." and

walked out of the room.

Tammy leaned up and pushed me down onto the bed.  I could feel my cock get-

ting harder and harder beneath my cycling shorts.  She reached down and 

pulled her bikini bottoms off and I saw the lightest blond tufts of hair

around the pink lips of her pussy that I have every laid eyes on.  She took

off her top and revealed a perfect pair of 36d's.  Now my cock felt like it 

was going to explode.  I helped her with my shorts and she began flicking

my nipples with her fingernails.  After a few moments of this, my little 

nubs were as hard as my cock.  As she kept up her actions, I began working

on her nips.  She began to moan very softly and spread her legs a little.

She asked if I would tie her breasts up and fuck her.  I told her that I 

had not tried bondage but for her I would try.  She reached under the bed

and pulled out some rope and shoestrings.  I had her sit up and took a

long length of rope and tied her arms behind her back.  I took a second

length of rope, tied one end to the rope holding her arms and then started

making figure eights around her chest, going each time between her breasts.

I asked her what the shoestrings were for and she said to tie them tightly

around her nipples, making sure to leave plenty of string to get a grip on

after her nipples began to swell. After doing this, I lowered her back onto

the bed and tied her ankles to the bed posts. Seeing her this helpless on the

bed was driving me wild, so I reached over and gently tugged at the strings

on her nipples. She began to moan and I could wait no longer. I pulled 

my shorts down and positioned myself 69 style over her. She latched on to 

my cock and began sucking and licking. I began licking her pussy and tugging

at her strings, which made her moan ever more. I didn't want to cum yet, so

I moved down to her pussy and began to suck her clit, all the while pulling 


With her pussy dripping wet, I stopped and she told me that there was a 

double headed dildo  in the drawer next to the bed. Getting into the grove,

I told her she had to be a real good girl before I would let her cum. Just

then, Renee walked back into the room and joined us on the bed. She said

Tammy had been bad all day long and needed to be punished. I was glad to

oblige. Renee straddled Tammy's chest and untied the strings from her

nipples. She took her finger and ran it between the lips of Tammy's pussy

and began rubbing her own lips and clit. As this went on, she would use 

the palm of her other hand to gently graze the swollen nipples before her.

Tammy started to buck and grind under Renee, and she knew it would not take

much more for her to cum. Renee got off of her chest and picked up the dildo.

She gave us a slutty look and started to go down on the monster rubber cock

with her mouth. She turned it around and did the other side, slid it down

her chest between her breasts, and put one end into her pussy. As she pumped

it in and out of her hot box, she pushed the other end into her ass. As her

knees got wobbly, she dropped to the floor in front of me and started to suck

my dick. I reached down and twisted her nipples as she sucked me as she kept

a steady rythym in her pussy and ass with the dildo. Tammy could do nothing 

but lie on the bed and watch. Renee pulled the dildo out with a pop and 

pulled me to the floor and into her pussy. It didn't take long until she came

and I was not far behind. As I started to cum, I pulled out of Renee and

quickly put my cock in Tammy's mouth. She was wild with lust after watching

us screw right in front of her and sucked me off real fast. For this, I slid

dildo into her cunt and asshole. I twisted her nipples and she came shaking

and grinding the dildo into my other hand.

I quickly untied Tammy, and massaged her arms and neck, which led to my dick

starting to springing back to life. She took it in her hands and began to

jack me up and down. We laid down on the bed facing each other as I started

to rub her clit and Renee joined us directly behind Tammy. Tammy slid my now

hard cock into her sweet pussy and Renee slid the end of the dildo into

Tammy's ass and into her pussy. The feeling of that rubber cock head rubbing

against my head through the thin skin between her pussy and her asshole was

fantastic. I knew I wouldn't last long. I reached around and fingered Renee

in the ass and just as I did she came. Tammy came again, almost as hard as

before and her clutching pussy muscles were taking me to the edge. Tammy slid

a finger into my asshole and that was all I could take. I pumped her pussy

full as Renee kneaded my balls to get every drop of cum out. I pulled out of

Tammy and when I had slumped off the bed into a chair, Renee pulled the dildo

out of her pussy and reached into the drawer and pulled out another two headed

dildo. Tammy rolled over and got on her hands and knees as Renee slid on end 

of one dildo into Tammy's ass and the end of the other dildo into Tammy's 

pussy. Renee got on her hands and knees and put the ends into her holes and

started to move back and forth. I was getting hard again watching these two

go at it, but man did my balls hurt.

The girls were going at it as hard as they could, shoulders to the bed, one

hand on the clit and one hand going from nipple to nipple. I was now stroking

at a pretty fast pace and could feel my balls burning. As they came, I stood

up and shot two short squirts on their backsides and that was all I could get.

I ended up spending the night with them and visited them a couple more times

before they left, but that I'll save for a later story.


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