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Archive-name: Working/bankdep.txt

Archive-author: Frank Thomas

Archive-title: Sperm Deposit

     I love sex in every way, shape, and form. But what I really 

dig best is getting laid or sucked off when there's a chance of  

getting caught or being seen. That's when my dick is at its   

hardest and my load is at its sweetest.   


     I'm an assistance manager at a local bank and one of our   

tellers feels the same way I do. I'll call her Joan so her   

husband doesn't find out. Joannie is tall and very attractive   

with long slim legs and firm pointy breasts.   


     Last Friday, Joan was servicing the customers at the  

drive-in window when she had to go to the ladies' room. I was the

only other person in the bank so I took her place. An older woman

had just pulled up when I felt a hand slide between my legs and 

grab my cock. It stiffened immediately.   


     "I want to suck you so bad," she moaned in my ear.   


     Joan slid my cock around in my pants while I counted out the

old lady's money. I was getting wetter and hornier by the  

minute, and the instant the car drove away, I pushed Joannie to  

her knees in front of me. We both fumbled with my zipper, and she

groaned as my steaming hot dick fell out. The shaft was hard as a

rock, and the swollen head was moist with pre-cum.               

     "I love your cock," Joan sighed as she wiped the tip all   

over her face, leaving white sticky traces.   


     I watched as she pulled back the foreskin, exposing the   

swollen purple head. Her pick tongue flicked in and out of her   

hot mouth, sending sparks up and down my spine as she caressed   

and teased the rigid flesh.   


     I jerked my hips forward, trying to get my cock in her warm 

mouth, but she pulled away.   


     "Not yet," she said. Her hands grasped my balls and began   

pulling as her tongue jumped along the swollen shaft. Joannie   

kept licking and kissing my dick until I thought I was going to  



     Suddenly I heard a car horn. Parked in front of the teller  

window was a sharp looking blonde, who was not over 18, in a   

short skirt.   


     That was the moment that Joannie clamped her mouth over the 

head of my big dick and started sucking REAL hard!!   


     "You OK?" asked the blonde, giving me a beautiful smile.   


     I couldn't believe what was going on. I was getting my hot  

meat eaten inches away from a girl who didn't know what the hell 

was going on.   


     "Yeah," I stammered, trying to count the money right. Who   

wouldn't be OK?   


     Joan was sliding my cock in and out of her hungry mouth, and

it was drenched with saliva. It isn't easy counting while some- 

one is chewing on your dick, and it took me three times before I 

got it right.   


     Joan would run her tongue around the wet tip and then engulf

the staff, ramming it down her throat until I though I would grab

her. I've had blow jobs from Joannie before, but today she was at

her best.   


     Joan's breathing was getting heavier and louder as she   

swallowed my prick, and I knew that she was going to get a load  

real soon.   


     "So where's my money?" asked the teenage blonde.   


     Just as I passed the cash out, the girl shifted her legs   

giving me a great view of her pink pussy. She wasn't wearing any   



     That did it. With a moan from me, my 9 1/2" dick started to 

shot load after load. Joan felt it, because she began pumping my 

shaft harder and sucking on the head like a vacuum cleaner.   

     Looking down, I watched her mouth slide up and down the cum-

stained shaft as she swallowed my load. Every drop went down that

eager throat as she slurped and sucked every last drop.   


     The blonde was staring at me real funny , but my attention  

was on Joan as she continued to lick until every tongue flick was



     "Tell your friend I hope it was tasty," the blonde said   

before driving away.   


     "That was the biggest load you've ever shot," Joan said,   

giving the tip one last lick before tucking it back into my   


     We had to go back to our regular jobs after that, but when  

work was finished, I spread Joannie out on the back seat of my   

car and ate her pussy until she begged me to shop.   


     So, the next time you go to a bank drive-in window, you   

might know why the teller is smiling.                         


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