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Archive-name: Working/audition.txt


Archive-title: Audition

Why did my blind date want me to meet him at Camelot?  18th and M?  He

said lunch, but that's a GO-GO place.  They serve food, too?  He said

not to be late, or I'd miss the show.  Oh, well.  Here it is.  Hmmmmmm. 

Nice neighborhood.  Nice place.

The sign says auditions!  Oh, so that's it.  Auditions for dancers.  Was

I supposed to try out?  No way, Jose!  My shape isn't going to get me on

stage!  I see somebody waiting outside ... I approach him ... correctly

guessing this is my date.


We go inside, and he whispers something to the Hostess.  She looks me

over and nods.  Then we follow her to a table.  She takes our order for

burgers and cokes.  When she comes back, she gives me a 3x5 card with

the number 6 written on it.  "Number 4" a voice announces over the



A young girl gets up from the table next to me, and gets on stage.  She

is dressed in street clothes.  She is nervous.  The music starts.  She

is getting undressed!  Oooooo.  Auditions.  But she is not very good.  I

can do better than that.  She gets down to bra and panties, and she is

shaking.  Real nervous.  She takes her bra off, but can't drop her arms

to show her tits.  The music stops and she grabs her clothes.  My date

is the only one that applauds her.  Nice of him.

"Number 5."  That's quick!  And I'm number 6?  My heart starts to pound. 

This time I watch the next girl real close.  She is obviously a pro from

another bar.  Her moves are quick and sure.  My date takes my hand and

whispers. "You don't have to go if you don't want to.  But I want to see

you naked."  I look at him, and he has the most eager smile.  How could

I turn him down?  The girl finishes her act to lots of applause.  She

sure did swing her pussy and ass around a lot.  Is that what they want?

"Number 6."  I get on stage and look around.  Small audience.  As I

unbutton my blouse, I watch him.  He is nodding and smiling to give me

support.  Next my skirt.  Oh shit.  Pantyhose.  Why didn't he tell me? 

I fake it by slithering around on my back.  To save time, I pull my

panties off at the same time.  My bare pussy is pointing right at him. 

When my bra is off, I toss it to him.  I know the song, and there is

lots of time left.


The cheers are pretty loud for such a small crowd.  I love it.  My date

has his face within reach.  I kiss him, then swing around and, on hands

and knees, shove my ass in his face.  He grabs my ass cheeks to hold me. 

He sticks his tongue inside my pussy.  Ooooooo.  I flip over and bring

my knees way back.  He leans over and starts licking my clit.  And he

sticks a finger deep inside my pussy.  The cheering is tremendous. 

"Lock the Doors."  I hear someone say.


He stands up and opens his pants.  His cock looks beautiful.  But I

don't get to see it for long.  He climbs up with me and over me on his

hands and knees.  His legs push mine apart.  His lips start sucking on

my tits.  Then, he kisses me thoroughly on the mouth.  I feel his cock

push deep inside me.  The crowd is wild. "Go! Go! GO! GO! GO!"  They

are shouting, as our hips push and buck and fuck.  The music is very

loud in my ears, and I start my orgasm just as the music hits its peak. 

I feel his hot cum spurt inside me at the same time.  The music stops. 

The cheering and foot stomping is deafening.

Somebody -- the manager? -- comes over and squeezes my tits.  And he

says, "You're hired.  How much do you want for three acts like that per



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