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Archive-name: Working/arrest.txt


Archive-title: Arresting Officer, The

     Damn!  I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw the cherries flashing

and I heard the siren over the music on the radio.  I moved over into the

right lane and I watched with a beating heart as the police car followed me.

Fuck!  I looked at my speedometer, and it was just as I knew...I was not

speeding.  So, what was his problem?  There was no sense in hesitating so I

began to pull my car off to the shoulder of the road, trying to pull my

seatbelt across my shoulders in an inconspicuous manner.

     I turned off my car and kept both hands wrapped around the steering wheel

as he parked his car behind me.  I watched in my side mirror as his car door

swung wide open and the officer slipped out.  His wide brimmed hat was pulled

down over his eyes, but his build was tall and slim.  His hips looked nice in

his snug trousers, and his shoulders were wide.  Oh great.  With the way my

luck was running he would be a gorgeous officer.  I would be reduced to a

babbling idiot as it was, but a good looking officer would completely have my

nerves wracked.

     Sure enough he got to the car, and with an insolent flip of his wrist he

tilted his hat back to reveal a ruggedly handsome face.  His eyes were a dark

violet...almost purple, framed by short, spiky black lashes.  His jaw was

tight, his full lips compressed, and his cheeks had an almost sallow look to

them.  There was a slight cleft in his chin that made me wonder if his face

was carved from stone.  If the circumstances were any different I would be

sorely tempted to run my tongue along the cleft, to let my lips feel the harsh

stubble growing on his cheeks.

     "Get out of the car, miss."  I looked up at his face, puzzled.  Of all

the times I've been pulled over I was never asked to get out of the car.  When

he repeated his order I looked up at his face.  His expression was cold...

hard.  As I pulled my seatbelt from around my waist I wondered what it would

take to make his expression soften, if only for a little while.

     I opened the door slightly, and when it seemed he would not move back to

allow the door to open all the way, I slipped out the small space and stood

before him.  He pushed the door closed behind me.  As he leaned over I caught

the faint scent of Drakkar Noir.  A cop with sex appeal?  Never in my wild

imagination would I have believed it.

      My father was a fireman for what seemed like forever.  I thought back to

all of the times I visited the firehouse, and the police station next door, as

a child.  I thought of all the Officer's picnics I went to.  I shook my head.

Never had I ever seen an officer, either fireman or policeman, that was even

remotely good looking.

     "I need your license and registration."  I turned and leaned inside the

open window and I tried to reach the glove compartment.  My hands were shaking

as I reached out, but I still couldn't reach the silver knob.  I hoisted

myself into the car and my legs were off the ground.  I felt his hands on my

ankles, steadying me and I thought I would die when the wind whipped my skirt

up to my upper thighs.  I knew the skirt didn't go high enough to offer him a

view of my ass, but I was sure he saw the garter belts holding up my

stockings.  I grabbed my purse off the passenger seat as I tilted my body back

out of the window.

     I rubbed my stomach, sore from the pressure of the door, but I forgot

about my disappointment as I looked up to his face.  His eyes were dancing

with merriment, but his face was still the inscrutable mask.

     "Next time you can open the door."  The laughter in his voice shook my

nerves and I could feel my anger beginning to bubble up over my embarrassment.

     "I can assure you there won't be a next time."  The sneer on my face was

unmistakable and his eyes lost their glint of laughter.  "Would you mind

telling me what you've pulled me over for?"

     "Would you mind telling me what you're doing in a stolen car?"

     My shock was evident as my body jerked straight and my eyes rounded to

huge golden orbs.  Stolen?  Nobody stole my car.  What the hell was he talking


     "Listen, I don't know who calls in your dispatches, but you've got

something screwed up somewhere.  Nobody stole my car."  My hands were on my

hips, and my nails were digging into my flesh.  This guy was a bubble off

plumb if he thought I would steal my own car.

     "A stolen car report was called in by a Mr. Tom Minelli.  The name sound

familiar to you?"

     "Tom?"  I leaned back onto the door for support.

     "Well?"  His eyebrow arched up in expectation of my answer.

     "Yes, I know him.  He's my ex-boyfriend.  But, I swear it, I made

everything legal when I moved out.  The title was changed in at the DMV not

more than two days ago."

     He walked back to his patrol car, and I stared blankly as he radioed into

his station.  Damnit!  What was Tom trying to pull now?  We left off on

amiable terms, and it was already agreed that I would be taking the car.  I

swore I'd kill him the next time I saw him.

     "Miss Lazelli?  It seems that your boyfriend went to the DMV today to

apply for a new title.  He claims that his was stolen and notified the police

in the matter.  I've got nothing more to do than follow procedure.  Please

stand on the white line."

     Numb, I walked over to the white line.  I looked down at it, tears of

frustration threatening to spill over onto my cheeks.

     "Please walk the white line."  I looked down at my heels and thought of

my frazzled nerves, my unsteady legs and how much I sorely wanted to faint at

this moment.  If I fainted now my head wouldn't be splitting with the

unbearable headache I felt building up...and I wouldn't have to think about

what was going to happen to me.

     I took a few steps and I teetered forward.  I fell into the policeman's

arms and once I felt his arms go around me I couldn't hold back.  I threw my

arms around him and my body racked with sobs.  I felt his hand patting me on

the back, and I hiccuped into his collar.  His body straightened and he gently

put me from him.

     "Miss Lazelli, please, let's finish the test.  This time take off your


     I did as he asked.  I walked the line, touched my nose, stretched this

way and that to prove to him that I was not drinking.  As I finished I heard a

noise behind me.  I turned around as my policeman walked around me to his car.

He moved his car to allow the towing vehicle to hook up to my car.  My body

shook with fury and my tears started coming even harder.

     The police car pulled up alongside me and the officer signaled his head

for me to get in the car.  I opened the back door, preparing myself for

watching the man through the wire mesh partition.

     "No.  Get in the front."

     I sat in the car, my mind barely taking in the familiar sights of the

radios and the shotgun bolted to the dashboard.  How many times had I ridden

in cop cars with my father's friends as they gave me rides home from the

station.  It was funny that this time I was going to the station...and this

time it wasn't on a social call.

     "We'll get this all straightened out, Jacqueline."


     "Okay, Jaqui.  I'll bring you meant to say that we'll just go

to the station and I'll make a few calls.  I want to get Tom down there too so

we can get both sides of the story."

     "Good.  Then I'll have my father run him over with the ladder truck."

     He gave me a puzzled look, and the rest of the ride was in silence.  When

we got to the station I got out of the car to run to the firehouse to get my

father.  The police officer caught my elbow just in time and steered me into

the adjacent door to the police quarters.

     When we walked in I saw Kelsey standing at the desk.  His familiar ebony

face with his wide smile comforted me and I ran to him.  He gave me a kiss on

my cheek and signaled to a chair next to him, which I ignored.

     "Kelsey, please, go get my dad.  It's an emergency."  I broke into tears,

and my sobs caught the attention of the other officers.  I sank into the

chair.  Mel and Tony came to my side, their concern evident on their faces.

     "Dave, go get Paco!"  Kelsey screamed out to an officer at the water

cooler as he got to his knees beside my chair.  Dave gave me a worried glance

before he ran out the door to get my father.

     The police officer that pulled me over stood back, an angry expression on

his face.  "Paco?  Willie Lazelli's your father?"  The incredulous look on his

face made me smile.  Of course no one would realize that Paco was my father. I

bore little resemblance to the big great bear that was my father.  I took

after my mother's softer looks and lacked the harsh good looks of my father.

When we stood next to each other the only indication of blood ties was the

full lips and blue eyes...and of course I had his ears, but no one could see

my tiny shell ears with my blond tresses covering them.

     I hiccuped as I nodded my head.  His hand slapped the counter.  "Why

didn't you tell me that?  I can't believe you're Paco's little girl.  Hell,

the way these guys talk I thought you were about thirteen years old with a

teddy bear and your thumb in your mouth."

     My anger was beginning to surface.  "That's because these guys have known

me all my life."

     "Yeah, you should have seen her with her braces and pigtails."  I

playfully smacked Kelsey's chest.  I heard my father's great booming voice

echoing throughout the corridor and I ran to him.  I caught up with him just

as he came through the door and I threw myself into his open arms.  My tears

started again.

     I told him the entire story from beginning to end.  He looked up at the

policeman.  "Richie, get the bastard down here."  No one had to be told who

"the bastard" was, and by the time I got out of the station, hours later, I

had my car, Tom was spending the night in jail, and I felt a little better,

although I was pissed as all hell.

     I was watering my plants and feeding Wolfe (my cat) when I heard the

doorbell ring.  I wasn't expecting company and my brows were pulled down in

puzzlement as I reached the door.  I looked out the peephole, and I saw the

profile of Richie, the cop that tried to arrest me that afternoon.

     I opened the door, expecting he was there to tell me the news of Tom and

the charges I was supposed to bring against him.  He took the wide brimmed hat

off of his head, and his dark waves bounced out, glad to be free of their

restriction.  In his hand he held out my license and registration.  When I

looked down at them without grabbing them he explained that I had left them on

the dashboard of his patrol car on the ride into the station.

     I grabbed them, thanked him and stood looking at his incredible dark

looks.  He ran a large hand through his hair, trying to tame his sable locks.

"Uh...well, I just wanted to apologize for this afternoon.  I didn't know you

were Paco's little girl."  His eyes glanced at me from head to toe, and he

cleared his throat at my small smile.  "Well, you're not a little girl...but

you know what I mean."

     I heard a loud crash in the kitchen and looked to see Wolfe hungrily

devouring the cat food and shards of glass from the plate I was fixing him

that he pushed off the counter in his haste and hunger.  I ran into the

kitchen, scaring him away before he ingested any glass.  "Why don't you come

in?"  I shouted from my kneeling position on the floor.

     When I finished cleaning up the mess on the floor I turned to open a new

can of food for my cat.  Wolfe was standing on the counter, reveling in the

rub down the officer was giving him.  I set the dish down on the floor, and

when I straightened up I nearly bumped into the officer.  I looked up into his

face, and I didn't step backwards.  Instead, before he could step back, I

stood on tiptoe and kissed the irresistible cleft in his chin.

     He let me slide my tongue along the indentation before he forcefully

pulled backwards and walked into the living room to pick up his hat.  As he

headed for the door I called out his name and he stopped.  He didn't turn

around to face me, and I could see his shoulders moving with every deep breath

he took.

     "I'm sorry."  I didn't want him to leave.  I almost kicked myself for

giving into my impulses, but I couldn't stop myself.  "Look.  You just got off

duty, right?"  He turned to me and nodded.  "Let me make you dinner."

     "I can't."

     "Oh my God.  I'm so sorry."  I said as a horrible thought dawned on me.

"I didn't realize you were married.  I just didn't think.  I'm so sorry...oh

shit.  I made an ass of myself."  I kept babbling and sank down on my sofa

feeling the heat of embarrassment rise to my cheeks.

     "No.  I'm not married."

     I looked up.  "Then why..."

     "Your father."  He interrupted me before I could finish my question.  I

thanked fate that he did.  I wasn't sure whether I was going to ask why he

couldn't have dinner or why he wouldn't take me to bed.  "I don't think I'd

like to come up against that man when he's angry."

     I had regained my composure, and I smiled.  "My father doesn't get angry

for serving his friends dinner after a day on the job.  Don't worry.  My

cooking is safe.  I learned all my greatest recipes from the firehouse, and

you know how great firemen cook."

     "Promise me."  I looked to his face, and it was strained.

     "Promise you what?"  I knew fair well what he was asking of me, but I

needed to hear the words.

     "Promise me that a dinner companion is all you want from me."  I swore it

even though I heard the longing in his voice.  I knew he needed me to prevent

anything from happening because if were left to him to stop anything he

wouldn't be able to.

     Cooking with a man around the apartment was something entirely new to me.

Usually my guests arrived after the dinner was prepared, but having him there

was something I could get used to.  He prepared a large salad, the knife in

his hands was handled with ease and I took over the preparations for the

pasta.  We barely said a word as we skillfully managed not to bump into each

other in the tiny kitchen.

     After our dinner was polished off we sat back with grins, patting our

stomachs.  The conversation at the table was easy and we got to know each

other a little better.

     "How did your father come by the name Paco."

     "Well, we're of Spanish descent.  When my father was growing up he didn't

really want anyone to know that he was Spanish.  People naturally assumed that

he was Italian with his dark looks and burly build.  When the firemen found

out they kidded him about it and called him Chico and Paco and other such

names.  Paco kind of stuck."

     "Wasn't your father mad?"

     "No.  I grew up proud of being Spanish.  I was only seven at the time,

but one of the firemen made some joke about Italians and then apologized to

me, thinking that he was insulting me.  I told him that he hadn't because I

was Spanish.  My father almost choked on his coffee when he saw all the

firemen laughing and making jokes.  He never got mad at me though.  He never

told the firemen he was Italian...they just assumed he was, so the joke was

really on them."

     "You love your father very much."

     "Yes."  I looked into his eyes, and they were soft, his full lips quirked

in a small smile.  My vision became cloudy, focusing in on his lips, wondering

what they would feel like on my...

     "I think I'd better go now."

     "No!"  I stopped.  "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean I'll

walk you to the door."

     As we stood at the door he held the brim of his hat in his long fingers

and he stood there looking down at me.  I barely heard his voice as he thanked

me for dinner.  I watched his lips forming the words and I looked at his eyes

as they examined my face.

     Without thinking I reached up to put my fingers on his lips.  I moved

closer, feeling the heat of his body against mine and my hand reached around

to the back of his neck.  I tried to pull him down, but he wouldn't budge.

After a few seconds he lowered his lips to mine.

     I opened my mouth, my tongue prodding his lips to open and allow my

tongue free reign to explore his mouth.

     "You promised."  He whispered into my mouth just as his hands wound

around my waist to pull me to him.  My feet were off the ground and he walked,

with me in his grip, back into the apartment.  His boot kicked the door shut

and we went to the sofa.  He laid me down in the soft cushions and his weight

pressed into mine.

     I felt warmth, I felt secure in his arms.  His lips traveled down my

neck, his tongue leaving wet lines up the length of my throat to my chin.  My

fingers folded themselves in his dark locks and I pulled his face deeper into

the hollow of my shoulder.

     He pulled back and his eyes scanned mine.  I didn't want to look into his

eyes.  I could feel him pulling back from me, and I wound my arms around his

back, trying to keep him from taking his warmth away.

     "My God, Jaqui.  The first time you got out of that car today I wanted to

take you.  You stood there, your nipples hardened from the cold, your hair

blowing in the wind.  When you leaned in the car to get your registration I

had to hold myself back from running my hand up your leg and under your skirt.

When the skirt blew up around your thighs I could feel myself getting hard.

     But, when I found out who your father was, God help me, I still wanted

you.  Don't push me, young lady.  I'm too tempted to take what you're offering

and telling your father to go to the devil."

     "Why did you bring over my papers?  Why didn't you just give them to my

father to give to me?"

     "I did.  He told me to bring them to you.  He gave me directions here


     We looked into each other's eyes.  I was smiling.  He was not.  "Oh my

God.  That's even more reason for me to leave."

     "No.  It just shows that my father wouldn't mind."

     "I don't think he had seduction on his mind when he sent me over here."

     I nibbled his chin, still not allowing him to get up.  "Richie?"


     "I'm not asking you to seduce me.  I'm asking you to fuck me."

     I heard his groan, and his body melted over mine.  I could feel his hard

on pressing against my stomach and my nipples responded in kind.  My hands

fumbled with his buttons on his shirt and he lifted my sweatshirt to my neck

to taste my nipples.  I spread his shirt wide open, and my fingernails ran

through the dark mat of hair on his chest.

     He got up, and I knew it wasn't to leave me.  I watched him as he

stripped off his belt and he threw it next to his utility belt with his

holster and cuffs that he removed earlier that evening.  He unbuttoned his

pants, and his eyes bore into mine.  He smiled when my eyes rounded at the

sight of his fully erect cock staring back at me.  I quickly unbuttoned my

pants and waited for him to pull them down about my hips.

     As his fingers hesitated at the waistband of my panties I grabbed his

dick, stroking it, sighing at the feeling of soft velvet over steel.  I put my

tongue out to wet my lips and his lips grabbed it, sucking it gently into his

mouth.  He gave my tongue the most wonderful blow job before I reached for him


     He held back.  His head lowered over my belly and his lips traveled the

width and span of my belly, his teeth lightly scraping over my hip bones.  I

arched my ass higher and his tongue played with the curls of my snatch.  I

threw my right leg over the back of the couch and the other leg spread open to

touch the floor.

     He pushed my leg over until I was in a sitting position, my legs spread

on either side of me on the couch.  He sat on the floor in front of me.  He

stared at my snatch, open to his view and he used two fingers to spread open

the lips as his other hand kneaded the flesh of my tits.

     His tongue flicked over my too-large clit and I pushed down into the

couch.  His tongue flicked my clit twice more before his mouth sank into my

cunt, lavishing it with warm attention.

     My clit was always too large and sensitive to resist a warm tongue and it

wasn't long before I was writhing in the throes of one orgasm or another.  I

could hear my husky voice begging him to put his cock inside of me.

     I looked over to see his large hand stroking himself.  His silver watch

glared and winked light reflections with every thrust he made.  I rolled over,

already missing the feeling of his tongue on my pussy.

     I pushed his back to the foot of the couch so that he was sitting on the

floor, his upper body supported by the hard panel of the sofa.  I threw my leg

over his hips and positioned my snatch right above his erect shaft.  My

fingers circled the base of his cock, the head of it almost purple in his

excited state.  My thumb curled underneath his balls and I watched his face.

He closed his eyes, waiting for me to impale myself with him.

     I waited.  I wanted his eyes open.  I needed to see his face as he felt

my warmth surround him.  When they opened I let myself drop on his dick.  I

gasped as I took him to the hilt, and his bottom lip was sucked in between his

teeth as his head fell back to the cushion of the couch.

     His throat was arched back and I saw his adam's apple bobbing with his

efforts to control his moans.  I put my mouth to the apple, my tongue

following it's movements as I began to ride him, my cunt stroking him, the

walls grabbing at him.

     His head came forward and he pushed me back.  His teeth circled my

nipples and he nipped at them, the pain causing me to hesitate for a moment

before I became accustomed to it.  His hands grabbed my hips, his nails

digging into my flesh and I laughed outright.  For someone who didn't want

this to happen he sure seemed intent on his task as he lifted me to allow him

to move from the bottom.

     He slammed inside of me, the head of his cock massaging the back walls of

my pussy and I couldn't keep my hips still.  I felt another orgasm building

inside of me and I wanted to lose control of my body.  Just then he stopped

and he lifted me up.

     I tried to force myself back down, wanting him inside of me again.  "Slow

down, baby.  I need a minute or I'm going to cum right now."

     "I don't care."  And I didn't.  He let me engulf him again and his hips

bucked with mine.  His body tensed and his hands curled into fists in the

carpet.  I could feel the warmth of his cum soaking throughout my cunt and I

went over the edge.  My body wracked with spasms and my hips thrust onto him,

taking him even deeper and harder.

     When I opened my eyes I saw his teeth clenched together and the sweat

running down his forehead.  My hips still stroked him inside of me, and I

could feel his now small cock beginning to flop out of me.

     His arms came about my ribcage and he pulled me to him.  I couldn't help

comparing him with Tom.  With Tom I felt foolish letting go of myself.  He was

like a schoolboy, asking me if he did alright and if he came a lot.  It was a

little difficult to answer questions after sex, but this strange cop just

embraced me and allowed us the time to catch our breath.  Tom would have been

up and dressed this soon after he finished and he would be out the door

without so much as waiting for me to pull on my shirt, whereas this big man

showed no intentions of getting up.  Most of all, Tom was small and not very

active in fucking, but when Richie thrust inside me I could feel his cock

pushing against the back walls of my cunt.

     I wanted more.  For so long I wanted to be satisfied.  I couldn't be

happy with just once.  I sat up on the loveseat, grabbed his nightstick and

smiled at him.  He gave a snort of laughter and watched me as I put the end of

the long stick into my mouth.  My tongue lovingly caressed the stick as my

eyes dared him to come to me.  My fingers played with my nipples, teasing them

to erection and I roughly grabbed the flesh.  My other hand played with my

cunt.  I avoided touching my clit as I concentrated on the lips.  I parted

them and put my finger in my hole.

     His eyes switched between the sight of my open snatch to my lips greedily

sucking at the stick.  "Do it for me."

     Just the sound of his husky whisper caused my body to jerk.  I brought

the stick down to my belly.  I hesitated, thinking I had never masturbated in

front of anyone before, but his face took on a demonic expression.  His

fingers circled his flaccid flesh as he watched my face.

     "Do it."

     "I can't."  I was being honest.  I couldn't bring myself to put the stick

inside of me.  I looked down at his cock, once again growing before my eyes. I

wanted to please him.  I had to.  His eyes gave me some form of strength,

stripped away all of my inhibitions, and I couldn't believe it when my hand

began lowering the stick to my waiting pussy.  I felt as though I weren't

myself, and I was enjoying it.  I was becoming a wanton, not caring what I was

doing as long as I was satisfied.

     I slid the nightstick inside of me.  I pushed it in and out as my fingers

began to stoke my clit.  I watched his hand slowly massage his erection, and I

couldn't look away.  I'd never seen a man touch himself and the sight had me


     I felt my clit pulsing with excitement and the juices of my box were

flowing.  I wanted him inside me again.  I needed the large thickness inside

me instead of this stick.

     He stood up, his dick bouncing with every step he took and he stood

before the loveseat.  "I want you to take me like you took that stick."  I

lowered myself onto the floor.  He the head of his cock on my lips and I took

him into my throat.  I pumped the stick in and out of me and sucked the full

length of him.  I was going to cum and I tried to pull back.  His hands wound

themselves in my hair, and he held his shaft in my throat as my body convulsed

in ecstasy.  I tried my damndest not to bite down on him and the thought of

him inside my throat as I came caused my body to break out with goosebumps.

     I stood up beside him and wrapped my legs around his hips.  He helped me

lower myself onto him and he held me there for a moment before he walked me

into the bedroom.

     He threw me down on the bed and landed on top of me.  His cock wasted no

time in finding it's home and together we rocked to and fro.  I wrapped my

fingers around his large biceps and smiled when they tightened.  His body

molded onto mine, all his strength sapping as his cum flowed inside of me. His

stubbly chin rested in the hollow of my throat and he whispered my name into

the pillow beneath me.

     "Can we do it on the porch next?"  He grunted and pulled himself up.

     "Don't you believe in resting up a bit?"  His face was mottled with


     "I don't know.  I never had a guy that waited around long enough


     He rolled over, pulling me with him.  He made sure I was comfortably

nestled in beside him and he sighed, squirming into the mattress.  "This guy

likes to relax afterwards."


     "Well what?"

     "Can we screw on the porch next?"

     "We're in an apartment building.  What if the other tenants should see?"


     "Jesus, woman.  Are you crazy?"

     "I guess you don't think of me as 'daddy's little girl' anymore?"

     "Well, so much for being thirteen with a teddy bear and your thumb in

your mouth."

     "Try twenty two, a mangy cat and your cock in my mouth."

     "Oh no.  Don't start again.  You're going to push me into early


     I smiled as my fingers massaged his growing cock.  "Don't worry.  I hear

they have a wonderful pension plan."  I laughed at his groan, but it didn't

stop him from turning over to cover my body with his.


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