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Archive-name: Working/ansphone.txt


Archive-title: Answering the Phone

This is one of the first stories I've posted.  The other one, The 

Neighbor's Wife, was posted to for me.  This story isn't 

yet finished; I've been pretty busy.  _Please_ give me feedback;

should I finish this, or stop wasting bandwidth??  I'm also always 

looking for new net.friends; drop me a note, and I'll do my best to 

respond.  Enough of this blather; here's the (as yet incomplete) 


     When the summer started, I was feeling kind of down.  My

girlfriend from last summer had really brushed me off.  I guess

she found someone at college.  We both knew we were only having a

summer romance anyhow.  I guess I went too far expecting more

than one summer.  Oh well.

     Anyway, the summer job I ended up with was answering an 800

number with about a hundred other people-- what a great job.  The

only advantage, aside from reasonable hours and easy work, was

that a lot of college students worked there.  I ended up sitting

next to a fair number of fat old ladies, to be sure, but also sat

next to a nubile young thang or two as well.

     This particular experience, with Tiffany, sadly wasn't

repeated and, now that I've moved to Colorado, won't be.  Tiffany

was 18 or 19, blond, very attractive, and dressed to accent her

features.  She tended towards J Crew tshirts, which fit her

freckles and sandy blonde hair.  She wore short, tight skirts

fairly often, too, which _definitely_ complimented her legs.

     We sat next to each other only once a week, but sometimes

talked on breaks or at lunch.  Further, when we did sit together,

we were the only ones in the area.  So, while I didn't know her

very well, we at least were acquaintances.  One particular

evening was really slow, with five to ten minutes between calls. 

Tiffany seemed restless; she kept standing up, only to sit down

again.  I didn't particularly mind, as all the action made her

short, tight, black skirt and white blouse do _very_ interesting

things.  I could almost, but not quite, see her bra through the

blouse.  Finally, after about hour of this, she settled down and

started reading her book.

     At first, she was acting normally.  It took me a while to

consciously notice that whenever I  glanced over from my

computer, she seemed to be crossing and recrossing her legs.  She

was completely engrossed in her book.  Once I got done with the

call I had, I asked her what she was reading.  She flashed the

cover at me; it looked normal enough.  When I asked what it was

about, though, she just said, "It's about this guy." How

descriptive.  When I said that, she blushed a bit, but didn't

elaborate.  Instead, she reluctantly handed me the book.  

     I was surprised to find it opened to a really steamy sex

scene.  Tiffany didn't strike me as that type person. 

Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn't read very far

(got a call), but I felt my cock start to harden.  I handed the

book back to her and grinned my "I'm a lech" grin.  I think she

caught the meaning, because she blushed prettily.  As I looked

over, I think she came to a decision and decided to be a bit more

brazen.  She had unbottoned her blouse to show off her cleavage

and was holding her book open with one hand.  The other was

sliding sexily up and down one thigh.  The next time I glanced

over, she arched her back and slid her hand slid over one breast. 

My cock was rock-hard by now.  

     I finally got rid of the caller and turned my full attention

to Tiffany.  As I said "Looks like you've got a good book there,"

she smiled at me, circled her hand around the other breast, and

got up to leave.  As she was walking away, she stopped and bent

over to make an unnecessary adjustment to her sandals. 

Coincidently, her skirt was somehow pulled up to show me the back

of a tanned thigh and hint of lacy bikini-style panties.  From

her wicked grin, she appreciated and expected my stare.  

     When she came back, hips swaying attractively, I didn't

notice anything different.  However, after she sat down, she

leaned over in my direction, opened her purse, and pointed at the

contents.  A white, lacy bra was there; covering part of the bra,

a pair of panties.  She closed her purse, but stayed leaned over

long enough for me to look down her blouse and see her puckered,

pink nipples.  I stood up, giving her a look at the bulge in my

pants, giving myself a better view down Tiffany's blouse.  After

her eyes took in my hard-on, I sat back down.  We "umm" and

"err"-ed a little bit; I guess neither of us was used to this

sort of teasing.  Again, we were interrupted by a call (pesky

thing, having to work at your workplace).  When we were both off

the phone again, Tiffany unbuttoned one more button on her blouse

and slipped a hand inside.  She turned so I could see her hand

play over her breast and lightly tweak her nipple.  

     We were both getting pretty hot and horny; luckily, we only

had a half-hour left (thank god for the occassional 4 hour

shift).  Tiffany spent most of that time further titilating me. 

She would stand up, turn away from me, and bend over, which gave

me only glimpse of her ass and pussy, but a great view of her

legs.  Then, she'd sit back down, but slowly cross and recross

her legs.  As it got closer and closer to quittin' time, she

showed me more and more, finally hiking her skirt up very short

and raising her legs to show me her wet pussy.  I leaned over and

kissed her lightly but passionately before running my hand along

one breast.

     Finally, we were off.  I didn't bother hiding my bulging

cock; we simply took off as quickly as possible.  After a quick

discussion, we decided to go to Tiffany's house; both of my

parents would be home, but hers were both conveniently out of

town.  Tiffany gave me quick directions to her house in case I

couldn't simply follow her home.  Luckily, we didn't see any cops

on the way to her house; the ticket could have been pretty steep.

     My cock was aching with desire as I climbed the Tiffany's

porch steps.  She was holding the door open and motioning me

through.  Once we were inside and the door was shut, we embraced

and started a long, passionate kiss.  Tiffany pressed her breasts

up against my chest and moaned deep in her throat as I grabbed

her hips and ground them against mine.  Her ass cheeks felt

amazingly firm against my hands; Tiffany has a small, tight ass. 

As she began grinding her hips against mine, undid the remaining

buttons on Tiffany's blouse.  We broke our kiss long enough to

strip our shirts off, then resumed our kiss.  I loved the feeling

of her breasts and hard nipples pressed against my chest.  After

tracing over the outsides of her breasts, I let my hands wander

down to Tiffany's hips, down past her skirt, and then up under

her skirt.  I could feel her wetness as each hand delved deeply

between her ass cheeks, probing to the place between her legs.  

     Tiffany snaked her left hand down to my hard cock and ran

along it's trouser-covered length.  I couldn't stand it any

longer; I stopped, stripped naked, and then watched as Tiffany

removed her last piece of clothing.  Tiffany grabbed me by my

jutting cock and led me back to her bedroom....


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