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Archive-name: Working/amber_1.txt


Archive-title: Amber

It all started when I was working for the City Department of corrections

where the corrections department only took young adults under the age of 19

years old.  Needless to say, there were some really nice looking girls coming

in to stay awhile, and my job was to supervise these girls and try to keep them

out of trouble.

One night I had the 12:00 am to 8:00 am hell shift (some of the staff hated

it) but that night I loved it.  There is a policy that we have to abide which 

we have to check all the rooms every hour to make sure everybody is in bed, 

sleep or at least in their rooms.  Since I came in at 12:00 am, I waited until

1:00 am to check all eight rooms.  It doesn't take very long to walk the halls 

and peep in the rooms.  I proceeded to walk down the hall and checked the first

three rooms on the right side of the hall and then work my way back up the

left side.  Once I got to the left side, I opened the door of Amber Halls room.

I peeked in and noticed that her bed was empty.  Not a sole was there.  I 

flipped the light on and searched behind the door but still no Amber.  I 

became nervous real fast since this was my shift and I couldn't see having

a runnaway on my shift.  I closed the door and walked up to the staff office

and was going to make a call to the Director.  As I opened the door, I saw

Amber - 18 year old sweetheart with sandy blonde hair, aqua blue eyes and this

wonderful slender body - all muscle - not an inch of fat on this girl.  She

was standing there with her head cocked to one side and her tight little 

panties riding her ass.  She just looked at me and rolled her tongue around 

the edge of her lips like she really wanted to suck my already hard cock.  


She approached me and gently grabbed the seam of my zipper and unzipped my 

bulging pants.  I was so hot that I could have shot my load in my pants.  The

experience was too much to handle.  I reached around her waist and clutched her

tight little ass and rubbed her smooth virgin ass.  She was making moaning 

sounds and whispering under her breath -"fuck me, ohhh, fuck me."  I knew

right then I had to slide my sausage in her tight box and fuck her brains out.

She finally worked my pants off and took her warm hands and rubbed my stiff

dick and played with my balls.  I was getting so hot - I wanted to fuck her

right then but she was teasing me so much that I could not even think straight.

Amber pulled my underwear down to my ankles and gently worked her way down

my body with her tonque, tracing my body with her wet tongue.  She got to the

tip of my cock and began to lick the rim of my hard poll and flick the head

of my cock with her warm licking movements.  She finally took "all" of my

huge cock in her mouth and worked it up and down.  At the same time, she 

played with my balls, moving them up and down in slow motion.  I wanted to 

ram my cock in her so bad.  


I couldn't take in much longer, I pulled her head off my cock and I picked

her up off the ground (vertically) and sat her on the staff desk, pulled her

kinky tight panties off her and I started to work my way up her leg with my

tongue, getting so close to her snatch, the heat from her pussy was steaming.

She wanted to be fucked so bad, she was moaning.  I quit teasing her and

positioned myself between her legs and stuck my "man-hood" in her tight virgin

pussy and started pounding her little body back against the wall.  She was

moaning, she grabbed the back of my hair and was pulling it just like you 

would to slow a horse down, but I was not going to stop now.  I had to release

my load!  I reached under her body while I was fucking her tight pussy and

stuck my ring finger in her virgin ass-hole, she began to moan even louder.  I

was hoping that none of the other residents would hear, but at that time, I

didn't care -she was so good!  As I kept ramming my finger in her ass-hole

she screamed out -"Oh........yes...." then she came.  I was not too far 

behind her, I arched my back and let loose a large load of protein in her

virgin love box - she squirmed with delight.  I picked her up off the desk 

and then commanded her to get to bed.  She obeyed without any problems.


Later that year, I did the same thing, but Amber invited another resident

to help in the festival of late night sex.  More will continue.



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