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Archive-name: Working/als.txt

Archive-author: Alan Lane

Archive-title: Al's Story

     I can still feel her lips against my chest, two velvetine strips of red,

forming the ring of suction in which her tongue danced.  Every nerve ending

was at peak performance as she worked her way from one nipple to another

and then down.  Her long nails, painted a glossy red, found my balls and

began to fondle them gently.  Her pointed nipples danced about my thighs,

lightly brushing them as I arched back, until I felt my cock enveloped by

her firm breasts.  Suddenly, her warm mouth found its target, and her tongue

lightly began to lick me.

     It wasn't supposed to be this way.  I had only come up for the day,

on a quick business trip to Marin County.  My plan was to fly up to San

Francisco, then rent a car and drive north, stopping at two of our plant

sites.  But on the flight up, I shared a seat with Connie, who explained

that she lived in Marin County and would be happy to give me a ride.  She

loved the drive, she said, giggling, and would enjoy some company to share

it with.  I covertly admired her full lips and beautiful body, and

immediately began to fantasize about the afternoon.  Neither of us said

a great deal beyond small talk and easy conversation, but I noticed that

she had removed her wedding ring by the end of the flight.  This might be

an interesting ride after all, I thought to myself.

     We had just left the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoying the warm sun and

pleasant breez and laughing together when she suddenly suggested that I

drive the car.  She pulled it over and I took the wheel as she directed

me down a winding road that she said was a "scenic route".  She began to

tell me how relaxed she felt with me.

     "I wish I could relax.  But actually, I'm starting to get concerned

about these plants I have to visit.  They're on my back in L.A. to get

production up, and..."

     "Alan, let's just forget about it for a while.  I have my problems too,

but I think we need a break.  An interlude in our lives that is we can enjoy for the moment and leave for the rest of our

lives in the part of us that holds pleasant memories.  Pull the car over up

there and I'll show you what I mean..."

     Well, that's how it all started.  It ended in the most intense passion

I had ever imagined, with Connie's hips sliding rythmically under mine and

her long legs wrapped around the back of my neck.  "Don't pull out", she

gasped as we moved to climax, her juices flowing until the car seat was

soaking wet.  "I want you inside me forever."

     We finished shortly after that, and I felt total contentment as I lay

back with my arm around her.  Unlike many women, Connie was just as

beautiful with no clothes on at all as she had been on the plane with her

sexy short skirt.  A half hour later she sucked me off twice, insisting that

I not move during the command performances.  I was completely drained.

     Connie drove me back to the junction, and left me standing at the Avis

office to rent a car.  She kissed me tenderly, then got in her car and drove

away.  "This only happens once in a lifetime, she said.  I'm glad my once

was with you...".  I never saw Connie again, but I wish I had had the

presence of mind to say something like that myself.


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