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Archive-name: Working/allison.txt

Archive-author: Allison

Archive-title: Allison's Diary

Keywords: also Family and Samesex

                     Allison's Diary - Part I,  or:

                  ''Allison's Adventures in the World

                            of Photography''


    June 16:  Dearest Diary, I'm so sorry to have been

              neglecting you lately.  I've just been so busy,

              That's all, what with finding an apartment  and

              a job and moving and all, I just haven't had time

              to do anything else.  Wow, is St. Louis ever

              bigger and more hectic than down home in Paducah!

              But I'm starting to find my way easier now, and

              my new job looks like it's going to be real neat,

              so I think it's going to be a fun summer and I'll

              be all settled in when design school starts next




    June 17:  Well I started my new job today, Diary.  I'm

              working in a Jiffy Print photo shop over near the

              airport, Lambert Field.  I know it's just a small

              start for an aspiring fashion photographer, but

              still, a girl has got to eat  and I will get a

              chance to learn some things about photography.

              Today I started right off learning how to run the

              printing machine.  That's the gadget that makes

              the pictures out of the customer's negatives, a

              lot of fun to work because I get to see all of

              the pictures as they come through the machine.

              With us located so near the airport, a lot of

              customers drop off their vacation pictures for

              processing on their way home.  Oh, I hope I can

              go to some of those exotic and romantic places



              I almost forgot to tell you about my boss.

              Actually, it's bosses, because the shop is owned

              by a set of brother-sister twins, Robert and

              Robyn.  They're both just super, really good-

              looking an super nice.  Robert's about 6 foot

              tall, a real hunk with wavy  brown hair, and

              Robyn is a real cute brunette,with a petite and

              very sensuous looking figure.  It's  really

              amazing that they've managed  to open their own

              business while they're so young.

    June 24:  Worked all day today at the print machine.

              Robert is so helpful, it seems  like  he spent

              almost all day leaning over my shoulder helping

              me adjust the machine.  Of course, it might have

              been the low-cut sundress that I was wearing that

              held his attention so long.  I noticed that he

              kept looking down my top when he thought I

              wouldn't notice.  Not that  I mind if  he sneaks

              a look...he's  so very sexy and good looking and

              it excites me to have somebody I like admire my

              breasts.  I even made it a point to lean forward

              and hunch my shoulders a lot, just so I would

              make the bodice of my dress fall away from my

              chest and he could get a good view, all the way

              down to my nipples.  I was starting  to get really

              turned on; I think he noticed that my nipples

              were erect and that I was rhythmically squeezing

              my thighs together under the desk.


    July  8:  Whew! Today has been quite a day, dear Diary,

              quite a day  indeed!  I think  everybody  in  the

              whole world was out taking snapshots over the

              holiday weekend.  We've been processing tons of

              pictures of picnics and water-skiers and  the

              like.  Late in the day, though, a batch of prints

              came through that were just out-of-sight!  At

              first, I thought  is just another boring backyard

              barbecue but then I noticed that most of the

              people were completely naked, not a even a

              bathing suit or anything.  I was so entranced

              that I couldn't take my eyes away from those

              prints sliding by for even a moment, not that I

              wanted to!  There were a lot of pictures, and it

              looked like as the party progressed toward

              evening, the guests split  off and got friendlier

              and friendlier with each other, kissing and



              The last several rolls were taken with a flash

              after dark and by then the party had turned

              into a full blown orgy.  There were pictures of

              couples kissing, sucking and fucking each other;

              pictures of threesomes with two girls sitting  on

              a guy, his cock up inside one of them while the

              other girl squatted on his mouth where he could

              lick her pussy, the two girls kissing each other

              and sucking each other's tits; threesomes with

              two guys and a girl in between them, one of them

              fucking her doggy style while she licked and sucked

              the other's  cock in  her mouth.  There were even

              some amazing photos of a whole group of women,

              all tangled together like fishing worms in a tin

              can, kissing and licking their pussies and

              sucking each other's tits.  I thought of Roxanne

              Spengle and summer camp when I was just 14.  The

              next picture Really got me!  There was this really

              handsome man lying on his back and this gorgeous

              blonde woman laying on top of him - obviously giving

              him the fucking of his life - and this pretty red-

              head was crouched between their legs, her hands were

              spreading the blonde's cheeks for the view, and she was

              staring just inches away from their fucking with a look

              of rapture on her face.  What a sexy picture!  I could

              almost smell their mingling aromas and hear the

              slapping sounds as they fucked.  The next picture was

              even wilder!  Now the redhead was licking them right

              where their genitals came together - both at the same 

              time!  God, how I wanted to be that blonde!  I could

              only imagine such a wonderful sensation - a big hard

              cock splitting me in two - and a fiery tongue nipping

              around the edges of my tenderest places.  But when I

              saw the next picture, I believe my mouth actually

              dropped open.  Now the redhead had her tongue deep in

              the blonde girl's pretty bottom!  My own bottom was

              tingling with the thought of that blonde's sensations,

              when a funny thing happened, Diary, something I could

              only tell to you.  I realized that I might even prefer

              to be the redhead than the blonde!!  My crotch was

              getting wetter and wetter watching those prints come

              out.  I was so turned-on, I thought I would go crazy

              if I didn't do something.  I looked around to

              make sure no one could see, shoved the last few

              stacks of prints into my pocket, and quickly went into

              the bathroom.  Locking the door, I took off my

              sundress, and so that I could be completely naked, I 

              stripped off my damp panties and hung them to dry on

              the window latch (I wasn't wearing a bra).  Then I took

              my dress and spread it out on the floor in front of the

              toilet.  Spreading all those beautiful pictures

              out in front of me, I sat down on my dress and

              spread my legs wide.  My eyes were jumping from

              one hot photo to the next as I caressed my  tits

              and my throbbing, swollen clit.  I was so wet and

              slippery down there between my legs that my

              fingers were making squishing noises with every

              back and forth motion.  I felt so deliciously slutty,

              sitting there naked on the floor of the john with

              my white dress all spread out under me, those

              wonderful pornographic pictures around  me.  My

              hand in my crotch was whipping my cunt juices

              into a white foam that soaked my pussy hair.  I'd

              pick up a snapshot and gaze hypnotized  at it,

              imagining that I was one of the girls in the

              picture, letting my hands do to me whatever I saw

              happening to that girl.  My nipples were so hard

              that they hurt, so to soothe them, I took each one

              in my mouth in turn and suckled it, drawing my

              nipple deep into my mouth, pulling and licking it

              just like a hungry baby.  Each suck and nibble

              was like jerking on a wire fastened to  my

              inflamed clit.  One picture of two girls sucking

              each other's tits got me so turned on that  I

              actually bit my right  nipple in passion!

              Finally I couldn't take it any more, I just had

              to make myself cum.  I nursed violently on my

              left nipple while I spread my cunt lips wide with

              the fingers of  my left hand and plunged three fingers

              of my right in and out of my vagina just as fast

              as I could.  When I could feel the energy building in

              me, I pushed my right pinkie up my bottom, imagining

              again that I was that blonde, with a big dick in my

              vagina and a pretty girl's tongue piercing my ass!

              My breast muffled my groans as I came, pussy juices

              gushing over my fingers.  As I kept climaxing, over

              and over again, I kept dipping my hand into my pussy

              and lifting it to my hungry mouth, slurping up the sweet

              juices from my fingers, just like that redhead tasting

              the beauty of that blonde woman.  When I recovered

              enough to come back out of the bathroom Robyn was

              looking at me very strangely.  It seems that

              Mr. Bannerman, the customer whose  prints I had been

              drooling over -- and still had in my pocket -- had come

              in for his pictures while I was in the bathroom.  Robyn

              had been very perplexed when she couldn't find the

              last few rolls of his order.  She seemed even

              more curious when I produced the missing pictures

              from my pockets.  She didn't get angry or

              anything though.  She just put the pictures in

              their envelope, gave me a funny quick hug and a

              wink, and went back to her paperwork.  Diary, I have

              to admit that Robyn's hug got me nervous all over again.

              Why did she hug and wink?  Did she know?  But what made

              me nervous was the feel of her breasts when they pressed

              against me.  My lips parted involuntarily - I mean, I

              nearly kissed my boss - my woman boss!  Maybe that was

              what the wink was about.  Maybe she knew I wanted her!

              I can't believe it is my hand writing this.  I kept

              finding my gaze wandering to her curvaceous, muscular

              calves as she sat, flipping through the customer's

              orders.  Wow!  What if she smelled the pussy juice

              around my mouth when she hugged me - that might explain

              that wink!  

                    Allison's Diary Part II, or:

                The Adventures of Allison & Robert



    July 13:  Wow, do I have a tale to fill your ears, dearest

              Diary!  And I'm going to give you every juicy

              detail so I can re-read this whenever I want to

              relive last night!  Robert asked me out to dinner

              last night, you see.  I know, I's not a

              good idea to date the boss, but this is

              different.  Robert is just so sweet and sexy and

              he pays such nice attention to me at work, how

              could I refuse?  Actually I've been hoping he

              would make a pass.  We had a scrumptious dinner

              at Victoria Station, Prime rib and baked potato

              with sour cream and a really great California

              wine, cab something-or-the-other, anyway it was

              good.  We had such a great time, with the good

              food and he's such a great conversationalist; we

              just never made it to the movie we were planning

              on.  I was in my best summer outfit, green silk

              with a full skirt and a scoop neck.  It's so soft

              and wispy, it's almost see-through in the right

              light.  Because Robert has been so interested in

              my boobs at work, sneaking peeks down my top and

              all, I tried to sit so there was a light behind

              me and he could see my tits silhouetted through

              the fabric.  I also made sure I bent over a few

              times so he got several real good looks during

              the evening.  In the cab home, I snuggled up

              close and rubbed my boobs and hardening nipples

              against his upper arm.  Naturally, I invited him

              in for a nightcap when we got back to my



              We were chatting about work and everything when

              he mentioned casually that Robyn had told him

              that I seemed to have a ''special'' interest in

              Mr. Bannerman's photo's.  I guess I must have

              blushed as he said that, but he kept going, asking

              me what I had found so interesting about them.

              When I told him that they were of a very sexy

              party, I'm sure he knew right away how much they

              had turned me on; my nipples started making

              little tents on the front of my dress as I

              described a few.  With a smile he softly drew me

              into his and kissed me, first tenderly and then

              with more passion.


              ''You mean, people making love like this?'', he

              said between kisses.


              ''And much more...'' Was it my voice that said that?

              His hand wandered down and cupped my breast.  My

              nipples were starting to throb, and I'm sure he

              could feel my pulse in them as he gently twisted

              first one, and then the other through the thin

              fabric of my dress.  I was starting to squirm

              around quite a bit on the sofa, kissing Robert

              and sucking on his tongue as it probed into my

              mouth.  I could feel his fingers working down the

              buttons on my back, and before I knew it the top

              of my dress was down around my waist and Robert

              was nursing on my stone hard nipples.  He looked

              up at me and let my nipple slip from his mouth a

              moment.  It was like a hard brown berry, wet and

              gleaming with his saliva in the dim light.


              ''Did it excite you to see them loving up each

              other like that?'', he asked.


              ''And like this...?'', softly stroking my inner



              ''Oh yes, so very much so.  So much that I had to

              go to the bathroom and take care of myself.

              Please...please, more.'', I moaned. I no longer cared

              whether I was a slut or not. In fact, I think I want

              to be...Oh, I can't even keep my hands off myself while

              I'm writing this!


              ''Robyn was sure you would be a hot one when she

              first saw you come into the shop.  And such

              tits!'', he murmured as he let his head fall back

              to my chest.


              Pulling his head down with one hand while I

              lifted my tit up to his lips with the other, I

              pressed my nipple back into his mouth and held

              him close as he nursed.  His hands came around my

              waist and cupped my ass cheeks, lifting my bottom

              up off of the sofa as he pulled my dress off and

              dropped it to the floor.  I was laying spread-

              eagle on the sofa with one foot on the floor, the

              other up over the back cushion.  I lay there

              fondling and squeezing my tits, my hips making

              little involuntary thrusting movements as Robert

              stood and began to undress.


              The only thing I still had on were my white silk

              panties, slick and transparent in the crotch from

              the widening wet circle of juice pouring from my

              bubbling pussy slit.  I couldn't resist sliding

              my finger up and down my slit as I watched Robert

              pull off his shirt and unzip his trousers.  When

              Robert stepped out of his pants his hard cock

              sprang up bobbing just in front of my mouth, a

              little glob of clear juice bubbling at the tip.

              With a little whimper I stuck my tongue all the

              way out and licked up and across that satin

              purple mushroom, taking hold of the shaft and

              rubbing it all across my face and lips.  Robert's

              balls were resting on my tits as I sucked up the

              delicious salty fluids dribbling from his penis.

              His thighs were rubbing across my nipples, the

              soft hair stimulating them to ever harder

              erection and sending electric pleasure shocks

              racing to my clit.


              He hunched forward, his cock sliding into my

              throat as I opened my mouth wide for his sweet

              penetration.  My moans slipped past the bulging

              cockhead filling my throat as I grabbed his ass

              and pulled him even deeper into mouth-fucking.  I

              dimly felt Robert rip away my panties and my back

              arched upward in voluptuousness as his fingers

              plundered my slippery, open vagina.  Robert

              started scooping up my slick pussy oil and

              smearing it up between my titties while he

              continued fucking my mouth.  When my chest was

              good and wet, he pulled his cock out of my throat

              and pressed it in the groove between my breasts.

              I squeezed my tits tight around his rod and

              rolled my nipples between my fingers as he

              started to fuck back and forth.


              Meanwhile Robert jammed two fingers deep up

              inside my cunt and began massaging my clit with

              his thumb.  Each time his cockhead slid forward I

              would lick across the head and drink the clear

              juice oozing out of the little hole.  Finally, I

              started to cum so hard that my ears were ringing

              and I almost passed out.  Those tingly pussy

              spasms seemed like they would go on forever.

              Then, just as my orgasm started to let up a

              little, Robert let out a deep groan and began

              shooting hot jets of pearly cum all over my tits

              and face.  His hot liquid hitting my skin

              immediately set me off again.  I went wild as I had

              a spasm on his fingers, scooping up his sperm and

              rubbing it into my skin, licking his cum from my

              fingers whenever they came near my mouth.  I even

              licked as much cum as I could from my breasts.


              We finally collapsed in each others arms, holding

              each other tightly as our breathing came back to

              normal, Robert's head pillowed on my tits.


              ''Well, was Robyn right?'', I giggled.


              ''She always says that it takes one to know one.

              Besides, she knows the effects of Tom Bannerman's

              photography very well herself.'' he murmured

              against my nipple, making me even more curious

              about Robyn.

                  Allison's Diary - Part III, or:


                 The Adventures of Allison & Robyn


                          ALLISON'S DIARY




    July 18:  Today was hot...really hot.  One of those muggy

              midwest days that makes you think winter slush

              isn't so bad after all.  Robyn wasn't at the shop

              today, she had a bunch of paperwork to catch up

              on at home or something.  About 4 o'clock she

              called in and asked me if I would mind leaving

              early and bringing a stack of invoices she needed

              from the office by their apartment on my way home

              --Robert would close up later.  Naturally I

              wouldn't refuse; besides, I've been wanting to

              see where she and Robert live.


              When I got there, Robyn greeted me at the door

              wearing a short, tunic-style, beach jacket.

              Taking the stack of files from me and putting

              them on a chair by the door, she pulled me inside

              and handed me a chilled glass of white wine.


              ''Here'', she said, ''relax and cool off a

              little. I really appreciate your bringing those

              files.  I've been on the sun-deck all afternoon,

              trying to get these supply orders straightened

              out, and I'm pretty sweaty.  Go ahead and make

              yourself at home while I grab a quick shower.''


              I could hear her puttering around in the bedroom

              as I sat and sipped my cool wine.  My eyes landed

              on a photo album sitting on their coffee table.


              ''If you'd like to stay, I'll throw us together a

              light supper, maybe a salad or something.'' she

              called out over the splash of the shower.


              ''Mmmmm, sounds great.'' I yelled back, idly

              opening the album and flipping through the pages.


              My attention was riveted as I immediately

              recognized Tom Bannerman's unmistakable

              work...frame after frame of nude men and women

              making love in every conceivable combination.  My

              crotch was getting moist from a whole lot

              more than St. Louis' summer humidity as I slowly

              turned the pages. Suddenly my heart leaped as I

              recognized Robyn's perky figure kneeling in front of a

              gorgeous man, her face in his crotch as his cock

              filled her throat.  Now the pages I turned were

              filled with photos of either Robert or Robyn with

              various partners, obviously fully involved in

              Tom's special parties.  The sight of my two

              friends, naked and obviously aroused, caused my

              breasts to throb with each heartbeat.  My fingers

              slipped inside my blouse to my hard nipples as if

              drawn by magnets, pinching and teasing as I

              slowly turned to the next page.  suddenly felt my

              pussy clamp down in a mini-climax as I turned a

              page to find two half-page enlargements and one

              full page photo of Robyn.  In one of the half-

              page shots she was in the arms of a beautiful

              blonde woman, their open mouths locked together

              in a deep French kiss, their hard nipples pressed

              together and their hands deep in each others

              pussies.  It was the same blonde from the other



              The other picture showed Robyn riding on one

              man's cock, her head tossed back and her mouth

              stuffed full of another man's rigid dick, Robert's

              cock in fact.  Robyn's nipples were sticking out

              so far that it was obvious she was cuming, and

              from the expressions on their faces the men

              were pumping her full of hot semen at the moment

              the picture was taken.  Most spectacular of all

              though was the full page photo.  It showed Robyn

              laying on her back, her head cradled in the

              blonde woman's lap with her mouth fastened onto

              the blonde's nipple.  The photographer was

              kneeling between Robyn's knees when he took the

              picture and her beautiful body was spread out -  totally

              exposed.  She was holding a erect cock in each

              hand and rubbing them over her hard nipples.

              Obviously these weren't the first cocks she'd

              enjoyed either, because her tits, face and belly

              were streaked with come. What immediately drew my

              eye though, was her pussy.


              She had obviously just been fucked -- maybe even

              by the photographer -- because a white stream was

              flowing from her wide open vagina, a gaping,

              dark, welcoming cavern entrance was guarded by

              the cherry-red sentinel of her erect clit.


              ''I see you like our family album.'' Robyn's soft

              voice murmured at my ear.


              I had been so engrossed I didn't realize she had

              finished her shower and come up behind me.  I

              almost ripped a button from my blouse trying to

              jerk my hand out, but she quickly grabbed my

              wrist and gently led my hand back to my nipple.

              Still behind me and looking over my shoulder, she

              covered my hand on my breast with her while her

              other hand caressed my cheek.


              '' don't have to stop.'' she said,

              kissing my neck.  ''I could tell you were excited

              by Tom's photography when you came out of the

              john last week.  Then when Robert told me about

              your date... Well, it turns me on too, you see''.


              I turned to look at her and she gently kissed my



              ''Have you ever been with a woman, Allison?''


              I shook my head, unable to speak.  


              ''But it excited you to see me with a woman,

              didn't it?'' she said softly.


              ''.. Robyn..'', was all that I could say as I

              searched for her mouth with mine and greedily

              licked her lips. She walked around the sofa and

              stood in front of me, still nude from her shower

              and more beautiful than her pictures.


              Her breasts were small, much smaller than mine,

              but with puffy aereolae and very long, teat-like

              nipples, already hard.  Her dark pussy hair was very

              fine and trimmed close, and I could see the

              little red nose of her clit starting to poke out at

              the top of her cunt lips.  With the grace of a

              ballerina she knelt in front of the sofa and

              finished unbuttoning my top.  Spreading my blouse

              wide she buried her face in the cleft between my

              breasts and began to lick me.  Her hands slid up

              my side to cup my tits as her tongue slid first

              up one slope to circle and flick the nipple, then

              down across the valley to the other peak.  I

              reached forward and found her nipples, standing

              out solid and down from her soft skin.  I rolled

              them back and forth between my fingers as she

              took my nipples hungrily into her mouth.


              Lifting her mouth from my wet breasts, Robyn

              looked up into my face, her eyes glowing.  I

              pinched one of her nipples and her eyes glazed

              over.  We kissed, so hungrily that we moaned in

              each other's mouths.  Another pinch and her head fell

              forward to my breast, blindly searching to find my

              nipple again and suckle.  Without releasing my tit,

              Robyn pulled me down on my back on the couch and

              swung her body over mine and to let her delicious

              nipples dangle over my mouth.  I eagerly licked up

              and captured one with my tongue, drawing the hard

              fleshy finger between my lips.  ''Her nipple is

              almost as big as a little boy's cock'', I thought

              to myself as I wrapped my tongue around the

              rubbery knob.


              By now Robyn had maneuvered the rest of my

              clothes free and I was completely naked.

              Releasing my breasts from her mouth, she began to

              lick lower on my body, presenting the same parts

              of her anatomy to my eager tongue as she slid

              lower and lower.  I couldn't believe how good her skin

              tasted!  Not a moment too soon did I feel her

              soft inner thighs pressed against my cheeks and I

              could look up into the beautiful pink folds of

              her sopping cunt.  Her pussy lips were all puffed

              out and engorged, slick with her juice.  Her

              magnificent clit jutted out, glowing red and I

              could feel the heat radiating from her vagina on

              my face.  The smell of her made me dizzy with de-

              sire to taste her, my mouth actually watered for her.

              I think I was more aroused than I had ever been before

              in my whole life.  My eyes focused on the tiny hairs on

              her thighs.  We were side by side now on the sofa in the

              classic 69 position.   With a guttural moan, I opened my

              mouth wide and pulled her close to me, filling my mouth

              with her juice as her tongue trailed down my slit and

              into my vagina.  I threw my left leg over her shoulder

              and back to hug her head into my open hips.  I was 

              spread so wide, that I could feel cool air on my anus.


              Her hard teats were hot coals, burning into my

              belly as she ate me.  My tongue deep inside her

              urged her on, her hips thrusting on my face, her

              belly mashing my tits so sweetly.  Our thighs

              clasping the other's face, we hunched against

              each other's mouths until together we exploded,

              groaning into each other's crotch.  We thrashed

              in our mutual orgasm, covering each other's face

              with our slippery fluids and lashing our tongues

              deep into each other's clasping hole.  I literally

              drank from her pussy, sucking and swallowing all the

              pussy juice I could get - so smooth and warm and so

              sweet - not salty like Robert.  She seemed almost

              semiconcious, gasping into my pussy as I sucked and

              swallowed All of her juice.  Just the way a good blow

              job ends - swallowing the cum - only men are so salty

              that it's sometimes hard to drink it all.  But a 

              woman is musky and sweet and I even gulped from her

              love cup, digging into her with my tongue to lap out

              more juice.   Suddenly she was quivering and cumming

              again, her thighs tightened like a vise around my head

              and I felt her hot tears run down my thighs as she

              laughed and cried in delirious joy.  I jammed my tongue

              so deep and hard in her vagina that my nose entered her

              perfect little brown asshole.  She screamed, and I think,

              passed out for a few seconds.  Then I felt her fingers

              massaging my clit, more fingers pushing into my vagina,

              and at last, her tongue darting into my bottom.  I com-

              pletely melted inside.  Maybe I screamed, too. 

              We lay together on the sofa until it was dark, holding

              each other tightly and repeatedly kissing,

              delighting in our mouths and sharing the taste of

              our cunts that lingered on our lips.



              ''Would you like to come as Robert and my date to

              Tom's next party?''


              I, of course, eagerly nodded ''Yes'' as she held

              me in her arms. "But only if you promise to lick my

              bottom when he fucks me!"  With her lips touching mine,

              she breathed, "I promise," into my mouth and as she 

              kissed me, I felt her hand move down my back and her 

              fingers slipping into the crack of my ass...


    August 10:Tom is quite a photographer.  Robert and Robyn

              wanted to add my pictures to their ''family album"

              and of course I immediately agreed.  I think I'm

              in love with them both!  Anyway, Tom took a whole

              series of me the other day and today we processed

              and printed them at the shop.  I'm really pleased

              with the way they turned out.  Tom, Robert and

              Robyn are very excited and right this minute are

              planning where each shot will go in the album.

              Dear Diary, going to JiffyPrint was the best

              thing I ever did!

              Oh yes,  and I did fuck Robert, just like the blonde,

              while Robyn fucked my ass with her tongue.  Next time,

              it will be my turn!

                  Allison's Diary - Part IV, or:


                      Allison Learns to Fly


                         ALLISON'S DIARY



    Sept. 3:  Dear Diary, Today was a real adventure for me.

              Last week Robyn introduced me to the Flight

              Instructor over at the airport.  Well today

              he stopped in and asked if I would like a free

              flying lesson.  I wasn't too sure about flying

              around in such a small plane, but William was so

              sexy in his tight pants and leather flight jacket,

              that I couldn't refuse.  He told me I could join

              the 'Mile High Club', but that I had to go through

              the initiation in the air.  I couldn't wait to

              meet the other club members.


              It was still warm from summer and I decided to

              wear a red tube top and a pair of white shorts.

              I figured the view shouldn't be only on the outside

              of the plane.  The top barely covered the aureola

              surrounding my nipples.

              I met him over at the flight school just as he was

              finishing up a lesson.  "Have you ever flown before?"

              William asked.

              I told him, "Only on the airliners.  This is safe

              isn't it?"

              William reassured me it was and proceeded to show

              me how to preflight the plane.  Gosh, so many

              switches and knobs, it looked so complicated, but

              William looked so confident (and a nice looking

              tush, too), I knew I was going to enjoy this.

              I guess I was a little nervous trying to get into the

              plane, because I slipped and fell and William caught

              me.  My top slipped down and exposed both my breasts

              to him, my nipples rising as the air rushed around

              them.  He was a perfect gentleman, and lightly set

              me back on my feet, and after I arranged my top,

              he helped me up into the cockpit.  When he helped me

              into the cockpit, his hand lightly slid over my bottom

              and my heart started to pound.


              While I was putting on my seat belt, I wondered

              where they got the name 'cockpit'.  William went

              around to the other side of the plane and climbed

              in next to me.  I was still fumbling with my seat

              belt when William started helping me fasten the

              seat belt.  His hand was so near my pussy I thought

              he would be able to feel the warmth coming from it.

              His hand brushed against my love mound and I could

              feel my nectar starting to flow.  He seemed oblivious

              to everything as he started the plane and talked to

              the tower on the radio.  Then we started to move.

              With no support for my breasts, every time we hit a

              bump my breasts would bounce up and down.  This was

              causing my nipples to become erect again.  I was

              hoping he would brush against them.

              William got pretty busy when we reached the end of

              the runway.  Then William called the tower again on

              the radio, and the next thing you know we are going

              down the runway, faster and faster.  The runway was

              really whizzing by when we finally started climbing.

              Everything on the ground kept getting smaller and

              smaller.  After we got far enough up in the air,

              William asked me if I wanted to fly the plane.

              I thought I would give it a try.  He showed me how

              to turn the plane and fly it straight and level.

              With my hands on the controls, William put his hand

              on my knee and told me to keep the plane straight and

              level. If I could do that while he tried to

              distract me, I could be a member in the 'Mile High

              Club'.  I didn't figure a hand on my knee could be so

              distracting, but every time I concentrated on flying

              the plane, he would slide his hand further up my

              thigh.  But I was determined that if other women

              could do it, so could I.  But now his hand was

              to the bottom of my shorts (and they were pretty

              short to begin with).  I'm sure he could feel the

              heat from my pussy he was so close.  I was starting

              to get hotter and hotter.  My flying wasn't doing

              very well either.

              Finally he said, "Let's have a look at those beautiful

              tits you showed me on the ground." and he pulled

              my top down to my waist, exposing my evenly tanned

              breasts.  A small gasp escaped from my lips when his

              hand found my nipple.  It eagerly rose to his touch.

              He rolled my nipple between his thumb and fingers, and

              all of the sudden the plane was climbing like crazy.

              William had to stop and get the plane under control.

              "I guess I didn't pass the initiation" I said to

              William.  But William was real nice and said we could

              try it again, but I would have to try real hard this

              time.  Looking at the bulge in his trouser's, it wasn't

              the only thing hard in the cockpit.  Maybe there was

              some reason for naming it that after all.

              This time I was determined to fly that plane straight

              and level, no matter what William did.  As I took the

              controls, he cupped my breast in his hand and slowly

              squeezed it, kneading it.  It felt so good I wanted

              to just close my eyes and enjoy it, but I had to

              join the "Mile High Club."  His head went down to my

              breast and he took my hard little nipple into his

              mouth and slowly sucked it deeper into his mouth.

              I could smell my own musky odor rising from my 

              moistened pussy.  All the sights and sound and smells

              were making my head spin, but I was keeping the

              plane pretty straight and level.  When he took my

              nipple between his teeth I moaned loudly.  His hand

              was on my knee again, slowly burning a path to my

              now juicy pussy.  I spread my legs further apart to

              give him access to my pussy.  How much longer

              could I keep flying the plane?  As his hand touched

              my warm mound, I felt like I was falling, and 

              suddenly William had the controls again and pulling

              the plane out of the dive I had put it into.  William

              looked disturbed and said, "Now it time to join the

              Mile High Club", and he reached up and turned a couple

              of knobs and the plane started flying itself.  Then

              he reached over and unfastened my safety belt, and

              then he unfastened his.  The bulge in his pants was

              even bigger than before.  I hoped he wasn't in any

              pain.  He turned to me and pulled me close and gave

              me a long passionate kiss, his tongue exploring my

              mouth.  I could feel his hand unsnapping my shorts.

              The zipper sliding down towards my now dripping

              pussy.  Now his hand was sliding underneath my lace

              panties and over my love mound.  His fingers finding

              their way between my swollen pussy lips.  As his

              finger touched my clitoris, I closed my eyes and

              imagined what his cock looked like.  Was it long and

              thin with a red head on it, or would it be thick and

              hard with a purple head on it?  Now he was pushing

              his way deep inside my cunt.  I wished his finger

              was bigger.  He started fucking my pussy with his

              finger.  Slowly at first.  My pussy was making a

              slurping sound as his finger slid in and out.  I was

              so hot I thought I would burn his finger.  As he

              would pull his finger out of me, he would rub his

              palm against my clit, making me tremble.  He took

              my hand and put it on the bulge in his pants.  I

              could feel the heat from his cock through the fabric.

              I unfastened his belt, unhooked his pants, and

              started unzipping his pants.  I needed to be fucked!

              He raised up and I pulled his pants and underwear

              down, his cock popping out from the clothing.  I

              was wrong, it was long and thick with a big purple

              head.  Cum was starting to ooze from the hole.  I

              squeezed it and more cum oozed from his thick cock.

              He pulled his finger from my pussy and slowly licked

              up and down his finger, enjoying the taste.  He slid

              his finger back deep inside of me, my pussy quivering.

              When he pulled his finger out of me this time, he

              put it in my mouth.  The taste was musky, but not

              unpleasant.  In fact, he might have been shocked if he

              knew how much I loved that flavor!  Then he pulled my

              head down to his big thick cock.  When I opened my mouth

              to object, nothing came out, so I decided why not.  In

              fact, Diary, since Robert, I've started to love 

              having dicks in my mouth!  After all, it's my second

              favorite flavor.  M-M-M-M  maybe I even like it almost as

              much!  I took the shaft of that beautiful cock in my hand

              and squeezed it again, and another ooze of cum came out.

              I flicked out my tongue to lick up the cum, the taste

              making my own juices flow again.  Then I took that

              massive head into my mouth.  I had never taken such a

              large cock into my mouth, and I could only get a few

              inches of it in.  As I stroked the shaft of his cock he

              started to moan.  His hand was now moving towards my

              pussy again.  My legs were now wide open giving him

              free access to aching cunt, my juices were dripping

              down to my asshole, and soaking my panties.

              As he slid his finger in my pussy, his slid his thumb

              into my ass.  I had never had this done to me before,

              but my juices has lubricated my ass and it was in

              before I knew what was happening.  It made me lurch

              forward and take another inch of his cock in my mouth.

              I was getting hotter and hotter.  His hand was fucking

              my pussy and ass in unison.  His cock was fucking my

              mouth, and I could tell it was ready to explode.  As

              I kept riding his thumb and finger, I started cuming.

              And when I started cuming, he starting filling my

              mouth with his hot sticky cum.  Squirt after squirt

              his cock pumped into my mouth.  I couldn't swallow

              all of it and a dribble ran down my chin.

              When we both got reoriented, William said he wanted

              to fuck that hot little pussy of mine and I said

              it would have to wait until we were on the ground.

              He picked me up, light as a feather, and sat me on

              his lap and spun me around so I was facing out the

              front of the cockpit.  I now knew why it was called

              the cockpit.  As hot as my pussy was and how badly

              I needed him to give it a good fucking, I didn't

              resist.  The head of his cock felt huge as it parted

              my pussy lips and started moving up inside me.  It

              felt like it was going to split me apart.  The tearing

              pain was over in a few seconds as his cock forced its

              way further up my pussy, but the searing heat seemed

              to fill my pussy, all the way up to the top of my.

              head.  His hands were on my hips, pulling me further

              down on his cock.  When he hit the bottom of my pussy,

              he stopped for a second while I tried to get used to

              all that cock crammed into such a small place.

              Then he started moving me up and down his cock.  Very

              slowly at first.  The heat building inside of me was

              unbearable.  His hands were on my ass, lifting me up

              and down on his cock, faster and faster.  My juices

              were dripping down my ass now.  William moved his hand

              so his thumb had access to my ass again.  Now his cock

              was fucking my pussy, and his thumb was fucking my ass.

              I didn't know whether to pass out or cum.  He was

              lifting me higher and higher on his cock. My pussy

              was slurping from his cock head parting my pussy lips

              as he pulled me down on his cock again and again.

              I started thrusting down to meet each of his thrusts.

              I was starting to cum.  The heat was radiating from

              my pussy.  William pulled his thumb from my ass, and

              I almost fainted.  Then we hit an air pocket, and

              I raised up in the air and when I came down, I had

              impaled about half of that monster cock up my virgin

              ass.  The pain/pleasure was unbelievable.  As I

              grabbed for anything to help me remove this monster

              cock from my ass, I grabbed on to the control stick and

              pulled back hard.  The force of the plane climbing

              pushed me all the way back on William's cock.  It

              was completely up my ass and I couldn't move.  I felt

              more filled than ever before in my whole life!  As

              the plane leveled itself I started to pull myself

              off of his cock, but it felt so good I grabbed the

              stick again and forced myself down to the hilt.  I

              wanted his cock up my ass, I needed that cock up my

              ass.  I was cuming harder than I had ever cum before.

              Wave after wave of orgasm racked my body.  I could feel

              Williams hot cum squirting deep inside of me.  I felt

              William reach around in front of me and start finger

              fucking me again, rubbing my clit with his hand, and

              I started cuming again.  The juices from my pussy

              dripping down to my ass and mixing with Williams cum.

              I was totally spent.  After we regained our composure,

              we flew back to the airport (150 miles).  The return

              trip was uneventful, but I'm already thinking about

              my next flying lesson.  Especially now that I'm a

              member of the Mile High Club.



          Allison's Diary was composed by a woman in Houston who

          only gave the name Diane, along with an appeal for more

          writing by women for women.  I was charmed by the tale, 

          and after some polishing and editing, and even a few small

          additions, I offer it to you as it appears here.


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