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Archive-name: Working/

Archive-author: TDM Products  1986/1987 

Archive-title: After Hours Ass (revised)

 Mary had been working for me for three weeks and she was driving me crazy.

She's a petite little thing with a fantastic figure and full, mouth-watering

tits. Since I had hired Mary as my secretary all I could think about was

fucking her in that perfect little ass.

 Maybe if Mary didn't wear those damn tight jeans that push right into the

crack of her ass, I would have been okay, but as things stood, all I could think

about was that ass.

 Both sides of her chubby little lips were fully defined by the clothing

she wore and I wondered if they gave her a kind of sexual push. Everything

about Mary spelled sex. Just 20 and with her blonde mass of curls and big brown

eyes, it seemed that a kind of sensual steam flowed from every part of her.

 I was always threatening to jump on that cute ass. She would wiggle it

playfully then laugh her way out of the office. All in good fun, until the

night we had to push hard to get a rush order out.

 Mary and I were alone. I had always made it a rule to never fuck around

with my help. I had kept to that rule all my life, but for some reason Mary

tempted me to break it.

 There was so much paperwork that we had to do some of it on the floor. I

found myself just standing there, watching her little ass sway back and forth

as she crawled around on the floor. That ass was so cute and sexy that

I couldn't take my eyes off it.

 I guess the animal in me took over then, because I don't even remember

getting down on the floor. Fully clothed I wrapped my arms around her and

slipped my fingers into the crotch of her jeans. Mary dropped the papers she

was holding and I felt her warm ass rolling against my huge boner.

 Then she pulled away and turned around to look at me. We just stared at

each other for several moments, and then she started taking off her clothes. I

 quickly followed suit.

 Mary's eyes were glazed and her lips were sparkling, full and shining with

moisture as she kicked the tight jeans from her slender ankles. I had never

realized what beautiful legs she was covering up until that moment.

 Her tits were even bigger than I had thought and her skin was so soft and

smooth! My cock shuddered as I bent down, pushing it between her legs. I

held her tight as my hands roamed all over that soft, hot skin.

 She was sweating as much as I was and my hands were sliding into the

crack of her ass, pushing into her soft, downy cunt lips, feeling the rock-hard

little clit under my huge finger. I want to fuck you in the ass! I

told her.

 I licked her neck and face, finally sticking my tongue up into her mouth

and sucking on hers. I pulled away from her slightly and held her at arms

length, my hands kneading her terrific ass. She pulled away from me, kneeling

on the carpet, her lips grazing my cock just before she turned around.

 Mary was grinding her ass in the air for me, pushing it into my hot cock.

I spit thickly on my hands and covered my hot, hard prick with saliva. I did

it again to make sure, pausing my other hand hard over her crinkled little anus.

 I pushed a finger up into her asshole, kind of spinning it around pushing

it from side to side as I made the passage wide.

 I held one hand underneath her wet cunt, delighting in the hot juice that

was dripping from the other hole. My other hand gripped my wet, slippery cock

at the base and I pushed the circumsized head against her small anus. I

could tell right away that she knew how to take a cock up the ass, knew how to

relax without having to be coaxed. I wondered just how many guys had fucked

her pretty little pink asshole.

 I watched with fascination as the thick head of my prick vanished inside

Mary's asshole. She bucked and my fingers slid up inside her cunt hole.

 She was pushing her ass, grinding it and lifting it higher and higher as

her tight hole swallowed more and more!! The hot friction turned me on

incredibly. It was like my cock was being gripped in a hot, fleshy vise, and

I loved it!

 I pushed once more, hard and Mary yelped. I wasn't hurting her! She was

moaning and pushing her ass harder and harder into me until my entire cock was

inside that tight, hot little asshole. My pubic hairs were flush against her

cheeks and we were both trembling with pleasure.

 Mary was crying: Fuck my asshole. Oh fuck! Fuck! And I did! I gripped

her pussy even harder and let my sweating body drip onto her as I pushed and

shoved my cock in and out of that torrid little hole!

 I felt Mary spasm hard around my long, searching fingers and I dug them

deeper into her cunt, pressing against walls of her slippery, creaming pussy

hole as I fucked her sweet asshole.

 I felt the climactic surge begin in my balls and I pushed all my cock

inside Mary as I came like a cannon burst. I was grunting as my thick, hot

sperm gushed into her and she was bucking and pushing as I came until I could

hardly bare anymore!

 We both collapsed on the floor, breathless, exhausted and satisfied.

That was the beginning of my anal affair with Mary. I shouldn't keep it up,

since she's my employee, but I just can't resist her. When a man who loves

ass fucking as much as I do meets a woman who likes it as much as Mary does,

there's no resisting the inevitable!


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