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Archive-name: Working/

Archive-author: Dennis Faherty

Archive-title: After Hours

Ah spring! It was the kind of day where the air is so  humid  you

can  cut it with a knife. I had just come back from lunch with my

friends and was still joking about our  co-worker  Ralph's  dress

habits.  He says he was a nerd in high school, but that he is not

anymore. But just looking at him in his shorts  and  pink  shirt,

trying to be cool, you can tell he lives, eats, and breathes com-

puters. Not that he's disagreeable, but he just seems very  naive

and tries too hard to fit in.

As we went up the stairs to get back to work, Eva came down.  The

air  conditioning  in  the building was always cranked, and Eva's

nipples were responding by showing through her blouse.   If  ever

there  was  a woman that could stop traffic, she was it: shoulder

length blonde hair, dark complexion, and brown eyes.  She  looked

particularly good in the red blouse and black skirt that she wore


As we passed, she smiled and said, "Hello." Her smile was wonder-

ful,  flashing  white  teeth behind full lips. It was the perfect

compliment to her round face.

The afternoon passed with the usual meetings and kibitzing around

the  coffee maker. As 5:00 approached, Ted called me into his of-

fice. All of the offices had windows into the adjoining  offices,

so  we  called  them fish bowls. Most people had posters or some-

thing blocking the window so that you didn't feel like  you  were

on  display.  Ted had a PC on his desk and wanted to show me some

pictures he had gotten off of the network. He told  me  to  close

the  door, and then he brought up a picture of a brunette wearing

only a bikini bottom, her top dangling from  her  upturned  hand.

Childish  as  this  may seem, there is an odd pleasure in viewing

naughty pictures on company equipment during  office  hours.  Ted

said  he  had two more, one was a crotch shot and the other was a

poor resolution photo of woman in a nightgown.

"Are you Catholic?" Ted asked.

"I used to be," I said.

"Catholic boys always seem more interested in dirty pictures," he

said. Perhaps that was it.

"Going home, now?" Ted asked.

"No, I have some files to change before  I  go.  P.A.  wants  the

changed in by Friday."

"Who is P.A.?" said Ted.

"Potato chip ass? Our boss,  Chuck.  Don't  you  think  he  walks

around  like he has a potato chip up his ass and he is trying not

to break it?"

Ted laughed. "I never thought of it that way."

"See you tomorrow, then," I said and left.

I worked at my desk until about 7:00, and then got up  to  leave.

The  building  was  nearly  empty, I think everyone wanted to get

home on such a hot day. As I passed Ralph's office, I heard  bits

of conversation. I would not have paid any attention, but I want-

ed to give him a hard time about being  a  nerd  for  staying  so

late.  When I went to open the door, the voice I heard was Eva's.

What was she doing with Ralph,  I  wondered.  So  I  stopped  and


"Do you have a girlfriend?" Eva asked.

"No. We broke up about a year ago," answered Ralph.

"What was she like?" Eva's voice had a strange sound to  it,  al-

most a combination of sympathy and strain.

"She was tall and very smart. I think that is why she dumped  me.

She  said I was not interesting enough for her. She went to Cali-

fornia 3 months after we split." Ralph sounded very bitter.

I did not want to be seen in the hallway,  listening  at  Ralph's

door,  so  I went into the next office. It was dark, the occupant

long gone. There was the usual window between  the  two  offices,

which  Ralph had put a bookcase against to get some privacy. How-

ever, the bookcase was slightly smaller than the  window,  and  I

could  see  Ralph sitting on his desk, with Eva standing two feet

in front of him. I knew I would not be seen, because the office I

was in was dark, and Ralph's was brightly lit.

"I don't think you're uninteresting," continued Eva. This made my

eyebrows  raise.  Ralph?  Interesting? When a friend came in from

out of town recently, he took him to the health club. Not my idea

of showing a friend the hot spots.

"You must have some interests besides work," continued Eva.

"Well, I like to listen to music."

"What kind?"

"A little bit of everything; rock, blues, jazz, whatever."

"What else do you do?" Eva asked coyly.

"Watch TV. 'Night Court', 'Thirty-something', you know..."  Ralph

began to look nervous.

Just then Eva did something that startled me  so  much  I  almost

cried  out.  She  reached over and began stroking Ralph's crotch.

Ralph nearly jumped a foot.

"Just relax. Do you want me to stop?" Eva said.

"Well, this is hardly the place. What  if  someone  sees  us?"  I

couldn't help snickering.

Eva cooed into his ear, "My you're big. Shouldn't we release John

Thomas from his shackles?"

"But... I don't think... that... would be such a..... good idea,"

Ralph stammered, obviously not concentrating very hard on what he

was saying. I could  see  he  was  excited,  his  dick  straining

against his pants.

"Sure it is. Let me  unzip  you."  Eva  slowly  unzipped  Ralph's

pants, then undid the snap. "Stand up," she said.

Ralph stood up. Why wasn't I the one in there with Eva?  By  this

time, I had quite a hardon myself.

Eva pulled down his pants, and tapped each leg  to  tell  him  to

step  out of them. She  had to take of his shoes to get his pants

off, and he put his hand on her shoulder for support as  he  bal-

anced  on  one  leg.  Then  she  wrapped her arms around him, and

snaked her hands down his back and into his underwear. She kissed

him  long  and hard while she massaged his buns. As she broke the

kiss, she moved her hands down his  legs,  taking  his  underwear

with  them.  She  took his underwear and flung it into the corner

with a sly grin.

They both laughed as they hugged and kissed again, this  time  he

ground his hips against her pelvis. When the stopped kissing, she

told him to sit back on his desk. Then she took off his shirt.

"Are you cold?" she asked.

"No. You are making me very warm," he replied.

"Good. Then this should make you warmer." She bent down and  very

softly kissed the head of his dick.

"You must be ticklish there," she laughed. "Your balls bounced up

and down."

Then she cradled his balls in her hands  and  began  licking  his

shaft. Up and down she went, then she took each of his balls into

her mouth and sucked ever so gently. He closed his  eyes  as  she

put  her  hand  on  his  ass and put the tip of his dick into her

mouth.  I could see her tongue licking farther  down  his  penis.

Then  she  took a little more of it into her mouth, and moved her

head up and down. He tightened his butt  muscles,  and  tried  to

push  farther into her mouth, as if he was fucking her face. Then

she slowly pulled off his dick and smiled at him.

"Now it's your turn," Ralph said.

"No, that's all you get," she said, and  stood  and  crossed  her


"Fair is fair. Come here and let me kiss you."

"Okay, but I don't want to it to go too far."

"I promise," he said reasurringly, as he took her into his  arms.

When  he  kissed her, he put one arm around her shoulder, and the

other he put on her ass, just like she had done. I hoped that  he

would talk her into fucking; I would love to see those tits.

Ralph began to slip his hand up her blouse, but he  kept  kissing

her  so  that  would not notice. She did not seem to mind. Then I

saw him trying to undo her bra strap. I think at that point I was

more apprehensive about his success than he was.

He seemed as smooth as silk as he brought his other  hand  around

to  help,  but  just  then  she  stepped  back  and  said  with a

mischeivious expression, "Naughty, naughty. We will have none  of


"Easy for you to say. You still have all of your clothes  on  and

I'm  in  my birthday suit." She did not take that as a reasonable

argument.  "Okay, okay, you win. I will let you go. Just one more

kiss, though. Deal?"


Then Ralph approached her and reached around to unzip her skirt.

She tried to step to back and said,  "Wait!  You  said  just  one


"Yes, but I didn't  say  where,"  Ralph  said  with  a  touch  of


"That doesn't count."

"Sure it does. A deal is deal. You agreed to it."

"I guess I did." With that, she stood passively and  allowed  him

to  remove  her skirt. Her blouse was long enough that it covered

her panties, but I could see that instead of the usual pantyhose,

she  had  on  the old fashioned kind with a garter belt. If Ralph

was surprised, he didn't show it.

"These, too," he said, tugging at her  panties.  She  obliged  by

unsnapping  the hose from her garter and stepping out of her pan-

ties.  She was going to remove her  garter  belt  and  hose,  but

Ralph said, "Leave those.  Now put your arms up."

She lifted her arms and as she did, her blouse went up enough  so

that  I could see a perfect triangle of brown hair. Her legs were

apart just I little, and I imagined my hard  cock  between  them.

>From  her  tan  lines,  I  could  tell that she wore a French cut

bikini when sunbathing. Ralph undid the first two buttons on  her

blouse,  then  pulled  the whole thing over her head. Her breasts

were bigger than I had imagined, and they seemed to push  to  get

out of her bra. They were stretched against her chest because she

had her arms up in the air still, and I could just see  the  dark

aureole through the lace on the top of her bra. As he reached her

to undo the snap, she slowly lowered her arms over his shoulders.

He  took his time with the snap, and after a few seconds began to

nibble on her ear. She had been keeping her pelvis away from his,

but  now  she  pressed  it against his and began rubbing his dick

with her muff.

When at last her bra was undone, he moved his hands down  to  her

ass and squeezed. She closed her eyes and pressed her hips harder

against his. He reached down and pulled her left leg up  and  put

her foot on a chair. Then he reached around from behind to tickle

her vagina with his fingers. She opened her mouth just  a  little

then and her expression changed to complete relaxation.

He pulled away a little to let her bra off, and she let  it  drop

to  the  floor. He breasts were very firm for their size, and the

nipples were erect. She put her arms around his  shoulders  again

and  pressed her breasts against his chest. I could see the sides

of them squished out from between the couple.

Ralph rubbed her vagina for a little longer,  then  he  bent  his

knees so that the head of his penis was right between her legs.

He said, "Here is the kiss I promised you."

He opened his mouth slightly and tugged  at  her  lips  with  his

teeth.  Then  he planted his mouth firmly on hers, at the same he

put his dick into her, slowly at first, an inch at a time,  until

with  one strong thrust it was all inside her. She broke the kiss

and put her head back, her blonde  hair  falling  away  from  her

face.  Ralph  moved  one  hand  from  her  ass  and put it on her

breasts, massaging the nipple between his  fingers  and  pressing

the palm of his hand against her breast.

His other hand continued to massage her vagina and the  sensitive

skin  between  her  vagina and her asshole. She bent her knee and

rocked with the motion, driving her hips farther onto  his  dick.

She  reached down and grabbed his ass, and pulled him into her as

far as she could on each stroke.

They rocked back an forth like for another minute, then she said,

"This is not comfortable, let's find a different position."

He pulled out and his dick was shiny with her  juices.  She  took

her leg off of the chair and stretched it.

"Turn around," Ralph ordered. She turned around and put her hands

flat on the desk. She stuck her ass out into the air for easy ac-

cess. Ralph ran his fingers up her legs, beginning at her  knees,

caressing the top of her hose, and then cupping her vagina in his

hand. She rocked her pelvis back and forth against his hand,  and

then  he reached around and touched her dangling breasts. He mas-

saged her breasts for a while, as he  moved  his  dick  back  and

forth in the crack of her ass. Then he bent his knees and put his

dick back into her cunt. She pushed her hips out against his,  to

take as much of him into her as she could. He began rocking, with

each thrust his knees getting straight.

He wrapped his arms around her stomach, then moved one hand up to

her breasts and the other down to her clitoris. Their motions be-

came quicker.  Eva reached underneath and tickled his  balls.  He

moved  both  hands  up and squeezed her breasts. Then he got very

tense and moaned, his semen shooting up  into  her,  filling  her

with warm rush.

She said, "Stay in me for a while."

Ralph remained inside her while she  massaged  her  clitoris.  He

rubbed  her ribs and breasts, slowly at first, then harder as she

approached climax.  He was squeezing both of her breasts when she

stood on her tiptoes and cried out.

"Shhhhh!" Ralph hissed, then laughed. Her face was  flushed,  and

she  looked like she did not expect her orgasm to be that strong.

Ralph pulled out from her, and his dick was relaxed. He had obvi-

ously had a good time.

"That was quite some kiss," she said as she stood up. She  turned

around  and  they  embraced again.  Then they both started to get


"I hope no one heard us," Eva said. She looked concerned.

"Oh, don't worry about it. So what if they did?" Ralph said.

"I guess you're right. Would you like to get some ice cream?"

"Sure!" They finished dressing and left the room.

I sat in the dark for a few minutes longer, amazed by what I  had


When I got home that evening, I gave my wife  a  very  passionate


"What brought this on?" she asked, while hugging me.

"I just thought I'd tell you how much I love you."

"That's sweet. What happened at work today, dear?"

"Oh, nothing," I lied. But I had a good feeling about what  would

happen tonight.


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