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Archive-name: Working/4lena3.txt

Archive-author: P.B.

Archive-title: A Story Just For Lena - Part III

    Morning found us still cuddled in the main room on the blanket, the fire

still giving off a faint warm glow.  The sun was filtering in through the

large glass covered walls, lighting the room cheerfully.  I awakened first,

and did my best not to wake her as I moved back.  I looked down at her,

curled up, one arm over her breasts, the other under her head and pillow.

She looked like an innocent angel, smiling in her sleep.  I wrapped my still

warm side of the blanket around her as I went off to make some coffee.

    I was gratified to see her still curled up and sleeping when I returned

with the steaming, aromatic brew.  I waved it slowly under her nose, watching

her awaken.

    "'Morning beautiful." I said softly, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

    "Hmmmm. Hi"  She said blearily, and accepted the warm drink, sipping care-

fully and eyeing my nakedness.

    "Thank you for last nite." I purred, smiling.

    She chuckled, and touched my knee, stroking her hand gently over my thigh.

    "I've warmed the shower for you, or for us both." I smiled back at her.

    "Perfect." She said. "I must look awful."

    "Why do women think that way?" I asked, laughing. "You've just given me

the best night of my life, and you're worried that I think you look awful."

    We joked and kidded each other, and she made disparaging comments about

my scratchy face, while I make comments about her rumpled hair, both of us

laughing.  We showered together playfully, both of us feeling light and giddy

from the night before.  We kissed under our manufactured waterfall, and began

to kindle our passions once again.  We held off, knowing we'd have time later,

after we'd hiked to a quiet place and set up our tent.

    Her worries over clothing were solved by the spare clothing my sister-in-

law kept at the cabin.  She selected some shorts, a comfortable chambray top,

and a light jacket for the evening.  While she checked her backpack, I slip-

ped several other articles into mine, smiling and thinking about tonight. We

set off after securing the "homestead", walking hand in hand down a trail.

    It was not much of a hike, three miles over easy trails and and several

ridges, but it took us until midafternoon since we were easily distracted by

the views from ridgetops and, once, a doe with two fawns grazing close by.

    Our destination was what I called my "perfect shelf".  A small, flat,

sparsely wooded area, about three hundred yards down from the ridgetop, with

a sharp drop-off, and overlooking a beautiful valley winding its way through

the Sierras.  A small stream meandered across the valley floor, visible only

when the sun reflected off its silvery surface.  We set up our tent, our

portable nylon home, and spread a blanket down near the edge of shelf.  In

the warm late afternoon sun we sat and watched the animals on the slopes

across the valley, and the eagles and hawks soaring above.  We listened to

the silence of the mountains, hearing only the light breeze singing to us

through the trees.

    We talked for a while, about camping, about wilderness, about the freedom

from the maddening crushing rush of city life.  We talked until my stomach

made a rude noise, demanding to be fed.  She laughed loud and long and patted

my tummy, until hers agreed with mine that food was overdue.  We walked back

to our tent, arm in arm, to find something to eat.

    While we ate, we talked about our difficulties in finding new and differ-

ent fantasies and stories to send each other, trying to make each one better.

We laughed when we each told stories of the urge to constantly dial up to see

what the next story would bring.

    When we finished eating, I reached into my pack, pulling out several bun-

dles of various colored fabric.  I handed her a T-shirt, and a pair of silky

nylon shorts, saying we'd be more comfortable lounging about in these.  We

both put on our T-shirts and nylon shorts, her in the tent, while I stayed

outside.  The fit was loose and comfortable, just the thing for a warm sunny

day.  She unzipped the tent and stepped out, smiling and posing for me.

    "How do I look?"

    I gave an apprecative whistle and licked my lips.  Her full breasts, now

unrestrained behind the fabric, moved with a sensual motion, the nipples

pressing hard against the powder blue material.   Her legs looked long and

shapely, descending from the black, highcut, nylon shorts.

    "That good?" She laughed, nodding at the protrusion showing against my

own dark blue nylon shorts.  I walked over to her and kissed her, drawing her

against me to feel her soft, warm breasts against me again.  We kissed for

several long moments before we put on sandals and walked about, exploring

our small shelf.

    The way her body moved, dressed only in a t-shirt and loose, silky nylon

shorts stirred my desires as we walked around.  The feeling of the soft warm

breezes caressing us in unusual places, the feeling of the soft satiny fabric

against our skin, the sun warming us, all combining to make the two of us

feel both dressed and undressed.  I watched as the soft flesh of her ass rip-

pled when she stepped over rocks and branches, her breasts moving erotically

when she reached out to me for a steadying hand.  She moved away from me at

one point, to look at some wildflowers, turning around to watch me walk to

her, her eyes watching the motions of my shaft through the skimpy nylon.

    We reached the edge of the shelf, looking down on a slightly different

view of the valley, appreciating the beauty of it all.  I moved behind her

and circled my arms around her, holding her against me.  My arms, just below

her breasts, squeezed her in a gentle hug.

    "Hmmmm. It's so beautiful and quiet up here." She said softly.

    I said nothing, holding her warmth against me, and I kissed the side of

her neck softly.  I felt her sigh, her body leaning gently back against me,

and I kissed her neck again.  Her hands caressed my arms with light gentle

touches, both of us feeling the slow fires beginning to build.  I turned my

hand and raised it, cupping a breast, lifting it up and gently squeezing it.

My thumb brushed against her nipple, feeling it already fully erect.  I used

my tounge and gently licked up the side of her neck, breathing against the

damp trail it left.  She moaned softly, her head tilting, her hair flowing

to follow her movements.

    Her hand touched the back of my bare thigh, sliding up to cup my cheek,

pulling us together and making my cock swell.  She could feel the hardening

shaft against her buttocks, moving upwards, sliding over the silky fabrics

that separated us.  I cupped and squeezed both her breasts in my hands in

return, pulling her back against my chest.  She turned her head and our lips

met, the kiss slightly awkward, neither of us caring.  My fingers found her

nipples, standing firm against the shirt, caressing them and circling around

her areolae.  Her hand moved around my thigh, sliding easily under the loose

nylon, and grasped my cock, squeezing me into her hand.  Our passions flared

hotly and I turned her around, kissing her again, my hands pulling her into

me, never wanting to let go.  We stood, kissing each other intensly, passion-

ately, feeling our hearts pound together.

    We broke the kiss, looking into each other's eyes for long moments before

we started back, arm in arm, towards our camp.  I watched her breasts sway

as we walked, admiring there sensual movements, feeling my cock harden and

threaten to peek out of the shorts.  We walked near the edge of our shelf,

until we found our blanket, warm and inviting in the sun.  We laid down on

the blanket, kissing each other briefly.  She spotted a curious stone by

the foot of the blanket and crawled down to pick it up.  Her hips moved in

a facinating way as she crawled down the blanket, and as she picked up the

stone I saw her shaved pussy through the loose legs of her shorts. My cock

swelled up and moved the flimsy nylon of my shorts aside, showing its head

to the world.  As she moved back, I reached my hand out, sliding it up her

thigh and the leg of her shorts, cupping my hand against her mound, suprising

her enough for her to gasp.  Quickly she stopped moving back, and her hips

swayed as she rubbed herself against my hand.  She was damp from walking

about in the skimpy nylon, and our passionate kissing. I held her in my hand

for several long seconds, gently caressing her thigh as I withdrew my hand.

    "What do you have there?" I asked in a conversational tone.

    "Take a look." She said handing over the stone to me. "What do YOU think

it" Her voice trailed off, her eyes fixed on my swollen

cockhead peeking from my shorts, the shaft outlined by the fabric.

    I looked at the stone, just about to comment when her hand pulled the

loose fabric away from the rest of my shaft, baring my cock to the sun, the

breeze.  Her hand grasped me firmly and it was her turn to fondle and arouse.

The stone was weathered and shaped into a remarkable likeness of phallus,

the head plainly visible.  I tried to make a comment and found her hand was

moving so sensually on me that I could not speak at all.  I closed my eyes

and enjoyed it.

    Her mouth met mine, her tounge parted my lips, entering quickly to find my

tounge.  My hands found her breasts, full and inviting, squeezing them and

rubbing my palms over her nipples.  Her hand released me, sliding down to cup

my balls, the sacks hanging low and full.  My arms encircled her, pulling her

down with me, as I moved to get under her hips.  She brought her leg up and

over, straddling me and laying down on my chest.  Our tounges dances and

flirted, chasing each other from mouth to mouth fanning our flames of lust.

Her hips pinned my naked cock against me, and she rocked her hips, stroking

me, and pressing me hard against our lower stomachs.  My hands grabbed for

her smooth ass, finding the nylon in the way.  I slid my hands under the

nylon shorts, pushing the fabric together.  Her hips moved back, making the

shorts tight around my hands, pressing the fabric against her ass and pussy.

I pulled the fabric tight against her, feeling her body respond to the pres-

sure between her legs.  She moaned softly into my mouth.  I pulled the black

nylon aside, sliding my fingers down between her cheeks, lightly caressing

the lips of her pussy, feeling her earlier dampness turning to unabashed

wetness.  Our kiss broke and we spoke simultaneously.

    "I want you inside me"

    "I want to be inside you"

    We paused and looked into each other's fiery eyes, each seeing a frighten-

ing reflection of our own carnal lusting.  Passions boiled over, and we both

let go of ourselves completely.  Her hips rose, freeing my shaft to stand

as she lowered her demanding pussy onto my engorged cock.  Deeper and deeper

I went, feeling engulfed by her.  Her eyes closed and she softly sighed a

moan of pleasure.  We began moving against each other, feeling the loose

silky nylon against us, binding occasionally, bringing our lust to a higher

level yet.  I ran my hands up under her shirt, up to her swaying breasts,

grabbing and squeezing them gently, letting them fall into my hands.

    "Suck me.  Suck my nipples." She breathed.

    I slid my hands out from under her shirt, and brought them up between her

breasts.  I grabbed her shirt front with both hands and ripped the front of

her shirt open, leaning my head up to kiss and suck her nipples.

    "Ohh. Ohh God, Yes!" She moaned.

    I sucked her nipples hard, pinching them between my lips, circling her

areola with my tounge.  My hands clawed at the back of her shirt, ripping it

too, so my hands could feel her, touch her.  Her pussy gripped me hard, try-

ing to squeeze me tight, making me swell inside her.  I pulled and shredded

her shirt, trying to touch her all over, my lips teasing each nipple into

rigid hardness.

    She sat upright suddenly, her hips rocking wildly. Her hands clutched at

my shirt, pulling hard, tearing it open.  Her hands grabbed my nipples, her

fingers pinching and twisting them, making my hips arch, my cock bulge deep

inside her.

    "Oh, yes!" We both cried together.

    My hands pulled against the restraining nylon, tearing it apart at the

seams, baring her ass.  She ripped my shirt again, making a long tearing

sound as the fabric protested.  We pulled and ripped each other's clothes

until shreds hung about us, our wild undulations making them caress us with

each powerful stroke.

    I rolled her over onto her back, her legs locking around my waist.  Her

hands clawed at my back, tearing the shirt, grabbing and pulling it free.

Savagely we fucked each other, thrusting our hips harder and harder, our

total energies focused only on our lust.  Her hands pulled the remnants of

my shorts apart, ripping the last of it from me, baring me to the world and

carrying us both deeper into our carnal bliss.  I moved her legs over my

shoulders, lifting her cunt against me.  I grabbed her hips and slammed into

her hard and fast, watching the rippling of her thighs and her breasts as

I tried to bury myself completly inside her fiery wetness.  For us there is

only the burning fires between our legs, our passion for each other, the

feeling of our hips driving together, the touch of our skin, the world no

longer exists while we float in our primitive, carnal universe.

    I feel a tightness, pressure.  Her legs slide off my shoulders, wrapping

again around my waist, locking and squeezing me tight.  Her pussy contracts,

gripping me so tight I feel like I'll explode.  Her hips arch. Then again.

I pull her hips up and back, pulling her onto me, impaling her on my cock.

Her legs shake and tremble as her orgasm wracks her, washing over her like

a long wave.  Her hands clench against the blanket tightly, her breasts

heaving up and down.  I slow down, but I can't stop moving, my own lust

drives me on.  Her legs begin to relax and I move faster again. And faster

yet.  Her legs clamp down again, her hips arching, her hands clenching her

breasts.  Sweat is breaking out all over us, the fragrance of her passion is

maddening.  Her soft moans and cries drive me over the edge.

    "Ohh. Ohh GODDD!" I shout.  "I...want to...FILL...Youuu!"

    Her pussy contracts again, grabbing, squeezing, milking me.  Balls slap

against her wet ass, wet from her own juice.  My cock plunges again and again

each time glistening with her savory wetness.

    "Ohhh YES!" I moan again. "I'm...gonna..COME!"

    Her moaning cries penetrate my lust fogged brain, tugging deep down, pull-

ing a string holding the gate to my dam.

    "COME!" I shout. "I'm going to...FILL YOU...with COME!"

    I feel it rising, forcing its way up my cock, forcing its way past her

clenching pussy, her legs locking solidly around my hips, arching up to rece-

ive my sperm.  Out of control, I stammer, my brain draining through my cock.

    "I...I...I'm gonna FILL your cunt with COOOMMMME!  Ohhh GODDDDD!!"

    A primal need slams my hips forward just as my cock floods her with my hot

flowing come.  Backs arched with both feel the massive throbbing of my cock,

deep inside her, we feel the hot gushes of my come, washing up inside her

and flowing back.  I slam forward again, my cock pulsing and spewing more

thick hot come deep inside.  Again I gush into her, her pussy gripping, and

milking it from me.  Another gush washes her.  And another.  And another.

I can't stop, my whole being is entering her.  Another gush of come.  More.

Again I spurt.

    Long seconds pass, the only sound we hear is our own breathing.  Slowly

the carnal haze lightens, and we look at each other, feeling like our very

souls have been intertwined.  Tears well up in our eyes, and I lean down,

kissing her gently, but passionately.  Her warm arms surround me, pulling

me tight against her.  Her legs squeeze me, keeping me inside her, not want-

ing to let me go.

    My hands come up and caress her face, her neck, her shoulders.  Our kiss

ends, and we stare silently into each other's eyes.  I see a warm glow in her

dark grey eyes, filling me with pleasure and contentment.  She lifts her head

and kisses me quickly and lightly on my cheek, my chin, and lastly on the tip

of my nose.  Her smile is radiant, and her eyes are shining up at me.

    "Ohhh God!" I whisper. "The things you DO to me!"

    Her reply is a warm hug, and I lean down on my elbows, snuggling close to

her.  I kiss her cheeks, her chin and nip-kiss my way down her neck.  I want

to be close like this, keep this feeling, make it last.

    "Ooooh! Look!" She says, indicating the reddening sky.  The setting sun

was lighting the sky, painting with exotic hues of yellow, red and pink. Our

vantage was perfect.  Without moving we could turn our heads and watch the

sky turn from orange to pink, to red, and finally to a deep blue-black as

night began to fall.  We watched, feeling the cooler breezes of the evening

begin to stir. The stars began to appear, and we watched, locked together,

embracing each other until the stars chased the blue sky over the horizon.

    We strolled back to our camp naked, removing the tatters of our clothes,

talking about how that urged us into a raging, carnal, lust.  We found some

warmer clothes to chase off the cooler night air, cleaned each other off,

and settled down with a small campfire, cooking our dinner while we talked.

Each time our eyes met, there was a look.  A look that needed no words.  We

ate, and cuddled up by the fire, watching it's flames dance and chase off the

coolness of the night.  We gazed up at the stars, seeing the entire Milky Way

stretched out before us, and knew how our ancestors were awed by its spec-

tacular display.  We talked about man reaching the stars, and about making

love in the weightless void between them.  Finally, we covered the fire, and

crawled inside our tent.

    The single tent-candle cast a shadowed flickering light around the tent

as we undressed each other tenderly, kissing here and there as we went.  We

crawled into our sleeping bags, zipped together to form a single large one,

and kissed.  Our hands explored each other, caressing, gentle, softly touch-

ing.  Our kiss was quiet and easy, and we fell into each other's arms.  Her

grey eyes sparkled in the candlelight, looking deep into my being, as if she

were searching for the answer to a question never asked.  I kissed her again,

not wanting her to ask the question, not wanting to think about the answer.

She seemed to sense my motive and returned the kiss warmly and passionately.

I put my hand on the back of her head and kissed her back.  Our tounges were

caressing each other, lingering and sweet.

    My hand moved down her neck, caressing her back, her arm, the graceful

curve of her waist, and down to her soft warm cheeks. I squeezed her behind

tenderly, pulling her hips to mine as we lay on our sides. I felt her nipples

brushed mine, sending a small jolt down deep, and I felt myself start to rise

against her thigh. Her hand against my chest pushed me onto my back, and she

slid down inside the sleeping bags, turning around as she went.  I felt her

hair brush over my thighs, then her lips on my swelling shaft.  She laid her

hips down at an angle, not wanting my tounge on her, no..not yet.

    She kissed my shaft, licking the underside up and down, sliding her tounge

wetly over the velvety smooth skin.  She moved down slightly, running her

kisses and tounge down to my balls, sucking each one into her mouth, gently

teasing it with her tounge.  She used her hair to caress me, pulling it

lightly across my thighs, between my legs, over my now hard cock.  She kissed

my thighs, moving up from above each knee, taking her time, teasing me.  I

sighed my approval, enjoying her playfulness.  She arched slightly and her

hands lifted my sacks, her tounge sliding down quickly, licking me underneath

and below.  I moaned and spread my legs further, giving her better access to

me.  I felt her breath, warm and sensual on the damp areas her tounge had

left.  My cock throbbed, and I let a moaning sigh escape.

    She rolled onto her side, her hand sliding up and caressing my stomach. I

saw her shaved mons, seductive and inticing in the dim glow from the candle.

I licked my finger and ran it over her smooth, sensitive skin there, elicit-

ing a sigh from her.  When I'd almost reached her clit, she moved away, lay-

ing down again, this time her mouth engulfing the head of my cock.  She dart-

ed her tounge over the tip, licking the pre-cum from it, and circling the

edge.  Her mouth slowly descended onto me, her lips caressing my sensitive

areas.  One hand moved down my thigh, tantalizingly slow, her fingernails

lightly playing over the skin.  Her other hand moved down and played with

my balls, cupping them, lifting them, teasing the area just underneath.  My

hips ached, wanting to arch up, and I let them slowly move towards her.

    She continued to suck me deeper into her mouth.  Just when I thought she

was about to swallow me whole, she reversed and slowly came up.  Again and

again she slowly teased me, holding me deep in her mouth, feeling me throb

with lust.  I looked at her ass, and caressed her gently, feeling the damp

perspiration on her back.  The tent was warm, very warm, as our two bodies

radiated the heat of our lust.  She blew against my cock, making it feel

cool, even inside the warm sleeping bag.  I pulled the top of the bag off

of her, cooling us both.  Naked and sweating, she slowly descended on my

cock again, her mouth pulling me in.  Now she stopped, and teased me, her

hands caressing my hips.  She started back up, stopped, and slid easily down

the full length of me.  I felt the head touch the slick velvety skin of her

throat, then down, deeper until she had fully swallowed me.

    I moaned loud and long, floating on a cloud of estacy.  She moved up my

shaft and down again, not going deep.  Several strokes and then she would

swallow me down, deep into her mouth.  I could feel my orgasm rising, like

a string being pulled through me.  Again she took me into her throat, and

rising up, released my cock, just on the verge of my orgasm.

    "Good GOD!" I moaned. "I never wanted you to stop!"

    She smiled and worked her jaw, showing me that it must have ached.  I sat

up and kissed her, pinching a nipple as I did.

    "Let me do you." I whispered. "I want to taste you again."

    She laid down and I started by kissing the insides of her thighs from her

knees up to her shaved mons, carefully avoiding any contact with her most

sensitive areas.  I lightly dragged my short hair against one thigh, teasing

her as she had me.  I moved up, kissing her around the edges of her stomach,

down to the juncture where her thighs form the sides of her triangle.  Licking

the crease above her thighs, I followed around, drawing and outline of her

triangle with my tounge.  Her sighs and her smile pleased me, letting me know

I was pleasing her.  I raised each leg, kissing and gently running my tounge

over the sensitive backs of her thighs, going from knee to her slit, stopping

before reaching her fragrant wetness.  I ran my tounge between her thigh

and labia, licking and tasting her sweet dampness.  Sweat rolled off my back,

and I could see her breasts gleaming in the flickering light.  I waited for

several moments, not touching her, letting her stretch out her senses, then

I leaned forward, flicking the tip of my tounge over her hooded clit.

    She brought her hips up, gasping at the suprise.  I parted the folds of

her lips with my tounge, tasting a sweet cream on her, and licked her from

top to bottom several times.  I sucked her button into my mouth, pulling it

away from her, flicking wildly with my tounge.  Back arched, she grabbed her

breasts, gasping and breathing loudly.  I let go, letting her clit slide out

of my mouth slowly, then slid two, then three fingers inside her.  I lay

between her legs, my mouth over her pussy, moving my fingers in and around,

spreading them wide, lapping her flowing juices.  Her breathing began to

stutter, her legs trembled, and I stopped, doing to her what she'd done to


    "No!" She cried. "Don't stop!  Ohhh GOD!  Don't stop now!"

    I waited.  She reached for her pussy, and I pushed her hand away, and

rubbed my wet fingers over her mons.

    "I'll make you come." I said. "And come, and come, and come."


    I laid down and attacked her pussy, licking her in a crazed lust. Three

fingers inside, stroking her, pumping her.  My tounge lapped her sweet cream,

spreading over her clit, her soft, bare mons, her thighs.  My lips found her

clit, throbbing and erect.   I pressed them against her clit, keeping up the

rhythm of its throbbing.  She came.  I felt her pussy contract around my

fingers, her juice flowing like water into my hand.  I buried my face in her

wetness, licking up as much of her as I could.  Her pussy contracted around

my probing tounge, squeezing me out of her, denying me access.  Thick white

cream poured out of her, soaking my face and neck.  She rolled from side to

side, moaning and breathing hard.  I caressed her thighs, gently kissing her

mons and resting my head on her hip.

    Long minutes went by before her hands urged me to slid up to her face.

    "Ohhh, you're sooo good to me!" She purred.  Then looking at me in the dim

candlelight, she laughed "You're all wet!"

    "So're you!" I laughed back.

    She kissed me, tasting her own come, getting some on her face too. I took

a finger, and wet it with her come from my chin, rubbing it on her nipples.

The feel of her slick wetness against her nipples made her moan again, and

I bent down, licking it off her areolae.

    "It's your turn to come now." She said softly.

    I told her that her pussy had taken a pounding this weekend, and we didn't

want it sore tomorrow.  I knelt in front of her, and she grabbed my cock,

stroking gently.

    "Hmmmm." She said.  "You want to come on my breasts?"

    "Ohhhh yes." I replied eagerly. "Why don't you jack me off onto your nice

hard nipples?"

    "Ohmm. Feel your cock throb and pulse, shooting that hot sperm all over my

nice soft tits?  Is that what you want?"

    "Yessss." I sighed softly.

    "I'd love to feel you cock spurt." She hissed to me lustily. "Feel your

cock swelling in my hand, spurting your thick come all over my tits."

    "Ohh yessss."

    "You want to come on my nipples?"


    "Shoot your hot come on my tits?  See it dripping from my nipples?"

    "Ahhhhh yesss."

    "Watch me lick your cock after you come?"


    "Fuck my nipples and cooomme?"


    She pressed the head of my cock against her nipple, her hand stroking me

against it, the pre-cum making her nipple slippery.  Her breast was soft and

warm, and I watched it ripple as her hand jacked me against it.

    "C'mon sweetie, give me your come.  Shoot your hot, thick come all over

me.  Shoot it all over my tits.   Let me taste you!"

    I felt it starting when she started to tease me with her words, and now

I came in a rush, feeling it surging forth, swelling my cock.

    "Yes, you're going to COME!  COME!  All over my tits!"

    My cock remembered the previously aborted orgasm and now I came with a

vengance.  Thick white sperm shot from my cock like a water from a hose, and

running across her breasts.  Again I gushed another stream against her right

breast and nipple, thick and creamy.  A short spurt landed in between her

breasts, beginning to run down her chest.  Another spurt, this time right on

her left nipple as she pushed her breast against my cock.

    "Yes, yes baby! Come on my tits."

    She brought her mouth down, just in time for the last two rushes of sperm

to land on her tounge.  Her hand milked me into her mouth as I shook from the

effects of my orgasm.  I looked down and she was sucking me into her mouth,

her tounge circling the head.  I pulled my cock away, and kissed her fully

and passionately, tasting some of my own salty come in her mouth.  While we

kissed, my hand rubbed my still warm come over her breasts, and down her

chest.  My hand, slick and wet, found it's way to her bare shaven mons and

rubbed it there, making her slippery and wet.

    "Yes, Ohhh, yes!" she said as my fingers found her clit again.

    Turned on my her renewed horniness, I felt my freshly drained cock rise,

trying to return to action.  I knew I would not come, but I could please her

one more time.  I rolled her over and grabbed her ass from behind, bringing

her up to me. I slid my cock inside her slick wet pussy, sliding deep.

    "Ooohhhaaaaa." She moaned as I slid into her.

    "Is this what you want now?" I hissed. "A nice hard...FUCK!?"


    I started to pump my cock into her, faster and faster.

    "Oh, you're sooo HORNY, soo!" I shouted.

    I plunged into her, feeling her back onto my cock hard, slamming against

me.  Her cheeks rippled and her back arched against my thrusts.  I reached

around, my fingers rubbing her slick mons.

    "All this cum on you, on your tits, on your pussy and you're STILL horny!"

    "yes..." Her voice was small and trailed off.

    I rubbed my fingers on her clit, feeling her own juices running down onto

my fingers.  Her pussy started to contract, and I pulled the final string.

    "Maybe I'll pull out and shoot more come all over your clit!"

    She bucked against me hard, her breath short, her moans long and soft. I

grabbed her hips, pulling her tightly against my cock, feeling it touch her

cervix, buried as deep as I could go.  I felt her come.  She squeezed my cock

and I flexed it back, pulsing like I too was coming.







    Again. And Again. And Again.  She shuddered and trembled before she lay

down on her stomach, breathing heavily.  I laid down on her, pulling her over

onto her side, and wrapped my arms around her as she curled up.  I kissed her

neck and back, her hands caressing my arms.

    After a while, we felt the chill air intruding, and I pulled the cover of

our bag over us, keeping us both warm.

    "G'nite m'lady" I said softly.

    "Hmmmmmmm." she purred back.

    We drifted off to sleep, happy and content once again.  As I drifted off,

I wondered again if it was only reflections I saw in her beautiful grey eyes.

    Morning found us, warm and cuddled in our tent.  Still naked, I went out

first, testing the air and looking for any stray eyes.  We dressed in easy

clothes, and I fixed breakfast while she stood and watched the sun rise up

over the moutains.  We broke camp early, hiking back to the cabin, holding

hands like teenagers, smiling and watching the wildlife along side the trails

we used.  Back at the cabin, we stowed away the camp gear, and washed our

clothes.  Naked we cuddled in front of the glass, letting the sun stream

through, warming us all over.  Sipping coffee we talked about our chances

of meeting, of being able to share this much time, unplanned.  Something had

moved us together.  We both felt grateful.

    The washer buzzed rudely, and we moved the clothes to the dryer.  Then we

took a shower together.  The hot water cascaded down her beautiful breasts,

her nipples soft and tender.  I washed her back, using my hand to touch her,

feel her against me.  I soaped her behind, running my hand down between her

cheeks.  She arched her back and I gave her a playful slap for being such a

"naughty" girl.  She washed my back, repeating the same movement down my

behind, slapping me for the being a "naughty" boy.  We both laughed.  After

she rinsed me, I soaped her breasts and chest, kissing her at the same time.

I moved back and washed her stomach, moving my hands down to her mons.  The

slick soap reminded us of the night before, and her legs parted slightly,

her eyes closing.   I rubbed soap down her thighs, kneeling to wash her

calves.  I looked up and her eyes were closed, enjoying my attentions to her.

I turned her into the water, rinsing her from behind.  My hands rubbed the

clean warm water over her, cupping her breasts, caressing her stomach. My

hands slid down to her mons, rinsing the soap from her, and feeling her lean

back against me.  I let my fingers linger, perhaps too long, and when she

turned and looked at me, I swore that flames danced in her grey eyes.

    She dropped to her knees, and swallowed my wet, semi-hard shaft, taking

me deep into her mouth.  I moaned.  Her mouth brought me fully hard in short

moments, working around me with her tounge.  I pulled her up, her eyes were

shining, glittering with a carnal urge I knew all too well.  We kissed, our

lust once again riding high.   I pulled back and turned her against the wall,

out of the stream of water.  Her palms against the wall, she arched her back,

thrusting her pussy towards me.  I slipped into her easily, finding her hot

and wet with anticipation.  We fucked in a wild abandon, neither of us caring

nor wanting the tender moments now.  Hands on her hips, I pulled her against

my pounding ramrod, thrusting up inside her.  She backed against me, her hips

moving on their own.  Two bodies, lost in their lusts, their desires, in the

shower, moved with a rhythm ages old.  I reached up, cupping her breasts,

pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers.  Her moans in the small

confines of the shower seemed like shouts, animalistic, carnal.  I could feel

my cock swelling, the rush of semen as it fought it's way out.  Her pussy

contracted hard, bearing down against my cock.  When she released, my hips

moved in a massive thrust, lifting her up on her toes, my come shooting up

inside her steaming hot cunt.  Her fingernails raked against the tiles, her

pussy clenched and pulsed against my cock.  We both moaned.  Each time her

greedy pussy gripped me, more come spurted inside her, until finally, I was

spent.  I held her tight, my arms around her, not wanting to let her go.

    We stood under the deliciously warm water, embracing and kissing each other

for a long time.  Finally, we finished our shower, taking turns drying each

other off.  Before she dressed, I placed a tender, delicate kiss on her bare

mons, before kissing her on the lips.

    We returned and picked up her luggage and rental car where she'd left them

at my place. I gave her my phone number, hoping she'd use it, and I followed

her to the airport.  Waiting for her evening flight, we had an early dinner,

and talked about us.

    "I-I'm worried about something." She stammered, not knowing how to ask.

    "What?" I said, holding her hand across the table.

    "Well, I..." She looked frightened, lost.  I wanted to go to her and put

my arms around her, protecting her.  But I felt it was me she was afraid of.

    "I'm afraid..." Her voice trailed off.  I waited for her to go on.

    "I-I thought...I thought it'd be safe, writing on the board, with no way

someone could...could find me.  And now you..."

    I smiled and reached across, lifting her chin so her eyes met mine.

    "I'd never -- ever -- hurt you." I said softly, squeezing her hand. "You're

too special to me.  Much too rare of a gift."

    She smiled, but it faded too quickly for me.  I squeezed her hand again,

and she looked back up at me.

    "What we shared was special.  It may never be that way again." I said. "If

we ever meet again, the first thing I'm going to do is to hug you close and

kiss you.  That may be all we ever get after this weekend."

    She smiled and squeezed my hand, her eyes looking deeply into mine, trying

to see if I really meant that. "Oh my sweet dream", I thought, "who has hurt

you so badly?"

    We walked arm in arm to the departure gate, watching her plane taxi up and

discharge its passengers.  I reached into my pocket, and pressed something

into her hand.  The curious stone she'd found at our mountain camp.

    "Keep this," I said. "If you feel lonely, pick it up and remember me."

    We kissed a final farewell, holding each other tightly, not wanting to let

go of each other.  As they called for passengers to her flight, I caressed

her cheek one last time, staring into those dary grey eyes.  We kissed each

other softly and briefly on the lips, and I walked her to the door, giving

her a final hug as she walked out of my life, perhaps forever.

    I watched the plane roll away, and I remained at the window watching as

the pilot rotated the nose, and climbed into the sky.  I watched until the

727 disappeared, and walked quietly down the hall.  Halfway to the lobby,

I remembered I'd forgotten to ask her.  Forgotten to ask her about those

dancing flames in her eyes.

-- Sweet dreams --


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