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Archive-name: Working/4lena2.txt

Archive-author: P.B.

Archive-title: A Story Just For Lena - Part II


    After our night together, we talked over breakfast about how we seemed to

be in touch with each other's need's.  We found, to our mutual suprise, that

we'd both been reluctant to participate in the meeting that brought us to-

gether.   Also we found that once near, we felt the presence of each other.

That strange, indescribable feeling of familiarity, yet not.  Deja vu?

    The meeting on Friday went well, and we kept our heads firmly attached and

cool throughout.  I answered questions for the group, and was proud of the

fact that I was able to calmly and professionally answer hers, without any

awkward "signs" appearing.  Knowing that we had the weekend together made it

seem like years before the meeting finally parted.  Always the Galahad, I

walked her to her rental car, telling her how much I wanted to be in her

arms again.  We dared to tempt the fates, kissing long and deep, through the

open window, while she sat in her car.  She returned to her hotel room to

pack and prepare to leave for an exciting weekend.  I returned to my job,

praying for a massive two hour power failue that would let me leave early.

    We swing by my place, dropping off her rental car and luggage, and pack

the motorcycle for a weekend to remember.  We're off very shortly, giggling

like two teenagers that have just put one over on the parents.  The helmets

have headsets and we chat over the taped music, making suggestive remarks

to each other, laughing at double entendres, and thinking of new ideas for

stories and adventures.  Three hours of riding later, it is nearing dark,

and we pull into a small Sierra town of Angel's Camp.  Winding up several

dark roads, we make our last turn into the carport of an A-frame cabin well

away from the world.

    "I thought you said we'd be camping."

    "We will, tomorrow night." I reply, "The perfect spot, about 2 miles from

here.  An easy walk -- if it's daylight."

    "Well, who's place is this anyway?"  She asks, wondering.

    "One half of it is mine." I smile.

    "Yours?"  She looks at me again, "Does anyone live here?"

    "No, my brother and I share it. He's the ski bum, using it in the winter,

and I use it in the summer, when I can ride up here."

    Once inside, the roomy open living room and lofty ceiling feel open, yet

safe and secure.  I watch as she explores the the cabin, finally coming back

into the living room.  I pull her to me as she is about to walk past.

    "Kiss me." I whisper, looking into her dark grey eyes.

    We kiss, wrapping ourselves around each other as we do.  I feel her lips

part, and my tounge caresses them gently as it passes, searching for her

tounge.  I feel her breasts, warm and soft, pressing against my chest.  Her

arms surround my head, bringing me to her, her hips move towards mine. We

begin to melt into each other, feeling the world outside dissolve away. My

hands move down her back, pulling her tightly to me.  Her tounge tries to

avoid mine, playfully trying to play hide 'n seek.  It only heightens our

passions, and we begin to caress each other all over.  My hand finds her

breast, sliding just the thumb and forefinger under it I lift and let it

slide slowly and delicately back, squeezing it to a stop just before her

nipple slides past.  Her hand reaches down, finds my erection, bulging hard

against my pants.  She rubs me up and down, squeezes my shaft hard between

all four fingers and the palm of her hand.  I moan, pushing my hips forward.

    "Would you like me to build us a fire?" I ask as our kiss stops, our eyes

inches apart.

    "Yes, that would be lovely." She replies.

    We settle in, with me starting a fire, and spreading blankets and some

pillows by the large fireplace.  She returns from outside, bringing our

belongings from the bike into the house.     We cuddle on the blanket, facing

the fire, kissing and caressing each other, looking into each other's eyes.

    Her grey eyes reflect the fire, making it look as though the fire is IN

her eyes, in her soul.  My hand strays, down her shoulder, stroking her arm,

fingertips lightly touching her forearms and hands.  She's letting me touch

her, feeling it, not trying to return it, but letting me please her.  My

head tilts as I kiss her neck.  Softly, quietly, my lips touch her soft and

sensitive skin, touching lightly and closing gently.  My hand rises and I

run my fingertips down her blouse, down the valley between her breasts,

brushing only lightly against her full breasts.   My kisses continue slowly

downward, spiraling around her neck, taking their time.  My hand is stroking

the valley between her breasts, and now, circling under them, again only

lightly brushing her breasts.  Her nipples are rising against the fabric,

yearning to be touched.  My lips reach her neckline, kissing down further,

my tounge licking gently against the small hollow where her neck meets her

chest.  Using the arm behind her neck, I turn her face towards mine, and

kiss her lightly on the lips.   My hand roams lower, lightly running down

her stomach, circling around and then going lower again.  I kiss her cheek,

softly exhaling my warm breath against her skin.  My hand has found her

thigh, and I squeeze it gently.  I tip my head back to her neckline, and

while my hand roves and explores the inside of her thighs I begin to un-

button her blouse with my lips, kissing each newly exposed area as I kissed

her neck.

    The fire is building along with our passions, flickering over her skin,

casting dancing shadows around us.  The fire warms us, making us feel our

passions buring, heating us up.  My fingers rake against her pants, feeling

her skin underneath, warm and soft.  I'm down to a button that's partially

hidden beneath her pants, leaving her blouse open down the front.  I move

my hand and unbutton her pants while running my tounge from her navel to

her neck, leaving a light dampness on her to catch the flickering firelight.

My lips return and unfasten the last button, before my teeth grip and pull

the zipper to her pants.   Slowwwly  I pull the zipper down, teasing, and


    I sit up, gazing at her, her eyes closed, as my hands slide under her

blouse, caressing her sides and stomach, sliding upwards towards her breasts.

Her nipples are hard and stiff, showing through blouse and bra.  My hands

slowly arrive under her breasts, palms on her sides, I push them up and

together, making them standd upright.  Leaning over, my lips pull the blouse

away, and I place my open mouth barely above her nipples, breathing soft

warm air against them, one at a time.  Her breathing is deeper, her back

arching up slightly as her nipples try to find my mouth.  I slide my hands

behind her back, pulling her upright, her lips to mine and we kiss.

    Her tounge finds mine and dances wildly about.  Her lips suck my tounge

into her mouth, her arms under mine, hands against my shoulders, I'm being

drawn deeper into her.  Her blouse and bra fall away, leaving her breasts

to move freely, free to be touched and caressed.   I lay her down, gently

against the pillows, and move my lips quickly down her neck, down to her

chest.  Again I tease, breathing against her nipples, running my tounge

around and under her beautifully full breasts.  Her hands find my head,

guiding me to her nipples.  I take her nipple completely into my mouth,

squeezing gently with my lips, letting it sloowwly slide out, holding on

to it then letting go.  I take the other nipple, running my tounge around

her areola inside my mouth.  I pull gently, pulling her nipple up and back

from her breast, flicking the little bud with my tounge.

    The heat of the fire warms the room, and us.  I move and slide her pants

from her hips, taking her panties with them, making her naked in the warm

fluttering firelight.  I place a warm, breathy kiss on her shaved mons,

grasping the tender, sensitive flesh between my lips, touching her nowhere

else, I flick my tounge lightly over her hooded clit, making her gasp lightly.

    I stand, looking down at her, naked in firelight, as I unfasten the

buttons on my sleeves.  She looks at me, her hips moving, her breasts swaying

as she breathes deeply.  Fire dances in her eyes, yet her face is in shadow,

looking away from the fire, at me. Could it be a reflection?  Or is it that

I have ignited her fire?

    She sits up, facing me, and begins by removing my socks, rolling them

down my legs, then sliding her hands up my calves, caressing and touching

them lightly.  She sits up, her hands unfastening my belt and pants, her

touch light, delicate, but urgent.  She slides my pants to the floor, and

kisses the insides of my thighs, as I step out of them.  Her hands run up

the legs of my boxer shorts, her nails lightly raking my skin.  Her hands

run around behind me, her finger tips touching the bottom of my cheeks.

She leans forward, and kisses my hard cock through the fabric, blowing her

hot breath against my balls.  My cock flexes, looking for the exit from the

confining material.  Her hands slide down my thighs, and at the last second,

she pulls the shorts down, holding on to the legs.  My cock springs free,

still surrounded by the long tail of my shirt.

    The shorts discarded, she begins unbuttoning my shirt, from the top down.

She's kneeling, reaching up, her breasts touching me through the fabric of

the shirt-tail. My cock is straining to touch her breasts.  She works her

way down slowly, teasing me, smiling up into my eyes.  Is that really only

a reflection?

    My shirt falls away, my cock nestled in her breasts, as she rubs them

against me, pushing them against my balls.  Her tounge flicks out, tasting

the pearl drop at the end of my rigid cock.  She bends her head, lifting my

cock with one hand, she runs her tounge around one of my balls, flicking the

soft skin surrounding it.  She sucks one into her mouth, tracing random

patterns on it with her tounge.  Then the other.  She kisses the inside of

each thigh before she engulfs me with her mouth.  I moan, tossing my head

back.  She holds me in her mouth, feeling the flexing and throbbing of my

shaft. Licking around the head, and flicking the underside ridge hard, she

begins to coax my balls with her fingertips.  They're both hanging very low,

away from my cock, and she cups them in her hand, weighing them, feeling

the soft skin.  She pauses to run her tounge over them, forcing me to moan

again, as my cock stretches and reaches for her.  I look down, and she sits

back, legs open and inviting, supporting herself on one hand.   Her other

hand reaches between her thighs, moving briefly, then she brings it to her

right nipple, rubbing her slick juices around the areola, making them shine

in the firelight.  She looks up at me, fire still dancing in her eyes,

and brushes her hand across her chest, licking her lips as she cups one tit

up to me, inviting me to come on her.

    I can't stand it, and I kneel on the floor, pushing her back and laying

her flat.  I move between her legs, sliding my arms under her thighs, bring-

ing my lips close to her pussy.

    "I want to taste you.  I you to come in my mouth." I breathe hotly on her.

    My tounge touches her, sliding down from her mons, over her clit, and down

to the lips of her pussy, licking the thick nectar from her, I continue down,

down to her entry.  I push my tounge in as far as it will go, moving it back

and forth, up and down, teasing her pussy.  Her hips move, lifting her up

to meet my tounge.  My tounge flicks lower still, teasing her just below

her opening, the soft flesh damp with her fragrance.  Her hips arch now, try-

ing to thrust against me, her moans soft and purring.

    I run my hands lightly over her sides, my fingers sliding together at the

middle of her stomach.  Together my hands run up, fingertips lightly touching

her, straight up from her stomach, between her breasts, flaring apart and

circling her breasts.  Circles within circles, each smaller that the one

before, my fingertip caress, moving closer to her nipples.  My tounge slides

inside her pussy as my fingers find and squeeze her nipples, twisting and

pulling on the hard little buds.

    She melts into my mouth, flowing like a river, wetting my tounge and face,

her breathing is heavy, her hands pressing mine tightly against her breasts.

I can see her mouth is open, forming soft O's as my tounge caresses her labia.

Pulling each one of her pussy lips into my mouth, I flick my tounge over and

around the soft warm skin, pulling and sucking it, making it taut against

her pussy. I Run my tounge against the sides of her thighs down to her

pussy, pressing hard against her flesh.

    The heat of our bodies, the fire, our desires covers us with a fine layer

of perspiration, just a light dampness that forms sparkles on her skin,

reflecting the dancing firelight.

    My tounge runs down her bare mons, flicking rapidly over her sensitive and

soft skin, leaving a wet trail towards its destination.   I use my tounge to

part the folds of her flesh, exposing her clit, peeking boldly from under its

hood.  I circle it slowly, enjoying her reaction, her hips moving and swaying

gently against my tounge.  Faster I circle, running my tounge down her slit

every few seconds, lapping up a thick rich creame from her opening, bringing

my tounge back up to circle her clit again.

    I watch this beautiful creature respond, her skin soft and golden in the

firelight, her breasts swaying gently with her breathing, her hips moving

in a seductive rhythm, her breathing loud but soft too.  I watch, waiting

for the right moment, knowing that she will think me cruel, but thank me for

it later.  I want that moment to arrive quickly, or my burning passion will

drive me out of control too, unable to prolong our estacy.

    The right moment arrives, I feel her body tensing, getting ready.  I pull

all contact away from her pussy, kissing her soft thighs instead.  I can hear

her breathing, see her hands cupping her breasts, her hips moving, looking

for me, looking for contact.  I run my hands under her ass, cupping and

squeezing her cheeks, spreading them, kneading them.  Her rush interrupted,

she makes a pleading moan, begging for me to continue.

    Ignoring her pleas, my lips move to her mons, kissing her gently, high up

away from her clit, teasing the soft flesh -- so close!  So far away!  Her

hips move up, trying to offer the right spot.  My tounge circles her navel

drawing a wet circle before returning to her mons.  Her moans are becomming

insistent, short, and angry.

    My hands slide down, under her thighs, lifting them up, up and back, her

knees back towards her chest.  She is fully open to me now, and I can feel

the buring heat from her pussy.  I glide my tounge down the backs of her

thighs, still teasing and prolonging her pleasant agony.  Her musky aroma

calls to me, driving me close to the edge.  My tounge follows the inside

of her thigh, coming close, promising to touch her clit, passing by the edge

at the last second.  She moans her disappointment, changing as my tounge

finds her wet opening, flicking quickly around and diving inside.  I feel her

pussy grasp for my tounge, sending small waves of succulent creame in my

mouth.  Her wetness is all around me, on my face, my chin, her thighs, her

mons, all slick from my tounge and her cream.  Everywhere it seems, and I

want to lick and taste it all.  The urge to impale us both on my cock is so

great, but I want her this way first even more.  I put my mouth to her very

wet opening and suck, wanting to suck the juices from her, to drink of her.

Her small cries of pleasure excite me even more, telling me what I wanted.

The time is right, and I move up with my tounge, flicking it back and

forth, stopping just below her clit.  Her hips move and buck, trying to get

her clit under my tounge.  I pull my head back, watching her hips move and

pleade for release, lowering her legs back by my sides.

    "Come for me baby." I whisper. "Come."

    I suck her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tounge, feeling her

pulse throbbing from within her sensitive button. I slide two fingers inside

her dreched pussy, trying to hold them open against her ever increasing

contractions.   She moans softly, closing her legs around me, her pussy grabs

and squeezes my fingers.  My mouth is still, feeling the throbbing of her

clit as she comes.  I feel her juice run down my fingers, into my hand.  I

lay still, waiting for her first wave to pass, then my tounge caresses her

soft flesh around her clit, starting another wave of intense pleasure.  She

cries out, shocked by the intensity.

    I sit up, licking her tasty cream from my fingers, sliding next to her

in the firelight.  I pull her close to me, feeling her warmth, her skin damp

with our exertions.  We kiss gently, lovingly my face still wet with her.

My cock throbs against her stomach and mons, my balls resting against her

sensitive clit.

    Now it is her turn to suprise me, as her tounge licks her cream from my

face, my chin, tasting herself.  Her hands pull me to her, urgent and wanting.

I can feel my cock pressing against her, and she rolls me over onto my back.

Again I see fire in her eyes, dancing wildly.  If only I could really be sure

it Was a reflection...

    She slides down me, sensuously, my cock sliding up between her breasts. She

presses her breasts against my cock, and works me up and down, licking at the

head as it comes up.  She raises herself and leans up, kissing my nipple and

circling the small areola with her tounge.  She takes it into her mouth,

pulling and suckling on it, making my cock flex and throb against her.  She

chuckles wickedly around my nipple, her hands roaming my body.

    She moves down, laying between my legs, and starts kissing my thighs, her

hands sliding under my hips, cupping my ass, squeezing gently.  Her tounge

finds the sensitive line between my balls, following it up and down, making

me moan loudly.  She lifts my balls, tounging the underside of their sacks,

and the soft flesh above my nether hole.  I feel soft warm breaths blowing

against the damp skin, her tounge flicking up and down.  My legs quiver,

my back arches, and I moan again.  She is driving me slowly insane, bringing

my lusts and desires all to the surface, threatening to boil me over.  Her

tounge returns to my balls, playfully teasing them, ignoring my rigid cock

that demands her touch, her tounge.  She sucks each ball into her mouth,

teasing it with her tounge, sending me into a dreamworld of pleasure, not

sensing anything but her mouth upon me.

    All at once, her mouth in around my cock, sucking me down.  I moan, and

raise my hips, trying to bury myself within her.  Her hand cups and fondles

my balls, while her tounge slides down my shaft, flicking and teasing me,

making me rigid with pleasure.  She takes the head into her mouth, tounging

it with large circles.  Her hand grasps my shaft, squeezing it tightly, her

fingertips pressing it against her palm.  I flex, and she feels the head

swell, trying to fill her mouth.  Her head descends, swallowing me deep into

her mouth, the head pressing against the entry to her throat.  As she pulls

back, my cock glistens in the yellow firelight.  Down again, this time my

cock passes into her throat, and I feel her lips pulling me into her.

    "Ohhhhhh GOD!" I moan.

    She repeats this several times, until my cock is covered with a shiny

wetness from her mouth.  Her hands run over my chest and stomach, teasing the

sparse, coarse hairs, making my nipples hard and erect.

    "I want to fuck you NOW!" The words come out as I sit up grabbing her arms

and pulling her up to me.  Then softer, "All night; I want you all night!"

    "Yes." She sighs back, "Fuck me all night long, love me all night."

    We embrace and kiss as I roll over on top of her, her legs parting and

wrapping around me.  I arch my back, sliding my cock into her, warm and slick

from our teasings.  I feel every warm inch of her as my cock slides deep into

her depths, and I lay still as we kiss, locked together, joined.

    We begin to rock each other, the movements of our bodies in rhythm. I lift

my head to stare into her eyes, seeing the fire again.  Her smile is that of

infinte pleasure, matching mine.  She stares back into my eyes, seeing the

passion burning within.  Our movements are gaining in speed and intensity,

thrusting harder each time.  I feel the pressure welling up within, knowing

that I will not be able to contain it.

    "Yesss." She hisses, "I can feel it in you, let it come. Come in me."

    I moan at her words, the building pressure demands release.  I am at the

edge now, my control is dying quietly, not protesting.

    She squeezes her pussy tight around me, smiling up as she does.  She is a

wicked one, and she knows it.  Her hands cup her breasts, offering them to

my lips, and I lean down, sucking the right one long and hard.  I feel her

contract again, her eyes closed, a soft moan coming from her lips.

    I lean forward, sliding my hands under her ass, cupping her in my hands,

lifting her to me, slamming us together.  Her legs rise and lock around my

back, her breathing as heavy and ragged as mine.  We're both on the edge now,

both of us embroiled in our carnal lusts.

    My control gone, I hiss lustily into her ear. "I'm going to fill you, fill

you up with come.  Fuck you, come deep inside you, filling you until it drips

from your cunt."

    "Yessss, ohhhh, yesss" She hisses back.

    "I'm going to shoot gobs of hot come inside you, filling you, making you

hot and wet with my come, spurting and spurting, coming and coming in you!"

    My thrusts are long and hard, trying to shove myself ever deeper into her,

my hands grabbing her ass and pulling her to me, I can feel her tightening

and squeezing me.  A bubbling pressure is rising up, and we can both feel it

in each other.

    Her short reply sends us both over. "Fill me with come!"

    My hips surge forward, burying my cock deep inside her, a hot stream of

come bursting free, splashing inside her.  Locked together, joined, we both

shudder as we feel the sperm flowing inside.  My hips pull back and drive

forward again, firing more hot creamy come deep into her pussy.  Both of us

are moaning, feeling the throbbing of each other, the heat, the release of

our lusts, the flow of come.  Her hands pull my head to hers and we kiss,

completing the joining, arms, legs, loins and tounges, we are coming together

in an intense buring fire.  My cock swells again, and we moan, feeling our

hot juices flowing together,  flowing around my throbbing cock and her hot

pussy.  Again more sperm gushes into her.  And again.  And again.  Oh God,

I can't stop, it feels like my soul in draining into her, through my cock,

spurting and splashing deep inside her pussy.   Her tounge is mating with

mine, and it feels like our mouths are coming too.  I feel like I'm trying

to suck her into me, and she is trying to suck me into her.  Another surge

pulses deep into her cunt, and I feel spent, drained.  Her legs squeeze me

tight, pulling me into her sopping pussy.  A short spurt again, and I finally

am fully spent.

    We lay there, still joined, holding each other tightly, lips and tounges

still dancing, a joyful warmth between our legs.  My hands are squeezing her

ass, pulling her tight against my cock.  Her legs are still holding me tight

against her pussy, sopping and filled.  We kiss for long minutes, enjoying

the warmth, the glow from our passions, the flicker of the fireplace.

    Neither of us know when, or how, but we found our passions renewed, burn-

ing again.  Still locked together, we moved and our hips began to slowly

pick up the rhythm again.  We looked into each other's eyes, both amazed at

the desires we saw.  Both of us seeing fires burning. As we moved, I could

feel a wetness dripping down onto my balls, making her ass slick and wet.

I pulled her up from the floor and leaned back, still inside her, and then

I laid back, her on top of me.  I could feel our mixed come dripping from

her, making me wet.  Her face showed lust and passion as my cock drove home

deep inside.  I had her turn around, facing my feet, staying deep and hard

within her.  Our hips moved, and the strange angle excited us both.  After

a moment, I pulled her hips to mine, and slid up behind her on my knees,

feeling her pressing back against me.

    Kneeling behind her, and moving again in a primal motion, I reached down

placing my hands between her legs, letting the slick wetness drip into my

hand.  I began by rubbing it against her bare mons, spreading the creamy

stuff over her stomach.  Each time I reached down to her dripping pussy,

I rubbed her clit, and felt her hips move roughly against mine.  I cupped a

breast in my soaking hand, rubbing our come over the nipple, spreading it

down the valley between her breasts.  The more I did this the harder and more

rigid my cock felt.

    "I want to cover you, make you wet all over tonight." I breathed in her ear.

    Her moaning sent me to a new height of carnility and lusting for her. For

her pleasure, for OUR pleasure!  I pulled out of her pussy, holding my hands

against her, feeling what must have been gallons of our come flow into my

hands.  I spread this over her mons, her stomach, her breasts and her ass,

making her glisten in the firelight.

    "Yesss," She moaned, "make me wet, ohhhh, I'm so wet!"

    She turned suddenly, her eyes dancing with fire.  This time I was sure

the fire was there, in her eyes, her face half in shadow.  Her hand reached

deep between her legs, returning wet and shiny in the dim light.   She raised

her fingers to her lips, her tounge tasting, licking sensously at her fingers.

Her eyes shone, as she held her hand to me, and I repeated her tasting with

my tounge, tasting my come mixed with hers.  Her hand touched my chest, and

spread the wetness against my nipples, down my stomach.

    "Ohhh, yes!" I breathed. "Both of us wet and slick, all night long."

    Her hand reached her vulva again, and this time she ran her hand from her

lips, down her neck and over her breasts.  My hand touched her pussy, sending

electric pulses through her.  We kissed as my hand rubbed her, spreading the

slick wetness again over her mons and her ass.

    We moved together again, kneeling, me behind her, grabbing her ass and

sliding deep into her sopping wetness.  I began to fuck her hard, not being

the delicate lover from before, but letting my carnal being take control.

She slammed back against me, the flesh of her ass rippling with each stroke,

her breasts swaying and bouncing under her.  I saw us reflected in the large

glass windows, and my lust crazed mind took over, painting a fantasy for us


    "Look at the window." I said, "Look at them as if they're two other people

watching us.  Look at him, grabbing her ass and fucking her hard and deep."

    "Yesss.  Hard and deep." She chanted back.

    "See how she's fucking him back?  Bucking her hips, her tits moving.  Now

watch, watch what he does."

    I reached down, making my hand wet again, and rubbed it over her tits.

    "See, her tits are wet with come.  His and hers, hot come rubbed against

her tits."

    "Ohh, yes, feels sooo good." She said, "I can feel it."

    "Can you feel me inside you?  Fucking you hard? "

    "Yesss.  I love it.  Fuck me!" She hissed.

    "FUCK you?  Fuck your hot dripping pussy!!?" I asked loudly.

    "Ohh, yes, hard." her voice almost a whisper.

    I rammed hard against her ass, making her flesh ripple, her breasts bounce

and making her gasp.  I leaned forward and cupped her hanging tits, feeling

them move as we pounded each other.  My hips charged again and again, my

cock slipping wetly inside her hot pussy.

    She lowered her shoulders to the floor, raising her ass to my thrusts. I

grabbed her and roughly slammed into her.  I wanted to be deeper inside her,

to fill her with come all over again.  I could feel the pressure mounting,

building for another release.

    I moved my legs outside of hers, and after placing a pillow under her,

pushed her hips to the floor.  I fucked in a blind, furious frenzy now, my

balls slapping against her clit. Her soft ass and pussy seemed to envelope me

with each stroke, protesting and grabbing for me as I pulled back.  Her hips

moved up to meet mine on every stroke, and we fucked for what seemed like

hours, the aroma of our bodies filling the air, making it lusty and warm.

    I felt a twinge.  From her or me I couldn't tell.  It didn't matter now,

we were one, feeling what the other felt, merged, joined, carnal.  I grabbed

her by the shoulders, pulling her down onto me hard, feeling her cervix

against the head of my cock.

    "Come baby. Come." I moaned. "Drench me in your sweet juice."

    Her pussy contracted, and I felt the surging rise of a volcano.  Again I

felt her pussy, her legs coming together, and I plunged deep into her.  Her

legs locked together, my balls against her vulva, feeling her tighten and

release, trying to milk my cock.  The volcano erupted deep and hot within her

depths, washing her with cream.  Her pussy kept milking and squeezing me,

and I felt gush after hot gush of come flooding into her cunt.  Her ass,

soft and warm was hard and firm as she clenched and gripped me.  Again and

again my come gushed into her, and we both moaned.

    Sweating and exhausted, we laid on our sides, my cock going soft within

her, my arms wrapped protectively around her, pulling her to me.  I licked

her neck, teasing the fine hairs, feeling warm, happy, and content.

    I looked up at the fire, seeing it had turned mostly to hot embers, with

just a few flames dancing about.  I recalled her eyes, wondering again if

the fire was only a reflection.  I felt her squeeze my softening cock with

her pussy and hugged her.

    Her hand reached back, caressing my hip and thigh, and she murmured quiet,

breathy, and sexy. "Thannnk you."

    I purred against her neck, kissing her softly.  We touched and stroked

each other gently, realizing that this was the way we both wanted it to be.

Wrapped in a warm, lazy, fuzzy haze of smiling contentment, we both hugged

each other, and drifted off into a deep contented sleep.

Good nite -- Pleasant dreams --



(Next time - camping).

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